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Remove Alison Cardona as Deputy Director for Violating HAYDEN’S LAW!

Update: 9/4/18: 2 dogs have been found DEAD in their kennels in a 4 day span! Dogs are dying at Carson - in their kennels - on cold cement floors!________ Update 9/2/18: I am reopening this petition to bring awareness to the fact that 5 dogs were killed this past week for being labeled “aggressive”. One dog had already been there for 2 months before being killed. These are not peaceful deaths for these dogs. They don’t get the nice sedative, the arms surrounding them and soft whisperings of love and goodbyes.  THEY ARE P.T.D. (PUT TO,DEATH). Not sleep. Death. —————————————————————- UPDATE: Any dog who is in an LA COUNTY SHELTER for 60 days or more may be PTS with no advance warning! ************************************************* Mahatma Gandhi — 'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.' This was sent to the people who network to save RESCUE ONLY DOGS: This is from the former Deputy Direct of the Southern, CA Shelters: Carson, Downey, Baldwin, Lancaster and Agoura Hills.   I wanted to take the time to inform you that effective immediately there will be some changes in the animals in which you have been notified. All animals deemed "not safe" for placement due to behavior will no longer be made available to rescue's. You will no longer receive notifications on these animals and animals that fall under this category will be euthanized after there holding period is up. You will continue to receive notification on animals that are behaviorally sound and available. If you have any question please contact Allison Cardona the new Deputy Direct for the South County Operations. I will still be available but I encourage you to reach out to Allison for all your concerns, and let her know this is NOT OK!!!  We are asking that the recent Policy Changes implemented by Allison Cardona be revoked and that rescues be allowed the opportunity to once again give every dog a second chance by making them available to rescues!  Furthermore, we are requesting that Temp Tests be given on INTAKE and that they are administered by a TRAINED BEHAVIORIST, not a shelter employee!  Young, healthy dogs are being labeled NOT SAFE by a SHELTER employee. They use a FAKE RUBBER hand which is very human aggressive to a dog. Months go by without exercise, no toys, they develop open sores on their feet and legs, they become depressed and listless, they have no grass to roll in, no human contact, no love, no decent food, no baths, or even the simple act of being petted. They test them AFTER MONTHS in a kennel and almost ALL will fail.  LA County is breaking the law. What they are doing is a direct violation of Hayden's Law! HAYDEN'S LAW:  SEC. 12. Section 31108 of the Food and Agricultural Code is amended to read:  31108. (a) The required holding period for a stray dog impoundedpursuant to this division shall be six business days, not includingthe day of impoundment, except as follows: (1) If the pound or shelter has made the dog available for owner redemption on one weekday evening until at least 7:00 p.m. or one weekend day, the holding period shall be four business days, not including the day of impoundment.  (2) If the pound or shelter has fewer than three full-time employees or is not open during all regular weekday business hours, and if it has established a procedure to enable owners to reclaim their dogs by appointment at a mutually agreeable time when the pound or shelter would otherwise be closed, the holding period shall be four business days, not including the day of impoundment. Except as provided in Section 17006, stray dogs shall be held for owner redemption during the first three days of the holding period,not including the day of impoundment, and shall be available for owner redemption or adoption for the remainder of the holding period. (b) Any stray dog that is impounded pursuant to this divisionshall, prior to the killing of that animal for any reason other thanirremediable suffering, be released to a nonprofit, as defined inSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, animal rescue oradoption organization if requested by the organization prior to the scheduled killing of that animal. In addition to any required spay or neuter deposit, the pound or shelter, at its discretion, may assess a fee, not to exceed the standard adoption fee, for animals released. LA County is breaking the law. What they are doing is a direct violation of Hayden's Law! Please SIGN and SHARE this petition. Send emails, contact the media. Stand up and be an animals voice! We cannot allow this to happen! Thank you!;  JUbario@animalcare.l

Terri McCabe
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Petition to City of Dallas

Rescue Rusty - Keep Pup From Being Killed!

