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City of Victoria: Ban Horse Drawn Carriages

CITY OF VICTORIA: BAN THE HORSE-DRAWN CARRIAGES.City of Victoria Mayor and Council, we call on you to take action for the safety, health, and integrity of the horses used in the horse-drawn carriage industry in Victoria B.C., and for the visitors and citizens who live here. WHEREAS past efforts to regulate the horse-drawn carriage industry have not stopped collisions in the streets or inhumane treatment of the horses used in this industry.  Currently, there is virtually no regulation or public oversight of this industry. AND WHEREAS in the last 20 years, Victoria has experienced dozens of collisions, accidents, and safety concerns involving the horse-drawn carriages which threaten the lives and safety of the horses, visitors, and residents in our city.   AND WHEREAS there is documented evidence of improper maintenance of the carriage equipment placing horses, drivers, and pedestrians at risk. AND WHEREAS there is documented evidence of careless and reckless operation of the horse carriages by those driving them in the streets. AND WHEREAS there is evidence the City of Victoria is losing $20,000 in annual revenue from the current rental agreement established between the City and the horse carriage companies. AND WHEREAS it has been documented that carriage companies pollute water systems by disposing horse urine and feces directly into storm drains against city bylaws. AND WHEREAS documentation of Victoria horse carriage horses feet indicate improper and inadequate care which has been condemned by certified farriers, and which has led to a cruelty complaint being filed with the BC SPCA.   AND WHEREAS research indicates that the “bit” used to communicate with the horses in the Victoria horse carriage industry causes them pain and discomfort which can lead to chronic physiological and psychological health issues. AND WHEREAS recent footage of horses collapsing and struggling to get up exemplify the lack of professionalism of the carriage operators and reinforce the inappropriateness of horses working on city streets. THEREFORE WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, urge the City of Victoria’s Mayor and Council to act in the interests of the horses used in the horse carriage industry, as well as the interests of citizens and visitors of the City by passing a resolution for a phasing out of the horse carriage industry, leading to a natural ban to be effective Dec 31st, 2018. Thank you for signing Jordan Reichert Victoria Horse Alliance

Victoria Horse Alliance
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Petition to John Horgan, Carole James, Lana Popham, Adrian Dix, Rich Coleman, Dr. Andrew Weaver, Lawrence MacAulay

Ban Battery Cages in British Columbia

What’s the first thing you see when you wake up? What if it was a cage? What if every single day you woke up, you saw a cage? Would you enjoy that? I know I wouldn’t, and I know the over two million egg laying hens in B.C. don’t enjoy it either. They also hate being crammed together in these cages with on average less space than a standard piece of printed paper (94 square inches). That tiny space is all they will ever have for their entire lives. They aren’t treated like living animals, they’re treated like machines. They aren’t given a proper place to lay their eggs, nor are anywhere to dustbathe or perch. These are natural behaviours that are important to them, and it is extremely stressful and uncomfortable when they cannot perform these behaviours. To make matters worse, instead of dustbathing, hens are often forced to bathe in urine and feces that fall from other hens in cages stacked above. The list of welfare risks and cruelties that these animals endure on a daily basis is endless, which is why it's up to us to call on the government to ban this cruel and dangerous practice. Please sign this petition to urge Agriculture Minister Lana Popham and the B.C. Government to ban battery cages in our egg industry. This would not only benefit millions of neglected hens, but it would also drastically lower the risk of salmonella infection for B.C. citizens. A study by the European Food Safety Agency, which analyzed data from 5,000 egg farms in more than 20 countries found that eggs from battery caged hens were twenty-five times more likely to carry salmonella infection than uncaged free run hens! Momentum is building in the cage-free movement. Major food chains such as Mcdonald’s, Subway, Tim Hortons and Burger King have committed to sourcing only cage-free eggs in the future. Major grocers such as Loblaws, Metro, Sobeys and Walmart Canada have done the same. Recently, the Egg Farmers of Canada have pledged to end the use of battery cages by 2036. This is a big step in the right direction, but the 2036 timeline is ridiculously drawn-out. If the B.C. government truly cares about the safety of B.C. citizens and B.C. farm animals it must lead by example and ban caged housing in our egg industry, allowing a far shorter timeline. This is simply the right thing to do. - Ned Taylor UPDATE: Like our Facebook page to enhance the fight for a cage-free BC:  Bibliography  

Ned Taylor
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Petition to Councillor Jon Dziadyk, Councillor Andrew Knack, Councillor Mike Nickel, Councillor Michael Walters, Councillor Tony Caterina, Councillor Scott McKeen, Councillor Bev Esslinger, Mayor Don Iveson, Councillor Aaron Pacquette, Councillor Mohinder Banga, Councillor Sarah Hamilton, Councillor Ben Henderson, Coucillor Tim Cartmell

