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Petition to Humane Society of Southwest Washington/Stacey Graham, Lisa Feder, Tina Evarts

Get Booger Back Home

My cat was adopted from the humane society under the name "Goofus" while I was out of town for a little over a month. I had no idea he was even missing until after I'd returned back to Vancouver. By the time I was able to determine where he was, I was told I was too late to get him back. I've relentlessly been doing everything I can think of in hopes of finding him. My requests to have my information passed onto the family that adopted him have been rejected every time. In a response to my email I'd sent to the Board of Directors I was denied my request and told that it's important for the shelter to maintain a certain reputation or image to the community and that people who adopt an animal tend to form a bond quickly with their new pet. If that's honestly any concern to you, then why have I been repeatedly told that if he ever ends up back in your shelter, an alert will come up in your system to notify me? If that means you'd one day be willing to give him back to me, why not just do it now? If you're worried about damaging your reputation or level of trust within the community, I would be more concerned with the individuals who are hired on to represent your shelter. Recently, after making a routine post on a lost pet page thru Facebook, I was publicly harassed for approximately an hour by an employee of the Southwest Washington humane society for trying to find my cat. She told me it was my own fault my cat was gone and I had no right even asking to have him back. I was in tears trying to defend myself from every hurtful statement she kept making, but in complete shock that someone could even do something like this to another person. She had no right doing what she did or saying any of the things she'd said to me. It was completely unprofessional and uncalled for. It isnt wrong for me to want my cat back because I would've never let him go in the first place. In my opinion, in order to correct the situation I should be given my cat back immediately along with an apology from your employee for her unacceptable  behavior.            

Tina Evarts
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Petition to Indiana Governor, President of the United States, Department of Justice, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Return My Illegally Taken Pets.