Please note: this is the official #rescuerusty petition for Dallas Pets Alive! Any other petitions pertaining to this matter, or their expressed viewpoints, are not affiliated with or represent the opinions of DPA.  Rusty is a rescue dog facing euthanasia after biting an unattended child at an adoption event hosted by Dallas Pets Alive on Dec. 16, 2017. The child was treated and released at a local emergency room and, thankfully, is recovering quickly. The City of Dallas has seized Rusty for having caused “serious bodily injury” under Texas Health & Safety Code 822.001 - 822.004. This would allow a court to order Rusty be killed. Dallas Pets Alive greatly values the health and safety of our community and takes dog bites very seriously. That being said, they firmly believe that the death of an animal should never be the first step in resolving a first-time single-bite incident. Dallas Pets Alive wants to keep both the community and Rusty safe and has offered a positive solution to the City of Dallas to ensure that our community remains safe and that Rusty is given a chance at life. However, the City of Dallas still wants to kill Rusty even with a positive solution in place that ensures our community remains safe and Rusty is given a chance at life.  It would be a failure of justice if Rusty were to be killed after one incident when a peaceful resolution that meets the needs of all parties is readily available. We are asking the City of Dallas to reconsider moving forward with costly legal proceedings at the taxpayers’ expense and release Rusty to a rescue for rehabilitation, NOW. Please do not let Rusty die alone after spending more than a year looking for a permanent home. Give him the chance at a real life and a real home with people who have had repeated success rehabilitating dogs that have never had a real chance. Please sign this petition to urge the City of Dallas to work with Dallas Pets Alive toward an agreement that addresses the concerns of all involved parties.  Background on Incident:After taking the time to perform a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident, Dallas Pets Alive has come to the conclusion that Rusty (the rescue dog), who has no history of aggressive behavior or biting, most likely bit the child out of fear. While the child had been in the area prior to the incident with his mother, at the time of the incident, he had approached Rusty on his own. Rusty was on a leash and in a seated position and had shown no signs of aggression at the event. This leads us to conclude that when the unattended child approached Rusty, the dog likely reacted in fear.  The American Veterinary Medical Association states that dogs bite as a reaction to something (stress, fear, protection, etc.) and in Rusty’s case we believe it was an isolated incident given the exciting, but still stressful, environment of a busy park with strange noises/smells and an unknown person on his level reaching for him. Medical providers, park personnel, and the police were immediately contacted and have completed reports as well. Although Rusty was current on all vaccinations, Dallas Animal Services was also contacted to initiate the mandatory 10-day quarantine after such an incident. Dallas Pets Alive’s first priority always is the safety of potential adopters and children who attend their events, and this is the first time they have experienced an incident such as this. In the course of their lengthy investigation, they reviewed their existing policies and procedures for adoption events and have implemented additional policies regarding children and rescue animals in an effort to even further minimize the likelihood of this happening again. About Dallas Pets Alive! Dallas Pets Alive! is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to making Dallas a no-kill community for companion animals. They pull urgent and at-risk dogs off the euthanasia list at the city shelter, Dallas Animal Services (where Rusty came from). They have successfully helped increase the city’s live release rate from 42.7% in 2012 to 73.3% in 2016. Dallas Pets Alive does not have a shelter facility, meaning they rely entirely on a team of volunteer foster families to care for pets until they're adopted into a “furever home.” Adoption events at local parks and other event venues are their main avenue for connecting adoptable dogs with potential adopters.

