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China Must Stop Importing African Donkey Skin and the demand for donkey meat 

China Must Stop Importing African Donkey Skin and the demand for donkey meat  African donkeys at risk of extinction   In northern China, donkey meat is often served in the form of hamburgers. But the Chinese love for donkey meat - and donkey skin, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine - is causing havoc all over the world. With its population of donkeys falling due to high demand, China has resorted to importing from abroad, threatening donkey populations to Africa. Today, two cities in Hebei - Hejian and Baoding - claim to be the original home of the donkey burger. Hejian is so proud of his signature dish that he hosts an annual festival in his honor. Ma Baoding, better known for having once the controversial title of "China's most polluted city", also claims to have invented the hamburger.   From this  Article _________________________________________________________________ African donkeys are disappearing because China wants their skins for a traditional remedy.  and the demand for donkey meat .domestic demand is also growing Currently, there are four main donkey slaughterhouses in Kenya, namely Goldox Kenya Limited in Mogotio, in Baringo County, Star Brilliant Abattoir in Maraigushu in Naivasha, Silzha Ltd in Nakwaalele in Turkana and Fuhai Machakos Trading Company Ltd.  It is estimated that 1,000 donkeys are slaughtered every day in the country. This has also led to an increase in donkey from this Article ______________________________________________________________    

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Petition to Donald J. Trump, World Wildlife Fund, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, African Wildlife Federation, National Wildlife Federation

Wild animals are endangered, they must be protected!

English The giraffe population has experienced a rapid overall decline of 40% in the last three decades, and they are already extinct in seven countries. This terrible process is called ''silent extinction''. Their numbers have dropped from 71,000 to 35,000 in the last 30 years. The african tiger (Panthera tigris Linnaeus) counts only 3900 species in the world. Poachers kill 120 of them every year for their renowned fur, on average 2 tigers every week. African elephants are the biggest mammals of the world. Poachers kill them for their valuable tusks (a single pound of ivory can sell for $1,500, and tusks can weigh 250 pounds). Today, in Africa are surviving only 352.271 elephants. Every year are killed 27000 animals, because of their tusks.  African rhinoceros were 30 species, today survive only 2 species (black rhino and white rhino). Both species are at risk due to a huge surge in poaching to meet demand for illegal rhino horn. Record numbers of rhinos are currently being killed. The endangered species today are: Bears (including giant panda), Big cats, Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises), Elephants, Great apes, Marine turtles, Rhinos, Sharks and rays, Sturgeons and Vultures.  Italian La popolazione delle giraffe è andata incontro a un declino del 40% negli ultimi trent'anni, e la loro è una specie già estinta in sette paesi. Questo terribile processo è chiamato ''estinzione silenziosa''. I loro numeri sono calati da 71.000 a 35.000. La tigre africana (Panthera tigris Linnaeus) conta solo 3900 specie nel mondo. I bracconieri ne uccidono 120 ogni anno per le loro rinomate pellicce, con una media di due tigri a settimana. Gli elefanti africani sono i mammiferi più grandi del mondo. I bracconieri gli danno la caccia per le loro valorose zanne ( 450 grammi di avorio arrivano a valere 1500$, e le zanne possono pesare fino a 125 kg ciascuna). Oggi in Africa sopravvivono solamente 352.271 elefanti. Ogni anno ne vengono uccisi circa 27.000. I rinoceronti africani in principio erano 30 specie, oggi in Africa ne sopravvivono solamente due ( il rinoceronte bianco e il rinoceronte nero). Entrambe le specie sono a rischio di estinzione a causa della violenta caccia dei bracconieri, che nonostante sia illegale, commerciano l'avorio del corno del rinoceronte. Vi sono numeri record che testimoniano le uccisioni dei rinoceronti ogni anno. 

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