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Petition to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Vaishnodevi visit at what cost ........??? Wake up people ,this is not the way

  Hi all So called humans ,   below is the write up I picked from fb post , some one who was concerned about animals being ill treated at vaishna devi , pls read and take a call ,     my faith in humanity was going to break there. As we started our journey towards vaishnav devi, i found humans going to devi place to get the blessings sitting over the shoulders of humans and on the back of horses, the worst situation i found with the innocent and speechless horses and mules who were giving ride continuous on the steep slope of around 24 km up and down with an average weight of 90-100 kg on their back. Which is contradictory to their natural behaviour because horses are evolved to walk and run in the plane areas without carrying heavy load on them. * how the handlers were hitting the horses with sticks and forcing them for riding * how the handlers were holding the tails of the horses to give them pain so that they will be submissive and obey the handlers command * injury on the body of horses * limping horses still giving ride to pilgrims * Because of carrying heavy loads for many number of rounds most of the horses has very critical and weak wrists condition * Their hoofs are also in bad situation due to unusual and improper weight distribution * While coming downward their legs were getting slip Then one incident happened in front of us when we were coming down after Devi darshan...We saw a handler forcing his young horse to walk forward but that poor horse was shivering very badly and denying to walk.... Suddenly i saw his legs, and his front right leg wrist had broken...���Due to heavy loading and exploitation like a slave.I started shouting over him then he slowly took the saddle and went That horse was unable to carry his own weight and fell down on the ground. Then we both decided to go deep in this matter.... # I called the vaishnav devi shrine board emergency number.....And then they picked up phone after 3rd time. # Even shrine board security members were not co-operative. # Any how i managed to get a veterinary officer number that too with my personal contacts so that the horse can get some immediate help. # When we asked help from shrine board security, their officers came and held the rope and tail of the horse and forced him to stand # Even then after struggling almost 2.30 hrs we didn't found any help from shrine board Then i decided to depute one security officer close to horse and went with one security officer down towards veterinary doctor and also to meet senior officers.On the way I got some very shocking data and facts about those poor horses.............� * Security officer told me that there are only around 3000 horses are registered for riding but illegally approx 10,000-12,000 horses are being used * There was not a single veterinary officer to look after the condition of those horses. * Even when their horses will get any big leg injuries, due to lack of treatment the horse will die and the owner will throw the dead body in the mountains. * There is no restrictions over number of rounds for a single horse. * There was no man power to monitor the health situation of those horses * One senior officer went with me to show the tags of registered horses and the licence with handlers * After a quick inspection of just 5-6 horses we found one horse was being used by unauthorised person * One horse was struggling to walk, even then the handler showed a passed health certificate issued by j&k government authority. The greatest irony of the place vaishnav devi is that it is one of the very famous pilgrimage for lakhs of hindu devotees and it has become a slavery system and exploitation industry for such innocent creature which has nothing to do with God and humans. So it's my humble request on behalf of all the horses who has passed away and who are suffering there ...................Please please...... Spread the awareness and education to each and every single country men not to promote those type of horse riding and whoever is going to vaishnav devi.... Please click the picture and videos of those suffering horses and share it..................

Siddhartha Ambekar
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Petition to International Animal Rescue, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Peta India, Animal lovers and wildlife rescuers

WHAT WAS THE LEOPARD'S MISTAKE?? . Killed by police as it entered into residential area.

A Leopard who strayed into human settlements in lucknow .  The Forest Department Team was trying to tranquillise it but what happened was shocking .  The leopard was shot dead by the S.O. of police ( Triloki Singh ), as she was not impressed by the idea of tranquilliser gun ( because for past few days all the methods to catch the leopard was unsuccesful)  . He pumped three bullets into the poor animal." the poor animal just lost his way an entered into a wrong place and was trying run away from people ".  The leopard attacked for its self defence , and its our mistake that we have damaged their habitat and now they are entering our habitat. My question is what was the mistake of the leopard ?  Already the number of leopards and other big cats are decreasing .  Leopard is a schedule 1 animal meaning it is at risk and cannot be shot even with tranquillizers without permission and failing to do this is cosidered as poaching and punishment upto 7 years and this so called police man shot thrice in public trying to look cool you killed an endangered species. Action will be taken against you IF THE LEOPARD WAS TRANQUILLISED HE WOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN BACK INTO THE FOREST AND WOULD HAVE BEEN RELEASED SAFELY , BUT" HE WANTED TO SHOW HOW GOOD HE IS IN SHOOTING AND AIMING ." PLEASE PEOPLE SHARE THIS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE  