Return My Illegally Taken Pets. My family, as well as other innocent people, continue to have their loved and well cared for pets illegally taken by a corrupt, unqualified animal control/shelter director. This is happening all over and if it isn't stopped now it will continue, and you may find yourself being threatened with false charges and losing your pets. My story, we had just rented a place one day, moved in the next, that night the owner came and said he changed his mind and to get out, and went for eviction, we were fighting it when we were thrown out that day by two sheriff deputies. We were refused to be able to leave with our pets to take them somewhere else and the animal shelter director showed up. The order to have us removed was sign by a judge who is one of the directors family members. I was in shock from everything happening and couldn’t think straight at all, he started threatening me with false charges and even threatened to have my 16 year old daughter arrested simply because she said she didn’t want her pets taken. I hadn’t even realized the sheriffs deputies had left until he threatened my daughter and I looked towards where they were before and noticed they had left. He could have called them back with any amount of lies to have us falsely arrested. He also claimed he needed my signature in case something happened and needed to get any of them medical attention, he continued to bully, threaten and intimidate me into signing a paper I was in to much shock and not all mentally there to sign. Every time my 21 year old son even approached him he was told to shut up and go away. Not all of our pets are mine, two are my sons, but he was told to shut up and go away. He isolated me from my kids who could think more clearly than I could. I was told I could keep two. We now have those two back but they had to be treated for kennel cough from being in the animal shelter. My son called the mayors office and told them what happened, they refused to return my sons pets even, but we found out the mayor allows him to do this because it generates money for the city through selling the animals they illegally & wrongfully steal. When we picked up the two we were once again threatened with false charges if we try to fight to get the rest back. We have contacted many and are fighting anyways. Our pets are not just pets but family. I was in shock, literally mental shock and could not think straight. I began calling around to other places trying to get help but all the person did was call and let him know I was calling around telling people what I had told them. He flat out told me that I would never ever lay eyes on my pets again. He has changed his story many times as for his excuse why he illegally took them. First he claimed abandonment, but I was refused to be allowed to take my pets and leave, my pets are like my kids, I would never ever abandon them. Many people know I would never harm them or leave them. Then he changed it to claiming I supposedly wasn’t feeding them, however, I’m an annoying picture person and take pictures & videos of my pets daily. I have thousands of photo’s that show my pets were healthy. He then changed it to claiming I was violating hybrid laws. I proved that wrong, my hybrids are inside never out besides to be walked on a leash to use the bathroom or to play in the yard with us out with them. Never alone out without us right next to them. He then tried to claim, because I hadn’t socialized them like I should have, when if I had I would then be breaking the laws. He then changed it to claiming I was an illegal dog breeder because one of our males got into the room where we had our female that was in heat. She had her very first ever litter of puppies. Puppies my daughter grew attached to and our reason for planning to move away and opening a sanctuary so we could keep all the pups. We had the legal amount of animals until the pups came & they were just turning the age of 6 months and why we were moving. He didn’t claim it but in case he tries, my house was cleaned 3 times a day and like with the pets I have many photo’s that shows my house was kept clean. We found out when going to appeal that there was nothing to appeal as he documented it as I just didn’t want them and signed them over. That is a lie! I want my pets returned to my family and have a twitter set up @helpfindourpets and a facebook page to try to find where they are as he said he sent them off before I was even allowed to pick up the two he would return to me. Our pets aren't just pets, we see them as family, fur kids, and they were also emotional therapy for my teenage daughter. As I stated before, there was no warrant, no just cause to take them, only threats of false charges, bullying, intimidation tactics, and the lie about needing my signature in case they needed medical attention. I was also not given the legal time frame to fight for them, he gave me 5 days (which they were taken on a Friday) only when it’s supposed to be 10 days. All pets were taken without warrants or any type of court proceedings; just he does what he wants without regard to laws or civil rights, and the mayor backs and allows him. Not only were they illegally seized, but done just 3 days after an account pretending to be my ex (my kids & I were going through intense domestic violence, stalking, harassment, and our lives being threatened at this very same time and I have thousands of screenshots to prove it) said to see what they had planned for me next, and then posted about using the government against me. This man is very abusive and singles women out when he takes pets and its women he threatens with false charges. This man is illegally removing pets well cared for and loved pets for financial gain for the city. I did not neglect my pets, they were spoiled, and I have a lot of people who know and watched them grow up, even through photos and videos and many who know I would never ever give my pets up. They are kids to me, one’s I’m very worried about so I hope you will help me get them returned to me. They always had plenty of food & were well taken care of. I was not a hoarder, I did not breed animals, and I followed all the laws, I could afford to take care of them, and my house stayed very clean. As a matter of fact I’m OCD, which I can prove with numerous individuals. I was also not a “rescue”, I simply ran a website to help others find their missing pets, and for free. I am not the first person this has happened to. The first known to us was a place called “Adopt A Lab” a report was called in from an employee that was just fired for not keeping up on his job, cleaning, which is what the report was for. They were also boarding other people’s pets when they used illegal tactics to take every animal there including the other people’s pets. This rescue had the backing of their vet as well as the state board of health saying there was no reason to take their animals, but this guy threatened this woman with false charges if she didn’t sign them ALL over. Yes even animals she had no legal right to sign over leaving those people to fight to get them back. Here is a link to an opinion article written