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Petition to Northland Regional Council, Jacinda Arden, , david badham

Stop the Tegel Chicken Farm in Kaipara

We believe  that the proposed farm is not suitable for our local community, its people or its environment. We would like to encourage all community members, all New Zealanders to complete a submission and oppose the construction of this industrial chicken farm.The Tegel application documents can be found here in the update comment. It is a joint application to the KDC and the NRCResource consent applications made to NRC include:the taking and use of groundwater,the diversion of surface water as a result of flood protection worksthe discharge of contaminants (mainly odour) to airearthworks for the development of the site and quarryingApplication number - NRCAPP.039494.01.01Enquiries about NRC applicationsStuart SavillPhone: 09 470 1101, free phone 0800 002 004Email: Resource consent applications made to KDC include:land use consent for breaches of rules relating to earthworksa reduced setback of buildings from the intersection of State Highway 12 and Whakahara Roadthe storage and use of hazardous substancesroad construction worksApplication number - KDCRM170441Enquiries about KDC applicationsDavid BadhamPhone: 021 203 1034Email:
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Petition to Greg O Connor MP for Ohariu

Petition to the New Zealand Parliament to ban the sale of fireworks to the public

  We respectfully request the New Zealand Parliament ban the sale of fireworks to the public. We request this ban to ensure the protection all animal life – domestic, farmed and wild, from the harm that fireworks causes, year after year, whether it be direct or indirect harm. There have been many media reports as well as anecdotal evidence of animals being distressed and injured in their attempt to escape the frightening sound of fireworks explosions. Some injuries and distress have resulted in death. As well as accidental death and injury there have been a number of reports of deliberate cruelty involving the use of fireworks to harm animals. Animal owners are required to comply with the Animal Welfare Act 1999 and as such, owners and carers have a responsibility to “protect from injury”. As long as fireworks are available in our communities our duty of care will always be compromised. Furthermore, the use of fireworks is a hazard for humans, property and the environment and places avoidable pressure on our emergency services. Their use is inconsistent with New Zealand’s changing attitudes towards improving health and safety in our lives. The tradition of Guy Fawkes fireworks in modern Aotearoa bears no cultural relevance to its origins, the Gun Powder Plot of 1605 in England. It is time to let this outdated dangerous backyard tradition go – the sale of fireworks to the public needs to be banned for the sake of keeping our animals safe and well. References: October 2016.   November 2017   February 2108  

Catherine Bindon
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Petition to Daryl Hitzman, allan sutherland, Mark Ryan, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Jacklyn (Jackie) Trad, Mark Furner, Yvette D'Ath, Stirling Hinchliff, Coralee O’Rourke, Deborah (Deb) Frecklington, Timothy (Tim) Mander, Dale Last, Rosslyn (Ros) Bates, Andrew Powell, Dr Steven Miles

Save Hank from being euthanized by Moreton Bay Regional Council

See more on Hank's story (in more details!) and what else you can do to support him at: or his Supporters Page on FacebookReplay live video from the recent Walk for Hank on 13 January 2018 to hear from Hank's owners and the initial Investigating Officer who continues to support and advocate for Hank's release to this day. Hank's Story, the Injustice and His Suffering A person (child) was injured after an accident involving Hank, the Neo Mastiff.  All witnesses, including the child's mother agreed it was an accident. Whether anybody thought that the injury was deliberate or not, Hank the dog was processed under the guidelines of the AMCDA 2008 Qld and was declared dangerous. Photos and medical reports were made available to Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) at that time for the investigation and this was used when forming their decision that declaring him regulated was sufficient to manage community risk. Hank’s owners complied with the conditions attached to that declaration, confirmed by Moreton Bay Regional Council on multiple occasions, with all the regulations provided for a regulated dog. Except for his desexing, because of confusion over the dates that was required to occur, full compliance was maintained and confirmed as successful by Council over a number of months. Whilst the declaration and appeals process was occurring, the mother of the child was happy for her daughter, and herself, to visit on many occasions after the incident and with many more witnesses too...all with Hank present. It wasn’t until after a fall out with Hank's family and the rest of the neighbourhood that the mother went to a local state politician who contacted two Councillors and attempted to contact the Mayor and following that, the dog was seized and a destruction order issued.  His seizure and destruction order (May 2017) occurred many months after the accident (October 2016), long after Hank's conditions were authorised and compliance with those conditions, confirmed. Another fact that also remains is that MBRC were willing to put an offer on the table during mediation to have the dog returned home in December 2017, after Hank had been incarcerated for 7 months at that stage. That offer was withdrawn at the last moment by Council, just before signing off, when Council notified the mother who was very vocal about her dissatisfaction. Due to an interference of local state politicians to change a local government decision from dangerous dog to a destruction order in a case of double jeopardy which is an abuse of power and an abuse of process. Killing a dog for failure to desex when the due date was of so much confusion even to their own Compliance department, to hide the real political influence that caused this interference of process, is unacceptable to the public and is not conducive to protecting a community generally. What Hank's Family Are Asking Local Councillors of Moreton Bay Regional Council and other external parties caused Hank's permit to be unfairly revoked.  Hank's family are now asking for Members of Parliament to step in and reinstate Hank's approved conditions, his release and especially urgent and immediate access to adequate medical care and housing.  Specifically: Immediate access and contact to Hank by their vet to independently assess his current condition and provide all necessary treatment without interference or restriction; and Immediate relaxation of the unreasonable visiting hour limitations in place for Hank's family to include access on weekends, and as frequently as they are able to attend; and The reinstatement urgently of the original conditions as allowed and approved prior to Hank's seizure on 23 May 2017, allowing him to promptly and without unnecessary delay to return home; and Furthermore, the requirement for Moreton Bay Regional Council to commit to a review of their internal processes and policies in relation its staff and representatives’ training, compliance and administration of the AM Act. And, to further review accordingly any associated Local Laws, in conjunction with consultation of the local Community and respective animal welfare bodies which is an issue relevant to all pet owners. Please do not waste a moment in supporting HankTo assist, please urgently: Sign the Petition here on Like the Facebook Page to follow updates at Save Hank the Neo Mastiff (watch the videos there from the Walk for Hank from 13/1/18 attended by Hank's family, also supported by the attendance of the original Investigating Officer) Donate via the GoFundMe page or for bank details for direct deposit, go here. Follow the Instagram page for Hank's supporters @savehanktheneomastiff Follow on Twitter and tweet your support! Share Hank’s story with other community groups, friends and family who ma also wish to join in support. Let’s not allow Hank to waste away and be forgotten but instead be his voice and the voice for other innocents.  

tristtram deacon
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