Dallas Pets Alive
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Petition to County Court System

Juststice For Forrest

Forest suffered neglect and abuse for a long time. His leg was broken so badly that it was twisted backward and matted onto the middle of his back rendering it painful and useless. He was matted so badly that he could not use most of his good limbs. He had severe bladder stones left unattended, making it painful and hard to urinate. He had a dental disease that was so bad that it was a wonder he could eat at all. There was an inch of his own feces packed into his paw pads with nails that had grown approximately 2-3 inches long, which made it excruciating to walk. Forest was admittedly put into a crate, barely fed and confined to a closed-off room while the family and two other pets went on with their lives. This is one of the cruelest situations we have ever seen with a live animal. Not only did they break his body, they broke his spirit. He was so used to not being touched or loved that he would wince at human touch. We tried our best but little Forest just could not sustain any longer and passed on. Our hearts are broken. We need your support now more than ever with an upcoming court date to be sure that this little guy’s voice is heard loud and clear. Your signature on this petition will let the court system know that you support the maximum penalties allowed by law to an animal abuser. Let everyone know that we will not forget little Forest, nor will we tolerate cruelty to animals!  Thank you for your support.

Humane Association of Warren County
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Petition to New York State House, New York State Senate, Andrew M. Cuomo

Stop Shelter Animal Abuse Now! Support Shelter Reform in New York State

 We are Animal Shelters 911 Animal Advocate Organization and we have all been on the inside of a shelter. We have first-hand knowledge and documentation of abuse, neglect, improper care of shelter animals, NONE of which is illegal in NYS. After reaching out to numerous agencies for assistance, we have learned that, sadly, in order for things to get better, we need to change the laws. How can shelters reform their practices when they refuse to have standards and benchmarks that would hold them accountable to the best performing shelters in the nation? They can’t. They don’t. And they won’t. So we will have to do it for them. We will be speaking with a NYS representative in about 2 (two) weeks to discuss shelter reform. Please sign and share this petition to show lawmakers we are not willing to tolerate the lack of oversight, transparency and compassionate leadership in animal shelters and something needs to be done now. A NYS survey showed that 71% of rescue groups have been turned away by a NYS shelter and the shelter then killed the very animals they offer to save. The survey also showed that half have been the subject of retaliation for exposing neglect and abuse in shelters.* The current laws in NYS are failing miserably at protecting animals. Under the current laws, the only thing an animal needs is access to food, water and shelter and the definition of these things is very broad, at best. They don't need prompt or proper medical care. As long as medical care is not being "refused", (again, the definition is very broad here), it doesn't need to be given timely or properly. Animals deserve a safe haven where they are provided with the proper care, medical treatment, socialization, training and compassion they are entitled to, and they deserve. To that end, We the undersigned electors and legal voters of New York State, respectfully petition that the following be mandated in New York State: ⦁ A shelter statistics transparency bill (mandate posting of shelter statistics)⦁ A holding period bill to incentivize adoptions over killing⦁ A bill requiring shelters to provide animals with fresh food, fresh water, environmental enrichment, regular exercise, veterinary care and cleanliness⦁ A bill requiring shelters to have fully functioning adoption programs including offsite adoptions, use of internet to promote animals and ample adoption hours when the public is available⦁ A community cat bill ( a program for the non-lethal process of humanely trapping, sterilizing, vaccinating, ear-tipping and releasing community cats to their habitats)⦁ A rescue rights bill ( Rescue Access Laws make it illegal for a shelter to kill an animal when a qualified non-profit organization is willing to save that animal). Other than transparency, these are all cost-savings measures that also increase lifesaving . Although there has been opposition to shelter reform legislation in the past, ( in 2010, opponents of rescue access legislation in NY argued that allowing animal rescue groups to save animals on death row in NYS shelters would mean placing them in the hands of dog fighters and hoarders),* the time has come to stand up to the opposition and get things done. Treating animals with the kindness and compassion they deserve is something that transcends party lines, so regardless of your political affiliation, it is important to show lawmakers that you support shelter reform in NYS.                              It is not about us. It is about the animals. More information on model legislation and shelter reform success stories in other states, may be found here: www.nokilladvocacycenter.orgPlease visit us at: Join us in speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. * courtesy of the No Kill Advocacy Center    

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