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Even a single $ with lot of prayers can help Mandy recover from his nightmare

Last Friday we received a message with a photo of a completely hairless, mange-ridden, malnourished dog. It came with a map location pin. we jumped in our van with some food, water, and a leash to meet a fellow rescuer. When we arrived, the dog was curled up, passed out on the side of the road. we woke him with a handful of food. It didn’t take much to coax this starving puppy to safety. He was scared of us, but he wanted help! Neighbors on this farm road said he had just shown up that day, and we know he didn’t arrive on his own. He was dumped to die. We named him Mandy, as we couldn’t wait to watch him rise from the ashes of the only life he had known — a life of suffering and cruel neglect. We couldn’t wait to see what his coat would look like as it grew back in, since his skin is so diseased we can’t s even tell what kind of dog he is. We couldn't wait to see him run, play, and feel a cool breeze blowing through the beautiful for he would have. We were so excited for his future. Unfortunately, our dreams were quickly dashed! As Mandy’s treatment got underway, his condition rapidly declined. When I arrived to the clinic Saturday to rush him to the 24-hr emergency vet, Mandy appeared to be half dead. I was floored. But he raised his head in the van , trying to sit up, and I knew he wanted to live. When we arrived to the Emergency ward ,Mandy’s temperature was too low to read, his blood pressure had completely tanked, his blood glucose level was on the floor, and his leg had swelled up with infection. Blood work showed he had gone septic, and his prognosis was extremely grim. The doctor suggested I revise his CPR to a DNR. She told me if his heart stops, he won’t likely come back. We were devastated. Since they couldn’t let us stay with Mandy,we drove around the hospital bawling my eyes out and begging God to deliver him into the new life we so badly wanted Phoenix to have. He can’t go out like this! we started praying. And thank God, Mandy is a fighter and a downright champ! Over the next 12 hours of aggressive medical treatment and fervent prayers, Mandy’s temperature rose. His BP rose. His blood sugar finally stayed up. The ER doctor called us last night, and for the very first time, said “we actually have hope.” The problem that he presented us with is that saving Mandy’s life “is going to be very expensive.” We are looking at an estimated $2,800 - $4,000 for the first 72 hours of critical care. Mandy has a urinary catheter since he can’t or won’t walk yet, and exposure to his skin of his own urine could be very dangerous. He has a constant ECG to monitor his blood pressure. He’s on an IV drip full of a complex, lifesaving cocktail of drugs catered to his condition. And he needs pretty much his own dedicated nurse, monitoring and working with him around the clock. For anyone who says one dog is not worth this kind of money, you have not met Mandy. He has a strong and beautiful soul. He deserves every opportunity to be delivered from his cruel start to life—no matter the cost—and to find out what it’s like to be be part of a know joy! I think Mandy’s life is worth more than the average cost of a used sedan, or a potato salad recipe. We must raise the necessary funds immediately in order to continue Mandy’s treatment. This is a "Emergency", and needs to be spread far and wide to anyone who loves dogs, or simply hates suffering. We need anyone who can't donate to please share! You never know who will see it, who can help Mandy. Donation Options  Street dog shelter pay-pal Separate Donor-box for  for Mandy Please know the doctor will inform us if Mandy decides he’s too tired to continue this journey. For now, he has shown he’s willing to fight, and we want to do everything in our power to help him battle. Please help us help him!  

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He Needs Just 5$ -Do You have it

Help Albus by Just adding 5$ in his recovery Funds To Adopt Albus Please contact Hello Hoomans, My name is Albus and I am an 8 year old Persian cat. I spent the majority of my life in a tiny cage, and I grew up without any friends; hoomans, cats or otherwise. I was raised to give birth to a lot of little babies, but I never got to see them or play with them, and I spent all my days in a cage with a string, where I was barely handled, petted or loved.  I also did not have a litter box to do my business. My breeder would allow me access to a communal sand box when she felt like it, so I didn’t know how to use a regular litter box. I wasn't given a lot of food, and most of it was not very good for me, so I am quite underweight at 3 kg.  I got rescued by a Team of Great Hoomans (street Dog Shelter) who will get me neutered and taken care of by a foster. I was very scared of her when I first arrived, but my foster is a nice lady. She took me to the vet, and the vet gave me some sad news. Apparently I have polycystic kidney disease, which means I don’t get to have as long a life as most cats and I have to be put on renal food, which is expensive and hard to find.. My creatinine levels are high and I’m very anaemic, I am currently on saline to get better. I also will need a laproscopy to be properly neutered, and only two places do it, which is quite pricey. It’s been a few days of many ouchies with injections, but my foster tells me I’m a brave, strong boy and I’ll get through this.  All of this made me very sad, because I didn't believe anyone could love me, and it makes it that much harder for me to get adopted. But I have hope. I have hope that some hooman somewhere will like me the way I am, and give me the love and care I need. I promise I am very quiet, but I do have the occasional “Maow!” (that is my unique way of meowing). . All I really want is to know what it feels like to be adopted, cuddled, and most importantly, loved.  However, I am still quite sick and traumatised from my time at the breeder's and I need all the help I can get. Will you help me? My foster hooman says that you need lots of "munnie" to do all the things I need to become better again. Can you help her get this munnie? My foster hooman and Street Dog Shelter  have given me all they have, and now they need your help. I really want my second chance, so any donation large or small will help me get my life back Donate and save Albus    

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