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Thane Region Mumbai - High Alert : WARNING WARNING WARNING, PLEASE SHARE TO SAVE YOUR AREA DOGS HEAR THE CORRUPTION AND DOG KILLER VOICE Society / Street dogs are getting killed in TMC (Thane Municipal Corporation) in the name of steralisation of dogs, We ( Salim & Sonali Waghmare) have exposed the vet Satish Patil. who is working with some "We team Organisation" TMC have given contract to them for steralisation of dogs, to run ABC program, where the dogs are getting operated and released next day on the road without healing stitches. As per Vet Satish Patil, this is the policy of the NGO where they have to released the dog next day and not to follow ABC 2001 Program rule, where the law says that the dog should be kept for 5 to 7 days for post operative care or until the dog is healed. The ABC rule 2001 is clearly violated and ignored, just because they want to empty the cages to fill more dogs, so more dogs more money in less time. The dog is not given chance to heal & recover before it is released on road. This incident came in to highlight because my activist Sonali Waghmare used to feed this dog and was taking care since birth, the healthy male dog was just 8 months old and it got killed just because it was released early on road that is next day, whereas the dog should be kept for more 5 to 7 days. We have approached police and have done legal formalities from Panchnama to Postmortem, Very Soon we will file Fir and will see to it that the culprits should be punished soon. The eligibility and recognition of this Organisation is Doubtful, we are investigating the matter and soon will approach to Municipal Commissioner and AWBI for the same, and will report the incident to them and will ask them to stop the ABC program until the protocol of ABC rule 2001 is followed. As Per Audio Statement Vet Satish Patil blamed his senior Dr. Chariar that on his instruction the dog is released next day and this protocol has to be followed. TMC Dr. tried to manipulate the case by requesting us that they will do the Postmortem without police interference, but we straightaway rejected their offer, and we took action through police as per law. Listen to the Audio of Vet Satish Patil who clearly and confidently accept his crime and also hear the audio where TMC is trying to manipulate the case by giving offers like they will do PM. Please don't allow TMC to take your street/ Society dogs for butcher. Protect your dogs and show them this Post and Audio Evidence and asked them that on what basis they are picking up dogs.

Commander's Kennel Nitin Sharma
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Petition to Waikato District Council, Ella Makin

Stop Mainland Poultry factory farming 400,000 hens for cheap eggs!

New Zealand's biggest egg producer, Mainland Poultry, want to build a massive industrial chicken egg laying farm at 64 Old Road, Orini in the Waikato Region. If Mainland Poultry get their way, they'll build a mega factory farm imprisoning 400,000 hens. The hens will be kept in a multi-tiered aviary system. Multi-tiered aviary systems are simply an adjustment on colony cages. The hens will have no access to the outdoors. Each building will contain 50,000 hens that will be kept in a stacked arrangement that reaches almost to the ceiling. Overseas, these systems have been described as "high rises" for chickens. Multi-tiered aviaries don't exist in New Zealand on the large scale that Mainland Poultry is proposing and they haven't been considered thoroughly in our animal welfare regulations. Mainland want to establish them in New Zealand because they can sell eggs from multi-tiered aviaries as "cage-free". But overseas, multi-tiered aviary systems have been shown to be significantly problematic for animal welfare.  Overseas research has shown much higher instances of cannibalism, broken bones and respiratory illness in hens kept in multi-tiered aviary systems. There's been massive public outcry in New Zealand about factory farming and farming animals intensively for cheap food production.  We don't want adjustments to cages and factory farming. We want these practices banned completely. New Zealand is said to be a world leader in animal welfare but building a mega factory farm like this would actually set us behind more progressive nations. Waikato District Council are currently considering Mainland Poultry's application. We're urging the Council to decline Mainland Poultry's application to build this mega hen hellhole. At the very minimum, Waikato District Council should hold a hearing so that the affected community can have their say. Please sign & share today if you feel the same!  

Direct Animal Action
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Petition to Micheal Creed., Dermot Murphy

Investigate the cruelty and neglect within AHAR incl excavation of the carcasses buried...

Following on from the recent expose documentary, broadcast by RTE*, it has been brought to our attention that there are and were severe cases of animal NEGLECT and ABUSE, along with a MASS BURIAL SITE of horses and dogs underneath the sand arena within AHAR. There are now a number of independent witnesses to this, who are willing to testify in a court of law. We have also been made aware that a member within the department of Agriculture has been tipping off the manager of AHAR, in relation to pending or planned inspections, thus giving AHAR the time needed to hide animals. We are petitioning for the department to fully and thoroughly INVESTIGATE these findings and demand that the sand arena is excavated, along with post mortem to be carried out on the carcasses buried there. We have no doubt that you The Minister of Agriculture will SUPPORT us on bringing an end to the ongoing cruelty and mass burials of animals at AHAR. EDITED to add links:- *Animal Farm Update - Following AHAR's complaints about the above programmes, RTÉ was cleared of any wrongdoing by the independent Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI). Full report and findings here -  

Siobhan Garrahy
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