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Petition to Jim Kenney, Mark Squilla, Kenyatta Johnson, Jannie Blackwell, Curtis Jones, Jr., Darrell Clarke, Bobby Henon, Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez, Cindy Bass, Cherelle Parker, Brian J. O’Neill, Michael DiBerardinis

Forensic Audit of ACCT Philly plus Financial Accountability

We demand a complete forensic audit of ACCT of Philladelphia (ACCT Philly) the past three years. We believe that funds have been mismanaged in various ways by Vincent Medley. This includes taking actions such as overpaying employees he has hired and other unnecessary expenses that would be better spent toward the care of animals in their control. The last 990 form released by ACCT is for the fiscal year ending 6/30/2015. They have not released the one submitted last year which was the first full year Mr. Medley was in control of ACCT’s finances. Nor does this form release the salaries of the executive staff as it should (and is done with other city officials). Furthermore, ACCT has not published any figures on a regular basis on what money it has received from donations, adoption fees, licenses or surrender fees. We would also like an accounting of what has been done with the enormous PETCO grant given in 2014 for the building of an adoption center. This center was supposed to begin in 2016. ACCT has been very silent on these funds. We would like a complete accounting of these funds and how any interest generated from them have been used. We would also like to know what happened to the money for the dog kennels that the staff said would be replaced after the air conditioning was fixed. According to the last 990 released, only $793,896 of a $4,673,362 was being used toward animal care supplies. We demand to know the breakdown how the majority of the money is being used. We would also know the future plans of ACCT’s funding by seeing the budget they have for 2018 as well as the budget for 2017 and how well they planned. Part of this would include ACCT publishing ALL minutes of the board meetings for the past year and allowing the public to attend all portions of the board meetings. We have noticed that they appear to be canceling the public "board meetings." Although since only a couple board members were in attendance, they weren't board meetings at all. Instead of the transparancy they are promoting as a "core value" they seem to be covering things up.  To summarize we are asking for: A forensic audit of the past three years.  An accounting the PETCO adoption center grant and any other large grants given recently. A breakdown of how the money is being spent including the salaries of key staff members (as done for city employees). Publishing of funds brought into ACCT through fees and donations. Copies of past and future budgets. Public allowed at all board meeting and publishing the minutes of all 2017 board meetings.  And based on this petition's updates, we also want:         7.  An explanation on why Vector Control hasn't been moved out of the building        8. An investigation into pay equality at ACCT and possible discrimination.

Philadelphians for Transparency
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Petition to Pete Saenz, Rudy Gonzalez, Jr. (District I), Vidal Rodriguez (District II), Alejandro Perez, Jr. (District III-Mayor Pro Tempore), Alberto Torres, Jr. (District IV), Nelly Vielma (District V), Charlie San Miguel (District VI), George J. Altgelt (District VII), Roberto Balli (District VIII), Horacio De Leon, Cynthia Collazo, Celina Rivera


We the signed are asking that immediate changes be made at Laredo Animal Care Services, in Laredo, Texas.  While their name implies that they are caring for the animals they are responsible for, animal care appears to be the last thing they do.  Animals are not being fed or watered adequately, nor cleaned up after with hygiene in mind, resulting in animals getting sick while in the shelter.  Nursing moms are left to care for their babies on cold steel or concrete.  While clean bedding donations have been made for the comfort and warmth of the animals, very little are used.  I personally had 6 large plastic garbage bags filled with clean linens that I washed myself that were all discarded, after being told they were covered with urine, feces and hair.  Since I personally laundered all of the items and some were actually brand new, this was nothing but an outright lie. The shelter makes very little effort to make the public aware of the animals that they have on the premises.  Others and I have repeatedly requested photos be taken of the animals upon intake and be immediately posted but these requests are continually rejected.  Most of the animals that enter the shelter are killed without ever being given a chance to be seen by the public.  While there are animal rescues all over Texas, and the country, that want to help the shelters that have little help, they can't help when they don't know what animals are even available.  For the few that are posted, updates are horrible and many times, rescues trying to save an animal are being told the animal has already been killed. Most shelters let the public know when an animal is scheduled to be euthanized with at least 24 hours notice but not so with Laredo.  They just kill when they happen to feel like it.  And while they kill approximately 20 animals a day, again, the majority of these are never shown to the public.  The shelter is completely lacking in any kind of transparency.  Intake of the animals is much larger than anyone can imagine with the small number of photos that are ever displayed. Record keeping at the shelter also seems to be rather amateur at best.  People have attempted to recover a lost pet, only to be told they must wait 72 hours and in 72 hours, they return to find the animal was euthanized.  Rescues have tagged animals and then are told the animal was euthanized-later they find out the animal is still there.  These type of stories go on and on.  With this being the 21st century and wonderful computer programs available, there is absolutely no excuse for such discrepancies with record keeping.  Animals should each have a clear record that remains with it at all times, with any interest or activity noted on it immediately. With a vet now on the staff of the shelter, there is absolutely no excuse for the basic info such as the sex of the animal not to be made available and an approximate age for the animal.  People ask these questions over and over again but this is not something that the shelter considers important.  If an animal starts showing signs of an easily treated illness, they are not treated with basic antibiotics but are left to suffer and eventually be killed or die naturally.  This is extremely inhumane. The conditions that the animals are kept in have many local residents leaving the shelter in tears and very traumatized.  I can't tell you how many horror stories I have heard from different people when visiting the shelter, yet I have been also told that the staff at the shelter have very nice accommodations for doing everything but animal care.  This seems entirely contradictory to the purpose of having an animal care facility. We, the signed, implore the Laredo government to demand changes in the shelter and to make animal care the priority, as is implied in their name!  The animals lives depend on you.  Thank you.

