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Petition to Ministry of the Environment, 小泉環境大臣

Only veterinarians can breed dogs and cats! To the permit system!

Until now, in Japan, you could start a business as a breeder just by registering, and as a result, bad breeders were rampant.Many dogs and cats were packed in narrow cages, had their vocal cords cut, covered with filth, and had a caesarean section without anesthesia. They died without. The breeder's job is to breed dogs and cats, that is, to deal with life. It is a profession next to life and death such as childbirth and illness. Therefore, we request a breeder permit system [Permission system] ・ Only for veterinary qualifications   ① Genetic test. (Avoid mating if you have a genetic problem.) ② Certificate without inbreeding. ③ Birth certificate for puppies and cats. ④ Health check for dogs and cats. (By a doctor designated by the Ministry of the Environment (local government)) Please submit all the above items to the health center. The Health Center converts it into data and stores it.   ⑤ Please show both mother and child directly to the person who wants to purchase. (Prohibition of online sales) ⑥ If you violate the Animal Welfare and Protection Law, you will be deprived of the breeder business permit and the ownership of dogs and cats, and you will not be able to apply for the permit again. ⑦ Regular retirement system (because the aging of breeders becomes a problem)   "Five freedoms" for animal welfare 1. Free from hunger and thirst 2. Free from discomfort 3. Free from pain, injury and illness 4. Freedom from fear and oppression 5. Freedom to express normal behavior   By all means, I would like you to build a system that can carry out this philosophy. And give love to dogs, cats and animals that have pain and emotions.

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Petition to 環境大臣, 千葉県知事, 銚子市長


こちらの署名は下記の件において2日くらい延長するよう要望がございました。したがいまして延長されます。 この度、私署名担当のMikuraが記載いたしました、2つ前の更新におきまして、大変誤解を招く表現がございました。訂正しお詫びいたします。具体的には、ジャーナリストと書いたために多大なるご迷惑を掛けた方がおられ、改めまして等部分を削除いたし、愛護団体の部分も削除いたします。この度、被害にあわれた方には心よりお詫びいたします共に、今後は発言に細心の注意を払って参ります。この度は大変申し訳ございませんでした。 There was a very misleading expression in the update that Mikura, who was in charge of private signature, described this time. I apologize for correcting it. Specifically, those who wrote a journalist had a great deal of trouble, and changed the part to be deleted, as well as the part of the protection group. We sincerely apologize to those who suffered, and in the future we will pay close attention to our remarks. This time I was very sorry.   2018年1月千葉県銚子市犬吠埼にある水族館が閉館しました。46羽のペンギンと1頭のイルカが残されているというニュースが8月になりテレビで一時的に取り上げられました。特にイルカのハニーには、その時点から多くの心配の声が千葉県や銚子市に届けられたにもかかわらず、丸1年を過ぎた現在、いまだに何も変わっていません。 ハニーは妊娠中にイルカ漁で捕まり、マリンパークで出産しその後、子供も仲間も死んで孤独になりました。群れで生きる習性のイルカにとっては計り知れない辛さです。 一刻も早く改善し、ハニーとペンギンが幸せに余生を暮せるよう、行政その他にさらに働きかけをおこないます。 まず2019年1月28日(月)、千葉市議会議員のかばさわ洋平氏、千葉県議会議員の寺尾さとし氏、江田ちよ候補とともに、「ハニーを救う会」として千葉県庁へ申し入れを行いました。一週間程度の短い期間の呼びかけにもかかわらず、国内外から3800名もの署名を頂き、持参することが出来ました。皆様の心配が、形になって届けられた瞬間は、改めて決意が奮い立つ思いでした。 当日の様子など、また今後の活動はこちらと合わせて、かばさわ洋平議員のブログ等もご確認頂ければ幸いです。 ★Blog ★Facebook ★Twitter ★ 今後も、色々な方面へ働きかけてまいります。次の行動の為に、まだ署名も続けてまいります。私たちはツイッターで日々ハニーやイルカを心配し、どうすればよいか考えながら集まった同志です。どうかご協力をお願い申し上げます。 ※現在私どもでは募金は行っておりません。 ********************************************************************************************* We would like to rescue Honey, the lonely dolphin, penguins and other animals that have been left in the shuttered aquarium, Inubosaki Marine Park. In January 2018, an aquarium located at Inubosaki in Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture closed down. In August 2018, the 46 penguins, reptiles, fishes, and one dolphin named Honey drew the media’s attention on television, especially Honey. Despite the fact that many voices of concern were delivered to the Chiba Prefectural Office and Choshi City from this point, Honey’s situation has not changed to date, a year after the closure of the marine park. Honey was pregnant when she was caught in the Taiji dolphin drive hunts that occurs annually in Wakayama Prefecture and gave birth at the marine park. However, eventually both her child and pool-mates died and Honey has been living in solitude for over a year. Dolphins naturally live in groups called pods. The pain and suffering for a dolphin to be alone for over one year is immeasurable. We will work on encourage the administration and others to improve Honey and the penguin’s situation as soon as possible, so that they may live a happy life. On January 28, 2019, we made a proposal to the Chiba Prefectural Government with Chiba City Assembly member Mr. Yohei Kabasawa, Chiba Prefecture assemble council members Mr. Satoshi Terao and Ms. Chiyo, and the "Save Honey Group". Despite the short period of about a week, over 3,800 signatures were received from home and abroad and we were able to submit them. The moment when everyone's worry was delivered in the form of the petition, my determination rouse and I was inspired again. Readings about the submission and future activities may be confirmed on Mr. Kabasawa Yohei’s blog site. We will continue to work on the situation and will continue to collect signature to our petion for our next course of action. We are from the Twitter community who were worried and concerned about Honey and the animals and formed a group. Thank you for your cooperation and we ask for your continued support. ※ We are not collecting donations at this time.

