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Petition to Waikato District Council, Ella Makin

Stop Mainland Poultry factory farming 400,000 hens for cheap eggs!

New Zealand's biggest egg producer, Mainland Poultry, want to build a massive industrial chicken egg laying farm at 64 Old Road, Orini in the Waikato Region. If Mainland Poultry get their way, they'll build a mega factory farm imprisoning 400,000 hens. The hens will be kept in a multi-tiered aviary system. Multi-tiered aviary systems are simply an adjustment on colony cages. The hens will have no access to the outdoors. Each building will contain 50,000 hens that will be kept in a stacked arrangement that reaches almost to the ceiling. Overseas, these systems have been described as "high rises" for chickens. Multi-tiered aviaries don't exist in New Zealand on the large scale that Mainland Poultry is proposing and they haven't been considered thoroughly in our animal welfare regulations. Mainland want to establish them in New Zealand because they can sell eggs from multi-tiered aviaries as "cage-free". But overseas, multi-tiered aviary systems have been shown to be significantly problematic for animal welfare.  Overseas research has shown much higher instances of cannibalism, broken bones and respiratory illness in hens kept in multi-tiered aviary systems. There's been massive public outcry in New Zealand about factory farming and farming animals intensively for cheap food production.  We don't want adjustments to cages and factory farming. We want these practices banned completely. New Zealand is said to be a world leader in animal welfare but building a mega factory farm like this would actually set us behind more progressive nations. Waikato District Council are currently considering Mainland Poultry's application. We're urging the Council to decline Mainland Poultry's application to build this mega hen hellhole. At the very minimum, Waikato District Council should make this application publicly notified so that everyone can have their say. Please sign & share today if you feel the same!  

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Petition to Responsible department: Department for Environment Food, and Rural Affairs


C.A.G.E.D North West 'Ban the Bolt' Campaign   [Petition Supported by Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon] Each year an estimated 10,000 ex-racing greyhounds are 'unaccounted' for -- puppies that don’t make the grade, dogs that sustain injuries, are pregnant or unable to find homes, most are less than five years old.Many of these dogs are disposed of in the most 'economical' way - by bolt gun. Under existing UK legislation, any person can use a bolt gun to destroy a greyhound, if they are the legal owner. Attempted destruction of greyhounds by bolt has resulted in innocent dogs being left to suffer in agony for hours, before being found and taken to a veterinary surgery to be finally put to sleep by lethal injection.These dogs should at the very least be entitled to a humane death. Destruction of greyhounds should only be performed by use of intravenous euthanasia, administered by qualified veterinary surgeons. Following the controversial use of bolt guns by RSPCA inspectors a few years ago, the RSPCA requested the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) comment on their review of its 2004 euthanasia rules and guidelines. In April 2010 the RCVS announced that use of the captive bolt guns on dogs was inappropriate.Defra have the power to end this cruel practice so we are calling on them to immediately abolish the use of captive bolt guns to destroy greyhounds in the UK.For more information please click on the links below to read about Milton the greyhound and use of bolt gun in destruction.      

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Petition to Raystede Animal Welfare Sanctuary

Raystede animal sanctuary PLEASE stop selling meat and animal produce in your cafe!

Raystede ‘claim’ that they source meat and animal produce from ‘local high welfare farming systems’ but what does that even mean? Isn’t the point of an animal rescue centre to save animals? Any true animal lover knows that the slaughter of a sentient being who does not want to die is MURDER! How on earth can Raystede play God by picking and choosing which animals deserve to live and which deserve to die? Raystede was set up in the 1950’s by a lady who adored animals and began rescuing them as a child. She is quoted saying in her book (sensible pets and silly people)“My own view, and that of every decent minded person, is that no animal should be caused to suffer at all for any reason." Miss Mabel Raymonde-Hawkins, MBE, founder of Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare. Her name is currently being made a complete mockery of by the sale of meat and meat produce on the grounds of the animal sanctuary which she worked so hard to set up. She went on to say that “all cruelty should be punished and eliminated.” Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins MBE, Raystede's founder, established it as a charity in 1952 but she had been rescuing animals since childhood. She cared deeply for all animals and was opposed to all forms of animal exploitation. In her book 'Sensible Pets and Silly People' she wrote “My own view, and that of every decent minded person, is that no animal should be caused to suffer at all for any reason." She was a committed vegan and she would be ashamed by the way that Raystede has continued to run with such hypocrisy and double standards because she believed that the lives of ALL animals matter. If this issue is of concern to you then please sign and share, alternatively please write to: Morgan Williams, (Raystede's President) Mr Williams worked with Miss Raymonde-Hawkins before she died. 29 Hamilton Court, The Strand, Brighton Marina Village, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 5XD Martyn Wallwork, (Chairman of Board of Trustees) Wanderers, The Avenue, Kingston, Lewes, BN7 3LL

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Petition to Irish Health Service, Health Service Official, Mr. Simon Harris, Minister for Health, Ballina Training Centre

Stop Health Service cruel hare coursing project!

This petition calls on Ireland’s National Health Service to please END a shameful project involving people with severe intellectual disabilities in HARE COURSING! The project is underway at a training centre in Ballina, Co Mayo, Ireland. The centre provides therapeutic programmes and services for people with intellectual disabilities. In the recent “Mayo Mental Health News" newsletter, the cruel blood sport was described as “the interesting new pastime offered by the Centre.” The project involves both helping to train greyhounds for hare coursing AND encouraging patients to attend and support hare coursing events. The Health Service Executive (HSE), which funds and runs the Ballina Training Centre, has confirmed that the service has been supporting the activity for clients. A local politician, Councilor Gerry Ginty has spoken out strongly against the HSE funded centre's facilitation of coursing, saying "it’s regrettable that this would be considered an appropriate past-time for service users" and expressed support for a ban on the blood sport. It is shocking beyond words that Ireland’s Health Service is condoning and facilitating a project that promotes one of the cruelest blood sports in the world. Most civilized human beings would recoil in horror from the idea of bringing vulnerable people to live coursing events, where hares are mauled; get tossed about like rag dolls, and have their bones crushed- and greyhounds also suffer appalling injuries. Please sign this petition and let the Irish Health Service know that this CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE. (Tony O’Brien, Director General of the Health Service, can be contacted by phone at 00 353 1 635 2000) ·         Here is footage from hare coursing fixtures held in the present season: This is the kind of activity the HSE thinks is an appropriate experience for people with serious intellectual disabilities:  

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