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Petition to Daniel Bzura, Angela Croft, Alex Garza, Charley Johnson, Tim Wooley

Taylor Animal Control and Shelter: Save the Animals

The Taylor Animal Control and Animal Shelter need help. It is my opinion the staff needs to be fired and better training policies in place. I personally have called Animal Control for opossums, raccoons, snakes, groundhogs and more. In Michigan, you legally cannot travel with a caged animal to release it. However, when you call animal control they do not come and pick up the animal! They also do not provide traps. They do not patrol. They do not have their own phone line or emergency line. It is impossible to get help from this department.  The shelter needs help too! The animals are not properly taken care of. Nor is it adequately sought to get homes for the animals. I have called to adopt a dog on several occassions and cannot get a hold of anyone. Come to find out, they auction off the animals to the highest bidder first.  My son and his classmates have tried to volunteer there and they do not return our requests. There is absolutely no reason to turn away volunteers. Especially children who want to help the community when there really isnt much for our youth to do in this community. If I were an Animal Control officer I would host events to educate the community. I would try to set up a dog park. I would partner with schools, retirement homes, hospitals and more to get donated goods such as blankets, bowls, food etc for the animal shelter. I would provide more training for officers. I would update the adoption website. I would get a direct line and assure an emergency line works. I would have on call officers. These are just a few small changes that can be made and many more. The mere fact that the Animal Control officer has not made these simple changes demonstrates how he is not fit for the responsibilities of this position. He has had plenty of time in this position to make changes to the department. He has been in this position for 21 years! The Mayor has been quoted to say in the past 4 years there has been improvement. What about the other 17 years? How is the animal control officer even evaluated in Taylor?  It seems like this manager has job security for sure. However, someone else more qualified should be able to have the opportunity to make good changes for our animals and community.  When I contacted animal control to get a cat under my crawl space the manager said they do not come out for cats because cats can climb trees and get away easier than dogs. Umm what? Sounds like he needs some training on not only how to capture animals properly but so much more. It is his job to help these animals. Yet every time I call no one can come. I offered to help and there was no response. I asked if I could conduct the 100 hours of training needed to become an Animal Control Officer at Taylor's facility and he did not reapond. This manager just wants to employ his friends and do the bare minimum to secure his job. It is time someone more qualified be in the position. After 21 years of service, a lot more should have been done for these animals.  If you feel change needs to happen in the Taylor Animal Control Department and Animal Shelter, sign this petition to better help serve the public and animals. Animals are being uncared for an euthanized due to the neglect of this department. We need a change and these animals need our voice! I have contacted Mayor Sollars and am hoping for immediate action and change. However, after further investigation, it looks like although the mayor has visited the shelter and even donated one whole bag of food he supports the shelter! The current manager needs to be fired and the shelter needs to be audited. I plan to bring these signatures to the city council meeting on February 6th at 7:00 pm. Located at  22805 Goddard Road, Taylor, MI. Hope to see others there as well!  **If after signing, you are prompted to "chip in" that money does not go to this cause. It goes to the website. Please do not donate thinking it is going to help save the animals. It goes to Change . org. Not me or the cause** All I am asking is for you to sign and ask 5 others to sign or post to social media. Then I will present the signatures to the mayor. Thank you for your signature and help! 

Raleigh Minning, M.S.C.J, MSc, (MBA)
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Petition to Ron Cink, Chris Elliot, Frank Burt, Tucker Dorsey, Charles Gruber

Changes Must Be Made to Stop Baldwin County Animal Shelter from Returning to High Kill

