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Petition to 中川雅治 , 古田尚也 , 大橋洋治 , インガーアンダーセン , 三反園訓 , 山田文雄 , 朝山毅 , 高岡秀規 , 翁長雄志 , 徳田康光

Protect Cats from easy Killing that excludes World Heritage

日本語版 Japanese Government is about to kill around 1,000 stray cats, in Amami Oshima, southwest island of the country. The culling is rapid and meaningless mass slaughter, and will ruin the effort of World Heritage registration in reverse.    We oppose to the killing for 3 reasons as follows.  1. Rare species will never be protected by killing cats Amami and its surrounding islands are candidates for World Natural Heritage. Because rare species such as Amami Rabbits and Okinawa Rails inhabit. Some researchers requested the Ministry of the Environment to consider the culling of the cats because they prey on the rare species.   However, a survey conducted by the Ministry shows that the rabbits are increasing. And,  in 2016, all that can conclude the cause of death was a traffic accident in Amami Oshima. Even if you kill dogs and cats, the problem will never be solved.  2. There has been "Success Example”.  On Tokunoshima island, next to Amami Oshima, Dobutsu Kikin, an incorporated public interest foundation, and three local governments conducted the trap-neuter-return (TNR) approach. Dobutsu Kikin means “Animal Fund” in Japanese.  By the TNR, a preventive measure against breeding of cats, for about 2.5 years from Nov. 2014, around 3,000 cats (95% of the whole island)  became infertile, while Amami Rabbits increased.  We are convinced that this Tokunoshima model can be applied to Amami Oshima and Okinawa..  【From related News report】   A staff of Tokunoshima local government  (60) said, "If so many cats are killed, the value of the world heritage will be gone." (Sankei News 2016.4.15)  3. Easy slaughter is against UNESCO's philosophy.    The philosophy of UNESCO, which registers the World Natural Heritage, is "respect for diversity", “Non-Exclusiveness" "to build peaceful bases in the minds of people".   However, "to kill a large amount of cats for World Heritage registration" is not only meaningless, but also completely opposes the philosophy of UNESCO.    We are convinced that the TNR activities that have been held at Tokunoshima in order to coexist with cats and Amami Rabbits have supported World Heritage registration in line with UNESCO's philosophy.   If a massive killing of cats done in Amami Oshima, the international community certainly will condemn Japanese Government and the registration application must be rejected. That way, the past efforts that local municipalities and animal fund have been advancing will be completely spoiled   NPO corporation Goal Zero, Hope to Life Team ZERO、Yamaguchi Veterinary Medicine Hospital, etc.  Submission of the signature:  Minister of the Environment, UNESCO, Top of Local governments including  Okinawa, Kagoshima Prefecture.  Related links Project Report of Sakura-Neko (Spayed/Neutered Cats) TNR on Tokunoshima Island (PDF) FYI. Related report of Tokunoshima TNR, Toyokeizai online December 07,2015 Appropriate TNR reduces stray cats. Tokunoshima TNR project summary (Japanese) Animal Fund (Japanese)   Ministry of Environment

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Petition to 環境省 野生生物課 御中 環境省 自然環境局 総務課 動物愛護管理室 御中

″ノネコ″というカテゴリーの廃止を求める署名~Signature requesting the abolition of the category "noneco"~