Jihen Mikura
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Petition to 環境省


犬や猫の過剰繁殖をなくしたい!そのためにはブリーダーの数値規制や倫理規定が必要です。2018.3.5ショッキングなニュースが流れました。福井県坂井での繁殖屋の惨状に声もありません。パピーミルと呼ばれる子犬工場です。このようなことを放っておいていいのでしょうか? 現在ブリーダーは動物取扱業の届けを出して、販売の種別代金1万5千円を払えば簡単にできてしまいます。命あるものを生みだし繁殖をするということはとても責任のあることです。それなのになんの数値規制もないのが現状です。今後の動物愛護法にブリーダーの数値規制を盛り込み合わせて倫理規定も提案したい!! 1.一人のブリーダーが管理する犬猫の頭数は30頭まで。(生後4か月までの幼齢個体を除く)2.母体を考慮して出産の引退年齢を7歳を迎える誕生日までとすること。3.出産から出産の期間を8ヶ月あけること。(2年で3回が目安となる)4.遺伝的疾患のある母体は繁殖からはずすこと。5.見学可能な清潔な飼育環境の設置6.個体管理の推奨(マイクロチップの導入)7.登録出来る犬種や猫種を2種までに上限を定める。 以上の事柄が順守できるように半年ごとに状況の提出をおこなわせる。管轄する動物愛護センターまたは自治体が必ず現場確認と監視をおこなう。流通過程で死んでいく幼齢個体の犬や猫たち。彼らは過剰繁殖の犠牲者です。ブリーダーの過剰なまでの繁殖を規制し、適切な管理をするブリーダーのみが繁殖をおこなう世界にしましょう!      please sign&share Numerical regulation for breeders of dogs and cats!I want to eliminate excessive breeding of dogs and cats!To do this, we need breeder numerical regulations and ethical regulations. 2018.3.5 Shocking news flowed.There is no voice in the disaster of breeders in Sakai, Fukui Prefecture.It is a puppy mill called puppy mill.Can I leave this sort of thing? Currently breeders issue notification of animal handling business,It will be easy if you pay 15,000 yen for the type of sale.It is very responsible to produce things with life and breed.Even so, there are no numerical restrictions at present.Including breeder's numerical regulation in future animal protection lawI also want to propose ethical rules! ! 1. The number of dogs and cats managed by one breeder is 30.(Excluding young individuals up to 4 months old)2. Considering the mother's body, the birth retirement age should be until the birthday of 7 years old.3. It is necessary to have a period of 8 months for childbirth and childbirth.(Three times in 2 years is a guide)4. Mothers with genetic disorder should be removed from breeding.5. Setting up a clean breeding environment that can be seen6. Recommendation for individual management (introduction of microchip) We will submit the situation every six months so that the above matters can be observed.The animal welfare center or the municipality responsible for the jurisdiction always checks and monitors the site.Dogs and cats of young individuals who die during the distribution process.They are the victims of overbreeding.Regulating the breeder's excessive breeding,Only breeders who adequately manage breedingLet's make it to the world      

