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Petition to Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar

Implementation of Laws to curb animal cruelty in Pakistan

This petition is in reference to a recent incident that is being shared on social media. A poor equine was subjected to abuse in a political rally to demonstrate hate towards a political party. According to Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation  (ACF), the organisation that rescued the donkey after being informed of the incident by a citizen by the name of Abdullah, the baby donkey was beaten to a pulp, punched in the face and abdomen and then tied to a post and had a car rammed into him constantly. He continues to be in trauma post this incident which was reported today (July 16th 2018) This is one of countless such occurrences, many of which go unreported, due to the fact that not enough is being done to protect these poor animals from abuse of the most unspeakable kind. There aren't enough laws, or those which exist aren't being implemented. The fact that such incidents happen is proof in itself that no penalties are there for the perpetrators.  This is an incident of extreme animal abuse, lesser versions of which are witnessed everyday on roads. For those of us who follow animal welfare and protection pages, and private organisations on social media which highlight such incidences and carry out rescues, we know that this isn't something new. Not much however is being done at the government level.  Bills should be passed to include a subject on animal welfare in school curriculums in light of these cases of animal cruelty to instil compassion amongst students early as it is mostly children we see on the streets subjecting animals to abuse. Childhood cruelty to animals is said to be the first warning sign of later delinquency. There is a dire need to ingrain compassion in a society becoming dangerously desensitized to suffering. It is humbly requested that action be taken against the people who carried out this act so as to set a precedent for the future. It is requested humbly of the chief justice of Pakistan to take notice of this incident.  Please sign this petition so action may be taken to do something about this issue.

Hamayal Wajid Lodhi
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Started 2 weeks ago

Petition to Zomato, swiggy , foodpanda , Uber Eats, Faasos , Domino's India, InnerChef , Fresh Menu

Reduce plastic in food delivery operations

Dear readers This petition is addressed to companies and restaurants which offer food delivery services, urging them to reduce the amount of plastic and all unnecessary packaging in their operations. Globally, we are facing unprecedented levels of plastic consumption at over 300 million tons a year, most of which, due to the indestructible nature of plastic enters our marine and terrestrial ecosystems, posing great threat to nature and life. Over 100,000 marine animals, spanning at least 267 species are known to be killed due to plastic ingestion annually with the species survival of many threatened; over 90 percent of all sea birds and over 50 percent of all sea turtles have eaten plastic. Fragmented micro-plastics have entered our food chain through sea plankton, fish and salt, threatening human well-being.  Reducing plastic consumption is an urgent need and requires a concerted effort from government, citizens and corporates alike. To this end we seek your cooperation in reducing plastic consumption by providing customers with plastic-free consumption options. We name here primarily restaurant aggregators and food delivery services but this list is far, far from exclusive: Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda, Uber Eats, Faasos, Domino’s, Innerchef, FreshMenu. In the wake of Maharashtra’s plastic ban, several restaurants have started offering alternatives and we appeal to you to do the same. An article here suggests that many of you understand and support this need for reducing plastic. At present, we frequently receive food in styrofoam or plastic containers, plastic cutlery, seasoning and sauce packets as per cuisine. We’ve outlined below in increasing order of priority and impact some steps that we think you can take: 1.       Steps towards less dystopian: Since most food deliveries are to homes, people are bound to have cutlery and other basics. Please provide customers with the option of opting out of plastic cutlery, ketchup sachets and any other avoidable single-use items; better would be if the default could be non-provision of these extras with the option of opting-in if required.  2.       Middle ground: For single-use items which are unavoidable such as the containers for food, could you influence your partner restaurants to modify their packaging behavior by choosing cartons made of biodegradable cardboard, paper, bamboo, leaves etc. or even foil which might be recyclable? The above two steps have immense potential for modifying the packaging behavior of the majority of delivery restaurants across the nation, which are dependent on your applications for delivery requests. 3.       Full-fledged utopian: This might sound far-fetched at first glance but isn’t really. Each of your delivery agents drops food off at our doorsteps. If they could carry these in reusable containers which we transfer to our own containers at homes, there is a lot of unnecessary single-use material that could be avoided. While not as harmful as plastic in terms of ecological or wildlife impacts, most materials like paper and cardboard require a lot of water and energy to produce and have substantially larger carbon footprints than plastic production and we should be doing all we can to reduce these too.   There are logistic, hygiene and several other considerations that will presumably factor in but as loyal consumers who have been using your services for a long time, we believe that companies of your caliber should not find this impossible to implement. If you believe in this cause, please sign this petition requesting these companies to take apposite action. Thank you for your support!  

Shriya Rangarajan
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Started 1 month ago

Petition to Mr. Utpal Kumar Singh, Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat

Save our homeless furry friends in Uttarakhand.

Petition made by the animal lovers and activists including youngsters of Uttarakhand, India, against a very vague ruling by the High Court of Uttarakhand it is as follows-Uttarakhand high court on Thursday directed the state government to ensure there are no stray dogs on the roads of the Himalayan state within a period of six months starting from month of July 2018The high court also noted that the state government may consider framing a law to kill “dangerous stray dogs”.The PIL (Public interest litigation} filed by an advocate highlighted the issue of increasing dog menace in the state. It said in the past five years, over 11,000 dog bite cases have been reported in a tourist place ‘Nainital’ itself which is false and baseless made up story.First of all who will determine 11000 bites in 5 years in Nainital I.e around 3500 bites in one year !!! Is it not a huge amount of bites!!! Do u have the evidence following bites records ...After all the grieving people would have gone to govt hospitals and got injections fir where are the records of 11000 bites in five years !!! ....This is all made up news made by dog haters who are concerned with tourism and concerning business people who don't want dogs around them !! The court directed the chief secretary to issue necessary directions to all authorities concerned to take appropriate steps for checking the dog menace in their respective areas. The court also made it clear that the directions issued by the chief secretary will be binding on all authorities, including municipal bodies and other local bodies. It was further said by the High Court that the dogs who are homeless should not be seen on roads within six months, that they should be adopted by charitable organizations. The High Court further said that a law be framed to kill the stray dogs who are on roads can be further killed if dangerous! That those having objections can take them home! The high court said the non-compliance of the directions issued by the chief secretary to the local authorities will be treated as a contempt of court.This is obviously a very serious matter, and all the dog lovers animal activists,NGOs along with should unite and stop this cruel ruling of “killing” stray dogs just because they have grown in number. Dogs are man’s bestfriend” and I don’t think this is a way to treat our bestfriendHonourable Supreme court of our country India has protected stray dogs saying no one can kill or maim them . It is simply not understood why any high court will go against supreme court , also shows inhumane behaviour while asking the state to make a rule to killing 'dangerous dogs' ...A dog hater will find any dog dangerous !!! So all strays left out without shelter should be killed ??? Unless they are not rabied they have a right to live as per Hon Supreme CourtDogs being man's best friend is also a guard of the colonies , a saviour in army , a sniffer to detect bombs and save lives in airports and tourist places , even stray dogs are being admitted and trained in army ...there are dogs who relieve serious patients in hospitals , a blind man's companion , a lone person's joy , babies delight !!!Dog haters can spoil everything and would want the best friend of human to die.So please sign the petition and join with us in the movement against killing of the wonderful man's best companion. This petition would be presented to all officials who matter and can save our dogs of Uttarakhand!

Avi Arora
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