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Petition to Joy Hentschke

We the undersigned wish to see Streaky Bay Council laws on Volunteer Cat Traps change.

At the moment Volunteer Cat Trapping is welcomed by the District Council of Streaky Bay, as Feral Cats have been always been & continue to be a problem for this town. Unfortunately though, not everyone seems to be doing the right thing as suggested by Council & many Pet Cats are mysteriously disappearing. The Council laws need to be looked at, so that Pet Cats & their owners are protected.  Cat trapping needs to be undertaken ONLY by Council Officers, so that it's Feral Cats being caught & euthanised properly, NOT family pets, by Community members hiring a trap to deal with a problem Pet in their area. It is far too easy to trap a neighboring cat & dispose of it, without anyone ever knowing. Many people in Streaky Bay have had Pet Cats mysteriously disappear & some people have stories about how they are fully aware of who disposed of their pet after trapping it in a Volunteer Cat trap (easily available from Council) or from many sites on the internet. We would like The District Council of Streaky Bay of SA to meet & discuss making changes to the hiring of Cat traps to members of the Community within the town. We would like the following changes to be made: Volunteer Cat Trapping to STOP within the inner residential part of Streaky Bay. That descision be made very clear to Community members & a fine put in place for ignoring the new Bi-Law. We require our local Council to protect Pet owners in the Community by making these changes.    

Berlinda Brumfield
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Petition to Directors of the Blue Mountains Food Co-op

Keep the Blue Mountains Food Co-Op free of animal cruelty

We ask that the directors and board of the Blue Mountains Food Co-op maintain the Co-op as an ethical place for consumers to shop and refrain from selling animal meat. The sale of animal meat runs counter to the green, ethical and sustainable values held by many local residents. The Blue Mountains Food Co-op has been viewed and promoted as a place for 'conscious consumers' to shop. The over-riding policy of the food co-op is “Good Food that Doesn’t Cost the Earth.” However, the production of animal meat is an environmental, ethical and animal welfare issue. On another level it impacts the emotional wellbeing of the many who are sensitive to animal suffering.  Animal agriculture is one of the leading contributors to greenhouse emissions and global warming. A research review published in leading journal Science (August 2018) notes that "Meat consumption is rising annually as human populations grow and affluence increases. ... This trend ... has major negative consequences for land and water use and environmental change." "Meat produces more emissions per unit of energy compared with that of plant-based foods because energy is lost at each trophic level." (Science, August 2018) "The most important anthropogenic GHGs are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, and nitrous oxide (N2O). Meat production results in the emissions of all three and is the single most important source of methane." (Science, August 2018) Methane (formed in the stomachs of ruminant animals such as cows, goats, sheep and buffalo) contributes up to 51 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions. Methane is released primarily by belching and breathing, and is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon. Animal agriculture of all kinds, including pig and chicken farming, additionally increases deforestation, another major contributor to climate change. Currently, we are in the sixth wave of animal extinction due chiefly to deforestation, loss of habitats and climate change. "The most substantial direct way in which meat production affects biodiversity is through land conversion to agriculture." (Science, August 2018) Animal agriculture also uses a third of all freshwater used in agriculture. (Science, August 2018) Climate change is a very serious global and national issue. Australia is the highest emitter of greenhouse gases per capita of any OECD country, and will also be one of the worst affected by climate change. According to projections by government site "Climate Change in Australia", we will experience an increase in drought and heatwaves, and greater occurrence and intensity of extreme weather events such as wildfires, floods and cyclones as well as loss of inland water and species including those beneficial to our food supply. We, the customers and supporters of the BM Food Co-op ask you to lead on climate change and reflect our values. Unfortunately, too many who claim to be green and sustainable, continue to prop up the meat industry. Rather than hollow claims, we ask you to back these with more difficult decisions, and ban the sale of meat from your outlet. Many global leaders on climate change are calling for a reduction in animal agriculture. Though it may not be popular, the statistics on this bear out the facts. Let’s hope we can all come together to build a better world based on our highest values rather than cave to the need and greed for animal meat, and those that profit from it.

Linda deWilde-Moon
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Petition to NSW Government, Paul Toole, Gladys Berejiklian


In 2016, through the relentless campaigning and protesting of thousands of NSW residents, greyhound racing was officially banned by the government. However, for their own capital gain, the government has reinstated greyhound racing, using $500, 000 of taxpayers’ money to fund the Million Dollar Chase in October, the largest greyhound race in the world. The Government has attempted to  justify its reform by instituting policies to ‘ensure animal welfare’, when clearly this is not the case. Besides banning live bait, the government has tried to justify this cruel action by saying that the animals will be rehomed, and while this seems fair for the animals at first, Gabi Openshaw from Animal Liberation believes that “any dog capable of…competing in an event like this will be bred from at the end of their racing career. Those dogs’ owners will go on the make huge amounts of money from either selling semen or whelping puppies”. And even though the government claims the industry has gotten better, over the past few years there has been new evidence of greyhounds suffering at the hands of the racing industry being revealed every few weeks, such as a mass grave recently being discovered by the RSPCA in Western Sydney. Just two years ago Special Commission of Enquiry report suggested that the greyhound industry was beyond reform. This means that these new policies are deceiving the public and are allowing the continuation of the cruel treatment of animals. On behalf of the PAWS organisation of SBHS, we strongly oppose this decision the government has taken into bringing back this horrendous sport. The government’s absurd decision displays the government’s lack of morals and ethics, and their intent to capitalise on the torture of greyhounds. Even though this large sum of money can be spent elsewhere, such as improving schools’ infrastructure and their education, the government has unfortunately turned to choosing an activity that involves extreme torture and abuse of animals. We are concerned about the long term impacts for NSW of an event where animal cruelty, gambling and drinking are supported by the government while our schools and hospitals are underfunded, and call on the government to rethink their decision.  Contact the Premier to let her know you are unhappy with this! GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN NSW PREMIER EMAIL: PHONE: 02 8574 5000 FACEBOOK: TWITTER:  

Abdullah Khan
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