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Petition to Western Sydney Student Council

Make Western Sydney University, Animal Friendly

Mission Statement: To change the soap and cleaning products on Western Sydney University’s Bankstown campus to cruelty free and non-animal tested products  How will we do this?By raising awareness, gaining signatures and educating our fellow peers on the fatal effects that animal testing can have on our furry friends.  What soaps and cleaning products are currently being used? ·      Our campus is currently sourcing their products from a brand called ‘Deb Group’. ·      Deb Group are currently owned by the company SC Johnson who STILL test their products on animals ·      Deb Group also source their products to countries where it is mandatory by law for their products to be tested on animals before they can be sold e.g. Malaysia ·      Deb Group does NOT have the Global Cruelty Free Certification How bad is animal testing? According to Animals Australia Unleashed ‘Animal testing involves exposing animals to chemicals that may cause painful eye and skin irritation, developmental abnormalities cancer and death’. These animals are not provided with adequate living environments or anesthetics and such procedures lead to poisoning, torturing and killing millions of defenceless animals.  How can it change?There are now computer models, cell cultures and human studies that should make animal testing a thing of the past and make way for modern alternatives! SAY NO TO ANIMAL TESTING TODAY

Rebecca Howell
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