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Make Sourcing Palm Oil Sustainably a Legal Requirement

Unsustainably sourced palm oil is one of the leading causes of deforestation of the rainforest in places such as Madagascar and Indonesia. Deforestation has a detrimental impact on the people who live in the rainforest and the environment globally. The world's rainforests are home to over half of all plants and animals on earth despite the fact they cover less than 5% of it's surface. The rainforest is disappearing alarmingly quickly and many plant and animal species are going with them. The destruction of the rainforest is also a major contributor to global warming - which affects us all. The lifestyles of indigenous tribes are also at risk as the forest their livelihood relies upon is destroyed. However this can change, if companies are required by law to source the palm oil in their products sustainably, many rainforest species, such as the orang-utan, can be saved before it is to late.  Until such point as this is achieved, I urge you to boycott companies sourcing their palm oil unsustainably (information about which can be found via the WWF or the Ethical Consumer). Palm oil is used in a number of everyday products such as lipsticks, chocolates and soap and companies often use a number of alternative names, such as palm kernal or palmitic acid.More information on products that use palm oil can be found at: I believe that taking care of our planet is essential, not only to save endangered species from extinction but also to ensure that future generations have the same opportunity that we do, to admire its many wonders. I hope that in signing this petition you can help to lead the way in sourcing palm oil more sustainably so that our planet can breathe again.  

Gracie McGill
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Petition to house of lords uk (LORD), derek thomas (mp), Theresa May

Make it law to pass by a horse wide and slow and abide by horse riders hand signals

I want to make it a legal requirement to drive past a horse wide and slow and for drivers to have to abide by hand signals asking them to stop and slow down when asked. We need a law that protects horse riders. Horses are easily scared by cars that don’t take care when passing them. When they get scared they can spook or rear, throwing riders off of them. This can lead to someone falling through a windscreen. Until there is a law neither the driver, the riders or the horses are safe.  I have been a horse rider my whole life and have seen first hand the dangerous consequences driving past a horse recklessly can have for everyone on the road. I have been involved in too many near misses while on my horse-- who has become nervous of cars approaching us too fast and too close. The roads are becoming busier, faster, their is heavier traffic on rural roads, tractors are getting bigger all the time -- the roads are getting more and more dangerous. Please help sign this petition to make driving past a horse wide and slow a legal requirement. Horse riders like me are trying to hold drivers to account ourselves-- trying to catch drivers with the use of head cameras to let the drivers know they will be caught on camera. Too many times riders are left lying in the roads with a scared horse as drivers pass by and drive off leaving the scene.  But we can’t keep trying to hold drivers accountable ourselves we need parliament to do something to change this. The horse industry is  big a lot of businesses rely on being able to ride on the roads We need to be able to ride safely.  There have been lots of times that I have asked a driver to slow down and they just speed past because legally they don't have an obligation to do anything else By the time I ask them  the accident has already happened--  the car either drives past too fast or squeezes through, scaring the horses or narrowly missing them.  More than 4,000 horse riders and carriage drivers were admitted to hospital between April 1 2011 and March 31 2012 from injury in a transport accident. We as riders need protection by the law, we need to stop the incidents. Lives of horses and people are being lost. We could put an end to this if we could by STOP a car when we need to.  

debbie smith
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