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Petition to United Nations

Stricter laws for animal cruelty

Everywhere you look, you see animal abuse. You see innocent animals in zoos and circuses imprisoned and tortured for fun and entertainment. You see birds caged everywhere and stripped of their right to freedom. You see animals being experimented on in labs - Their bellies and heads cut open, they being drowned in water, etc. You see animals being slaughtered, tortured, and horrible things being done to them, and Most of the perpetrators get away with a small punishment or with no punishment at all. We don't realize that all the animal cruelty that has been legalized today under the title of "Humane Slaughter", is still animal cruelty. Animals still feel pain. There still exist today, many youtube channels that abuse animals openly and have not had anything done to them. Why is that? When we see an act of terrorism or human rights violation, Strict action is taken to find the criminals and punish them appropriately. Why isn't the same done for animals? I say we all sign this petition and ask the governments of this world to make the laws even stricter for animal cruelty and for them to defund all the lab experiments done on animals.  Some references for animal cruelty. And these are just the top layer. there are many more terrible things being done to them. What do you think? Should stricter laws be implemented for the protection of animals or not?

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Petition to Sh. Narendra Modi, Sh. Giriraj Singh, Animal Welfare Board of India

#NoMore50 #JusticeForManika

Manika, a street dog, was found injured on the streets of Delhi by a kind soul. She was rescued and admitted to India's oldest and Asia’s largest all-animal shelter, the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre (SGACC), located in the capital city with a hope that she will receive proper treatment and will someday go back home.  Instead, she was murdered in cold blood by the two Paravets and also allegedly raped by them. Manika was put through this ordeal, as a punishment, for biting one of them in pain while receiving treatment. She was rescued by a female staff of SGACC, who being the only eye witness to this has found herself at the receiving end of threats including and not limited to that of physical abuse for recording the torture and ousting one of the routine activities that are undertaken at India's oldest and Asia’s largest all-animal shelter. The UTTER and DEAFENING SILENCE of upper management in the wake of this TRUST SHATTERING & SHAMEFUL horrific string of activities that took place at India's oldest and Asia’s largest all-animal shelter, the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre (SGACC), is deeply disturbing. WHY IS THERE No Swift action and Penalty executed for such a #Crime & perverse #AnimalAbuse, in the very place that promised to be a safe haven and healing sanctuary for thousands from miles around?? Manika’s soul bares the painful tale of all the ways she was violated. The scars and memories left behind with those who saw these eyes, are deep and furthermore painful.  As compassionate citizens of India and as animal lovers that we fondly call ourselves ----  we should and Must stand for what's right, and seek #JusticeForManika - without Bias, without Prejudice! This petition for #JusticeForManika, stands forth you for the following reasons -  1. The perpetrators and the organisation should be strictly punished so that this incident serves as a deterrent and a lesson for those who harm animals in the guise of Animal Welfare. 2. Active monitoring and incorporation of checks and balances in place by Animal Welfare Board of India whose foremost function is to ensure implementation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 as well as  the local state husbandry department for the sake of welfare of the animals, especially to regulate the functioning of all establishments housing any animal. 3. Amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act, 1960, by making all actions & omissions amounting to cruelty to animals cognizable and updating the penalty prescribed to inflation corrected amounts as of 2020. Please sign and share this petition, post it on your social media so that Manika gets justice without bias and prejudice.  Join my fight for #JusticeforManika #NoMore50, so that no animal is ever tortured the way Manika was by the people who were supposed to heal and protect her. #NoMore50 #IndiaForAnimals #RIPWelfare #JusticeforManika

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