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Petition to Sacramento County Animal Care, Darrell Steinberg, Jerry Brown, California State Senate, California State House, DIane Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Tom McClintock, Ami Bera, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan


WILL BE PRINTING OUT AND DELIVERING THIS PETITION, OUR SIGNATURES AND COMMENTS IN PERSON TO THE SACRAMENTO BOARD OF SUPERVISORS NEXT WEEK! Below is Rosemary's story: she is now home where she belongs and I can not tell you how happy we all are to have our baby Rosemary back! Now our mission is to ensure that this NEVER happens to anyone else EVER AGAIN! The Shelter and the county of Sacramento must change legislation and policy to prevent this from happening to more people! Over these past few days I have received hundreds of stories from other people involving shelters in the sacramento area and surrounding counties and these stories have broken my hart, shocked me, and strengthened my resolve to make this right and to put a stop to this kind of tragedy! Sign now to demand change to legislation and policy a few suggestions I have would be to: 1.) at least a 6 day hold on lost pets not just 72 hours! 2.) ensure that there is a period of time allowed for owners to claim their companion after the adoption date. 3.) ensure that if the lost pet is still at the shelter the right full owners rights are recognized. 4.) And demand that officer Libby at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter issue a public apology!  My little 3.5 pound Minature pincher chihuahua mix Rosemary got out of my house while I was at work when our bigger family dog pushed open the door. I looked for her day in and day out and could not find her until the 6th. Day when someone on Facebook showed me she was at the Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter. Now keep in mind that animal shelter is nearly 40 miles away from my home and I NEVER thought that she could or would be there. When I called the woman that runs the shelter told me that she had been adopted out and all she could do is give the adopters my contact information and let them decide what to do. What she didn't tell me is that my baby was still phisically at the shelter! So the next day I went in as soon as their doors opened to get my baby Rosemary and both employees that were helping me were stopped in their tracts by the woman that ran the shelter. She then approached me very angrily and hostile and the first thing she said to me wasn't hello or anything like that it "I told you, they would call you if they wanted! Why are you here? You can't be here IT isn't yours and I don't Care how you raised it." All while my poor baby could see me through the glass door and was jumping up and down onto the glass to try and get to me, it truly was hart breaking :(  PLEASE HELP AND SIGN THIS PETITION TO DEMAND THAT SITUATIONS LIKE THIS NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN AND TO DEMAND THAT ROSEMARY BE ALLOWED TO COME BACK TO HER RIGHTFUL HOME WHERE SHE IS LOVED AND MISSED BEYOND BELIEF! PLEASE SIGN, SHARE AND DONATE!  

Alec Nygard
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Petition to Mayor Getty, Chief of Police Keating, Burt Odelson

Demand Mayor Getty and Police Chief Keating have a necropsy done on KILO !

WE NEED YOU TO BE KILO's VOICE....On April 5th, in Lyons Illinois police were called for a possible animal neglect situation. Kilo, a mastiff mix appeared, to our volunteer, that he was in serious distress. Kilo died within minutes of our volunteer arriving.The Police Chief in Lyons, Illinois is refusing to find out the cause of death (which we suspect is starvation). Therefore, he refusing to charge the owner with any crime. Instead Chief James Keating wants to issue a citation. THIS IS WHERE WE NEED YOU……We demand that the police have a necropsy (animal autopsy) conducted on Kilo to know what caused Kilo's death and file criminal charges, if warranted. The police wrote the owner a municipal ticket and the court date is set for April 25, 2017 at 3pm at the Village hearing room, 4200 S. Lawndale in Lyons, IL. WE NEED PEOPLE to attend that hearing and DEMAND JUSTICE FOR KILO, MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! . Here's the facts: On Wednesday, April 5, a concerned citizen called police to an address on Rose Avenue in Lyons, IL and put a post on FB requesting help for a dog (looked like a mastiff mix) that was in the yard looking to be in very bad condition. Our volunteer, Chris Cozzi, once arrived and seeing the dog, called Lyons police back to an address on Rose Avenue, Lyons Illinois. A Lyons police officer responded and Chris Cozzi voiced serious concern that the dog was looking to be in very serious distress. The officer said that our volunteer, Chris Cozzi could take the dog to the vet. Chris immediately took Kilo to Countryside Animal Hospital, where it was confirmed Kilo was dead. The vet told Chris from a visual observation that it appeared the dog was starved to death. A necropsy MUST be performed so we can have a conclusive cause of death, in order to bring criminal charges to the owner. dogaHOWLicks Rescue has offered to cover the expense of having the necropsy done. Therefore, there is no logical reason for Lyons Police Chief Keating not to do so.

dogaHOWLicks Rescue
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