about it from our last deputy mayor Next made public was in Cowan Indiana, “county area” where there is NO limit to how many animals can be kept. All pets were taken (media were there but were not allowed in), because he was claiming the house was un-livable. People on the newspaper were commenting it sounded fishy because cps wasn’t called in, if it was that bad the animals needed taken. So later cps was called in, it just so happens that this guy has friends who work for cps, they were only called in to help him cover his tracks. I have screenshots of this woman having to deal with cps, nothing has been said about threats of false charges if she fought it, she’s probably afraid she’ll lose her daughter as well if she does. Next made public was a lady in Albany Indiana, once again county where there were no limits. This woman’s house was not unfit, the dogs were healthy but, all but three dogs were taken anyways. Not sure if she was threatened with false charges if she fought it and she is rumored to have taken her pets she was given back and left the state. If a few pets are left to keep, how can there be a real reason to take others? There isn’t! And it was also done from a supposed tip. Then another young woman who was also being evicted was charged after her landlord claimed she moved and left her dead dog, except her dog is still very much alive. There are too many more to keep listing. The director of the Muncie Indiana animal shelter/control, Phil Peckinpaugh, is unqualified for the position he holds. He was given the position of director by our city mayor whom he is a very close friend of. His only degree is in Media Communications and his only animal related work experience was at a rescue that had been in trouble for picking up peoples pets, lying saying they didn’t have them, and then trying to sell them. He has done the exact same thing at the Muncie animal shelter and more to generate the broke city income. Our last mayor before our present said Muncie Indiana was broke, however, when our current took office it went from not broke to no longer broke. The fines this director has been able to generate for the city and the amount collected from selling dogs & cats has been funding the creation of pay to use dog parks around the city and who knows what else. This same corrupt director made the local newspaper for assaulting a local attorney, showing that he is abusive, violent, & has a very short temper. Anyone violent should never be allowed to work with animals and especially should never hold the directors position. He also liked a facebook page to an online store that is selling real fur coats, including Timber Wolf and Fox Fur among others. It's unethical for someone who is supposed to be for protecting animals to be ok with and deal with someone who sells real fur. This man has also been lying about having missing animals & selling them. Which is the equal to pet flipping just being done by a city ran shelter. The judge who over saw all the cases brought by the shelter director was recently removed, & banned for life for violating citizens rights, & over-stepping her authority in cases. Some of the cases that helped get her removed and banned were animal cases brought by the shelter director. Here is the PDF of the findings Here is the link to the news article of him and his father assaulting a man and here is the link to a video I made of the article in-case they remove it. I discovered an article about a pack of wolf hybrids, you can read it and it’s comments here, This article helps show that the director of the animal shelter purposely targeted my family for abusers to illegally seize my hybrids and threaten me with false trumped up charges (by him, as you will see in his comment on this article that he is not law enforcement to do such) if I told anyone or tried to fight for my dogs.  The man in this article keeps his outside, mine were kept inside, and mine were never alone to hurt anyone. I never got a meeting, notta, just threats if I exposed him, or fought for the return of mine. The director also admitted to participating in a hog wrestling event where you could clearly see the poor animal was frightened and squealing for help. He admitted the pig was distressed but “The pigs are definitely in distress,” Phil Peckinpaugh said, although he added, “I never saw one that I thought would be hurt.” which clearly shows his lack of knowledge of animals. How can someone who charges regular people for animal cruelty say or think that an animal that’s being psychologically tormented isn’t being hurt? His wife also had her own team for the event which shows it’s a family belief that it’s ok to harm animals. That event is another way the city harms animals to generate money & for entertainment. Yet he charges others with cruelty to animals. It’s not ethical for someone who holds a position at an animal shelter, or animal control and to participate in events that are cruel to animals.   It’s being proven more every day that animals feel the same emotions as humans, they love, they feel pain, they mourn, they parent, and are intelligent living beings. When this director illegally takes pets away from loving responsible homes, it’s like violently ripping a child away from their parents & family, they feel the same, frightened, and then guilt, wondering why & not able to understand. Animals suffer from depression; they can get PTSD from being violently ripped away from their home. These same things are also being felt by the family they were taken from because many people consider their pets as extra furry children. This is not only abuse, and animal cruelty but also abuse & cruelty to the pets owners and exploitation of both. Not one of this guys accusations should be believed, every charge ever brought on his accusations against people need to be re-investigated by the US Department Of Justice, The FBI, and the Department of Agriculture especially since the judge he sent cases before has been banned for life for violating citizens rights. I and those who have signed ask that my pets be returned, and that you investigate the shelters activities and all cases from the time he took over, and remove and prosecute the director for illegally & wrongfully taking peoples pets. Remove this violent man from his position before he harms anymore pets or families. Muncie has targeted pet owners the way police in Ferguson targeted it’s citizens to abuse & exploit to generate its city income. As a matter of fact, the city was founded by dog haters who promoted killing dogs. Muncie’s mayor should be removed from his position, the director should be charged, pets need to be returned, and the city should have to provide each family financial compensation. The city is currently being sued for sexual harassment by one of it’s female citizens.   The city was being sued for sexual harassment when I started this petition. The city and Mayor Dennis Tyler are now being sued by the former chief of police for trying to force him to compromise the fbi's investigation into them. The building commissioner has been charged with 34 counts by the fbi, and are still investigating local corruption.

