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Petition to Memphis Zoo CEO Jim Dean, Memphis Zoo Chairman Thomas C. Farnsworth III, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland, Memphis Congress Rep Steven Cohen, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Tanya Steele, CEO: WWF-UK, World Animal Protection for US, Born free USA, The Humane Society of the United States, Free the wild

End Pandas YaYa & LeLe’s suffering and send them back home now!

End Pandas YaYa & LeLe’s suffering and send them back home now! In 2003, Giant pandas YaYa and LeLe travelled to Memphis Zoo in Tennessee US, as lovely, impressionable little furballs. After 18 years serving the zoo, today, they look extremely malnourished and sickly. YaYa, the female panda’s fur has been shedding profusely. Yet Memphis Zoo claims they are perfectly healthy. I am asking you, my fellow animal lovers, to encourage the Memphis Zoo CEO Jim Dean to return YaYa and LeLe back to their hometown where food is abundant and medical care is accessible. From 2007, the zoo performed 4 artificial inseminations on Yaya in 5 years, none of which were successful, possibly causing irreversible health damage to her. As early as 2008, YaYa was already shedding patches of fur. 13 years later, YaYa’s shedding has spread throughout her entire body. Beijing Zoo has confirmed that as early as 2014, YaYa has parasite infections that are causing her skin disease. Yet Memphis Zoo continues to claim that YaYa has a seasonal hormone fluctuation that causes hair thinning and that she looks thin due to her small frame. They also told fans YaYa is just “not photogenic”.  Both the Zoo and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums who credited the zoo stated that “she is perfectly healthy!” Panda’s diet is 99% bamboo and only eat certain species. The Zoo only provide 4 species from its 10 acres bamboo farm for BOTH pandas. Research has shown that at least 17 acres (100 mu) bamboo is sustainable for ONE panda. From 2013 - 2016, Memphis Zoo’s bamboo were sold to Toronto Zoo. This no doubt caused shortage, since Memphis Zoo asked for bamboo donations from public. The bamboo quality is also questionable, Yaya LeLe often rejected the bamboo provided. Even the panda in Toronto Zoo rejected the bamboo purchased from Memphis zoo. YaYa and LeLe not only suffer physically from disease and hunger, which is already incredibly heartbreaking, they also suffer psychologically from being caged in a small “den” every day for up to 18-HOURS! In the past 4 weeks, YaYa was allowed to go outdoors only 4 times!  Consequently, both YaYa and LeLe show severe signs of stereotypical behaviours, an irreversible mental impair caused by abnormal environment.   These unspeakable sufferings of YaYa and LeLe was not just a recent discovery but have lasted for more than a DECADE! Years of apparent neglect on pandas as well as other animals, and the lack of transparency seems to indicate that the zoo has little interest, if any, on animal welfare. We ask you to encourage Memphis Zoo CEO Jim Dean to send YaYa and LeLe back to their homeland China immediately! They have already sacrificed their entire lives to entertain humans. Now they are senior pandas reaching to the end of their life span, YaYa and LeLe deserve a retirement life without sufferings! Please sign and share this petition to help bring YaYa and LeLe one step closer to a healthier and happier life.  On behalf of Yaya and LeLe, we sincerely thank you for your support! For detail on YaYa and LeLe’s condition, please visit this article To find out more ways to voice your concern, please visit   *DISCLAIMER: Any monetary donation made when signing this petition goes to We currently have no donation activities. All the information provided by Panda Voices and its affiliated media channels is published in good faith. We encourage viewers to exercise independent judgment and due diligence.

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Petition to Dairy Queen, Troy Bader, Dan Kropp, Scott Muyres, Mickie Nye, Jean Champagne, Mark Vinton, Steve Min, Maria Hokanson, Tom Healey, Kelly Kenny, Holly Rackowski, Tim Scott, Roger Brewin, Amie Hoffner, Heather Peters

Dairy Queen, Stop Supporting Animal Cruelty!

“Happy tastes good.” That’s Dairy Queen’s slogan. Its mission is to “create positive memories for all who touch DQ.” But how could anyone possibly feel happy about a restaurant that supports extreme animal abuse? I recently learned that Dairy Queen does just this. Chickens in DQ’s supply chain suffer immense cruelty throughout their entire lives. They are bred to grow so large at such a fast rate that their bodies can’t keep up. This unnatural, rapid growth causes painful leg deformities, organ failure, and heart attacks. Many can’t even stand due to the weight, so they are forced to spend their lives lying in feces-filled litter. Thousands of birds are crammed together into filthy, windowless sheds. They are forced to live in their own waste, with ammonia levels so high that many suffer from chemical burns on their bodies.  When these social, intelligent animals are brought to slaughter, they are violently thrown upside down into metal shackles, a gruesome process that frequently breaks their legs. Their throats are then slit—often while they’re still fully conscious. They are even at risk of being boiled alive. It’s a life of pure torture. And that’s why Dairy Queen must make changes. It’s time for Dairy Queen to do the right thing and adopt the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC), a comprehensive set of welfare reforms that address the worst abuses suffered by chickens on today’s farms. So while Dairy Queen has made some strides in recent years, such as adding a plant-based Dilly Bar to its menu, it’s not enough. I would love to see a company headquartered so close to my home in Minnesota leading the way in animal welfare. Consumers care about—and deserve—transparency. Dairy Queen has the opportunity to greatly improve the lives of the millions of chickens it uses for the meat on its menu. If you agree that consumers deserve transparency about the sources of their food, especially with regard to animal welfare, please join me in urging DQ’s leadership to step up and sign onto the BCC—just as 200+ other companies (including White Castle and Popeyes) have done. Dairy Queen: It’s time to end your support of cruel factory farming practices and adopt the Better Chicken Commitment!  - - - Photo credit: Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

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