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Petition to Assiniboine Park Conservancy

Shut down cruel Stingray Beach exhibit at Assiniboine Park Zoo!

SHUT DOWN CRUEL STINGRAY EXHIBIT AT ASSINIBOINE PARK ZOO! The Assiniboine Park Zoo located in Winnipeg, Manitoba recently launched a controversial and cruel “hands-on” Stingray Beach exhibit at the zoo which allows the public to interact with the animals. There are approximately 25 cownose rays and two southern stingrays in this exhibit. After being open for just over a month the stingrays began displaying “aggressive” mating behaviour which resulted in three stingray deaths and numerous injuries. The exhibit was temporarily closed to the public on June 26, 2019. The media has made a joke of this issue claiming “lusty” and “raunchy” behaviour has shut down the exhibit, which has resulted in humourous reactions from the public. The Assiniboine Park Zoo, the media, and general public have failed to recognize this as an act of extreme animal cruelty.  According to the World Animal Foundation, “Confined and gawked at by crowds, stingrays in exhibits endure constant stress. They may suffer from temperature extremes and irregular feeding and watering. Their immune systems can become weakened, and they become prone to sickness; many resort to self-mutilation in reaction to stress or boredom. Mental illness is rampant among confined animals. Torn from their families and deprived of all dignity, every part of their lives is controlled by their captors.” ( Zoos are animal prisons where immense cruelty and suffering exists because animals are prevented from living in their natural environments and are enslaved for their entire lives. We are demanding that the Assiniboine Park Zoo keep this exhibit closed for good! The stingrays should be transported to a marine wildlife sanctuary where they will not be subject to captivity and cruelty from being enslaved in a zoo. Please call the Assiniboine Park Zoo at 204 927 6000 and email them at to ask them to shut down this cruel exhibit. We will continue to work at liberation for all animals so that no animal will be held captive at Assiniboine Park Zoo or any other zoo. For the animals, Manitoba Animal Save Articles: Assiniboine Park Zoo temporarily closes raunchy ray exhibit: Lusty stingrays lead to temporary closure of Assiniboine Park Zoo exhibit: Visitors can touch stingrays at new exhibit coming to Assiniboine Park Zoo: ‘They seem pretty friendly': New stingray exhibit wows kids and adults at Assiniboine Park Zoo:

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Petition to PetSmart

Remove ARK from PetSmart adoption centre's

On June 27th 2019, my wife and I adopted a kitten from ARK(Animal rescue krew), hosted through Whitby PetSmart.Upon adoption we were told that our kitten has been vet checked, as well as given record of his first set of needles, which included distemper. We were over-joyed to be adopting a kitten who didn't have the best start to his life.Little did we know, when a kitten comes to the rescue they are not FULLY tested to make sure they have no life threatening illness or are healthy enough to go to their forever home.As much as we appreciate and absolutely love that there a rescue centre's for these animals, to save them from their  troubled homes or being put down, there is much more to be done for these animals to make sure they are healthy and ready to thrive in their new home. When we questioned why the animals aren't fully checked, more so blood work to make sure they are healthy, the answer we got was because if they did that, the adoption fee($150), would be higher. I would, as I'm sure anyone would, prefer a higher adoption fee, then go threw the pain and hundreds of dollars in medical bill's we have encountered the last few days. Now, let me tell you our full story;Again, on June 27th, 2019 we adopted a 9 week old kitten with Max as the placeholder name, which we decided to change to Leo. When we first met Leo, we completely fell in love! When we saw him interacting with other kittens, he was active but a little mellow. He walked around, climbed on the cat toys etc.With us having 2 dogs, and another cat, we thought a kitten that wasnt overly hyper would be the best fit for us. So, we adopted Leo, and right away he fit right in, our resident pets adored him, and he loved our older Cat, who treated him like her own, he was curious and cuddly and a really big mootch for food, everything seemed perfect. Little did we know what would happen next. On Tuesday July 2nd we noticed he had become a little more tired and lethargic then normal, but didnt think much of it since he is still a growing kitten, and they are prone to sleeping much of the day away. Thursday July, 4th, Leo had diarrhea. We already had scheduled a vet appointment on Friday July 5th for a health check, so we were just going to keep a close eye on him. Thursday night around 10pm, I called my wife in a panic, our poor Leo had gone limp and was unconscious. We got his carrier and as fast as we could, we rushed to the emergency vet about 10 minutes from our house. Once we got there, they asked what was wrong, we then explained.I was asked if they have our permission to administer any needles or any help he needed, we replied do ANYTHING you need to, no matter the cost, just save him. About 20 minutes later, we spoke to the vet, who said his little body was so cold, his heart almost stopped, and his sugar levels were extremely low, which is why he had passed out. She said we had gotten him there JUST in time.They had given him shots to boost his blood sugar, and to help hydrate him, his legs were shaved and bandaged from their quick work, and he was awake and alert, eating as if he never had before. We were able to take him home that night, and were instructed to apply corn syrup to his gums to help keep up his blood sugar, wet food every hour, and every 12 hours medication for his diarrhea; as it turned out, they had misdiagnosed my kitten. I stayed up and took care of him all night long, up every hour, and my wife took over in the morning so I could get some sleep. As the day went on, Leo seemed to be slipping back to his previous state, our vet appointment was at 4, so I called our vet to see if we could get in earlier, they said if it's an emergency come now. His body had again gone limp and he was having diarrhea all over himself so we decided we needed to get him help now.We took him to our wonderful vet, who was disheartened to give us the news that no body ever wants to hear; "Leo has all the signs of feline distemper, he is in great pain and confusion, even if we threw thousands of dollars of medicine and tests at him, his chance of survival is less then 1%, I'm afraid he wont make it through the night, and there's nothing that can be done to help him" I called my wife to tell her this news as she was unable to go with me, due to work.I then asked her to call ARK, and see if they would want us to bring him in to see their vet, who would maybe do what they could to save Leo. Long story short, after pulling herself together after this terrible news she called,t lady was EXTREMELY rude and short with her in this stressful situation, and basically said "uh whatever, do what you want" We did not want to put Leo through even more stress, and his condition was worsening rapidly, he had become to spasm and cry out in pain, so we decided it was best we just put him to rest, at our vet's expert advice. So, with an adoption fee, and close to a $500 bill for the emergency visit, and our normal vet, (who our of compassion, greatly reduced our overall bill) we no longer have our precious little Leo. When we spoke with the Whitby manager of ARK, we were told that because he was so stressed out in his new environment this is why the distemper came out (not possible, and he showed ZERO signs of stress in our home), but if we wanted to adopt another kitten from them, they would wave the adoption fee. I'm sorry, WHAT? Now only are you blaming me for his death, you expect me to adopt another kitten from you? when you clearly don't fully test or take proper care of your adoption animals? No, thank you.This is a companion I loved, not an appliance I want exchanged. These animals deserve so much better, and I want to share my story in hope's that SOMETHING gets done. I went online to view their google reviews, and wow.I have never been so disappointed to read so many negative comments about this place. How dirty and unsanitary the conditions are, how rude the staff is, and all the sick animals people take home only to be put through the same heart ache we experienced. ARK did not take the other kittens away from the adoption centre who may have been exposed, or contact those who adopted from the same living space, they just told me "they're all fine". You know what's not fine? Instead of spending a potential 20 years with my little Leo, he was taken away after barely 20 days and all I have to show for it is a huge bill and tiny collar that will never be worn again. It's not fair, it's not right, and it's not fine. Something needs to be done, for all the other pets that are processed through ARK, for all the families who are looking for joy but instead have sorrow, for them and for Leo. Please sign this petition and share this story with anyone you know, especially if they have adopted from ARK, in the last few weeks/months. This place needs a serious overhaul or to be shut down, but a big victory would be to appeal to PetSmart, and have them remove ARK from their adoption center's, to limit their access to the public who don't realize ARK's reputation. Let's get Leo and all the other pet's who never had a chance some justice, and save other families from going thorough the pain and loss that so many have already experienced.

