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Petition to Cornwall county councill


Cornwall has its first planning application for an industrial mega farm, fondly called by the applicants a “Centre of Excellence”. The reality being far removed from the cultivated description is a proposal for 4 multi-tier units with a  grand total of 112,000 laying hens. The application is designed to give a picture of healthy hens basking in the mild Cornish climate whilst trotting off to pop an egg and resume their ranging whilst enjoying the unpolluted Cornish environment. Nobody can give a figure about how many hens will range, sometimes its none, sometimes it could be 10/20%. The proposed site is at Nancegollan, in an area of open countryside with no existing farm buildings or infrastructure, the units will sit on the brow of a small hill with residential properties surrounding the 160 acre boundary and a mere 500 odd metres from the village. The cost of production and the greed of profit has made this multi-tier unit very popular amongst the egg farmers, its high rise living for the free range hen. Planning constraints have been overcome by means of going up instead of out, less floor space. The reduced labour requirements along with the net gain in profit will see an increase in  the amount of planning applications for these types of unit. Before we know what’s happened, our countryside will be peppered with large industrial manure factories polluting the environment and ruining the lives of many who have chosen to work, set up a family home and contribute to a decent country life. The planning application (PA17/04129) was validated on the 12th may 2017 since this date the residents have employed the services of a planning consultant and a Landscape impact specialist, they have highlighted many faults with this application and given their advice to the Council to ensure a fare due process, this has fallen on deaf ears. The issues raised are many 1, the red line development boundary does not include the hen ranging areas, considering the environmental impacts, dust, manure, flooding, noise and the engineering works required on the ranging area’s this is fundamentally a development zone and should be within the red line development. The other issue is the lack of neighbour consultation, we were not informed about this application, and the properties that bound this site are between 1 metre and 87 metres from the hen ranging areas. 2, the landscape visual assessment was supposed to incorporate a 5 km zone; the applicants did this at 3km. 3, the transport statement is lacking in the amount of vehicle movements and contradicts itself 4, the manure disposal plan will not work as one site can only legally take 345 tons per year, the proposed site will produce 90 ton per week. The other site is a green waste company near Hayle where the residents are suffering the smell from the St Erth sewage treatment plant; this additional smell will only increase their misery. 5, the site is situated at the start of the river Hayle, it suffers from severe run-off, pollution will enter this river system and cause a potential disaster. 6, the site will generate heavy traffic, the proposal is endorsed by highways for the articulated lorries to enter the B3302 via the blind white Horse cross roads, this is a dangerous access point and does not have the width to take such large vehicles. 7, there are 5 dwellings at the base of this site, all of which suffer from this site’s run-off, all have a private drinking water supply that will suffer contamination. There many issues about this proposal, due to the inaccurate submission and the amount of alterations to the application, the council should insist on a new application and one that gives a true and honest idea of what the applicants are trying to achieve.  

Nancegollan Action Group
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Petition to Simon Thompson, John Dunford, Paul Harris, Lawrence Kay

Warner Hotels Must Ditch the Cages!

My names Yash and I'm petitioning Warner Leisure Hotels to stop using eggs from caged hens in their 13+ hotels across the UK, and I need your support! As a Biochemical Engineer and Scientist, I was horrified to learn about the conditions in which hens in cages lay their eggs. Caged systems are unhygienic and overcrowded, often causing a plethora of mental and physical problems, including Osteoporosis, stress-induced aggression, fragile bones, deformities, and chronic pain. Cages prevent the chickens from acting upon their most natural, basic instincts. The world and the food industry is changing. With an increasing number of companies, including Parkdean Resorts, Travelodge, and Premier Inn going cage-free, it is outrageous for Warner Leisure Hotels to continue to engage in the sourcing of eggs from thousands of chickens kept in cages with less than the area of an A4-sized page to spend their entire lives. There are alternatives. Free-range systems are a small, reasonable step towards making our world a better place for hens. However, Warner seems to value archaic cruelty over human decency and compassion. Warner Leisure Hotels has failed to address customer complaints and improve its sourcing practices. Together we can take small steps to make the lives of these beautiful birds better. Please join me and sign the petition to urge Warner Leisure Hotels to end its support of cage eggs.  

Yash Mishra
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Petition to MPI NZ, SPCA, NZ Government

Change pet keeping & breeding laws in New Zealand

Please read the full petition description before you decide not to support. I am not advocating a ban on ALL breeders. I'm pushing for change in WHO is allowed to breed and keep pets. I think if you are a responsible pet owner or breeder than you should have no problem registering and singing up to random spca checks through the each year. This is not just rabbits. This is also aimed at criminals who breed dogs for fighting or people not desexing their cats and selling the kittens to make quick cash. All breeders should have policies in place to ensure they know where their breeds go and that they are well looked after. Registration of your pets should include a desex voucher for ALL pets (unless a registered breeding animal) This would only have positive effects for all pets. Feel free to discuss this with me here as I am open to adding or changing the approach if you can educate me why this may not be the right way to go about it. I would rather know your thoughts then be ignored like many of these animals are. Pet breeding as a hobby should not exist. Pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and many more species we keep as domestic pets are in no way endangered in fact New Zealand has one of the highest rates of stray/rescued animals in the developed world. So why should everyday people be allowed to breed animals that we then turn around and cull because there are too many strays? Where did these strays come from in the first place? Half of them are surely lost or abandoned entire and able to breed more unwanted strays? Then we encounter the problem of animal welfare; how many people are breeding pets as a hobby, some of these stories even getting media attention like it's cute? The case on the above link is clearly well below national animal welfare standards yet our media thinks it's cute? Why does the MPI or SPCA not jump on cases like these?  Are these pictures not proof enough of how many animals are suffering at the hands of hoarders and hobbyists? The amount of cats and dogs alone at the SPCA's is a never ending ever increasing viscous cycle to nowhere as long as any person including criminals have the right to keep, mistreat and breed animals with no supervision whatsoever. Responsible pet owners are often at a loss when facing roaming dogs and cats who attack their pets or family. They often fear prosecution or worse the return of the killer starving strays who are only trying to survive themselves.  Criminals breed bad lines into bad homes and worse they breed for dog fighting rings! How can we allow this to continue when we have all the power to stop these atrocities! I suggest a compete overhaul of the pet keeping policies we currently have. I propose a blanket policy on all pet owners needing SPCA approval and registration to keep a pet and that breeders of particular interests of cats, dogs and rabbits are to be fully certified and registered as a breeder for a specific cause. Be it to retain a breed quality or bloodline it should be for a reason deemed necessary to the breed and not necessary to the human eye. Humans should not be allowed to profit from the sale of sentient beings without adequate measures to ensure all animals are entitled to basic living rights, love and respect. I hope our newly formed government heeds the call from our most vulnerable souls.

BunnyTown Rabbit Rescue Centre
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