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Petition to 水産庁 Fisheries Agency

水産庁(Fisheries Agency) 小型鯨及びイルカの捕獲枠の大幅な縮小及び厳格な規制を求めます!

水産庁 小型鯨及びイルカの捕獲枠の大幅な縮小及び厳格な規制を求めます! 先ず、 イルカは魚ではありません。CITES(ワシントン条約)でも海洋哺乳類として保護の対象となっています。 毎年、捕獲が減少しているイルカ漁にも関わらず捕獲枠がさほど変わらず、尚且つ捕獲種を広げている現状があります。 (水産庁ホームページよりその他資料参照) 毎年、小型鯨やイルカの捕獲統計を把握しているならば、捕獲枠を前年度以下に設定するのが妥当だと思われます。米は減反政策が取られ、補助金が適応されます。何故、イルカの捕獲には適応されないのでしょうか。更に、現在、イルカ漁を行っていない漁協については、速やかに捕獲枠を消失するのが妥当だと思われます。何故なら、その捕獲枠を他の漁協に与える事例があるからです。 また、混獲数については厳重に取り締まるべきです。 混獲についての処置も水産庁のホームページに記載されている混獲の統計は信憑性に乏しく、各都道府県の漁協の隠ぺいが疑われます。 2018年2月28日和歌山県太地町で定置網に掛かったイルカの捕獲行為に対する水産庁の返答は、その行為自体は違法ではなく、そのイルカを売却した場合でも、漁協への指導のみという、簡単なものでした。 国の漁業を司る水産庁が記載している事項は国民にとって法律に近いものでなければならず、各漁協も節度を持って対象すべき事だと遺憾に思われます。 この請願を申し立てた理由は以下の通りです。 ⚫需要が殆ど無くなってきていること。 ⚫世界的な保護の対象となっている野生動物であること。 ⚫人体に悪影響を及ぼす水銀、メチル水銀、PCB濃度の高い肉を発症事例が無いとして国民に提供していること。 ⚫学術研究目的に多くのイルカを捕らえて高額で売る必要性が見当たらないこと。 ⚫現在のイルカの屠殺方法に関して、この処理法は金属棒を挿入することで椎骨周囲の血管および 血管網を損傷し顕著な出血を引き起こすが、この方法のみではイルカや小型鯨のような大型哺乳類を迅速に捕殺するのは不可能だという見解があります。この方法が引き起こす のは体の対麻痺であり、トラウマと緩慢な失血による死です。この捕殺方法は必要条件として公式に認められている“即刻の無感覚(即座に意識 不明状態にする)”方法と呼べるものではなく、どの先進諸国の畜殺場に おいても実施方法として容認や許可されるものではないということ。 ⚫イルカ追い込み漁は最も残酷な方法でイルカを死に追いやる行為であるから。 (妊娠中のイルカや、子供を産んだばかりの母親を殺し、子供を海に放流する。その子供は、母親無しで生きてはいけません。これは規制すべきです) いつから日本人は情け容赦ない人種になったのですか? 動物は痛みも苦しみも哀しみも理解していることをお忘れですか? 動物保護法とは何のために存在するのか理解できない訳ではないと思います。 水産庁を含め、この漁に携わっている人々は、皆、この行為を伝統文化だと言われますが、伝統文化と称した立派な残虐行為であり、イルカ追い込み漁は50年ほどですので文化とは呼べません。よって文化の名のもとに世界中から非難される恥ずかしい日本にしないでほしいと思います。 我々は現在、IWC及び反捕鯨国49ヵ国に向けて、4メートル以下の小型鯨とイルカを管轄内に入れるよう世界中から署名を集めています。 日本には素晴らしい文化が沢山あります。いつまでこの残酷な行為を推奨するつもりでしょうか。 国際的に価値のある判断を下されますようお願い申し上げます。 Fisheries Agency We demand significant reductions and strict regulation of small whales and dolphin's quota! First, Dolphins are not fish. They is also protected as a marine mammal in CITES (Washington Convention). Every year, there is a current situation that the Quota increases in spite of the dolphin hunting which has decreased capture, and has expanded the besides catch species. (Refer to other documents from Fisheries Agency website) Every year, if you are grasping the catch statistics of small whales and dolphins, it seems reasonable to set catch quotas below the previous year.In addition, it seems that it is reasonable to immediately lose the quota for the fishery which does not perform the dolphin fishing now. Because there are cases where the quota is given to other fishery. Acreage policy is taken against rice and subsidies are adapted. Why is it not adapted to the capture of dolphins. You should also crack down on the number of bycatch.The bycatch statistics on the website of the fisheries Agency are not credible, and the fishery of each prefecture is suspected of Hiding. February 28, 2018 The Fisheries Agency's response to