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Petition to Animal lovers

Dhyan Foundation Home to 8000 plus rescued Animals -Please Support Us !

Dear Animal Lovers.. There was a time when India was synonymous to benevolence, where animals, birds, forests and trees were worshiped. Today in the same country India, voiceless creatures are being tortured terribly and destruction of natural resources is rampant. Somewhere dogs are being burnt and their burnt bodies are hung up on rods to be displayed abusively throughout the city and elsewhere tails of cow and bulls are broken deliberately, tobacco or chili pepper is rubbed into their eyes and they are loaded mercilessly in trucks for trafficking.Peacocks are being killed brutally for their meat, bullets are being fired on monkeys and camels are butchered openly.... Between all this inhumane treatment of animals there is a ray of hope in the form of animal activists and ngos who are working day and night putting their lives in risk for these speechless beings, out of compassion and their sense of responsibility to save creation. Dhyan Foundation is one of such rare organizations which is giving shelter,food,medicine etc to 8000 plus such animals through more than 30 gaushalas,dog shelter and many feeding points for dogs/monkeys across the country. 90% of the animals sheltering in Dhyan Foundation Gaushalas are rescued by animal activists from meat mafia/cattle smugglers and rest 10% injured in road accidents or abandoned by their owners for no more being of any use to them. We really feel contented taking care of these creation’s gift to mankind.But no monetory help from govt making us strive hard against this evil. Kindly help us feeding these innocent beings . TO CONTRIBUTE Dhyan Foundation (Within India in Indian rupees): Account #00921000102439, IFSC Code: HDFC0000092, HDFC Bank, GK 1, New Delhi ** All donations made to Dhyan Foundation are exempted from Tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961 Dhyan Foundation (ONLY from outside India Or for currency other than Indian Rupees): Account #00921170000063, IFSC Code: HDFC0000092, HDFC Bank, GK 1, New Delhi Swift Code: HDFCINBBDEL ** Dhyan Foundation is registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) For more information, 09810310987 Email us transfer details at  Dhyan Foundation Sheltering,Feeding,Treating...... Dhyan Foundation owned gaushalas, 271 cattle @ Chaitra Gaushala, Mandya, Karnataka (Expense incurred, Rs.2.5Lac/month) 300 cattle @ Barodiya Gaushala, Rajasthan (Expense incurred, Rs.4 Lac/month) 26 cattle @ Delhi Gaushala (Expense incurred, Rs.40K/month) 650 cattle @ Sahyog Gaushala Challur, Telangana (Expense incurred, Rs.5Lac/month) 10 cattle @ Chennai Gaushala (Expense incurred, Rs.16-17K/month) 110 cattle @ Gorakhpur Gaushala (Expense incurred, Rs.70K/month)  Bhubneshwar started in Jan2018 6 more new gaushalas starting in Odisha by March2018 Dhyan Foundation independently manages, 95 cattle @ Quepem Gaushala, Goa (Expense incurred, Rs.1.5Lac/month) 150 cattle + 11 dogs @ Quitla Gaushala, Goa (Expense incurred, Rs.1.5Lac/month) 98 cattle @ Zamaulim Temple Gaushala, Goa (Expense incurred, Rs.1.5Lac/month) 135 cattle @ Mekedatu Gaushala, Karnataka (Expense incurred, Rs.2Lac/month) 570 cattle @ Gubbi Gaushala, Tumkur, Karnataka (Expense incurred, Rs.8Lac/month) 219 cattle @ Anand Gaushala, Kolkata (Expense incurred, Rs.2.30 Lac/month) 500 cattle @ Chilkur Balaji Gaushala, Barwa, Telangana (Expense incurred, Rs.4 Lac/month) 350 cattle @ Dharbhanga Gaushala, Bihar (Expense incurred, Rs.2 Lac/month) 220 cattle @ Village Chauka Gaushala, Mahoba, UP (Expense incurred, Rs.1Lac/month) Dhyan Foundation supports, 10 cattle @ Jeev Ashray, Lucknow (Expense incurred, Rs.7-8K/month) 28 cattle @ Shri Krishna Gaushala, Ghazipur, UP (Expense incurred, Rs.26K/month) 15 cattle @ Narain Gau Seva, Balasore, Odisha (Expense incurred, Rs.15K/month) 200 cattle @ Mehboob Nagar, Telangana (Expense incurred, Rs.2Lac/month) 20 cattle @ Kapila Gaushala, Kochi (Expense incurred, Rs.60 K/month) 150 cattle @ Janhit Seva Samiti Gauseva Kendra, Patiala (Expense incurred, Rs.30K/month) 105 cattle @ Navjyoti Gaushala, Chattisgarh (Expense incurred, Rs.50K/month) 40 cattle @ Kapila Gaushala, Charavatoor, Kerala (Expense incurred, Rs.20K/month) 45 cattle @ Palakkad Gaushala, Kerala (Expense incurred, Rs.1.25Lac/month) 40 cattle @ Sitapur Gaushala, UP (Expense incurred, Rs.25K/month) Dhyan Foundation feeds, 150 stray cattle in Ludhiana (Expense incurred, Rs.30K/month) 71 cattle @ Kishanganj, Bihar (Expense incurred, Rs.80K/month) Dhyan Foundation Dog shelters, 100 dogs @ Yogi Ashwni Animal Shelter, Haryana (Expense incurred, 1.5L/month) Dhyan Foundation feeds stray Dogs, 700 strays @ 107 FAD points in Delhi (Expense incurred, Rs.2.5L/month) 21 strays @ 2 FAD points in Kerala (Expense incurred, Rs.8K/month) 6 strays @ 3 FAD points in Tamil Nadu (Expense incurred, Rs.3K/month) 164 strays @ 37 FAD points in Maharashtra (Expense incurred, Rs.50K/month) 192 strays @ 27 FAD points in Punjab (Expense incurred, Rs.65K/month) 41 strays @ 9 FAD points in Andhra Pradesh (Expense incurred, Rs.15K/month) 28 strays @ 7 FAD points in Karnataka (Expense incurred, Rs.10K/month)  110 strays @ Points in Kolkata (Expense Incurred 24k/monthly) Dhyan Foundation provides for, 400 monkeys daily @ Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh (Expense incurred, Rs.60K/month) 200 monkeys daily @ Manger Village, Delhi (Expense incurred, Rs.50K/month) 100 monkeys daily @ Jhaku Temple, Simla (Expense incurred, Rs.20K/month) 100 monkeys thrice weekly@ Shiv Temple, Kesaragutta, Hyderabad (Expense incurred, Rs.6K/month) 40 monkeys weekly @ Alpiri forests, Tirupati (Expense incurred, Rs.2K/month) 30 monkeys twice weekly @ Chamundi Hills, Mysore (Expense incurred, Rs.2.5K/month) 20 monkeys five times weekly @Ghaziabad ,U.P (1.5k/month) Dhyan Foundation rescued camels, 61 camels @ Malda, West Bengal (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.3L) 61 camels @ Kishanganj, Bihar (Expense Incurred of transport, Rs.3.5L) 30 camels @ Islampur, West Bengal (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.2.75L) 16 camels @ Jodhpur, Rajasthan (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.26K) 15 camels @ Barmer, Rajasthan (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.35K) 15 camels @ Barmer, Rajasthan (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.30K) 5 camels @ Raiganj, West Bengal (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.50K) 30 camels @ Hanumangarh, Rajasthan (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.30K) 9 camels @ coochbehar, West Bengal (Expense Incurred 1.25 L) 13 camels @ Islampur,West Bengal (Expense Incurred 1.5 L) 2 camels   @ Itahar ,West Bengal (Expense Incurred 50k) Dhyan Foundation Camel Shelter, 10 camels @ Barodiya Gaushala, Rajasthan (Expense incurred, Rs.20K/month)      