Allow a panel of external elephant experts to examine Lucy

Lucy, a beautiful Asian elephant, arrived at the Valley Zoo on May 19, 1977. She came to Edmonton after being captured in Sri Lanka. Since there were no records of her birth, it was estimated that she was approximately two years of age – so Lucy is estimated to be 43 today! Lucy lived alone at the zoo for approximately 12 years. Then Samantha, a female African elephant, was brought to the zoo to keep Lucy company. In 2007, Samantha was sent to the North Carolina Zoo on a long-term breeding loan and Lucy has been alone since that time. Lucy's life in Edmonton does not even compare with the life she could be living if she was moved to a sanctuary. Currently, she lives a very solitary life with only human contact during “working hours”. Female elephants are highly social and suffer greatly when kept in isolation. Edmonton's freezing winter weather and the zoo's policy of locking Lucy indoors when the zoo is closed means that Lucy spends the majority of her time in a small barn. When she is allowed outside, she is restricted to an enclosure that is approximately one-half acre in size. Lucy exhibits signs of mental distress and has health issues—including upper respiratory problems, arthritis, obesity, and chronic foot ailments —attributable to inadequate conditions for the health and well-being of an elephant. Both elephant and animal welfare experts agree that Lucy’s chronic health issues are exacerbated by being housed in a northern climate, which subjects her to confinement on cold, hard flooring, for the majority of the time. They also agree that her diseases are both chronic and advanced, and that she needs better living conditions and a more comprehensive program of medical attention than can be provided at the Valley Zoo in Edmonton. Lastly, they argue that keeping a female elephant alone, runs contrary not only to what science knows of elephants, but also national and international zoo association recommendations. Despite strong scientific evidence, the City of Edmonton is resolute in their claim that Lucy is a well-adjusted healthy elephant overall and just fine where she is. In defense of their inaction in moving her to a sanctuary, they claim that Lucy is “too sick to move” and have convinced the media and their citizens that the “move will kill her”. However, they have never provided any medical evidence to that effect and have refused to broadened access to external experts to examine Lucy, continuing to allow only one external veterinarian to see her. A number of experienced and renowned veterinarians world-wide have offered their support and services (at no cost to the City), yet the City and Zoo continue to insist that they have Lucy’s situation well in hand. Nonetheless, her condition continues to go undiagnosed – a situation that results in on-going pain and suffering for Lucy. Please sign this petition asking the Mayor and City Council of Edmonton to ensure that Lucy is examined by an independent panel of elephant experts (a minimum of 9) to determine her medical condition (if any) and evaluate her “fitness” to travel to sanctuary. The experts chosen would be selected and agreed upon by both the City of Edmonton and Zoocheck Canada in order to ensure impartiality – affording the best advice for Lucy and all that care about her.  

Gert Zagler
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Petition to Caroline Mulroney, Paul Calandra, Wayne Emmerson, Ontario Crown

No Plea Bargain in Animal Abuse Case

SpeedSport Stables has left a trail of dead and starving horses as they have moved through the USA and into Ontario, Canada. The owners, David Lee Small, Victoria Small and Jason LeRoy Small, are currently facing nine (9) counts of animal cruelty and abuse causing death. At present, the Smalls have refused to appear at their two court hearings on July 6th and August 13th respectively. The court date is now put over to September 21st in order for the Crown Prosecutor and Defense lawyer to have a pre-trial conference. Please sign our petition to make it clear to our court system that we do not want a plea bargain, a reduced sentence or these charges to slip away: we want all the charges brought against the Small family to be tried in court and for the sternest punishments possible to be applied. On the property they rented in Stouffville, Ontario, fifteen (15) horses were found starving and living in horrendous conditions, and thirteen (13) horses were discovered dead, half-buried in a field. Many of the horses had only been dead for several weeks, still bloody when they were excavated from the dirt mounds. These are only the latest victims of the Smalls’ scheme. We believe these deaths to be intentional and allege that the Smalls use these horses to defraud naive individuals by offering them part ownership in “racehorses”. Once the value of a horse as window-dressing for their scam is used up, these horses are either killed or abandoned to starve to death. Meanwhile, the Smalls move onto greener pastures. Is it possible to stop the Smalls from continuing to use, abuse, and kill horses in the future? Maybe not. But we, the community of Ontario and the global community of horse lovers, want to try. In signing this petition, we ask that the laws of the province Ontario be fully enforced. No excuses, no negotiations. No more convenient deaths. For related news coverage, please see the links below:

Rae Ierullo
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