the catching action of dolphins hanging on the stationary net in Taiji Town, Wakayama Prefecture.....Even if the dolphins were sold, the act itself was not illegal, but said it would simply end with the guidance of the fishery cooperatives. The matters described by the Fisheries Agency governing fisheries in the country must be close to the law for the people, and it is regrettable that each fishery should be subject with moderation. The reason for claiming this petition is as follows. ⚫Demand is almost gone. ⚫It is a wildlife subject to global protection. ⚫Mercury, methyl mercury and meat with high PCB concentration which adversely affect the human body are being offered to the public on the grounds that there are no cases of onset. ⚫It is not necessary to capture a large number of dolphins for academic research purposes and to sell dolphins very expensive. ⚫Regarding current dolphin slaughter methods, this treatment involves inserting a metal rod into the vessels around the vertebrae and It damages the vascular network causing remarkable bleeding, but there is a view that it is impossible to quickly kill large mammals such as dolphins and small whale with this method alone. This method causes the body to be paralyzed, and it is the death of a traumatic and sluggish loss. This harvests method is not called a "instant numb (instantly unconscious)" method that is officially accepted as a prerequisite. It is not to be accepted or permitted as a method of implementation in the shambles of any developed countries. ⚫Dolphin drive hunting is an act of driving dolphins to death in the most cruel way.(It kills the pregnant dolphin and the mother who just bore the child and releases the child to the sea.The child should not live without the mother.It should regulate this) Since when did the Japanese become a merciless race. Do you forget that animals understand pain, suffering and sadness as well? I do not think I can not understand what the animal protection law exists for. All the people involved in the fishing, including the fisheries Agency, are told that this is a traditional culture, but it is a splendid atrocity called traditional culture, and it is not called a culture because the dolphin drive hunting is about 50 years.Therefore, I want you not to Japan shameful to be criticized from all over the world in the name of the culture. We are currently gathering signatures from around the world to bring small whales and dolphins under 4 meters into jurisdiction for IWC and 49 anti-whaling nations. Japan has a lot of great culture. How long are you going to recommend this cruel act. We would like to ask you to make an internationally worthwhile decision. Thank you.  

Sugeno Chiharu
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