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Petition to President of South Africa Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa, President of Uganda Mr. Y. Museveni, President of Kenya Mr. U. Kenyatta, President of Tanzania Mrs. Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of Namibia Mr. Hage Geingob, President of Botswana Mr. Mokgweetsi Masisi, President of Zambia Mr. Edgar Lungu

Stop any kind of Safari hunting in Africa - Fermiamo tutti i safari di caccia in Africa

Kill these wild animals for a so-called "sport" does not help and give benefits anyone. All wild animals in Africa, Elephants, Giraffes, Lions, Rhinos, Leopards, Cape buffalos, Zebras, etc. are a heritage of whole mankind, a heritage for our children and for those who will come after them. With this our public petition we ask strongly to stop all forms of safari and any kind of poaching in Africa, the only kind of Safari allowed must be photographic Safari. We find shameful as may be granted hunting, with precision weapons, to these animals, which are themselves the symbol of whole African continent. P.S. Please join too to our Facebook group: No Safari Facebook Group and to our   AnimalsTrust Facebook official page giving us a like to give us more strength and a greater International weight. All these African countries can have more and more benefits from tourism by increasing the possibilities of photographic Safari where all these wild Animals are respected in their natural habitat. This is a battle for all of us, these animals should be saved and protected at all costs. We invite you to sign this petition and share it on all your friends pages, to stop this insane massacre. Please follow us on Twitter too: Thank you! Sergio Barbesta **************************************************************** ITA Version Uccidere questi animali selvatici per un cosiddetto "sport" non aiuta e dà benefici a nessuno. Tutti gli animali selvatici in Africa, elefanti, giraffe, leoni, rinoceronti, leopardi, bufali del Capo, zebre, ecc. sono un patrimonio di tutta l'umanità, un patrimonio per i nostri figli e per coloro che verranno dopo di loro. Con questa nostra petizione internazionale chiediamo fortemente di fermare ogni forma di safari e ogni tipo di bracconaggio in Africa, l'unico tipo di safari consentito può essere il safari fotografico. Troviamo vergognoso come possa essere concessa la caccia, con armi di alta precisione a questi animali, che sono essi stessi il simbolo dell'intero continente africano. P.S. Unisciti anche al nostro gruppo Facebook: No Safari Facebook Group e alla nostra pagina ufficiale Facebook di AnimalsTrust dandoci un like per darci più forza e un maggiore peso internazionale. Tutti questi paesi africani possono trarre sempre più vantaggi dal turismo aumentando le possibilità di safari fotografici dove tutti questi animali selvatici possano essere rispettati e studiati nel loro habitat naturale. Questa è una battaglia per tutti noi, per l'intera umanità, questi animali vanno salvati e protetti ad ogni costo. Vi invitiamo a firmare questa petizione e a condividerla su tutte le pagine dei vostri amici, per fermare questo folle massacro. Seguici anche su Twitter: Grazie! Sergio Barbesta

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Petition to United Nations Environment Program, United Nations, António Guterres, United Nations Secretariat, United Nations Thailand, United Nations Development Program, UNITED NATIONS ESCAP, SECRETARIAT GENERAL UNITED NATIONS


In some regions of Thailand, pig-tailed macaques are intentionally bred and abusively trained, often with severe punishments, to harvest coconuts for the export industry. These coconuts are then purchased from food companies and used to produce coconut milk, oil and other products that we daily consume unconsciously. Monkeys are snatched from the wild, abducted from their families and their natural habitat. Most of them are illegally captured when they are just babies, and trained to pick up to 1,000 coconuts a day as they are treated like “coconut-picking machines”. The poor captive monkeys are often tethered by the neck with a rigid metal collar or kept chained and forced to climb up and down trees to collect coconuts that are not even permitted to eat. They are exploited until their labour is no longer useful to the industry. After being captured, they endure an extremely cruel training, as revealed from a disturbing investigation of PETA Asia. There are facilities, real “monkey training schools” where the animals are trained to pick up fruit. In addition, the trainers to earn more money forced monkeys to perform, like in a circus, frustrating and difficult tasks such as ride bikes, play basketball, make coconut picking competitions and other tricks just to entertain paying tourists. Monkeys are also chained to old tyres or confined in cages that are barely large enough for them to turn around in, while others are left in locked cages on the back of a truck with no shelter from the bad weather. This cruel situation of abuse causes frustration to monkeys that deprived from freedom, possibility of movement, motivations, proactivity and socialization display stereotypic behaviours as indication of extreme stress. They slowly lose their mind driven to desperation and start to frantically shake the cage bars, scream desperately trying to escape and circle endlessly on the dirty ground in which they are confined. Handlers are used to pull out the canine teeth of the poor animals to avoid the possibility of being bitten from them in case they would try to defend themselves against abuse and exploitation. WE SHOULD STOP TO FEED THIS TERRIBLE INDUSTRY AND TO PURCHASE COCONUTS AND PRODUCTS FROM FARMS AND MAJOR PRODUCERS THAT EXPLOIT MONKEYS!  STOP THE ABUSE ON ANIMALS!

