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Petition to Ross Barnett, Brendan Parnell, Stirling Hinchliffe

Qld Racing Needs To Find Homes For Retired Racehorses Too

We are petitioning Racing Queensland and the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission to set up an adoption program for all retired racehorses, similar to the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) that QRIC funds. SAQ announced their horse adoption program will cease to accept any further retired OTT Standardbred racehorses for rehoming as from 1st October, 2019. The Standardbred Association Queensland Inc (SAQ) have regrettably been forced to announce that they are no longer in a position to accept any further retired OTT Standardbred racehorses through its long standing and very successful Adoption Program, due to lack of financial support from Control and Integrity Bodies. SAQ established its Horse Adoption Program in 2002, and over the past 17 years has rehomed almost 1,200 Standardbreds, transitioning into both pleasure and performance horses after their retirement from their traditional role of Harness Racing. This program has been run entirely by volunteers, with very limited resources and funding, and the current demand from owners and trainers requiring assistance with rehoming their retired racehorses is no longer manageable by this small group without much needed help from the Racing Industry. The Association has been trying to initiate a meeting with Racing Industry stakeholders to discuss rehoming strategies and options for the future of this industry, but sadly, our requests for assistance from Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC), Racing Queensland, and the Minister for Racing, Stirling Hinchliffe, have not been seen as urgent. SAQ will continue to attempt to find suitable homes for the existing 18 Standardbreds currently on our books, and follow up all obligatory health checks for the 130 horses rehomed through our Adoption Program this past year and are still under an adoption contract. SAQ is the only Standardbred Breed Society in Queensland, and will continue to organise and run our annual championships, events, musters, clinics & training days, share the success stories and actively promote the attributes of the breed beyond racing. It is now time for the racing industry to come together and start taking some responsibility for the welfare of racehorses for their entire lifetime, not just when earning money as racehorses for the government, the industry of racing and wagering. For too long it has been left to a small minority of volunteers who have apassion to step up and advocate for these forgotten animals! If the government can find money to invest in increasing racing prizemoney, then surely, they can find money to invest in ensuring these horses are looked after when retiring from racing. It shouldn’t take a scandal such as what happened with the greyhounds to find that money! It is unfair that only that code is fully funded to operate the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP), leaving the Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds to fend for themselves, with the expectation that small volunteer groups will hopefully fill the void. Help us to let Racing Queensland and the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission know that as a community we hold them responsible for welfare of the Racehorses for the whole of their life not just during racing, by signing this petition and sharing it with everyone you know. 

Standardbred Association of Queensland
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Petition to The Mayor of Ramallah Dr.Laila Ghannam

Stop the Palestinian Authority (PA) Municipalities from Shooting Dogs

We  are Animal Welfare supporters . Animal lovers and human beings all over, International and local.  We are asking Dear Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to please immediately stop  the  shooting's, of dogs in the  Palestinian cities of Ramallah Bethlehem Etc..The stray dogs are being called a nuisance,Hence they are being shoot on a daily basis. Alot of the dogs do not die immediately !They are left to suffer in agony ,waiting hours till death.They are left  on the streets to rot ,which is also a health hazard ! we are pleading to please stop this terrible crime. Instead of shooting the poor dogs, we are  suggesting a more Humane  approach, of spaying/ neutering ,vaccinating  and releasing the dogs back to the wild. This will drastically decrease the number of dogs. A female dog gives birth to a litter of between 5 to10 puppies twice a year. This would be  decreased  with a spay/neuter program. The dogs are suffering from lack of food and terrible abuse. The solution is not to shoot! But to spay/ neuter and release the dogs. The dogs can be tagged and designated feeding areas could be created. This would be the right and humane way to treat the animals. We ask you to please show the world your kind side and take a much more Humane  approach .This is not a political petition! This is purely an animal welfare concern. Please Dear Friends worldwide help us by signing this petition so that we could save those poor dogs, from  a life of misery and agonizing death.

Nina Soffer
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