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Petition to Ginette Petitpas Taylor

Ban Testing Tobacco On Animals in Canada

The lives of animals matter too! Animals are such amazing creatures, which are vital to the world and how it runs. We need to love and care for these animals. They are exactly as we, and they don't deserve to go through torment, torture and harm; endangering their lives for products that will, in the end endanger our lives as well. The majority of the population have known for decades that smoking cigarettes cause diseases in nearly every organ of the body, yet we still continue to manufacture these health damaging products, and continue to target harmless animals to conduct cruel, irrelevant lab tests on. With immense research, I have found that many people don't even realize that animals are still being used for these tests; being forced to breathe in the cigarette smoke for up to six hours straight, for many years, or, for how long it takes for them to pass, due to internal complications. From dogs and monkeys to smaller animals like mice and rats, have been forced to breathe in smoke, or they apply cigarette tar directly to the skin, to forcefully induce the growth of cancer/ tumors. Animal tests are not only extremely cruel, but are irrelevant to the health of humans. Each animal has a different system, which put forth different reactions at different times, with different strengths and effects. Humans aren't exposed to cigarette smoke as directly, in the same time frame and manner as the animals that are being tested. Creating the irrelevance of these tests, because they aren't realistic.  Many animal activists, and privately owned organizations have been pushing to end the continuous experiments on animals for more than a decade. The population of different species of animals are slowly declining due to hunting (both legally and illegally), illegal killing for trade (furs, horns, ivory, skin, and more), keeping animals in unliveable captivity, the melting of the ice, the changing of climate, animal cruelty, and tobacco testing. All in which are an unnatural decline to the environment, breaking the natural growth and decline in population that should only be controlled by the other animals. That is the way it is supposed to be, exactly how it was before humans came along and started destroying their habitats and killing off each individual species. Without humans, the animal populations would be thriving, because there would be no human beings there to damage it. So many species are endangered, and are becoming endangered because of humans. Yet many people don't realize that our world is going to die if we continue the way we are, without fighting to save the animals. Once they are all gone, the human population is going to diminish until we are no more, because the animals are what sustain our life here on earth. Earth has just become something that many take for granite. We should be putting the money used to create lab experiments towards helping people with tobacco addictions so that harm to animals can end. With your help I believe the voices of the animals can finally be heard. Please help to ban tobacco product and ingredient testing on animals. Their lives matter too.

Shanna Brant
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Petition to Lisa Helps

City of Victoria: Ban Horse Drawn Carriages

CITY OF VICTORIA: BAN THE HORSE-DRAWN CARRIAGES.City of Victoria Mayor and Council, we call on you to take action for the safety, health, and integrity of the horses used in the horse-drawn carriage industry in Victoria B.C., and for the visitors and citizens who live here. WHEREAS past efforts to regulate the horse-drawn carriage industry have not stopped collisions in the streets or inhumane treatment of the horses used in this industry.  Currently, there is virtually no regulation or public oversight of this industry. AND WHEREAS in the last 20 years, Victoria has experienced dozens of collisions, accidents, and safety concerns involving the horse-drawn carriages which threaten the lives and safety of the horses, visitors, and residents in our city.   AND WHEREAS there is documented evidence of improper maintenance of the carriage equipment placing horses, drivers, and pedestrians at risk. AND WHEREAS there is documented evidence of careless and reckless operation of the horse carriages by those driving them in the streets. AND WHEREAS there is evidence the City of Victoria is losing $20,000 in annual revenue from the current rental agreement established between the City and the horse carriage companies. AND WHEREAS it has been documented that carriage companies pollute water systems by disposing horse urine and feces directly into storm drains against city bylaws. AND WHEREAS documentation of Victoria horse carriage horses feet indicate improper and inadequate care which has been condemned by certified farriers, and which has led to a cruelty complaint being filed with the BC SPCA.   AND WHEREAS research indicates that the “bit” used to communicate with the horses in the Victoria horse carriage industry causes them pain and discomfort which can lead to chronic physiological and psychological health issues. AND WHEREAS recent footage of horses collapsing and struggling to get up exemplify the lack of professionalism of the carriage operators and reinforce the inappropriateness of horses working on city streets. THEREFORE WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, urge the City of Victoria’s Mayor and Council to act in the interests of the horses used in the horse carriage industry, as well as the interests of citizens and visitors of the City by passing a resolution for a phasing out of the horse carriage industry, leading to a natural ban to be effective Dec 31st, 2018. Thank you for signing Jordan Reichert Victoria Horse Alliance

Victoria Horse Alliance
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