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Petition to Imperial Royal Circus

Sfruttamento animali nel circo Imperial Royal Circus

E' una petizione che punta a combattere lo sfruttamento degli animali nei circhi. L'Imperial Royal Circus ne fa uso nei suoi spettacoli e guadagna sulla pelle di esseri innocenti. Gli animali che partecipano, vengono presi e portati via dai loro habitat naturali e obbligati a vivere in gabbie per il resto delle loro esistenze.Vengono addestrati (ovvero costretti contro la loro volontà a comportarsi e a fare, cose che vanno contro la loro natura), con modi di certo non caritatevoli- con il cosiddetto "metodo della ricompensa e della punizione"; se un animale esegue il trucco, allora avrà una data ricompensa. Al contrario riceverà frustate. 2. Se la petizione raggiungerà un numero adeguato di firme, gli animali potranno essere trasferiti in zone dove vige la protezione animali, dove potranno vivere una vita in cui non saranno più chiusi in gabbie e costretti ad eseguire umilianti spettacoli. Mi sto personalmente adoperando nel contattare varie associazioni animaliste e la protezione animali, per porre fine a tutto questo. Anche con poco, e' possibile ribaltare il mondo.   Grazie della vostra attenzione.  It's a petision against the exploitation of animals in circuses. The Imperial Royal Circus uses them in their shows and they earn money on the skin of innocent animals. 1. The animals are taken away from their natural habitat and forced to live for the rest of their lifes in cages. They are being trained (so obbliged to do innatural things), with brutal ways- with "the reward and punish method"; if the animal do the trick correctly, it will have a reward. If it fails, the animal will be flogged. 2. If the petition gets an adequate number of signatures, the animals will be transferred in places that they will be defended by the animal protection. They will have a better life and they will not be forced to do umiliant shows. I'm looking for contact the animal rights association and the animal protection. We can stop all of this. With little thing, we can change the world. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Petition to World Health Organisation (WHO), World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), World Animal Protection

Coronavirus pandemic: it's time to BAN live-animal meat markets

Now that the coronavirus is a pandemic, we need a global attempt to shut down live-animal meat markets worldwide and enforce stringent animal protection laws.  The coronavirus originated in the already problematic worldwide live animal markets that exist throughout Asia, West Africa, South and Central America and possibly even covertly in parts of the United States. Despite other previous deadly zoonotic diseases no permanent bans have followed nor adequate animal welfare protection laws were introduced. WHY TAKE ACTION: - Animals are often reported missing limbs or with open wounds from their capture in the wild or injuries sustained during transport. They are not cured. In this way, blood, feces, urine and other bodily secretions mix freely and deadly pathogens can originate. Animals are locked in rusty cages that do not respect the minimum size criteria, so they cannot stand up, turn around or stretch out. They are also amassed on top of one another and with other different species (creating additional conditions for spreading diseases between different species).   - We can only try to imagine the every-day suffering, the torture of not being cured after losing a limb, the psychological trauma these animals endure by living in those conditions. And animals are freshly slaughtered in unimaginable pain: they are skinned, plucked or boiled alive. --> Due to the diminished immune systems caused by the stress of living in the squalid conditions the animals are highly vulnerable to catching and passing on viruses. - From these markets SARS killed 774 people (WHO, 2003) and H7N9 and H5N9 Bird flu killed over 1,500 people (WHO, 2013). Now, COVID-19 currently sickened 1,133,758 people and killed 62,784 people worldwide (WHO, 2020). WE CAN MITIGATE the emergence of another pandemic and start to protect animals from living in those conditions by: - banning the sale of wildlife for consumption and traditional medicine, - enforcing stringent animal protection laws, - ensuring high standards of healthcare and hygiene, and - beginning to change cultural attitudes around consuming wildlife. Sign this petition to start this change!

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