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Petition to Express TV, Ahsan Khan, ACF Animal Rescue

Stop Using Rabbits as Props in Ahsan Khan's show

Ahsan Khan is using rabbits as props in a segment of his show Time Out with Ahsan Khan on Express TV. This is incredibly distressing for the poor animals, not to mention we do not know if these animals were bought from a breeder, how they are kept, who is responsible for them. Using animals for entertainment is unethical and needs to stop. -Rabbits are PREY animals. This means they are hunted and because of this, they’re are biologically driven by their need to be wary and scared of their surroundings and anyone in them. In any new situation rabbits FREEZE and don’t do anything, they become distressed and anxious and will do NOTHING to escape. This does NOT mean they’re comfortable, they are scared.-Rabbits are ground creatures and HATE being picked up, that is also a natural biological instinct. They are also incredibly sensitive and if not picked up right, you can hurt them. Again, they won’t show any pain because the hide their pain being a prey animal. So imagine all those rabbits being picked up and tossed around and played with by all these people in blaring lights and loud sounds.-Rabbits have weak hearts, they get scared at about anything loud, unfamiliar. When they become anxious and depressed because of constant stimuli (such as this show and whatever happens behind the scenes with them being transported here and there), they WILL become sick. Their mental state quickly affects their physical state and anyone who’s had rabbits will tell you how quickly this can become fatal.They even have heart attacks because of loud noises.-We don’t know how so many rabbits are kept by these people, where they are kept, what they are fed. I have seen decent people know nothing about rabbit care, they think they’re low-maintenance cage pets. God knows if they’re kept in the tiny cages shown on screen or if they even get to see sunlight or get any exercise. These rabbits deserve better.-The concept of using animals for entertainment is extremely unethical. These animals were not put on this earth so you could have a good laugh about it and use them as play things or props. These are living beings, they have feelings, they go through anxiety, depression, sadness, stress too. The difference is that they can’t express it and when they do human beings are too conceited to comprehend it.For centuries we have used animals for entertainment, whether it’s in the form of circus or zoo and that mindset needs to change. Ahsan Khan can surely do better than throwing rabbits at his guests to hold to keep his ratings up and those who engage in this should surely have the decency to call this out as animal cruelty.Please understand that rabbits are not the same as cats or dogs, they are way too sensitive for this. In any case NO animal should be used like this, much less rabbits. It’s high time this behaviour is called out, there is power in numbers, you can ask them to stop this. We’ve seen how powerful the social media pressure can be; use your voice for those who can’t speak. Please go onto their official YouTube, Facebook and Instragram— comment and report. Share this around and ask people to do the same, raise awareness about this. Do your part.If you have any suggestions on how else to go about this, please drop them below.Instagram: @timeoutwithahsankhan @khanahsanofficial @jung_sanam @outstylewithdania @ayezakhan.ak @danishtaimoor16

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Petition to health ministry, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Central Government, Narendra Modi

Declare animals as legal persons i.e. give them right to live, freedom & safety

Vegan India Movement, a pan India collective of grassroots animal liberation activists, organized ARMI (Animal Rights March India) in four different zones of the country on 10th November, to commemorate World Vegan Month. One of the major objectives of the march was to put forth a set of demands to the government, including granting personhood status to animals, including animal rights and the Indian philosophy of ahimsa in school curricula, revamping the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 to make it stricter, and promoting the growth of plant-based products by providing tax cuts/subsidies to producers who enter the plant-based market. ************************************* Full demands from Animal Rights March India (ARMI) 2019: 1. To accord personhood status to all animals i.e. to grant animals the right to freedom to live as well as safety. This implicitly and explicitly implies the need: a) to put an end to the sexual exploitation of all farmed or other animals (including fish) through artificial insemination for forceful breeding in female animals and forceful ejaculation in male animals. b) to put an end to the export of live land and marine animals and their flesh. c) to not promote and not open new slaughterhouses, poultry farms, dairy farms, fish farms, and other factory farms, which exploit and commodify animals. d) to stop gifting live animal for businesses, and to not promote the growth of the ecologically unsustainable animal agricultural industry. e) to ban testing of household products, medical products and procedures, and their ingredients on animals and to adopt alternative methods to testing on animals that already exist.  f) to ban the use of all animals in circuses and zoos which would imply to refuse permission to build any new zoos. This also includes prohibiting the breeding of animals that will be put on display for any public entertainment within cages or enclosures within zoos.  Instead, efforts to protect animals in their natural habitat be doubled, including protecting buffer zones and maintaining forests to a level of resilience where they are impervious to the ill effects of climate change.   2. To acknowledge and disseminate knowledge about the cognition of farmed animals and include the place of animals in the ecosystem in school curricula, and include the latest science on animal cognition and the place of animals in the earth's ecology in school curriculums. To include animal rights topics such as the fundamental Indian philosophy of ahimsa, veganism, ethics and morality, speciesism, existing animal rights law, critical animal study, Holocene extinction, 2012 Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness, hidden truth of animal farming etc. at all levels of education. To modify the current curriculum which portrays animals as commodities as language surrounding animals plays an important role in children’s perception of different animals (linguistic relativity). 3. To revamp the 1960 PCA Act to include all animals and make it strong and effective. To raise awareness in the general public, and educate the law and police departments about existing laws against animal cruelty to ensure implementation and instant and effective action 4. Effort be made to facilitate the growth of nutritious plant-based foods via tax cuts, subsidies and suitable loans for small, micro and medium enterprises venturing into the plant-based food product businesses, and farmer supporting schemes for growing raw materials for the production of alternatives to animal products. Refer:

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