This petition is addressed to the Baldwin County AL Board of Commissioners (Frank Burt District 1, Chris Elliot District 2, Tucker Dorsey District 3, Charles Gruber District 4, County Administrator / Budget (Ron Cink), and the Baldwin County Animal Shelter Board of Trustees to express serious concerns regarding the treatment of animals as well as the operation,management, and oversight of the Baldwin County Animal Shelter in Summerdale AL. Several 501c3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue organizations working with the Baldwin County Animal Control Center for several years have successfully rescued hundreds of animals from this shelter. Our involvement with the former Director made a 1.5 year no kill rate of healthy dogs possible in Baldwin County. Since Baldwin County assumed control in October, changes in staff and practices have eroded this relationship with your constituents and rescue organizations; and more importantly, destroying healthy dogs has skyrocketed and the quality of care and behavioral and mental health has plummeted. Liability is a HUGE concern for you, just as the animal's safety and welfare are HUGE concerns for us. We believe both of our concerns are mutually beneficial to the goal of compassionately providing adequate food and shelter for the animals while making them available for rescue and adoption. Operational protocols for routine, daily procedures are constantly in the process of being written and approved, and access to animals is denied. Independent and unbiased regulatory measures are non-existent. Everything is done in-house and without taking reasonable steps to promote the behavioral and mental welfare of the animals. Instead, the shelter is left to supervise itself, be monitored by budget personnel, and be advised by a hand-picked Board of Trustees. All of which has been happening without the spirit of transparency suggested in the Code of Alabama sections 3-10- 2, 3-10- 3 and 3-10- 4 as reports have not been shared upon request. Evaluation of animal behavior is not carried out in a consistent and objective manner. The director was heard saying she relies on her gut to determine whether a dog is aggressive. Using this technique has resulted in numerous dogs having "Do Not Walk" signs posted on their enclosure while turning away offers of help from trained animal behaviorists. Rescue organizations have been denied the opportunity to assume responsibility and rehabilitate certain dogs without a substantiated explanation. All too often, there is a rush to make judgment and destroy beautiful, healthy dogs. On the rare occasion rescue organizations get an explanation,staff cite consensus with veterinarians; however, this constitutes a conflict of interest since these veterinarians are members of the Board and financially benefit from euthanizing the dogs. Qualifications of shelter staff do not appear to be in line with their assigned duties. Members of rescue organizations witnessed several handling errors with current staff. Recently, two major incidents occurred because dogs were not properly secured in their kennels. Staff did not know how to properly de-escalate the situation and take control of the animals. Staff have been observed flinching from certain dogs even when the dog is securely in his assigned enclosure. In fact, they have promoted unwanted behavior by encouraging the dog to play with their barehand. All this implies little to no training--beginning with basics such as walking an animal on a leash. We, the undersigned organizations and persons, are requesting the following actions: RECOMMENDATIONS 1. REPLACE THE CURRENT DIRECTOR. Let this document serve as a vote of no confidence in the ability and qualifications of the current director. We recommend removing her from her post and replacing her with someone who knows the difference between animal control and an animal shelter. Someone who does not demonize dogs, but rather one who is compassionate and understands the physical and mental needs of dogs in a shelter setting. 2. REVISIT MANAGEMENT OF THE SHELTER. Proposals have been submitted in the past without the benefit of transparency, so they were destined to fall short. Please consider opening the door for a qualified agency or consortium of agencies to re-submit proposals. 3. TRANSPARENCY. Excuses and secrecy permeate the shelter. Make information readily accessible. The work of rescue organizations is time-sensitive, so access to timely exchange of information is essential. Data from the previous month's report is too late to save lives. This impedes the collaborative efforts necessary to achieve our primary mission of saving dogs lives while maintaining the safety of staff, volunteers, and rescue organizations. 4. MISSION. Develop a Mission Statement and Strategic Plan for the operation, management, routine monitoring, and impartial oversight of the Baldwin County Animal Shelter. 5. OBJECTIVES. SMART objectives should be developed SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. The key here is objective, consistently applied to assess job performance. It also applies to evaluation of dogs' physical, mental, and behavioral health at intake and daily so immediate intervention can take place as needed. 6. ANIMAL ACTION PLANS. Develop and maintain action plans for each animal. The key here is to tailor plans that both promote optimal physical and mental health (i.e., vaccinations, de-worming, living conditions), and encourage stimulation for dogs to avoid  psychological decompensation --especially long-term residents.  Allow the recues and their volunteers to have access to the dogs and provide the extra attention the dogs need for the best outcome. 7. STAFF TRAINING. Develop or identify existing training for staff who handle dogs-- beginning with the basics. Do not assume previous experience takes the place of quality training. Bad habits and emotional triggers should be addressed. 8. OPERATION. Develop or identify existing operational protocols necessary to operate and maintain the Baldwin County Animal Shelter. The key here is to provide procedural guidance that is clear, concise, and consistently applied. Impartial internal and external checks and balances should be included to avoid an autocracy. We recommend adding a representative from one or more rescue organizations to the Board of Trustees. 9. MONITORING, EVALUATION, AND QUALITY CONTROL. Develop or identify existing protocols for regulating and monitoring the 1) shelter, 2) its employees' performance, and 3) the animals' physical and mental well-being. Protocols should include assessment and quality control methods and tools with built-in internal and external checks and balances to avoid an autocracy. 10. AMENDMENT - DEVELOP AND IMPLEMENT AN ACTION PLAN FOR CATS.  This plan should include receiving stray cats and developing a good adoption plan for them;  establishing relationships with cats rescues to provide resources for unadoptable cats; setting up TNR programs in every city in the county; starting a barn cat program.   The current solution of leaving the cats on the streets to fend for themselves is not acceptable.  REFERENCES:  Code of Alabama 3-10- 2/3/4 SMART Objectives poster Association of Shelter Veterinarians Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters Beltrami Humane Society Strategic Plan Keys to Successful Performance Measures (for Animal Shelters)

Baldwin Co. Citizens for CHANGE
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