Shivani Sharma
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Petition to Devendra Fadnavis, PM Narendra Modi, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of agriculture and wildlife., Prakash Javadekar

Save stray animals. They are the loveliest of all.

There are so many pet lovers. Everyone likes to adopt breeds and not the stray animals which are homeless. People need to understand the sensitivity and importance of stray animals. Stray animals are cute and adorable. One of the major issue related to stray animals is the increasing number of stray animals. One of the worst thing about stray animals is that people have the mindsets that stray dogs and cats are harmful, cruel and have no love. Instead they are the one's who love you the most if you show them care and affection. I still remember that one of the foundation asked me to adopt a kitten (stray). They didn't check his health and I received him. When I received him, I realised that his tail and his nerves( urinary and anal) were numb. I messaged one of the foundation member and informed him about the situation. He wasn't bothered about it and said "WOW, TAKE HIM TO VET". I don't know what made him ' WOW' about the kitten's health. He didn't even bother to hospitalize the kitten. And today the cute little kitten is no more. The foundation is one of the famous  foundation and their visions and missions are fake.  Animal rights are: 1. It is the fundamental duty of every citizen of India to have compassion for all living creatures. Article 51A(g). 2. To kill or maim any animal, including stray animals, is a punishable offence. IPC Sections 428 and 429. 3. As per Indian law, street dogs cannot be beaten, killed or driven away or displaced or dislocated, they can only be sterilized in the manner envisaged in the The Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001 enacted under the Indian Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 (A Central Act), vaccinated, and then returned back to their original locations. And there myriads of law but none of them are implemented.  Problems that are faced by stray animals: In India, no matter how big the constitution is, the animals are not given their rights and are always at the risk of euthanizing. The government of India should always conduct a survey regarding the population and growth of stray animals. Though the survey is conducted still the strays are not looked after. There are 30 million stray dogs. There are vets or pet food brands who keep camps regarding neutering the animals so as to inhibit the population of stray animals in USA. This concept should be implemented more often in India. The dog catchers. The dog catchers of many foundations or animal shelter home are useless. They are not trained and they are precisely to euthanize animals. For example: In my locality they are dogs. Some people called upon the dog catchers who were untrained. They had a dog which was infected with rabies. Eventually we didn't allow them to take our dogs away. People have the wrong mindsets of stray animals. Even if you don't feed the stray animals ( especially dogs), they are the one's who will take care of your locality more than the watchman present in the society or the particular locality. If a stray animal is hit by car or they have some other injuries or disease, there are very least amount of vet who will do the surgery or treatment for free. For instance: One of the dog in our locality has got some fracture in its leg. None of the vet is ready to do it for free. The government of India should make some animal related projects and 'implement' them. One of the main aim of the government should be that every city or town should have atleast one shelter home which works for the strays and they should have all the facilities like: MRI scan, ultrasound or sonography, proper employment or salary for the people working in the shelter home, numerous antibiotics and vets and surgeon support.  There are foundations where people do not take cats . They only take dogs. Government of India should make shelter homes who care for cats and kittens also. Although they are easy to manage, still the shelter home do not take cats. It should be made mandatory in schools to teach children to love animals and not to throw stones. Humanity is one that schools never teach. There should not only be humanity between humans but also animals.  In India, there are still such small places where the cats are slaughtered to praise the God. Animal slaughtering should be banned in India.  No matter in what condition the dogs and cats are, the animal shelter home should always be ready to have  them and treat them with proper medication. Children should be taught that animals are their friends and they should stop throwing stones. Government should provide funds to the vet so that they can improvise stray animal's health. Cats and dogs both are adorable. They need love and attention. They need care and medication. As an Indian citizen and as an individual each one should contribute their love and time to the stray animals and be the one to stop the harsh treatment given to them by people.

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Petition to Steve Easterbrook, Joe Erlinger, muktesh pant, David C Novak, roger eaton, Francesca DeBiase, Robert Gibbs, Silvia Lagnado, Yum Corporate

