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Petition to Karina Ewer

We the undersigned wish to see Streaky Bay Council laws on Volunteer Cat Traps change.

At the moment Volunteer Cat Trapping is welcomed by the District Council of Streaky Bay, as Feral Cats have been always been & continue to be a problem for this town. Unfortunately though, not everyone seems to be doing the right thing as suggested by Council & many Pet Cats are mysteriously disappearing. The Council laws need to be looked at, so that Pet Cats & their owners are protected.  Cat trapping needs to be undertaken ONLY by Council Officers, so that it's Feral Cats being caught & euthanised properly or better yet (Trap, Neuter, Release)..... NOT family pets, by Community members hiring a trap to deal with a problem Pet in their area. It is far too easy to trap a neighboring cat & dispose of it, without anyone ever knowing. Many people in Streaky Bay have had Pet Cats mysteriously disappear & some people have stories about how they are fully aware of who disposed of their pet after trapping it in a Volunteer Cat trap (easily available from Council) or from many sites on the internet. We would like The District Council of Streaky Bay of SA to meet & discuss making changes to the hiring of Cat traps to members of the Community within the town. We would like the following changes to be made: Volunteer Cat Trapping to STOP within the inner residential part of Streaky Bay. That descision be made very clear to Community members & a substantial fine put in place for ignoring the new Bi-Law. We require our local Council (District Council of Streaky Bay), to protect Pet owners in the Community by making these changes.    

Berlinda Brumfield
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Petition to NSW Farmers Association, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)

Stop farmers labelling animal slaughter as “processing”, reducing buyer confusion

Meat from animal livestock “slaughtered” will have to be rebranded to “processed” if the NSW Farmers Association is successful in their attempt to change public image. We ask a public forum to back our bid to have Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) review terminology and crack down on disingenuous representation on so-called fake-processed meats. "I want consumers to have confidence that when they buy tofu, it's tofu — when they buy plant-based mince, it's plants processed into mince and when they buy meat, it is actually produced by slaughtering a living animal” "I just want truth in terminology and consumers to have confidence that they are not being misled." NSW Farmers’ said changes were needed to undermine animal activists efforts to appeal and engage the public In discussions about the realities of the Australian farming industry. Livestock farmers feared their businesses were at risk because before the rapid growth in available plant-based alternatives, shoppers often did not think about how animals got to their plate. But they insist this not a veiled attempt to stop the growth of plant-based products. Instead to "minimise the impact of this detrimental emotive arguments", they hope to blunt buyers compassion and reinforce cognitive-dissonance achieved through decades of marketing and scientific funding. An increasing number of consumers were not eating animal products because of allergies or philosophical beliefs, however, many still continue to eat meat "that's their decision but we need to be careful [we] don't confuse the marketplace”. In April, France banned the use of meat and dairy-related terms on vegan and vegetarian plant-based alternatives. In the US, Missouri became the first state to pass a law preventing food producers from marketing products as meat, if the food did not come from harvested livestock or poultry. Queensland senator Barry O'Sullivan called for plant-based products called mince to be stripped from shelves and re-labelled. New regulations should also govern how animal products are marketed within supermarkets. If it’s meat, it’s slaughtered and if it’s plant-based, it’s processed. I think people have been very, very clever with the marketing of these products. I think it says something about the reputation of animal slaughter that farmers are seeking to change it and want it to be seen in the same morality as plant-based alternatives, using the same language — indeed even labelling it as grass-fed, free-range or “RSPCA approved”. I think we need to be backing the original terminology of “slaughter” which carries the gravity of its intent unlike “processing” that treats animals like objects void of intelligent emotional and social capacities, should we change “livestock” to “stock”, or even “death” to “decommissioned”. Allowing this sets the precedent to change other terminology that further erodes the respect and value of animal life. This petition was created with a satirical rewrite of the following article, Federal Government pushes to stop plant-based products labelled as 'meat' or 'milk': And written in response to the following article, NSW Farmers' change terminology for livestock industry:  

Jordan K
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