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Petition to 김연아, Yuna kim (,

Pyeongchang 2018 - South Korean Gold Medalist Yuna Kim To Join The Fight Against Dog Meat

Yuna Kim (김연아) is the most famous athlete in South Korea's Olympic history and face of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games. Ms. Kim has an outstanding record of compassion and been named a UNICEF International Goodwill Ambassador, Special Olympic Global Ambassador, Winter Youth Olympic Games Ambassador and dog owner as shown in this tour of her home. TIME has also named her one of their Top 100 Influential People. We would like to petition Ms. Kim to take an active stance in the fight against dog meat and animal cruelty in South Korea and help us officially ban dog meat there forever. We acknowledges that Yuna Kim has no part in dog meat consumption but we hope with her help, she can be a voice for animals in Korea and Asia. 김연아씨에게청원합니다: 대한민국금메달리스트김연아씨에게개고기반대운동에동참해주시기를청원합니다. 김연아씨는대한민국올림픽역사상가장주목받은선수이자 2018 평창동계올림픽의대표얼굴입니다. 김연아씨는남다른연민으로유니세프굿윌대사, 스페셜올림픽글로벌대사, 동계청소년올림픽대사로임명된바있으며, 자택이공개되었을때집에서개를기른다는사실이알려졌습니다. 타임지또한김연아씨를세계에서가장영향력있는 100인중 1인으로지정하였습니다. 저희는김연아씨가개고기를거래하거나먹는행위, 그리고남한의동물학대를반대하는운동에동참하여대한민국에서개고기가금지되는그날까지저희와함께해주시기를청원합니다. 저희 #bandogmeat 에서는김연아씨가개고기소비에전혀관련되지않았다는것을알고있습니다. 하지만김연아씨가이심각한문제에대해한국뿐아니라아시아의목소리가되어주셨으면하는바람입니다. 개고기를금지하는법이통과되기전에현재개양식장에서구조된수천마리의개와강아지들이지낼가정이필요합니다. 이동물들이안전하고따뜻한집을찾을수있게도와주세요.   J'ai demandé à la médaillée d'or Sud Coréenne, Yuna Kim, de se joindre au Combat contre la consommation de viande de chien. Yuna Kim est l'athlète la plus célèbre de l'histoire olympique de la Corée du Sud et elle prendra part au Jeux d'hivers de Pyeongchang en 2018. Mme Kim a une réputation remarquable de compassion et a été nommé Ambassadrice International de Bonne Volonté par l'UNICEF, ambassadrice mondiale des Jeux Olympiques Spéciaux et ambassadrice des Jeux Olympiques de la Jeunesse et elle est aussi propriétaire d'un chien comme on pu le constater lors de la visite de sa demeure. Le magasine TIME l'a également inscrite dans son Top 100 des personnes les plus influentes.  Nous aimerions demander Mme Kim de prendre une position active dans la lutte contre la consommation de viande de chien et de la cruauté envers les animaux en Corée du Sud, et de nous aider à faire interdire officiellement la consommation de viande de chien. #bandogmeat reconnaît que Yuna Kim n'est pas une consommatrice de viande de chien et nous espérons que, grâce à son aide, elle peut être une voix pour les animaux de la Corée et de l'Asie.   Contact: atcostaff [at]

James Hill
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Petition to SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, AMPTO , Verband der Zoologischen Gärten, waza, Justin Trudeau, Zirkus Krone GmbH, Zoo Leipzig, Tierpark Berlin

