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Petition to Christian Medical College, Vellore, Peta India, Jeroldvin Shilby Joe

Expel these 4 animal abusers from CMC Vellore and prevent them from becoming doctors

Four students from the Christian Medical College, Vellore - Jasper Samuel Sahoo, Rohit Kumar Yenukotti, Arun Loui Sasikumar and Alex Chekalayil, mercilessly tortured a monkey to death. On the horrific incident, The New Indian Express reported - "Autopsy revealed that the animal's neck, hands and legs were tied up with a wire. We observed fractures in the monkey’s knee, neck and ankle, indicating it underwent cruelty. The worst part was that the neck was stabbed with the sharp object. The wound had both entry and exit marks, pointing towards the sharp object penetrating from behind and coming out from the front of the neck."  These students, who are studying to be doctors, willfully went through with such a barbaric, senseless act of violence against a helpless creature which could not raise it's voice.  "The carcass of the monkey was exhumed from behind the mess of the men's hostel. The monkey was around 12 months old. It had multiple fractures. Its hands were tied behind its back, a telephone cord tied around its neck and a sharp object was inserted into the anus," the Times of India reported. Here is the Times of India's report on the incident.  It is beyond comprehension what was the thinking behind this act which was committed deliberately and while the students were in full possession of their mental faculties. These people have lost the right to be doctors in any form. The CMC Vellore has only suspended the students whereas they should be expelled from the college and their record should not allow them to study medicine further at this institution or any other medical college in India.  I am starting this petition to urge the CMC Vellore to expel these students, who in their shockingly violent, inhumane, horrifically barbaric actions have exhibited their total lack of compassion towards living beings, thus disqualifying them to treat any living creature, animal or human as  members of the medical profession.  The incident deeply disturbed and saddened me and a number of people I know.  I urge everyone to sign this petition keeping only one thing in mind - would you want yourself or your family being treated by a doctor who is capable of and has actually committed such cruelty?

Maneesha T
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Petition to Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi

Stricter Laws Should Be Made Against Animal Abuse In India.

In the capital New Delhi, an unidentified man was caught on CCTV attacking a dog and killing a puppy outside a metro station. A housewife in the southern state of Karnataka smashed eight puppies on a boulder. In the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, a man in an inebriated state poured acid on five new born puppies and their mother. The west central state of Maharashtra registered a case in which a traffic police officer was arrested for the brutal assault on a stray dog, which led to permanent blindness in one eye. Around 50 community dogs were sedated with food laced with pesticide and then burned alive in the south-eastern state of Tamil Nadu. Well, these are just a few cases out the thousands that have been reported. All these incidents had taken place within the span of a month, with the last one occurring quite recently. There is no central agency where all these cases can be documented, but NGOs including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, People for Animals, Friendicoes and certain welfare organisations report constant complaints regarding animal cruelty. Like several other countries around the world, hurting animals in India is also considered a punishable offence. But the lack of effective laws indirectly encourages the occurrence of such tragic incidents. The maximum punishment under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960 is a fine of 50 rupees (about US 70 cents) or imprisonment up to three months or both. Cruelty to animals has no place in modern medical schools,too.When compared to the West, it is apparent how urgent it is for the law to be revised. In the United States, acts of cruelty against animals are now counted in the FBI’s criminal database. In Australia, the maximum penalty for animal cruelty offences is a five-year prison term and a fine of A$50,000 (US$36,000) for individuals and A$250,000 for corporations.We Indians, incur the penalty as a joke, which clearly implies that they have no responsibility towards protecting animals. “Prevention of cruelty to animals came in 1960, but the penalties have not been revised for the last 50 years. We need to push the government hard to revise the penalties now because these few attacks which have taken place recently have kind of acted like a catalyst in this entire movement, now we require a total end to this. Therefore, what we need is stricter laws! Offenders should be given cruel punishments in order to help them realize the torment of the animals, and make them realise that they are indeed, a blessing by God. WHAT WE NEED IS A CHANGE, A PERMANENT CHANGE! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION IN ORDER TO MAKE OUR GOVERNMENT REALISE THAT STRICTER LAWS NEED TO BE MADE ! Yours Sincerely, PPAP  

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