Tina York
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Petition to Ron Cink, Chris Elliot, Frank Burt, Tucker Dorsey, Charles Gruber

Changes Must Be Made to Stop Baldwin County Animal Shelter from Returning to High Kill

This petition is addressed to the Baldwin County AL Board of Commissioners (Frank Burt District 1, Chris Elliot District 2, Tucker Dorsey District 3, Charles Gruber District 4, County Administrator / Budget (Ron Cink), and the Baldwin County Animal Shelter Board of Trustees to express serious concerns regarding the treatment of animals as well as the operation,management, and oversight of the Baldwin County Animal Shelter in Summerdale AL. Several 501c3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue organizations working with the Baldwin County Animal Control Center for several years have successfully rescued hundreds of animals from this shelter. Our involvement with the former Director made a 1.5 year no kill rate of healthy dogs possible in Baldwin County. Since Baldwin County assumed control in October, changes in staff and practices have eroded this relationship with your constituents and rescue organizations; and more importantly, destroying healthy dogs has skyrocketed and the quality of care and behavioral and mental health has plummeted. Liability is a HUGE concern for you, just as the animal's safety and welfare are HUGE concerns for us. We believe both of our concerns are mutually beneficial to the goal of compassionately providing adequate food and shelter for the animals while making them available for rescue and adoption. Operational protocols for routine, daily procedures are constantly in the process of being written and approved, and access to animals is denied. Independent and unbiased regulatory measures are non-existent. Everything is done in-house and without taking reasonable steps to promote the behavioral and mental welfare of the animals. Instead, the shelter is left to supervise itself, be monitored by budget personnel, and be advised by a hand-picked Board of Trustees. All of which has been happening without the spirit of transparency suggested in the Code of Alabama sections 3-10- 2, 3-10- 3 and 3-10- 4 as reports have not been shared upon request. Evaluation of animal behavior is not carried out in a consistent and objective manner. The director was heard saying she relies on her gut to determine whether a dog is aggressive. Using this technique has resulted in numerous dogs having "Do Not Walk" signs posted on their enclosure while turning away offers of help from trained animal behaviorists. Rescue organizations have been denied the opportunity to assume responsibility and rehabilitate certain dogs without a substantiated explanation. All too often, there is a rush to make judgment and destroy beautiful, healthy dogs. On the rare occasion rescue organizations get an explanation,staff cite consensus with veterinarians; however, this constitutes a conflict of interest since these veterinarians are members of the Board and financially benefit from euthanizing the dogs. Qualifications of shelter staff do not appear to be in line with their assigned duties. Members of rescue organizations witnessed several handling errors with current staff. Recently, two major incidents occurred because dogs were not properly secured in their kennels. Staff did not know how to properly de-escalate the situation and take control of the animals. Staff have been observed flinching from certain dogs even when the dog is securely in his assigned enclosure. In fact, they have promoted unwanted behavior by encouraging the dog to play with their barehand. All this implies little to no training--beginning with basics such as walking an animal on a leash. We, the undersigned organizations and persons, are requesting the following actions: RECOMMENDATIONS 1. REPLACE THE CURRENT DIRECTOR. Let this document serve as a vote of no confidence in the ability and qualifications of the current director. We recommend removing her from her post and replacing her with someone who knows the difference between animal control and an animal shelter. Someone who does not demonize dogs, but rather one who is compassionate and understands the physical and mental needs of dogs in a shelter setting. 2. REVISIT MANAGEMENT OF THE SHELTER. Proposals have been submitted in the past without the benefit of transparency, so they were destined to fall short. Please consider opening the door for a qualified agency or consortium of agencies to re-submit proposals. 3. TRANSPARENCY. Excuses and secrecy permeate the shelter. Make information readily accessible. The work of rescue organizations is time-sensitive, so access to timely exchange of information is essential. Data from the previous month's report is too late to save lives. This impedes the collaborative efforts necessary to achieve our primary mission of saving dogs lives while maintaining the safety of staff, volunteers, and rescue organizations. 4. MISSION. Develop a Mission Statement and Strategic Plan for the operation, management, routine monitoring, and impartial oversight of the Baldwin County Animal Shelter. 5. OBJECTIVES. SMART objectives should be developed SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. The key here is objective, consistently applied to assess job performance. It also applies to evaluation of dogs' physical, mental, and behavioral health at intake and daily so immediate intervention can take place as needed. 6. ANIMAL ACTION PLANS. Develop and maintain action plans for each animal. The key here is to tailor plans that both promote optimal physical and mental health (i.e., vaccinations, de-worming, living conditions), and encourage stimulation for dogs to avoid  psychological decompensation --especially long-term residents.  Allow the recues and their volunteers to have access to the dogs and provide the extra attention the dogs need for the best outcome. 7. STAFF TRAINING. Develop or identify existing training for staff who handle dogs-- beginning with the basics. Do not assume previous experience takes the place of quality training. Bad habits and emotional triggers should be addressed. 8. OPERATION. Develop or identify existing operational protocols necessary to operate and maintain the Baldwin County Animal Shelter. The key here is to provide procedural guidance that is clear, concise, and consistently applied. Impartial internal and external checks and balances should be included to avoid an autocracy. We recommend adding a representative from one or more rescue organizations to the Board of Trustees. 9. MONITORING, EVALUATION, AND QUALITY CONTROL. Develop or identify existing protocols for regulating and monitoring the 1) shelter, 2) its employees' performance, and 3) the animals' physical and mental well-being. Protocols should include assessment and quality control methods and tools with built-in internal and external checks and balances to avoid an autocracy. 10. AMENDMENT - DEVELOP AND IMPLEMENT AN ACTION PLAN FOR CATS.  This plan should include receiving stray cats and developing a good adoption plan for them;  establishing relationships with cats rescues to provide resources for unadoptable cats; setting up TNR programs in every city in the county; starting a barn cat program.   The current solution of leaving the cats on the streets to fend for themselves is not acceptable.  REFERENCES:  Code of Alabama 3-10- 2/3/4 SMART Objectives poster Association of Shelter Veterinarians Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters Beltrami Humane Society Strategic Plan Keys to Successful Performance Measures (for Animal Shelters)

Baldwin Co. Citizens for CHANGE
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