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Petition to DEFRA

Ban the breeding of rabbits in the UK

According to a 2012 survey from the Rabbit Welfare Association 67,000 rabbits end up in rescue centres each year in the UK. This figure nearly doubles the previous 35,000 recorded in 1999. The rescues cannot cope with the growing numbers of unwanted rabbits, due to lack of space, funds and support. Most rescues have a long waiting list for new arrivals. The unlucky animals that don’t make it to a rescue are usually advertised cheaply online, given away for free or abandoned in the wild to fend for themselves. Most will never be found in time. Some will end up as bait in illegal dog fighting. Rabbits are often purchased from pet shops or online sellers who advertise baby bunnies as cute, fluffy, easy and cheap to look after and perfect pets for children. This could not be further from the truth. Rabbits are fragile animals with complex needs. They are the third most popular pet in the UK, yet the most misunderstood and neglected. Most rabbits become unwanted when the novelty wears off, usually within a year of purchase - the kids have lost interest, the bunny becomes an inconvenience, too expensive and time-consuming. Many end up in a hutch or a cage to live a miserable life in solitary confinement with very little interaction or veterinary care. Rescue centres see the result of this suffering and neglect day in day out. They work hard to pick up the pieces of this pet bunny trade. A lot of rabbits arrive so damaged that they cannot be rehomed. Rescue centres cannot always afford the expensive veterinary treatment for some of the rabbits and resort to putting them to sleep. The animals that are rehomable sometimes remain months or years at the rescue because people, misled by the advertising, go and buy a baby bunny from a breeder or a pet shop instead of adopting. Education campaigns for rabbit welfare and promoting adoption over purchase is not enough. The issue will remain and carry on growing as long as people are permitted to breed rabbits and make a business of selling them to anyone, unneutered or vaccinated. Recent investigations into puppy farming in the UK has caught the media’s attention. The conditions in which rabbits are bred and kept generate similar welfare issues, yet the breeding and selling of rabbits is mainly unlicensed and unregulated. The breeders who are reported to the RSPCA often receive no more than a suggestion to improve the conditions in which the animals are kept... and the breeding and suffering continues. Since it is difficult to determine the sex of baby rabbits, breeders, pet shops and even vets make mistakes. As a result of this, accidental litters are common and only add to the issue of unwanted rabbits having to be rehomed. For all the reasons above, we call for a complete ban on the breeding and selling of rabbits in the UK as well as compulsory neutering of all rabbits until the situation gets under control and becomes manageable again. This means until all homeless rabbits get adopted, neutered, vaccinated and bonded with another rabbit whenever possible following a successful home-check. Rabbits suffer in silence whilst being exploited, sold as cheap pets, neglected and treated as commodities. It is about time measures are put into place to protect them.

Isabelle Rineau
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Petition to Micheal Creed., Dermot Murphy

Investigate the cruelty and neglect within AHAR incl excavation of the carcasses buried...

Following on from the recent expose documentary, broadcast by RTE*, it has been brought to our attention that there are and were severe cases of animal NEGLECT and ABUSE, along with a MASS BURIAL SITE of horses and dogs underneath the sand arena within AHAR. There are now a number of independent witnesses to this, who are willing to testify in a court of law. We have also been made aware that a member within the department of Agriculture has been tipping off the manager of AHAR, in relation to pending or planned inspections, thus giving AHAR the time needed to hide animals. We are petitioning for the department to fully and thoroughly INVESTIGATE these findings and demand that the sand arena is excavated, along with post mortem to be carried out on the carcasses buried there. We have no doubt that you The Minister of Agriculture will SUPPORT us on bringing an end to the ongoing cruelty and mass burials of animals at AHAR. EDITED to add links:- *Animal Farm Update - Following AHAR's complaints about the above programmes, RTÉ was cleared of any wrongdoing by the independent Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI). Full report and findings here -  

Charmayne Gourley
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Petition to Irish Health Service, Health Service Official, Mr. Simon Harris, Minister for Health, Ballina Training Centre

Stop Health Service cruel hare coursing project!

This petition calls on Ireland’s National Health Service to please END a shameful project involving people with severe intellectual disabilities in HARE COURSING! The project is underway at a training centre in Ballina, Co Mayo, Ireland. The centre provides therapeutic programmes and services for people with intellectual disabilities. In the recent “Mayo Mental Health News" newsletter, the cruel blood sport was described as “the interesting new pastime offered by the Centre.” The project involves both helping to train greyhounds for hare coursing AND encouraging patients to attend and support hare coursing events. The Health Service Executive (HSE), which funds and runs the Ballina Training Centre, has confirmed that the service has been supporting the activity for clients. A local politician, Councilor Gerry Ginty has spoken out strongly against the HSE funded centre's facilitation of coursing, saying "it’s regrettable that this would be considered an appropriate past-time for service users" and expressed support for a ban on the blood sport. It is shocking beyond words that Ireland’s Health Service is condoning and facilitating a project that promotes one of the cruelest blood sports in the world. Most civilized human beings would recoil in horror from the idea of bringing vulnerable people to live coursing events, where hares are mauled; get tossed about like rag dolls, and have their bones crushed- and greyhounds also suffer appalling injuries. Please sign this petition and let the Irish Health Service know that this CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE. (Tony O’Brien, Director General of the Health Service, can be contacted by phone at 00 353 1 635 2000) ·         Here is footage from hare coursing fixtures held in the present season: This is the kind of activity the HSE thinks is an appropriate experience for people with serious intellectual disabilities:  

John Fitzgerald
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Petition to Jonathan Vine-Hall

Stop Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare killing animals for food

"My own view, and that of every decent minded person, is that no animal should be caused to suffer at all for any reason." Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins, MBE, founder of Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare. Currently the Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, an animal sanctuary in Ringmer, East Sussex, serves meat, dairy, egg and fish in its café.  Since Raystede is also an educational centre, inviting families and school parties to learn from them how to be compassionate towards animals, serving animal products in their café is sending a confusing message, one which is very detrimental to the cause. Visitors look to Raystede for an example of how best to be kind to animals. If they see that Raystede condones animal farming they will not be likely to question it themselves and millions of animals will continue to be bred for the butcher's knife at the sanctuary supporters' bidding. If Raystede served only plant-based food in its café then it would send a clear and consistent message:“There is no need for animal protein in the human diet and therefore eating it is done only for pleasure. Animals suffer horrifically for the meat, fish, dairy and egg industries and since hurting animals for pleasure goes against everything Raystede stands for, it will not serve animal products in its café.” Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins MBE, who set up Raystede as a charity in 1952, truly did care about all animals and strove to end their exploitation in every area. By serving meat, fish, eggs and dairy in their cafe, those in control of Raystede now are flouting her principles and undoing the pioneering educational work she dedicated her life to. She wrote in one of her self-published books (Sensible Pets and Silly People): "I cannot understand the attitude of so many people who say it is wrong to take life and yet themselves probably take a number of lives for their own food during every week of their existence. I feel it is quite illogical to take the line that it is wrong to take life and yet at the same time eat for breakfast a rasher of bacon, for lunch a piece of cow, and just a little cold lamb for supper! ... Too many poems and psalms eulogising skipping lambs seem to be in juxtaposition to the readiness with which the meat-eater enjoys a morsel of mutton seasoned with mint sauce!"

Edward Burbank
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