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Petition to British Poultry Council, Richard Griffiths, Andrew Brodie, Maire Burnett, Daniel Parker, Shradda Kaul

Improve the lives of 1 billion chickens!

1 billion chickens are raised for meat in the UK each year, most of whom live in crowded, filthy sheds and are bred to grow unnaturally fast, suffering debilitating injuries as a result. It's time for The British Poultry Council (BPC), the UK's national trade group representing the poultry meat industry, to back better standards for chickens. Sign this petition to demand change for chickens and don't forget to opt-in to receive updates and join the fight!The BPC states that ‘confidence in British food producers is more important than ever’. With that in mind, the BPC should lead the way and encourage British chicken producers to improve their animal welfare practices. It’s time for the BPC to issue a public statement calling on their members, who make up 90% of the UK’s poultry industry, to move their production from the minimum legal requirements to meet the standards of the Better Chicken Commitment. These progressive welfare standards - supported by The Humane League, Compassion in World Farming, World Animal Protection, RSPCA and Four Paws -  will eliminate the worst health issues, reduce overcrowding, provide a better living environment and end the worst slaughter practices. Chickens deserve change, so sign now to demand change for chickens and don't forget to opt-in to receive updates and join the fight.  

The Humane League UK
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Petition to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Michael Creed

Stop animal cruelty, neglect and abuse in Ireland.

Help enforce an unimplemented law to stop the abuse and neglect of countless animals across Ireland, by demanding an animal welfare inspector for each county. At present there is no official person a member of the public can call upon to enforce the new Animal Welfare act 2013 . The act itself is a major step forward but without anyone appointed to enforce it, it is useless. Consequently the situation regarding animal neglect and abuse is alarmingly rampant especially in counties where the ISPCA have no Inspector either. Mayo, Galway and Clare to name three such counties have literally no one appointed to this position. I have had to standby and witness the death of a foal due to sheer neglect, donkeys becoming permanently crippled as hooves are not clipped , and the extreme neglect of dogs tied without shelter or water, to mention only a few recent incidents. I have contacted local animal charities, the department of agriculture and the Garda to step in and enforce the law, but as there is no official person specifically appointed with authority to act, literally nothing is done, the charities and the Gardai claiming they have no authority and the department restricted by time and a reluctance to enforce the law. Literally thousands of animals are suffering due to the apathy of a government unconcerned for animal welfare. How shameful when Ireland's main source of income is literally on the backs of these animals.  Please help me demand at least one appointed Animal Welfare Inspector to each county. This will impact the lives of countless animals and help raise the general standard of Animal Welfare.    

deby walker
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Petition to The Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP


I am part of Lost and Found pets in Bristol/South Glos, we are concerned again at this time of year, that not only during the run up to bonfire night, but also the weeks thereafter, that fireworks will be randomly let off at all times of the day and night, without a single thought for those of us with pets at home, as well as those out in the wild, that are absolutely terrified of the very loud fireworks that the public are doing. No thought for what the animals are feeling, surely we should be putting the animals first and preventing them from this noise abuse? We have no right to make them feel so scared, its not okay for humans to be scared and it is certainly not ok for animals. At this time of year, even with people who do take great care to ensure their pets safety while outside, whether for a walk or simply let out in their own garden, we will have many more cases of dogs loose running scared around the streets, so scared of the fireworks that they are putting themselves in danger of the roads. We have had 3 dogs hit by cars in the last week, 2 were fatal. This will be a more regular occurance over the coming weeks. some links human affects....

Michelle Pibworth
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