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End Horseracing In California

Upward of 2,000 horses die on American racetracks every year. In 2016, there were roughly 170 deaths on California tracks alone. ( All to serve people’s desire to place a $2 bet. Despite the typical opening day festivities with ladies in fancy garb and big hats, there is nothing glamorous about horse racing. Racetracks are battlefields where horses pay with their lives for our entertainment. How can we justify a spectacle in which an animal gets instantly euthanized for merely spraining an ankle or breaking a leg? Racehorses are tormented and tortured for the sole purpose of generating profits for their owners and race promoters. How is this, the so-called “Sport of Kings”, still legal? It wasn’t that long ago that another blood sport - greyhound racing - was legal in much of the United States. A more enlightened view has emerged that rightly recognizes it for what it truly is; cruel, inhumane and exploitative. Animal activists and advocates have fought long and hard to render it illegal in 40 states and counting. Similarly, horse racing should be outlawed. Regulations to improve treatment of horses and reduce their rate of death are ineffective, as they are neither followed nor enforced. Frankly, given the money at stake, there are huge incentives to cheat at the track, as well as recklessly breed horses for speed to the detriment of their general health. The only answer is complete abolishment of the horse racing industry. California can pave the way for other states by being the first to pass legislation making horse racing illegal. Please join me in calling upon California lawmakers to ban horse racing, as well as gambling on horse racing, in the State of California.

Horseracing Wrongs
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Petition to Santa Anita Park, Stronach Group, Gavin Newsom

Santa Anita: Stop killing racehorses

This year 41 racehorses, including former Breeders’ Cup winner Battle of Midway, have died at California’s world-famous Santa Anita Park. And the number of horses dying goes up every few days.  Still, what’s happening there is no anomaly. Over the past 11 years, Santa Anita has averaged 50 dead racehorses annually; every 12-month period but one (when “only” 37 died) saw at least 40 corpses. What’s more, Santa Anita can’t even claim it’s heading in the right direction as two of the three worst years were ‘15-’16 and ‘16-’17. Sign and share today to urge Santa Anita to stop the senseless death of racehorses by closing down its track. Nationally, through our seminal FOIA reporting, Horseracing Wrongs has documented over 5,000 confirmed kills on U.S. tracks just since 2014; we estimate that over 2,000 horses are killed racing or training across America every year. Over 2,000. Imagine that. But there's more: Each year, hundreds more die back in their stalls from things like colic and laminitis, or are simply "found dead" in the morning. And perhaps worst of all, the vast majority of has-been (or never-were) equine "athletes" are brutally and violently bled-out and butchered at Canadian and Mexican slaughterhouses - some 12,000-15,000 Thoroughbreds alone each year. In short, the American horseracing industry is engaged in wholesale carnage - not hyperbole, carnage. “Horseracing is animal exploitation. Horseracing is animal cruelty. Horseracing kills horses. And for nothing more than $2 bets, idle entertainment. We live in 21st Century America; we can - and should - be better than this.” - Patrick Battuello, Founder/President, Horseracing Wrongs More horses will die if Santa Anita is not closed down. Sign today to tell the owners to save lives by immediately shutting down the track.

Horseracing Wrongs
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Petition to Allen Pitner, Wallace Cartright, Eugene Ray

Boycott Animal Cruelty At Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration - Shelbyville, TN