Go for Free-range Birds

Like you and me, birds and animals have the right to a decent life for the while that they live on the face of earth. None of us hold the right to make their life miserable for the sake of meat or egg consumption. Industrial livestock production has grown exponentially over the past years. Thousands of birds are kept in cramped spaces for the duration of their lives, many of whom reach the slaughterhouse too sick to even stand. Watch the video in the link here for horrific scenes shot at sites. (Warning: Not for the faint-hearted). I was shocked too! This doesn't necessarily have to be this way. Lets wake up and do our bit to goad the industry in the right direction. "Cage-free" and "Free-range" are popular labels used to indicate that the hens are provided more space than the typical battery cages where egg laying hens are rared. Cage-free means that hens are able to walk, spread their wings and lay their eggs in nests, vital natural behaviors denied to hens confined in cages. Free range denotes a method of farming husbandry where the animals/birds, for at least part of the day, can roam freely outdoors, rather than being confined in an enclosure for 24 hours each day. It is to be noted though, that in countries where the labels are popular, like the US, they are also widely misused by the industry. According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), “no information on stocking density, the frequency or duration of how much outdoor access must be provided, nor the quality of the land accessible to the animals is defined” in the regulatory text and thus these are flexed to still maintain some of the old practices. This is especially true for those factory farms that rare tens of thousands of chickens. Hence the need for adequate regulation and supervision on the use of the labels by large farms. By virtue of what it implies, the cage-free egg movement has quickly spread throughout the world and a growing number of food companies are adopting cage-free egg purchasing policies. In India however this is yet to gain as much strength as say 'organic'.  In 2016, McDonalds committed to a plan to switch to cage-free eggs in US, Canada and South Africa, a transition that could cost them big money. The important thing to note though is that once McDonalds had made the commitment nearly 200 competitors said they will do the same. The last major fast-food chain to announce cage-free was KFC that had committed to a timeline of end-2016, which is much ahead of McDonalds' 2025 plan. However for India (as also for the rest of the world), the announcements made in US mean that the large number of the popular McDonalds and KFC outlets continue to sell meat and eggs sourced from birds rared in battery cages, fed high doses of hormone, antibiotics and a diet that is largely uncontrolled. The lack of awareness about cage-free practices has slowed down the demand for a change in India. We should definitely say No to unhealthy food served to public by restaurant chains. This food may scale high in the tastiness index, but it will certainly prove harmful in the long run. The stress undergone by the chickens translate to harmful chemicals that in turn enter our body system while ingesting the burgers and muffins from the popular and fast-moving outlets spread across the country. Numerous researches done on broiler hens have established beyond doubt that hens rared in poultry farms suffer impact to their physiological functions at multiple levels, all caused by high concentrations of stress hormones in blood. See the link for one such article. As the most popular restaurant chains in India that consume chicken meat, we petition the McDonalds and KFC to lead the way...... by declaring that all their products sold in India come only from  free-range,  hormone-free,  antibiotic-free, and  humanely raised birds. This petition goes to Steve Easterbrook, CEO of McDonalds and his executive team, including Amit Jatia, Joint Venture Partner & Managing Director, McDonald’s India [West & South Region] and Smita Jatia, Chief Operating Officer, McDonald’s India [West & South]. So also it goes to Muktesh Pant, CEO of KFC, David C Novak, Chairman and CEO of Yum! brands (KFC is a subsidiary of Yum!), and Roger Eaton, COO of Yum! and President of KFC. Please note. This is not about vegetarianism or non vegetarianism. This is about doing our bit to save a living being from extreme suffering. A suffering that is totally avoidable! We the people petition the biggest corporate houses in the industry to take steps to discourage cages and thus contribute to a happier, healthier world.

Devi Priya
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Petition to Special Secretary Chairman, AWBI, Peta India