Animals are not Entertainers-close SeaWorld,Zoos,Animal Circuses,Rodeos

Animals are not entertainers! Dont go to Circuses, Zoos, Marine Parks, Rodeos, Sea World! Most of us, grew up taking family trips to the circus, zoo,  marine park or rodeo. Seeing animals held captive for human amusement was part of life. We never questioned it. While it is assumed that all humans, unless they have committed crimes against society, deserve freedom, we are not used to making that assumption for members of other species. We should ask ourselves why not. What have the animals in a zoo or marine park done to deserve their jail sentences, or the elephants in a circus done to deserve lives spent mostly in chains?    Millions of animals suffer for human entertainment in zoos, circuses, marine parks and for tourists’ photos.  Circus Thousands of wild animals are used worldwide in circuses, side-shows, within zoos, and in advertising, film and television, to perform demeaning and unnatural tricks to entertain the public. The animals can live life continually on the move, often travelling vast distances chained, tethered or encaged, and endure harsh training regimes in order to correctly perform in front of an audience or camera. This is no life for a wild animal.     Captive Whales and Dolphins At least 19 different species of cetacean are currently held in captivity around the world, including over 800 bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus).  Captive dolphins have become a regular feature in tourist resorts. A trained bottlenose dolphin can generate $1 million a year. Dolphins bred in captivity do not sustain their numbers. Therefore they are frequently captured from the wild and sold into captivity.  Wild dolphins are a wide-ranging animals with complex social networks and hunting behaviour which the captive environment is unable to provide for. Many suffer from behavioural abnormalities, illness and premature death. MARINE PARKS If you visit the Seaquarium in Miami, you can watch Lolita, an Orca who has been there in a small tank for thirty years, do tricks to amuse the crowd. If you visit you can read Lolita's story and order a film on which you'll see the horrifying footage from the day of her capture in Puget Sound, her mother being killed trying to prevent her baby's kidnapping. Lolita is the last remaining live Orca captured that day. Her family is still in Puget Sound, but even having been offered one million dollars by generous humans for her freedom, the Seaquarium refuses to let her go. Anyone who considers swimming with captive dolphins when on vacation outside of the US, might first think of happy dolphin family pods they have seen swimming free off the beach -- then imagine them being encircled by boats and nets, some drowning, all in a panic. The survivors are separated from each other and carted off to lucrative swim with dolphin programs.   RODEOS Rodeo horses and bulls buck to try to release bucking straps, cinched tightly around their abdomens. Cows and horses are often prodded with an electrical "hotshot" while in the chute, to rile them, causing intense pain to the animals. That is illegal, but anti rodeo activist Steve Hindi, has footage on the SHARK website (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness) of the use of an electric prod as a government inspection official watches. After the rodeo, injured animals are carted off to the slaughter plant.      Write Politicians to close all Zoos,SeaWorld, Animal Circuses,  Rodeos, marine parks. Release Animals to Sanctuaries . Sample Letter: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,     i am writing to express my condemnation about Millions of animals suffer for human entertainment in zoos, circuses, marine parks, rodeos  and for tourists’ photos.    Circus animals live in cars or in chains when not performing tricks in the ring. Most people, seeing tigers jumps through hoops of fire, or elephants stand on their heads, never think about what is behind those unnatural acts. The circus would like us to believe that the animals are trained with positive reinforcement. With little to amuse them, one thing animals in a zoo might cherish are the bonds they form with their cell mates. But zoos swap animals back and forth for breeding programs with no concern for long-term or familial relationships. Rodeo horses and bulls buck to try to release bucking straps, cinched tightly around their abdomens. Cows and horses are often prodded with an electrical "hotshot" while in the chute, to rile them, causing intense pain to the animals. Animals are not Entertainers! I urge you to close all Zoos,SeaWorld,  Animal Circuses, Rodeos, marine parks. and release Animals to Sanctuaries .  Sincerely,     Write to President Trump: Webform:   Tierpark Berlin email:   AMPTO:     Verband deutscher Zoodirektoren: email:     WAZAWAZA isthe unifyingorganisation forthe world zoo &aquarium community   Marine Connection: Prime Minister of Angela Merkel, Zoo Cologne, Germany:,   SeaWorld Communications Department 7007 SeaWorld DriveOrlando, FL 32821Phone: 407.363.2280 Email:     PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THE PETITION!        

Christiane Henker
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Petition to Mercy For Animals, ASPCA , Humane Society of the United States, Nicole Rivard, Last Chance For Animals, Animal Legal Defense Fund, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Stop The Distribution Of Animals On Craigslist!

I don't know whether the statement I'm about to claim will haunt my legalities but - I bought my dog through Craigslist. Now most of you probably think I am a hypocrite, in any case, I actually like to think that I saved his life. While he is all in good standing, that does not necessarily mean similar animals have the same fortune. There are some natural demons that coincide with the site as you can already imagine. I wish I had the funds, time and space for a selfless animal sanctuary, but unfortunately I am not so lucky. So this is where you come in. No, you don't need to shell out hundreds of dollars buying these animals either, but I need your signatures so administrators won't be allowed to sell living beings through a sketchy layout such as Craigslist. Most dogs on the platform don't go for much over $300, some are even listed as 'free' for a fast re-homing. The owners giving up their pets must think, 'Oh, they won't be in a kennel at all. I can find them a new home all in the comfort of my own home - no big deal..this is ten times less cruel than a shelter.' WRONG. You honestly don't know the hand Fido's precious fate will be dealt.. Don't let Craigslist have your once beloved pet fall victim to: Becoming Bait For Dog Fighting. Abuse. Getting Stolen/Sold. Murder. Sexual Abuse. People pry on that site, looking for innocent, defenseless creatures to abuse and to tarnish - to throw away and to abandon. Listen, we already had a 'Craigslist Killer' whom tainted the integrity of that site at an earlier date... Look at what's happening now- Majority of these unhinged individuals have no problem coughing up a couple hundred dollars on condoning serial killer behavior towards innocent merciful animals. It's equivalent to one of us buying a pair of shoes, or new clothes...They gain the same sense of happiness. It is sickening. So much so, it should be illegal to sell animals through such an uncontrollable outlet. 'Animals aren't just a form of companionship sought out through commodity and accessory, they are blessings - they are our friends without a voice.' You should be given some sort of a receipt, not in the respect of currency - but valuing that animal's life. Adoptions should happen through a stable environment, where home-checks are mandatory, as well as a two week to a month follow-up.  Documenting the life of another is priceless, this is something Craigslist fails to do. There are so many instances of kittens and rabbits being abused, dogs getting skinned to be used for gloves and then sold as another belonging. It is such a shame to live among troubled human beings who seek pleasure in catastrophe. So I beckon you to join me and together let's disable an access point for these bastards. I am on a quest to fulfill the needs of those without a voice, those at our mercy. I would like to be a voice for all species that cannot make their thoughts a reality. And I also would appreciate it greatly, if you could all join me and please sign this petition. Thank you.

