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It is really frustrating to witness our revered cows and progeny feeding on polybags and then dying a painful death.Cow is the most sacred and worshiped animal in India , then why are we turning our face from her current pathetic condition ? Each day thousands of innocent cows and progeny are dying in our country. Cows are not able to open the leftover food polybags with knot  and they end up eating the entire packet.In Dhyan Foundation innumerable surgeries have been done on such cows and bulls and what we found is 50-60 kgs plastic piled up in their stomach. Cow symbolize compassion,charity and abundance, because of the way she gives her milk to everyone and other gau products - dung ,urine are of utmost utility to humans.We can survive without polythene bags in our daily lives but cows can't survive with polythene bags in their stomach,with time there is a huge amount of plastic which gets build up in their stomach and takes the form of stone like material ,hence untimely painful death. Guiding light of Dhyan Foundation Yogi Ashwini ji says "It is dharma of every human being to protect weak and helpless". Are we doing our Dharma ? Our PM says ,we should stop cows feeding on these polybags but Sir how can we stop untill polybags production is on ?Each state Govt should ban the production of shopping polybags immediately and we citizens will surely follow the law. Polybags particularly under 50 microns are not being recycled  and it may take hundreds of years to decompose ,creating menace in the society. The central Govt must clear garbage dumps & remove plastic from open spaces especially roadsides. Abondoning cows on roads to eat garbage is offence under PCA act section 3,11 & IPC 428,429,289. Bring these owner of stray cows,the perpetrator to books. Having the milk of cows feeding on plastic and garbage ,will lead to hazardous diseases. There must be open grazing space for cows.They eat plastic wrapped edibles because they are hungry,if they get their space then cattle intake of plastic can be evaded. There have been directives from our honorable courts to most of the state goverments to ban polybags ,Supreme court said "we are sitting on plastic time bomb " but orders have not been implemented with conviction,hence result is infront of us.Would urge central and state govts to rid our society of this menace and help our cows and progeny lead a healthy life, they deserve. Please sign this petition to support this noble cause ...

Dhyan Foundation
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Petition to Ministry of Environment & Forests

WITHDRAW VERMIN status allotted to Monkeys in Himachal Pradesh and PREVENT their culling

As humans and as responsible citizens and government, it is our moral obligation to look after animals in our purview and not kill them simply because we have destroyed the forests for our convenience and now find it easier to kill them than to provide for them. Killing them is not a solution, it is only opening doorways to graver problems for which all will have to pay. "In exercise of the powers conferred by section 62 of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 (53 of 1972), the Central Government, hereby declares Rhesus Macaque (Macaca mulatta) be vermin for inclusion in Schedule V of the said Act, for a period of one year from the date of publication of this notification," said the Environment Ministry's notification.The notification's premise was that the state has reported damage to life and property including large scale destruction of agriculture by this species in areas outside forest. While on the dreaded day, Monkeys were declared 'Vermin', their POACHING, ABUSE, TORTURE, ILLEGAL & BRUTAL CAPTURE & MEAT TRADE has been an ongoing activity for years now. The difference being, that now with the recent verdict, it has become a FREE-FOR-ALL animal to KILL. And why? Because they moved to our habitats in search of food, shelter and water, all of which WE have destroyed for our convenience? And because to defend their young ones from US they fight back? **If animals had a voice in the court of law, humans would be declared Vermin.** Declaring monkey as vermin is anti-humanity as its the land mafia which has usurped their forests by breaking every law possible and its them who are instigating the policies to kill them so that their lands can be taken over. Its this mafia which should be declared VERMIN. An animal who is happy if he gets his food and his children are safe cannot be killed if humans have taken over its habitats and food sources. The law breakers are not these animals but the mafia and the officials who do nothing to stop the mafia and take bribes to look the other way. Its these officials and the mafia against whom we need to implement the law not the sufferers who happen to be monkeys. Killing them would be unleashing great pain in the planet and breaking an ecological chain, the results would be disastrous karmically and on the area where this pain would be unleashed, they might retaliate by killing humans in revenge,this would unleash chaos and have a devastating effect on tourism and India's image the world over. Dhyan Foundation, under the guidance of Yogi Ashwini, is committed to the cause of protecting and providing for various aspects of Creation. Under the banner of ‘Help a Monkey’, Dhyan Foundation has taken to the cause of monkeys, feeding them, away from human habitation and creating a harmonious environment for men and monkeys. The present notification hits at the very foundation of the initiative and poses threat to our environment and to humans as a microcosm of that environment. Please sign this petition to support Dhyan Foundation's plea to stop MONKEY KILLING. THEY ARE NOT VERMIN. They need to be provided with food and shelter, their habitat protected - both of which have been jeopardised by unplanned development and reckless clearing of forests. Need of the hour is to take action against land mafia and poachers, and preserve our forests and animals.    

Dhyan Foundation
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Petition to Narendra Modi, Maneka Gandhi

Shelter for Dogs on streets

The dogs on street are part of society and our inherent civilization yet every day they suffer from the nuisance of crippling vehicles, stones throw by people, acid poured on them, beaten to death, shot at by guns in residential areas and being abandoned to fend for themselves. Its cruelty practiced every state, city, street and house. All they need is food and some secure boundaries so they can play within and can be protected from the busy roads and people.  I say this coz I hear read and see so may of these wonderful companions suffering for no reason at all but due to sheer negligence and lack of responsibility on our part as society. Merely 2 month pup crippled for her life with both hind legs not working coz someone ran over her. Merely 5 month old puppy shot at by pellet gun and crippled for life (both hind legs damaged) with deep wounds that are yet to close since last 8 months. Some Being tied on all fours and mouth tight shut with rope to be dumped at some other place carried away hanging on a danda coz they were blamed to have bitten someone in your society or coz they bark. I have personally been with so many dogs and never suffered at one's bite. Some cases do happen but only when they feel thretened just like you would react when you are scared.  Its just not normal with the no. Of accident cases and cruelty met to such innocent and voiceless souls. Please urge our state goverments to set up shelters for all street dogs in every district with best of veterinary facilities and awareness programmes for schools and societies (RWAs).   

Ananya Agrawal
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Petition to Bangladesh government, Ministry of Law, Bangladesh High Court, Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Supreme Court

Justice for 14 Puppies and their 2 Mothers who were buried alive in Dhaka for Nothing

Last Week a night guard has beaten horribly two mother dog,  then tied them with rope and finally buried alive along with their 05 days old 14 puppies together at Rampura in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The puppies were packed in a sack after breaking their bones and the mother dogs were also brutalised and dumped in a hole already dug up. Night guard Siddique buried the dogs alive and then filled the cavity with earth. The night guard was acting upon instructions of Bagichartak Welfare Association’s officials. Some how the news came in focus to some animal right activists and three voluntary organization named CFP, PAW and ALB jointly asked for a march with other animal right activists in Bangladesh to the spot. They marked the spot and started to dig. Finally the corpse of two female dog and a sack was recovered. And when Zahid Hussain from CFP opened the sack, shockingly corpse of 14 puppies came out.  A case has been filed and all the bodies have been send for post-mortem. But law for animal cruelty in Bangladesh is outdated. The highest punishment is only 3 Euro fine that dosen't make any sense. Animal abuse or cruelty should be treated as serious offense. Lack of a strong law against animal cruelty, such mindless brutalities are becoming very common day by day in Bangladesh because of not having any strict law by the government. People by nature are violent on street dogs mostly because of the lack of humanly education, social disorder and religious superstitions. We demand justice from the government on this case and also demanding to impose a more updated and strict law for any kinds of animal cruelty.

Care For PAW
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