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Petition to Special Secretary Chairman, AWBI, Peta India

Justice For Freyja

On 23rd March 2017, my beautiful four-year-old Freyja fell ill with what initially seemed like a simple case of hairball obstruction. On 6th May 2017, Freyja finally passed away after seven weeks of abuse, torture and maltreatment by a fraudulent vet, Dr. Sourav Roy. The central focus of this petition is to highlight the fact that Freyja was exploited as a commodity for monetary gains and was denied the basic right to proper treatment and care by her perpetrator(s).  Freyja was born on 23rd March 2013 at 11:15 am. The moment that I held her in my palm, I knew that she was some other kind of special. Over the next four years, Freyja reminded us every day that she was something else. Freyja was a lively, energetic and feisty cat – she never took no for an answer.  One of Freyja’s best qualities was that she trusted everyone. I suppose that is that quite common with any animal that you raise from a new-born. She did not know what evil was – so she never had any fear. However, in her last days, Freyja was forced to witness monsters that are far removed from the humanity she had always known. She was forced to cower in fear and surrender to barbarism. And, us – the people Freyja loved the most in this world could do nothing to help her.  For seven weeks, Freyja fought a furious battle to survive. In those seven weeks, we fought endlessly with her to help her live. Little did we realise that the person that we had entrusted with her safety, was the one inflicting her pain and trauma. As Freyja deteriorated, we were crippled with fear and panic. In a place where no veterinarian followed a standardised protocol, a place without proper in-patient facilities and infrastructure, we were left with little choice.  Dr. Roy had been treating my two cats and one dog for the past three years and our family relied on him completely. We did not have a way of knowing any better as there were no prior events that required any serious medical intervention. He is a highly popular vet in Kolkata – and this is a place where you find vets mostly through good search or personal referenceDr. Roy came strongly recommended by many people we knew. Hence, in Freyja’s case, we had no reasons to doubt his expertise.  Dr. Roy began treating Freyja with a presumed diagnosis of hairball obstruction despite our insistence on a thorough medical check up. During this period he administered two courses of antibiotics on Freyja along with a whole bunch of other prescription medications. After two weeks, he finally asked for a complete blood test and referred Paw Path Animal Diagnostic Laboratory. He gave me the number of a contact person at Paw Path but asked me to contact his para-vets to restrain Freyja as well as draw the blood. He told me that cats tend to get very anxious with blood work.  On 11th April 2017, I scheduled Freyja’s blood test, Paw Path was supposed to send a person for blood collection along with Dr. Roy’s para-vets. However, they did not send a person at the scheduled time and told me that they will only send a person after the blood has already been drawn. As I did not have authorised viles or a person from Paw Path, I had no choice but to reschedule the test. Freyja’s tests got delayed due to holidays in between.  On 19th April 2017, Freyja was rescheduled for blood tests. The para-vets were unable to draw Freyja’s blood citing low blood pressure. This was communicated to Dr. Roy who said that we cannot run any test on Freyja for at least a week as she is very weak.  On 22nd April 2017, I informed Dr. Roy that I was taking Freyja was an x-ray at Paw Path and asked him to send me the details of the x-ray. Freyja got her x-ray done at 4 pm and I was told that they would need two working days for Freyja’s report and I needed to leave the x-ray plate with them. Upon Dr. Roy’s advice, I asked them to send me a photo of the plate as soon as possible. I received the photo of the x-ray plate after two hours and I received the report the following morning at 9:50 am.  After examining Freyja’s plate, Dr. Roy informed us that Freyja has faecal impaction which he planned to dislodge through regular “colon cleanses.” He also told us that the only other option is a surgery which Freyja was much too weak to sustain. Freyja’s x-ray report from Paw Path also indicated that Freyja’s large intestine was filled with “gaseous and faecal matters”, corroborating Dr. Roy’s claims. He advised me to give her regular doses of glycerol for the next 4-5 days to natural soften the stool before he performs his “colon cleanses.”  Until this point, even though Freyja was weak, she was eating a small amount of food and drinking water consistently and defecating intermittently. She was also moderately active. It was after multiple “colon cleanses” and excessive medications that her condition rapidly deteriorated.  On 30th April 2017, I took Freyja to another vet, Dr. Subir Bhattacharya for consultation. He told us that Freyja did not have any faecal impaction in the first place and was instead subjected to chronic maltreatment. He also informed us that Dr. Roy is a fraudulent practitioner and has a police case registered against him at a local police station. I verified Freyja’s x-ray plate from a PhD researcher at the University of Bristol, School of Veterinary Sciences and she confirmed Dr. Bhattacharya’s claims.  In Freyja’s last week, there was not an entity or divine being that we did not pray to – as it appeared to be our only hope. We knew that it was too late to save her but we sincerely wished for a miracle. We hoped that somehow she would spring back and it would all be OK. There was no stone that we left unturned to try and save her but luck did not favour my little baby.  Freyja left us on 6th May 2017, on her mother Mishka’s birthday. They say that cats disconnect when they know that death is near but our Freyja never left our side. She said her goodbyes to everyone that she ever knew and loved. She gave us the time to heal from our pain by hiding her own. That is how fierce, loyal and beautiful her love was for us. This petition seeks: Justice for Freyja on the grounds of animal cruelty and maltreatment Measures to restrain malpractice of veterinary medicine. A thorough investigation of Freyja’s case. A revision of the existing animal cruelty act.