Justice For Freyja

On 23rd March 2017, my beautiful four-year-old Freyja fell ill with what initially seemed like a simple case of hairball obstruction. On 6th May 2017, Freyja finally passed away after seven weeks of abuse, torture and maltreatment by a fraudulent vet, Dr. Sourav Roy. The central focus of this petition is to highlight the fact that Freyja was exploited as a commodity for monetary gains and was denied the basic right to proper treatment and care by her perpetrator(s).  Freyja was born on 23rd March 2013 at 11:15 am. The moment that I held her in my palm, I knew that she was some other kind of special. Over the next four years, Freyja reminded us every day that she was something else. Freyja was a lively, energetic and feisty cat – she never took no for an answer.  One of Freyja’s best qualities was that she trusted everyone. I suppose that is that quite common with any animal that you raise from a new-born. She did not know what evil was – so she never had any fear. However, in her last days, Freyja was forced to witness monsters that are far removed from the humanity she had always known. She was forced to cower in fear and surrender to barbarism. And, us – the people Freyja loved the most in this world could do nothing to help her.  For seven weeks, Freyja fought a furious battle to survive. In those seven weeks, we fought endlessly with her to help her live. Little did we realise that the person that we had entrusted with her safety, was the one inflicting her pain and trauma. As Freyja deteriorated, we were crippled with fear and panic. In a place where no veterinarian followed a standardised protocol, a place without proper in-patient facilities and infrastructure, we were left with little choice.  Dr. Roy had been treating my two cats and one dog for the past three years and our family relied on him completely. We did not have a way of knowing any better as there were no prior events that required any serious medical intervention. He is a highly popular vet in Kolkata – and this is a place where you find vets mostly through good search or personal referenceDr. Roy came strongly recommended by many people we knew. Hence, in Freyja’s case, we had no reasons to doubt his expertise.  Dr. Roy began treating Freyja with a presumed diagnosis of hairball obstruction despite our insistence on a thorough medical check up. During this period he administered two courses of antibiotics on Freyja along with a whole bunch of other prescription medications. After two weeks, he finally asked for a complete blood test and referred Paw Path Animal Diagnostic Laboratory. He gave me the number of a contact person at Paw Path but asked me to contact his para-vets to restrain Freyja as well as draw the blood. He told me that cats tend to get very anxious with blood work.  On 11th April 2017, I scheduled Freyja’s blood test, Paw Path was supposed to send a person for blood collection along with Dr. Roy’s para-vets. However, they did not send a person at the scheduled time and told me that they will only send a person after the blood has already been drawn. As I did not have authorised viles or a person from Paw Path, I had no choice but to reschedule the test. Freyja’s tests got delayed due to holidays in between.  On 19th April 2017, Freyja was rescheduled for blood tests. The para-vets were unable to draw Freyja’s blood citing low blood pressure. This was communicated to Dr. Roy who said that we cannot run any test on Freyja for at least a week as she is very weak.  On 22nd April 2017, I informed Dr. Roy that I was taking Freyja was an x-ray at Paw Path and asked him to send me the details of the x-ray. Freyja got her x-ray done at 4 pm and I was told that they would need two working days for Freyja’s report and I needed to leave the x-ray plate with them. Upon Dr. Roy’s advice, I asked them to send me a photo of the plate as soon as possible. I received the photo of the x-ray plate after two hours and I received the report the following morning at 9:50 am.  After examining Freyja’s plate, Dr. Roy informed us that Freyja has faecal impaction which he planned to dislodge through regular “colon cleanses.” He also told us that the only other option is a surgery which Freyja was much too weak to sustain. Freyja’s x-ray report from Paw Path also indicated that Freyja’s large intestine was filled with “gaseous and faecal matters”, corroborating Dr. Roy’s claims. He advised me to give her regular doses of glycerol for the next 4-5 days to natural soften the stool before he performs his “colon cleanses.”  Until this point, even though Freyja was weak, she was eating a small amount of food and drinking water consistently and defecating intermittently. She was also moderately active. It was after multiple “colon cleanses” and excessive medications that her condition rapidly deteriorated.  On 30th April 2017, I took Freyja to another vet, Dr. Subir Bhattacharya for consultation. He told us that Freyja did not have any faecal impaction in the first place and was instead subjected to chronic maltreatment. He also informed us that Dr. Roy is a fraudulent practitioner and has a police case registered against him at a local police station. I verified Freyja’s x-ray plate from a PhD researcher at the University of Bristol, School of Veterinary Sciences and she confirmed Dr. Bhattacharya’s claims.  In Freyja’s last week, there was not an entity or divine being that we did not pray to – as it appeared to be our only hope. We knew that it was too late to save her but we sincerely wished for a miracle. We hoped that somehow she would spring back and it would all be OK. There was no stone that we left unturned to try and save her but luck did not favour my little baby.  Freyja left us on 6th May 2017, on her mother Mishka’s birthday. They say that cats disconnect when they know that death is near but our Freyja never left our side. She said her goodbyes to everyone that she ever knew and loved. She gave us the time to heal from our pain by hiding her own. That is how fierce, loyal and beautiful her love was for us. This petition seeks: Justice for Freyja on the grounds of animal cruelty and maltreatment Measures to restrain malpractice of veterinary medicine. A thorough investigation of Freyja’s case. A revision of the existing animal cruelty act.

Sohni Chakrabarti
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