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Petition to GVK, CIDCO

Animals are dying at Navi Mumbai International Airport Site! Appeal CIDCO to build Shelter

If you haven't heard already, construction of Navi Mumbai International Airport has begun at Panvel. This land, used to be collection of villages, which have now been abandoned and flattened for the construction. The villagers left tonnes of rubble and 100s animals behind. These animals, once dependent on the villagers for food and water, are now walking miles to find nothing but mud, rocks and dust. The site preparation involves breaking down hillocks and boulders and levelling the ground. Furthermore, the construction equipment, destruction of water bodies and constant movement of rocks and earth have injured many animals.  Two beautiful souls - Varsha Pillai and Pooja Teli (both in their mid 50s) have taken it upon themselves to keep these animals safe. Every day, they make their way to the site, walk through barren land and pick up stray dogs and cats who are often famished or injured. They feed these animals each and everyday. They also carry water to fill up the water bowls placed at the site. The total expenses for feeding and transport exceeds Rs 3000 per day! We no longer have the funds left to feed them.  It is the responsibility of the Government Body and the Contractors of this project to rehabilitate these animals. We are appealing CIDCO to build a Shelter for the animals affected by this project. Please sign this petition to save the animals at the NMIA site from starvation and death! To volunteer or donate for the feeding and rescue mission please contact Pooja Teli at 7208878300

Aditi Parameshwaran
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Petition to David Small

Ban US-style factory farms in the UK

A public outcry has brought attention to plans for a huge, 40,000 pig factory farm near Limavady, in the picturesque landscape of Lough Foyle. We are calling on David Small (Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency) for an immediate ban on the building of factory farms! Please sign the petition today. If the Limavady pig factory is built, at any one time, up to 40,000 pigs would be confined indoors in overcrowded, barren concrete pens. Antibiotics are commonly overused in factory farms just to keep the pigs alive in such terrible conditions. These pens become a breeding ground for antibiotic resistant bacteria that can pass from pigs to humans. Neighbours will have to suffer the stench of 66,000 tonnes of faeces (in the form of liquid slurry) being spread on surrounding fields every year - close to houses, schools and public footpaths. There has been an alarming 26% rise in intensive US-style factory farms in the UK since 2011 - whilst simultaneously the number of smaller, high welfare farms has drastically declined . In Northern Ireland alone, permissions are currently being sought for 14 further pig factories, so stopping the Limavady proposal would potentially close the sluice gate to further applications. This spike in pig farm applications was caused by inflated subsidies for Anaerobic Digesters, which generate electricity from pig waste. The waste slurry from this process still contains high levels of ammonia which cause respiratory problems in humans and pollutes sensitive natural habitats. According to the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, 98% of ‘Special Areas of Conservation’ have already exceeded the critical threshold for ammonia at which ecological damage occurs. All UK taxpayers will have to pay the cost if Northern Ireland is fined for breaking the ‘Nitrogen Directive’. James Orr, director of Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland, says: “Northern Ireland is already plagued by shocking levels of ammonia emissions. Releasing further ammonia from pig slurry into Northern Ireland’s ecosystems will lead to environmental disaster. Intensive agriculture and the associated problems with a massive increase in pig slurry cannot be the path to a healthy future for Northern Ireland.” Tracy Worcester, director of Farms Not Factories, says: “Manure from pigs kept at lower densities in a more natural environment is an invaluable fertiliser, not a toxic pollutant. We can use the power of our purse to only buy from real farms, not animal factories. When buying pork, look for the high welfare labels Outdoor Bred, RSPCA Assured, Free Range or, best of all, Organic. Find out how to boycott pork from factory farms by reading at our Guide to Labels & Supermarkets.”

Farms Not Factories
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Petition to Molson Coors Brewing Company, Carling

Carling: Stop using plastic rings that kill animals!

We’ve all seen tragic images of animals killed or suffering due to plastic multipack rings. Finally now there’s a solution - Carlsberg beer just announced they’re ditching the plastic rings and replacing them with a recyclable glue. That’s why I’m now calling on Britain’s top selling lager brand Carling to immediately follow their example to stop polluting our planet and making animals suffer. Our wildlife is drowning in plastic. Hundreds of thousands of seabirds, marine mammals and sea turtles become trapped in the rings or die eating them. One study estimates that 90% of seabirds on earth have eaten plastic. Put simply - these plastic rings are death traps. According to the great Danes at Carlsberg, their removal of the plastic rings will cut the overall amount of plastic in their multipacks by a whopping 76% - we are talking about 1,200 tonnes less plastic needing to be disposed of on an annual basis. This is the equivalent of 60 million plastic bags! Therefore, it’s clear that it would make a huge difference to our planet if other major players decided to follow suit. Carling is the UK’s favourite lager by sales - they have a duty and a responsibility to show they care about animals and the environment by scrapping these plastic rings immediately. If Carlsberg are doing it, so can they. Sign here to tell Carling to immediately ditch their plastic multipack rings. To re-use an old advertising cliché: If Carlsberg did environmental policies ... Thanks, Simon. Facebook Page.   

Simon Harris
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