Nicole Gentile
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Petition to Erna Solberg

NEI til Senterpartiets forslag om å forby gatehunder tilgang til Norge!

English below Signer og si Nei til Senterpartiets forslag om å forby gatehunder tilgang til Norge! Ja til strengere restriksjoner! Rekordmange kjæledyr ble ført inn til Norge via Oslo Lufthavn i fjor. Mattilsynet er bekymret over det store antallet hunder som kommer inn til landet, og Senterpartiet krever at import av gatehunder må stoppes, jfr. Østlandssendingen. Det er med dyp skuffelse vi ser at Senterpartiet i Norge kommer med såkalte lettvintløsninger på en formidabel utfordring sør- og øst Europa har ifht gatehundproblematikken, og importen av disse til Norge. Vi som ansvarlig organisasjon setter en mengde spørsmålstegn ved denne til dels populistiske «løsningen»! I begrepet rekordmange gjelder ALLE hunder, og kun et fåtall av dem var såkalte "gatehunder"! Dette var all innførsel av hunder, inkl. eide Norske hunder, samt rasehunder importert fra utlandet for blant annet avl. Kun et fåtall av dette antallet er gatehunder! Og hva ligger egentlig i definisjonen gatehund? Her ligger åpenbart en mangespektret og til dels feilaktig tolkning som eksempelvis såkalte smugler hunder! Noe vi definitivt tar avstand fra! Vi er for at alle hunder som blir importert til Norge skal være vaksinert og testet, chipet og kastrert. Norge må såfremt det er årsak til bekymring og som SP skremselspolitikk viser, lage egne regler, vi kan ikke skjule oss bak EU direktiver, så lenge vi har full mulighet til å innføre særregler, slik vi gjorde ift kommersiell import fra Romania. Vi foreslår at titer test skal tas 30 dager etter rabies vaksine, og eventuelt gi en rabies vaksine til om titer nivået ikke er høyt nok! Det er heller ikke gitt at alle Norske hunder vil respondere like godt på vaksinen og oppnå høy nok titer". Blodprøver blir jo sjelden tatt av Norske hunder ift både dette og andre sykdommer. Derfor bør denne regelen omfatte alle hunder som er ute på reise med eier! Vi ønsker ikke Rabies til Norge! Karantene reglene bør det også sees nærmere på! I tillegg til obligatorisk vaksine mot Rabies bør det også innføres ktav til andre vaksiner, blodprøver samt antiparasittbehandling! STEM NEI til Senterpartiets forslag om å forby gatehunder tilgang til Norge! Link til høringen:  Den 16 februar vil de legge frem hva de har kommet frem til. Så la oss dele dette og samle underskrifter slik at vi får levert disse innen det. visit us on  Or on facebook Say No to the Centre Party's (Senterpartiet/Political party) proposal to prohibit street dogs access to Norway! Yes to tighter restrictions! Record number of pets were brought into Norway through Oslo Airport last year. FSA is concerned over the large number of dogs coming into the country, and the political party SP(Political party) requires that imports of street dogs must be stopped. It is with deep disappointment that we see that SP(Political party)  in Norway come with so-called easy solutions to this great challenge. Several Eurpean countries has aknowledged that they have a problem with their Street dog policy, and imports of these to Norway. We as a responsible organization have several questionmarks to this sometimes populist "solution"! (easy way out) The concept of a record number applies to all dogs, and only a few of them were so-called "street dogs"! This was all introduction of dogs, incl. Owned Norwegian dogs and breeds imported from abroad including breeding. Only a few of this numbers are street dogs! And what is really the definition of a stray dog? Here is obviously a lot of spectrum and partly erroneous interpretation such as so-called contraband dogs! Something we definitely do not support!  All dogs that are imported to Norway should be vaccinated and tested Chip and neutered. Norway must unless there is cause for concern something that SP(Political party) scare politics shows, create custom rules, we can not hide behind the EU directives, as long as we have the full flexibility to introduce special rules, as we did in relation to commercial imports from Romania. We suggest titer test shall be 30 days after rabies vaccine, and optionally provide a rabies vaccine to the titer level is not good enough! It is not certain that all Norwegian dogs will respond equally well to the vaccine and achieve high enough titer. "Blood samples are rarely taken by Norwegian dogs relation both this and other diseases. Therefore, this rule should include all dogs that are out traveling with their owner! We do not want Rabies to Norway! Quarantine rules should also be reconsidered! In addition to mandatory vaccination against rabies there should also be introduced requirements for other vaccines, blood tests and antiparasitic treatment! VOTE NO to the Centre Party's proposal to prohibit street dogs access to Norway!

Dog Rescue Norway
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