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Petition to City of Palo Alto

Save the Palo Alto Animal Shelter!

We are about to lose our 121 year old animal shelter for yet another sacrifice to the almighty dollar which will benefit few and harm many. The Palo Alto Animal Shelter is an invaluable community asset. Many people throughout Palo Alto and the surrounding cities have availed themselves of the services there, including adoption of pets and the spay/neuter clinic. If one of our animals has gone astray, we know that we can count on Palo Alto Animal Shelter to care for our pet if found and returned, and that they will do everything possible to return the animal to its rightful owners. Many of us and our children have volunteered community service hours at the shelter. Indeed, there is usually a waiting list for volunteers! We have amazing animal services, and we should not lose the shelter to more expansion of business and retail. We have a beautiful shelter on the edge of the Bay lands. It is a shelter where healthy, friendly dogs and cats and a host of small animal companions enjoy no time limit to their residency while awaiting their forever home. It is a shelter which also provides affordable spay/neuter services to the Northern end of Santa Clara County. An extension of business/retail to that already congested area would cause more traffic problems, and sully the beauty of that portion of the Frontage Road. The time to fight back is now. Palo Alto City Manager James Keene is hell bent on destroying the shelter and replacing it with Anderson "Big Dog" Honda. He is counting on the people of Palo Alto not taking notice while he completes this ignoble action. Come out now Palo Alto if you value your Animal Shelter. James Keene is on the brink of taking it all away. The Palo Alto Animal Shelter is a community treasure, and in the second wealthiest city in the country, surely there is a way to keep it where it is and viable for a good many years to come.

Karen Ewart
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Petition to LA Animal Services, LA City Council, LA City Animal Commission, and Mayor Garcetti

Stop torturing and killing pets like Mugsley in hot vans

CALL TO ACTION: We need concerned citizens to call and email Mayor Garcetti's Office to inform them that Mugsley's death is not acceptable and to resolve this situation so that no more dogs cook in the LA City Animal Services vans!! Change cannot happen without this action. Let's do this for Mugsley.(213) 978-0600 Despite the LA City Council deciding 2 years ago to invest in 15 air conditioned vans for the transport of animals in the custody of LA Animal Services (LAAS), the vans are still not in use. This has tragically resulted in the death of Mugsley, a "well mannered" 7 year old male boxer mix (ID: A1717645), on August 30, 2017. Mugsley was being transported by LAAS to a vet for a spay/neuter surgery prior to his rescue from West Valley shelter, and upon arrival was pronounced dead from heat stroke. We do not know how many other pets may have died / suffered in the sweltering hot 100+ degree LA heat while trapped in LAAS vans without air conditioning, however, we do know that NO animals should be subjected to such cruelty. Especially given that it is not legal for citizens to keep animals in hot cars; how then is it acceptable for LAAS to keep animals in hot vans? Councilman Koretz's Office recently undertook an investigation into the progress of the procurement of the 15 air conditioned vans, which we do appreciate, however, it is simply not good enough. Councilman Koretz's Office explained that the 15 vans were ordered following a bidding process that concluded in fall 2016, and that the bid was awarded to a small vendor who needed to make design adjustments in order to meet the needs of LAAS. There were subsequent issues with the design of the vans, and the first van was expected for delivery end of July 2017. The remaining 14 vans would be delivered over the coming months, because only 1-2 vehicles can be assembled at a time. LISTEN TO LAAS IN 2013 EXPLAINING ABOUT THE ISSUE WITH ANIMAL DEATHS DUE TO OVERHEATING IN THEIR VANS WHICH AVERAGE TEMPERATURES OF 103 DEGREES IN THE ANIMAL COMPARTMENTS (You may need to join this Facebook group for the link to work for you). On the day of his heartbreaking demise, Mugsley’s temperature was noted by the vet as being 108 degrees. At that temperature, his brain would have begun swelling and his organs would have shut down. Mugsley did not need to die. He deserved to live the rest of his life in a loving home, not suffer a torturous, lonely death in an overheated LAAS van. Mugsley deserved better.  The animals of LA deserve better. We strongly suggest that LA City re-visit the contract for the delivery of the air conditioned vans, and expedite the delivery of the vans OR find a new supplier who has a stock of vans which already meet the needs of LAAS. No more animals should suffer and die needlessly. This is now undeniably an URGENT issue of cruelty which must be addressed. CALL TO ACTION: We need concerned citizens to call and email Mayor Garcetti's Office to inform them that Mugsley's death is not acceptable and to resolve this situation so that no more dogs cook in the LA City Animal Services vans!! Change cannot happen without this action. Let's do this for Mugsley.(213) 978-0600  

All About the Animals
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Petition to Massachusetts Legislators

Extend Massachusetts's seven day hold to include cats and owner surrenders

Many of us believe that ALL homeless dogs and cats and other domestic animals (such as bunnies, gerbils, etc) should have the BASIC right to go to a good home. Yet, in Massachusetts only stray dogs are afforded the BASIC right to be held at an animal shelter for 7 days before being euthanized --- this is so that the lost dog's owner has the chance to find and re-claim his or her pet.  The mandated minimum hold time for cats, rabbits, gerbils and other animals is zero days........yes 0 days. (Owner surrendered dogs also have a mandated minimum hold period of zero days.....) As the pet parent of cats, I would like to know that my cat -- should he or she become lost (although indoor cats, one can accidentally go outdoors) would also be held for 7 days so that I can find and re-claim my pet. As an animal owner, I would like to know that if illness or other condition forces me to relinquish my animals to a shelter, that my pets will not be killed right away -- simply because my animal is an owner surrender. I have no plans to surrender my animals -- most animal owners do not -- but animals should not suffer an immediate death for circumstances beyond the owner's control. Please join me in asking Massachusetts legislators to extend the mandated 7 days hold to all homeless domestic animals, unless seriously or terminally ill.  (Community Cats, unless seriously or terminally ill, should not be killed at all, but returned to the place found or another suitable location)

Committee for Pet Shelter Animals
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