″ノネコ″と呼称されているネコは生物学的に愛玩動物と同種の猫です。住む場所が違うだけで区別するのは適切ではないと考えます。過去現在いろいろな問題が提起されております。野生動物であっても虐待は違法ですが兵庫県で掲示板(5ちゃんねる)のユーザーであると言われている者が猟銃免許を取り野良猫をノネコと偽り虐殺した事件がありました。また今まさに奄美市で行われている施策では一般人が人に管理されているであろう、さくら耳の飼い猫または野良猫を違法に捕獲し環境省に持ち込み、環境省は受け取ってしまったというあってはならない事が起こりました。飼い猫でも人里離れた山に侵入します。例え環境省であっても誤捕獲は違法です。こういった事故が起こらないため、又は識別不可なため、例えば大阪府では先進的に全域ノネコ認定をしておりません。つまり″猫″は″猫″なのです。余りにも身勝手な人間都合で差別をし殺処分を国が容認する事は虐待を助長したり、民度を下げる傾向になり得ます。奄美市のノネコ殺処分は社会問題に発展しつつあり、曖昧な定義をこれ以上、有耶無耶にする事は国民感情とし禁じ得ません。よって以下の要望を致します。                                   記 1 ) ″ノネコ″のカテゴリーを廃止してください。鳥獣保護法から動物愛護管理法に位置づけてください。 2 ) 野生動物の虐待が多発しております。野生動物であってもみだりに殺したり虐待は許せません。鳥獣保護法の条文に罰則を明記してください。                                                              以上     《English edition》 In Japan, cats living in the mountains are wild animals. And it is called noneko(wild cat).A cat called "noneko" is a biologically the same cat as a companion animal.I think that it is inappropriate to distinguish by just a different place to live. There are various problems in the past and now. A person who took a hunter's license and was abusing animals was in Hyogo prefecture.And massacred the cat as a noneko. Even in wild animals abuse is a crime, but Japanese law is ambiguous. Measures to eliminate noneko in Amami City began.Citizens illegally captured cats managed by people and brought them to the Ministry of the Environment.And the Ministry of the Environment illegally received.Even a domestic cat invades the mountain.Miscarrying is illegal even in the Ministry of the Environment. Osaka prefecture does not discriminate cats from noneko because such accidents do not occur or because they can not be identified. Naturally, "cat" is "cat". Admitting the killing by nation discrimination will induce abuse.It will lower the degree of civilization.Removal of noneco in Amami City has developed into a social problem.To abandon the ambiguous definition any more can not be allowed as a national sentiment. We will make the following requests.   1)Please abolish the category of ″noneko″. 2)Abuse of wild animals occurs frequently.Even wild animals can not tolerate abuse.Please specify penalties in the law of wildlife.    

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Petition to 内閣府 官房総務課 御中 環境省自然環境局 総務課 動物愛護管理室 御中

インターネットにおける動物虐待の動画・画像に法規制を‼︎(Do not put videos of animal abuse on the internet‼︎)

昨年、さいたまで元税理士が動物愛護管理法違反である動物虐待をした動画を5ちゃんねる(掲示板)にUPしました。それを目にした多くの国民が悲しみ、今も苦しんでいます。それだけでは終わらず、他者がその残虐な動画を芸術と謳い多岐にわたるSNSにUPし、悪質な嫌がらせを繰り返しております。しかしながら現行の法律ではこの猟奇的な言動を取り締まる法律がございません。この件は大手新聞社も取り上げてくださったくらい社会問題に発展しております。インターネットの犯罪に対して法律が追いついていない現実を危惧した念を抱きます。そこで法改正にあわせて早急に以下の法整備を要望致します。      ⑴ 憲法及び法律でも動物を“物”から(命ある生き物”とし、人間と同等の権利を与えてください。 ⑵ インターネットに係る犯罪の危機管理対策とし特別法案を国会と協議してください。 *動物虐待の動画及び画像をUPした者に対する規制 *動物虐待の動画を売買した者に対する規制     〈英語版〉 Last year Makoto Ohya did animal abuse and breached the law.I posted the video on 5 people who saw it are sad and still suffering.That alone is not over, others have said that cruelt that movie as art, posting and harassing a lot of SNS.However, the current laws of Japan do not have laws that control this bizarre behavior.This incident has appeared in the newspaper company and has developed into a social problem.I am worried that laws are not catching up with Internet crimes.So as soon as the law is revised we urgently request the following law maintenance. ⑴ Please also change the animals from "things" to "life" with the Constitution and laws and give them the same rights as human beings. ⑵ Please discuss the special legislation as a measure against Internet crime by the Diet and the government. * Restrictions on persons who upload animation abuse videos and images. * Regulations on persons who buy and sell animation abuse animals.      

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