Sohni Chakrabarti
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Petition to Manjunath Prasad, Sarfaraz Khan, Dr G Anand

Accelerate Pet Licensing in Bangalore, BBMP

Statement:Pet dogs ownership , both pedigree and indies are on the rise in Bangalore. Cities like New Delhi, Chennai or Chandigarh have had municipal rules that mandate pet dogs to be registered, while there were no enforced rules governing pet dogs in Bengaluru, but the good news is that the proposed new UDD by-laws will enforce this. But why wait ? A Pet license is the responsible thing to do. Having pet dogs licensed is important for the owners , especially in the eventuality of lost or stolen pets, and is also good for the city as the census and health of pets is updated. As of now the dog census shows about 200 or so licenses issued in 2009 to dogs in Bangalore , and the BBMP records themselves show only a total of 2100 licenses issued altogether so far ! Something is clearly wrong. However, as per section 344 of Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act, keeping and feeding animals and birds without the permission of Municipal commissioner or concerned officer is strictly prohibited. Before the rules are stringently made, and given the unwieldy nature of the current registration process with BBMP Vet Inspectors at each ward, its better to create an easy mechanism to mass register dogs at external locations. It can also help in educating them about the benefits of neutering, proper dog tags, stringent rules on leashing and picking up dog poop Proposed By-Laws by BBMP will make pet licensing more stringent & requiredThe proposed by-laws by BBMP elaborates on how the process of licensing the pet dogs has to be done. Accordingly, every dog owner in BBMP limits, should obtain a license to keep the dog at home and renew it every year. It also involves implanting a micro-chip in dog’s body at the owner’s cost as and when approved by the Corporation. The pet dog should also wear a badge and collar with license information on it. Veterinary Officer of BBMP is authorized to issue the license.In Proposed by-laws, Dogs straying around may be capturedThe by-law also makes provisions for any person authorized by the BBMP to capture any dog that is found straying around in public places in the absence of its owner. Captured dog will be detained in a dog’s house or other place appointed by the Municipal Commissioner or Chief Officer.Any dog that is found in public place without a collar and badge will be captured and detained and could also be killed if it is suffering from rabies or showing symptoms of rabies, by the person authorised by BBMP.The by-law also explains the process of reclaiming the ownership of the dog that has been detained by BBMP workers. Such dog could be redeemed by paying a fee of Rs 1 for dog with license and Rs 2 for dog which has no license.It will be mandatory for dog owners to make ear notch or an identification mark as required under Animal Birth Control Programme practised by Animal Welfare Organisations, for neutered dogs.In addition, the by-law explains the ways in which the dogs which are not redeemed by owners could be detained in a dog pound and how the rabies-affected dogs should be destroyed.Penalty for violationWhoever fails to obtain license for dogs from the Corporation, will be imposed a fine of Rs 1,000 and in case of continuing breach, with fine which may extend to Rs 300 for every day if they are continuing the breach after the first conviction or with a fine of Rs 200 everyday if they continue to breach the by-law even after receiving notice from the Commissioner. Request: Let Bangalore lead the way in Responsible Pet Ownership Make pet licensing mandatory quickly. Or while its being set up, encourage external, people-friendly licensing. Clearly state the requirements - License fee Rs 110, renewable annually, upto date rabies and 7 in 1 vaccinations records. Confirm that in case owners are also breeders , they apply or have a valid breeders license & detailed health records for the dog. Breeding needs to be discouraged. Have a clear plan with a goal of a 1000 dogs , 5 wards covered per month for example, , and ensure monthly events at all wards where pet registrations are done en masse. Organizations like NGO's Vet Hospitals , groups like Cubbon Park Canines , Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) will be happy to partner with BBMP on this . Animal Welfare Officers, and HAWO's can also assist. Stray dog sterilisations can be done Sharing a list of all BBMP Asst Directors & vet inspectors and their numbers and address, where pet licensing is available is mandatory. The current one is hopelessly out of date. In addition rules of responsible ownership covering health , breeding and vaccines as per the new AW notifications should be shared Insist that all dogs must be tagged with their license, number , name and owners mobile . This pet licensing information & stats must be available online on BBMP sites. Use these registration drives to check breeders and ascertain their valid licenses , as well as check dogs health as per the new animal welfare notifications. This can avoid unhealthy breeding and sick, discarded pups. Share best practices in other cities especially around responsible leashing, penalties for littering , ills of home breeding etc. We can use this to eventually introduce micro-chipping and pet neutering . Have a tie up with a closeby clinic & run free blood tests or simple medical check ups for the pet dogs on that day . Useful links :  

