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C.A.G.E.D North West 'Ban the Bolt' Campaign   [Petition Supported by Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon] Each year an estimated 10,000 ex-racing greyhounds are 'unaccounted' for -- puppies that don’t make the grade, dogs that sustain injuries, are pregnant or unable to find homes, most are less than five years old.Many of these dogs are disposed of in the most 'economical' way - by bolt gun. Under existing UK legislation, any person can use a bolt gun to destroy a greyhound, if they are the legal owner. Attempted destruction of greyhounds by bolt has resulted in innocent dogs being left to suffer in agony for hours, before being found and taken to a veterinary surgery to be finally put to sleep by lethal injection.These dogs should at the very least be entitled to a humane death. Destruction of greyhounds should only be performed by use of intravenous euthanasia, administered by qualified veterinary surgeons. Following the controversial use of bolt guns by RSPCA inspectors a few years ago, the RSPCA requested the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) comment on their review of its 2004 euthanasia rules and guidelines. In April 2010 the RCVS announced that use of the captive bolt guns on dogs was inappropriate.Defra have the power to end this cruel practice so we are calling on them to immediately abolish the use of captive bolt guns to destroy greyhounds in the UK.For more information please click on the links below to read about Milton the greyhound and use of bolt gun in destruction.      

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Petition to Dawn de Vries

We urge Sedgemoor District Council to close down a controversial industrial chicken farm

Sedgemoor District Council has the opportunity and the authority to declare the site of a controversial industrial chicken farm in East Huntspill as unauthorised and order it to close down and be demolished (please note that it's unlikely there would be job losses – all the work is contracted out). Please help us persuade the Council to do the right thing by signing our petition. So why is the chicken farm controversial? Why should it be shut down? It is a planning, pollution control and animal welfare disaster that is making our lives a misery and has blighted our part of the lovely Somerset countryside – and no one affected by it had any say in the matter! The livelihoods of people nearby and the welfare of farm animals are being completely disregarded by an insensitive, profit-hungry conglomerate that thinks it can flout the rules and get away with it. This is an example of the worst side of capitalism defeating democracy and breaking the law. Up until now, the two authorities involved – the Council and the Environment Agency – have done nothing to relieve our suffering but there is now a chance for the Council to rectify the situation. The arrogance of the site’s owner, Amber Real Estate Investments, and the operator Hook 2 Sisters (both part of the scandal-ridden Boparan Holdings), could turn out to be their undoing; an expert planning consultant has declared that their contraventions of the planning permission are so significant as to render the permission invalid and that their application to resolve the ‘errors’ and effectively wipe the slate clean, is unlawful. We just need Sedgemoor District Council to agree and make a decision that supports the people it is meant work for, and not favour a multi-million-pound business that brings no economic or social benefit to this area – just the complete opposite. What are the impacts on our lives? The unfiltered odour from the ammonia and faeces of over 300,000 factory reared chickens that builds up over every eight-week ‘crop cycle’ is causing significantly harmful impacts on the residents and tourist-dependent businesses in the surrounding area. For three weeks of each cycle, locals dread going outside in their own gardens or opening their windows for fear of becoming nauseous; and tourist-related businesses are losing bookings because of the overpowering smell. One of the local schools kept the children inside on one occasion because the smell was so bad. According to Public Health England, the health of people living within a few hundred metres of the site risks being affected by bio-aerosols such as E-coli, salmonella and campylobacter. One nearby resident’s COPD has worsened, and they now require double their medication. Despite the Environment Agency having substantiated the complaints made about the odour since January 2017 as a high-level Category 2 breach of the environmental permit conditions, it has failed to take any enforcement action. The odour nuisance is also a breach of the planning permission which was approved on the basis it “…will not cause unacceptable levels of noise or odour…” Both the odour issue and the highly visual impact of five large industrial buildings in the middle of the countryside, each containing about 60,000 chickens living their short lives in their own faeces, are having a detrimental effect on the value and saleability of our properties and the income of local businesses. There is much more to this complex issue than can be covered here so for further details and background information, check out our Facebook page ‘Fowl Play in East Huntspill’. Thank you for your support.

Ian Stanbury
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