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Petition to Senate of Canada, Julie Payette, Arif Virani, Justin Trudeau, The Honourable David Lametti, Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, Salma Ataullahjan, Vernon White, Howard Wetston, Lynn Beyak, Robert Black, Peter M. Boehm

Stop Animal Abuse in Canada! Help Charlie Pass Bill C-84 NOW!

Animals in Canada desperately need your help. Their lives could depend on it.In late 2014, Canada was given an embarassing “D” rating on the animal protection index, which listed “archaic anti-cruelty legislation” as one of the main reasons for the failing grade. As Canadians, we need to immediately update old and outdated sections of the Code that currently allow criminals to profit from animal fights and does not protect animals against abusive sexual acts, which often also leads to the victimization of children. Bill C-84, which was passed in the House of Commons with unanimous support on March 18th, 2019, includes non-controversial and much-needed animal protection amendments to the Criminal Code of Canada. These changes have the support of the animal welfare sector, agriculture industry, social services, the veterinary community, and representatives from all parties. There’s no reason why these laws shouldn’t be updated today! Bill C-84 calls for the Canadian government to: define “bestiality”; expand the scope of the offence of encouraging, aiding or assisting at the fighting or baiting of animals or birds so that the offence includes promoting, arranging, receiving money for or taking part in the fighting or baiting of animals or birds, and also applies with respect to the training, transporting or breeding of animals or birds for fighting or baiting; and expand the scope of the offence of building, making, maintaining or keeping a cockpit so that the offence applies with respect to any arena for animal fighting. Once House of Commons passes a bill it is sent on to the Senate which discusses it and generally approves it. The final step is Royal Assent, where the Governor General signs the bill on behalf of the Crown to make it an official law. Unfortunately, there are only eight sitting weeks left in the current session before Parliament rises for summer. After that, Bill C-84 will die as we enter the fall election.  We’ve worked far too hard to hope that our next government officials will carry on where we left off. If we don’t put pressure on the Senate right now to get Bill C-84 passed into royal accent before June 21st, we will have failed our animals and failed as a country. Please sign our petition below to let your local Senator know that updating the Animal Criminal Code is not an election issue and that it needs to happen now. These are the first of many changes we need to make to our Animal Rights Code, but they are changes that all stakeholders agree on. We are world leaders in so many other aspects and it's time Canadians catch up in regards to animal rights!“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." – Mahatma Gandhi

Josie and Charlie Candito
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