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Allow emotional support dogs the same rights and protections as service dogs

As of September 2021 there still is a difference in between the rights and legal protections of a registered service dog and a professionally certified emotional support dog.  Emotional support dogs don't need training, like service dogs, or a temperament check, like therapy dogs. The low qualifications of emotional support animals, though, doesn't mean these creatures don't play a genuine role in their owner's well-being. Having a pet has been shown to improve cognitive function in seniors with dementia and to hasten recovery from serious mental illness.  Under our provincial legislation service dogs have the legal right to go anywhere their handler can go, from grocery stores to hospitals, restaurants to taxis. They're the equivalent of any other accessibility aid, like a wheelchair or a white cane, and they shouldn't be separated from their handler.  Emotional support animals in Canada have the right to travel with their owners for free but don't have any of the other access rights to public spaces that service dogs do. Because of this emotional support animals in Nova Scotia are subject to discrimination from businesses such as grocery stores, retail stores, taxi cabs and other private businesses despite being deemed medically necessary by a mental health professional. This law needs to change….people who are diagnosed with severe mental illnesses such as PTSD, Agoraphobia, Anxiety, Depression, etc. are just as entitled to have a support animal with them at all times to help them in social situations and environments in their time of need if psychologically acknowledged by a mental health professional to do so.  I invite you to please sign this petition to get this law changed and to protect the mental well being of those diagnosed with mental illnesses in public settings. Contact your local MLA make your voice to make your voice heard. You can also contact the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia through the following information: Office of the Lieutenant Governor Government House 1451 Barrington Street Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1Z2 T: (902) 424-7001 F: (902) 424-1790

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Petition for Off Leash Dog Park, Agostino Park

PETITION FOR OFF-LEASH DOG PARK AT AGOSTINO PARK (WARD 4) We, the residents of the Dufferin Hill community, in Concord, Ward 4 of the City of Vaughan, respectfully request for an off-leash dog park to be erected at Agostino Park, bearing address 535 Confederation Pkwy, Concord, ON, L4K 5K5. This would enable a safe environment for dogs, as well as non-dog owner residents, within walking distance for the Dufferin Hill community. On a twice daily basis, dog owners of the Dufferin Hill community have gathered at Agostino Park so that their dogs may socialize. In a matter of a couple of weeks, by word of mouth alone, approximately 40 owners and their dogs show up on a regular basis. We understand that the City of Vaughan has authorized and approved five (5) new off-leash dog parks, based on a September 2019 study, followed by minimal public consultation in the first half of 2020. While eight (8) proposed sites were identified, City of Vaughan Planning staff confirmed that Agostino Park was never even considered, despite meeting the City’s identified criteria for an off-leash dog park. Rather, Sugar Bush Heritage Park was approved, even though it is in close proximity to the already existing Concord/Thornhill Regional Park. The study was conducted prior to the onset of COVID-19, and thus is outdated given there are now many more dog owners in 2021. In addition, the City of Vaughan claimed an 87% survey completion rate based on 699 responses, despite the City of Vaughan having a population of over 323,000 based on 2017 numbers, representing 0.002% of the population. Thus, the study does not accurately reflect the needs and wants of the population.

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