Shelbyville (Bedford County) TN is a wonderful community where warm,  friendly caring people live and worship, and believe in the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately,  Shelbyville (Bedford County) TN is a VICTIM of the ANIMAL CRUELTY being perpetrated upon the Tennessee Walking Horse breed.   Native Tennessean MTSU Horse Science Professor Equine Vet Dr. John Haffner says the “Big Lick” is Animal Cruelty -  It is a business built on the suffering and pain of horses”. The “Big Lick” Multi-Millionaires who have made the local David L. Howard Family wealthy,  are holding Shebyville (Bedford County) HOSTAGE.   They pay the Walking Horse Trainer BOYZ to SORE their horses so they can enjoy the Animal Cruelty Racket. It all starts with the “BABY HORSES” – Two Year Olds shown while wearing EIGHT POUND+/- SHOES and CHAINS.  No other equine breed does this. The local citizens of Shelbyville (Beford County) TN are silently BOYCOTTING the annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration.    In 2018,    the Walking Horse “Celebration” is a dying event.    U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) has not attended the Celebration in 34 years.   The Governor of Tennessee no longer “Crowns” the World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horse on the final Saturday night of the 10 day event. *    PROOF OF ANIMAL CRUELTY In 2017, the Celebration World Grand Champion “Gen’s Black Maverick” was discovered to be allegedly SORE at the Celebration (2016).  It took a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Oxford, MS to obtain the “Smoking Gun” evidence.  USDA Vets said the horse was SORE in both front feet.   Facing these allegations,  Trainer BOYZ Mr. Bill Callaway and two owners Mr. Keith and Ms. Lorraine Rosbury consented to USDA Suspensions and fines in the face of USDA Horse Soring charges. *   “BABY HORSE” TORTURE – TWO YEAR OLDS In 2018,   CCABLAC focused on the “BABY HORSE” Torture of Two Year Olds.   “BABY HORSES” are often started under saddle at 16 - 17 months old.   On this video of a “BABY HORSE” on April 14, 2018, TWHBEA Breed President Mr. David Williams, says,  “I Am Smiling - Another Myatt Monster”. This article provides details:    Part II – “BABY HORSES” – Victimized In The Dark Secret World Of “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty To Tennessee Walking Horses Please support “WE, The People” - CCABLAC Animal Welfare Advocates who will again peacefully assemble outside the Celebration Gates to  protest the Animal Cruelty to Tennessee Walking Horses (“Big Lick”). Please SIGN and SHARE this Petition. Your Signatures and Comments will be delivered to the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce;  Mayor of Shelbyville, TN; and Mayor of Bedford County, TN.  WE, The People” – CCABLAC (Citizens Campaign Against “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty)   “Speaking FOR ‘The Horses’ Who Cannot Speak For Themselves” Here is the “Story of CCABLAC (Citizens Campaign Against “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty … “WE, The People” -  CCABLAC is a grassroots movement.  The  “Citizens Campaign Against Animal Cruelty To Tennessee Walking Horses (“Big Lick”) - has peacefully assembled and protested against Animal Cruelty to “Big Lick” Tennessee Walking Horses from the Gulf of Mexico at PTHEYanama City Beach, FL;  to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC;  all the way to the White House in Washington, D.C. one year ago when it delivered over 100,000 signatures against the Animal Cruelty.

G. T. Fleming
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Petition to Woodbridge Mall

close seaquest at Woodbridge mall! New Jersey is a forward-thinking, animal-friendly state that cares about the environment and the planet, this latest addition is not welcome in our state.  There is a documented history of repeated criminal convictions involving illegal acquirement and trade of exotic animals, and lying to investors linked to SeaQuest Interactive Aquariums. Employee and customer safety marks from OSHA are on record, as well as eyewitness testimony of abuse, and neglect. These aquariums also see an unusually high mortality rate compared to averages across the country.  SeaQuest has already failed two animal welfare inspections in NJ,Colorado and other locations  and a cease and desist has been issued for its bird exhibit by state inspectors, who have called the exhibit a "danger" to the birds.  There have been multiple concerns raised by numerous members of the public regarding the conditions and care of the animals. Some of those include filthy tanks, overfeeding of the stingrays by the public, slapping the water of the tanks to attract animals, people reaching their hands into the water to “pet” the aquatic animals, unsafe conditions for birds where they are in danger of being stepped on, swatting at the birds with dustpans, lack of water for the reptiles, wallabies in an unnatural and distressing environment, etc. They even unlawfully imported into Colorado and possibly NJ without permits a sloth and capybara. We believe that New Jersey is an amazing state, full of caring individuals who stand against what Sea Quest stands for. It is up to us to stand up for what is morally right for these animals. We pride ourselves on supporting ethical businesses that bring revenue to the area and educate the public. The Interactive Aquarium by SeaQuest does not meet those standards.  The animals deserve better, and SeaQuest Woodbridge250 Woodbridge Ctr DrWoodbridge, NJ 07095Phone: (732)283-2945 needs to do better by them.  These animals should be in the care of experts educated in their particular species; not stuck under the lights of an indoor mall in unsafe and distressing conditions. We call on Woodbridge Mall to do the right thing and put animal welfare before profit.  Shut down this unsafe store run by people with a long history of illegal activities and animal neglect.  The animals deserve better. Don't be captivated by their captivity. #captivitykills #banseaquest 

Whitney Malin
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