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Petition to Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr, City Council Member Mark Gjonaj, Corey Johnson, City Council Member Andy King, Community Board 10, Speaker Corey Johnson, Bill de Blasio, Sam Goodman

Save our Bronx Animal Shelter from Land Grab by developer

Bronx Community Board 10 voted against our Bronx Animal Shelter.   Our Bronx Animals need us to stop this travesty and save our Bronx Animals Shelter.  PLEASE sign our petition before the public hearing schedule on July 19th.  CB10 States they support it at another location but they know quite well there is no alternative location. Either an Animal  shelter will be build here or there will NEVER be an animal shelter in the Bronx. At the same time, records show a developer, First Hartford Realty Corporation, has been paying a firm to lobby elected officials about developing the city-owned property. Patrick B. Jenkins & Associates reported earning $200,000 since 2016 to perform “governmental relations and consulting services related to the potential development of 2050 Bartow Avenue,” according to periodic lobbying reports filed with the city clerk’s office. The firm has raised the matter with King, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and various officials in de Blasio’s administration, the reports show. How can we in a borough of over 1.4 million residents not have an animal shelter.  In 2008, Community Board 7 used the same excuses that other facilities as community center was a priority over an animal shelter.  Yet in the entire Bronx we don't have an animal shelter and many animals and people have suffer without this needed resource.  Please help us in the Bronx and sign our petition. THE Proposed Bronx Shelter Public Hearing A Bronx Property the city wants for an animal shelter is being eyed by a developer For more information, contact  

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Petition to Steve Hogan, Michael Bennet, John Hickenlooper, Jenae Shipman

Please Bring Capone Home

A German Shepherd/Lab mix, Capone, has been a family-member of a family in Aurora, CO for the past 10 years. On February 24 2017, Capone jumped the fence in his backyard and was picked up by Aurora Animal Control. City officials are currently refusing to return Capone to his family because he is suspected to be a wolf-hybrid "after it's experts observed the animal's behavior, mannerisms and physical characteristics." If a DNA test finds that Capone is part wolf, he is at risk of being euthanized, re-homed or sent to an animal sanctuary. Please sign this petition urging the City of Aurora to return Capone to his family. Capone is currently being detained at the Aurora Animal Shelter. He is a loving family dog who does not have a history of violence and have never shown aggressive tendencies. In fact, Capone has proven himself to be a loyal and loving dog to the family's children. The owner, Tracy Abbato, feels like her children are being punished by having their dog taken from them. Abbato stated "they sleep with the dog at night and it's hard watching my kids because they are taking it rough." Owning a wolf hybrid is illegal in the City of Aurora but the State of Colorado law states that as long as a dog is at least 1% domesticated, it's legal to own said dog. Capone, who has lived with his family for the past 10 years and has never been show to be wild or vicious should not be condemned to death or a life without his current family when the State of Colorado allows dogs who are at least 1% domesticated to be owned as pets. For more information check out this 9News story or this one on the Huffington Post. This family dog deserves to come home, not caged up, just imagine, he may never get to have that life again.  How would you feel?

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Petition to Mark McFarlin, Tom Isbell, Dusty Jordan, Kenneth Bates, Christie McDaniel, Chris Chilton, Todd Collins, Sheriff Randall Ward, Steve Phillips, Keith Nash, Frankye Ward, Ronnie George, Claude Callicott, Clay Chessor, John Porch, Susan Sullivan, John Deal, Wayne Thomasson, Danny Clark, Gary Hanes

Animal Control Program & Shelter in Hickman County, Tennessee!

Hickman County has a population of 24,690 and covers 612 square miles. We are on the Williamson County line and growing quickly. We currently do not have any kind of animal control program in place. Our deputies can’t properly enforce animal cruelty laws because our sheriff’s department doesn’t have a budget for boarding or veterinary care. The solution to our very massive dog at large problem is shooting dogs. That means that many beloved pets have been shot if they accidentally escaped or wandered off property. You should see our lost and found pages. I find this unacceptable. Please join me in convincing our sheriff and our county commissioners that an animal control program and shelter should be a mandatory service for the safety of our community. “Animal cruelty is more than just a legal issue, it’s a community issue. If you improve animal welfare in a community, you improve public safety for everyone.”-Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake “When you hold animal abusers accountable, you can prevent other crime and begin to change a community in regards to safety.”-National District Attorney’s Association    

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