The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore
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Petition to Raj Kumar Khatri, A Manju, Manjunatha Prasad, Sarfaraz Khan, KJ George, Ramnath Rai, Upayukta , S Shekar, Dr KM Mohamed Zafrulla Khan, Smt Padmavathi, RR Rashmi, S. Gowri Shankar (CPIO), Sidhanta Das, AWBI, Dr Harsh Vardhan, Maneka Gandhi

#ABC for #Bangalore -City urgently needs fast, efficient Animal Birth Control

THIS AFFECTS YOU! Also innocent children & please help our beloved Bangalore be responsible & humane.   Bangalore's population is now 120 lacs, & dogs have increased to nearly 3 lacs - but shockingly, instead of doubling the ABC/sterilization Centers, our state has inversely REDUCED from the mandatory 10  to  just 2 ABC Centers i.e CUPA, Koramangala  & Sarvodaya , Queens Road. This is gross dereliction on the part of the BBMP & Animal Husbandry Department whose primary city charter is ABC & ARV. The ABC (Animal Birth Control) centers are stretched to capacity and due to low ABC, dogs multiply & helpless puppies & female dogs bear the brunt of anger, abuse & torture . The Indian Constitution mandates kindness to animals and mandatory ABC for street/community dogs. This is reiterated & enforced by the Supreme Court. At some point, it is also the humans who may have to suffer due to rabies, bites etc., so why are we allowing this to happen? Public & Animal Lovers are forced to bring  street dogs for sterilization or do it at their own cost even though it is the BBMP Animal Husbandry Department's primary duty to ensure a robust & sustainable ABC program for the health of the city, residents and dogs. An unconcerned BBMP seems to be callously waiting for a situation of complete breakdown , after which perhaps they would push for a culling solution like Kerala criminally has - a shame on the golden state of Karnataka. While the whole ecosystem needs addressing, right now we understand that the centrally located , heritage Queens Veterinary Hospital where ABC NGO Sarvodaya is housed , is being demolished to make way apparently for a multistory , specialty Vet hospital (no details available). Where will Sarvodaya go then, and how will the ABC happen, where will the public bring or collect the dogs for sterilization. The lack of vision in demolition and relocation of Sarvodaya without a Plan B is a classic example of BBMP's rampant unconcern and disrespect for this serious issue in Bangalore, voiceless animals as well as to the public it serves. There are old heritage buildings which are being demolished and a tree mapping done last month shows 92 old trees of various heights and girth in the property , which should NOT be touched. Our demand as Bangalore citizens : Sarvodaya remains centrally located to cater to Bangalore dog population& is additionally strengthened with kennels & one more ambulance for pick up ABC Centers to go up to a minimum of 10 in Bangalore with catching and kennel facilities Two additional Shelters for rescue & care be put up Strong ABC experienced people like Dr Peeran et al  be brought in as Advisor to ensure that ABC numbers increase. At least 5 Mobile ABC Ambulances be brought in to cover each ward on weekends. More intern vets put on to ABC program Accountability for ABC numbers etc to be shared with public on a monthly basis Details of the Vet Hospital & facilities to be shared to the public & animal lovers Greater transparency on ABC , rescue and collaboration with public. Monthly meetings and updates on progress , statistics with stakeholders. BBMP ensuring prompt payments and easing logistics to ABC NGOs. Their current apathy is shocking, and the fact that they even  gone so far as to ask an NGO for a bribe, is even more so. Strict punishment and fines introduced for erring ABC officials who do not make the program a success and support it fully. They MUST be heldaccountable Cross department training for Animal Husbandry, BBMP and NGOs so they are able to understand each others situations and objectives , and help each other WIN, instead of tripping each other up , at the expense of the poor dogs. There is clear antagonism & apathy on the program Information dissemination, trainings & open discussions with public so they know the responsible and humane action to take . Proper census on pet and street dogs to be held Links: SUCCESS RATE OF ABC PROGRAMME with Year & Operations 2013: 52,524, 2014: 30,410, 2015: 35,261, 2016: 952 Shocking ! It requires WILL, and Government & Citizen Intervention. Time is SHORT. PLEASE DO IT NOW. (Pic Credit : Grass Root Films/Wunderbar Films )

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