Purav Solanki
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Petition to Devendra Fadnavis, PM Narendra Modi, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of agriculture and wildlife., Prakash Javadekar

Save stray animals. They are the loveliest of all.

There are so many pet lovers. Everyone likes to adopt breeds and not the stray animals which are homeless. People need to understand the sensitivity and importance of stray animals. Stray animals are cute and adorable. One of the major issue related to stray animals is the increasing number of stray animals. One of the worst thing about stray animals is that people have the mindsets that stray dogs and cats are harmful, cruel and have no love. Instead they are the one's who love you the most if you show them care and affection. I still remember that one of the foundation asked me to adopt a kitten (stray). They didn't check his health and I received him. When I received him, I realised that his tail and his nerves( urinary and anal) were numb. I messaged one of the foundation member and informed him about the situation. He wasn't bothered about it and said "WOW, TAKE HIM TO VET". I don't know what made him ' WOW' about the kitten's health. He didn't even bother to hospitalize the kitten. And today the cute little kitten is no more. The foundation is one of the famous  foundation and their visions and missions are fake.  Animal rights are: 1. It is the fundamental duty of every citizen of India to have compassion for all living creatures. Article 51A(g). 2. To kill or maim any animal, including stray animals, is a punishable offence. IPC Sections 428 and 429. 3. As per Indian law, street dogs cannot be beaten, killed or driven away or displaced or dislocated, they can only be sterilized in the manner envisaged in the The Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001 enacted under the Indian Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 (A Central Act), vaccinated, and then returned back to their original locations. And there myriads of law but none of them are implemented.  Problems that are faced by stray animals: In India, no matter how big the constitution is, the animals are not given their rights and are always at the risk of euthanizing. The government of India should always conduct a survey regarding the population and growth of stray animals. Though the survey is conducted still the strays are not looked after. There are 30 million stray dogs. There are vets or pet food brands who keep camps regarding neutering the animals so as to inhibit the population of stray animals in USA. This concept should be implemented more often in India. The dog catchers. The dog catchers of many foundations or animal shelter home are useless. They are not trained and they are precisely to euthanize animals. For example: In my locality they are dogs. Some people called upon the dog catchers who were untrained. They had a dog which was infected with rabies. Eventually we didn't allow them to take our dogs away. People have the wrong mindsets of stray animals. Even if you don't feed the stray animals ( especially dogs), they are the one's who will take care of your locality more than the watchman present in the society or the particular locality. If a stray animal is hit by car or they have some other injuries or disease, there are very least amount of vet who will do the surgery or treatment for free. For instance: One of the dog in our locality has got some fracture in its leg. None of the vet is ready to do it for free. The government of India should make some animal related projects and 'implement' them. One of the main aim of the government should be that every city or town should have atleast one shelter home which works for the strays and they should have all the facilities like: MRI scan, ultrasound or sonography, proper employment or salary for the people working in the shelter home, numerous antibiotics and vets and surgeon support.  There are foundations where people do not take cats . They only take dogs. Government of India should make shelter homes who care for cats and kittens also. Although they are easy to manage, still the shelter home do not take cats. It should be made mandatory in schools to teach children to love animals and not to throw stones. Humanity is one that schools never teach. There should not only be humanity between humans but also animals.  In India, there are still such small places where the cats are slaughtered to praise the God. Animal slaughtering should be banned in India.  No matter in what condition the dogs and cats are, the animal shelter home should always be ready to have  them and treat them with proper medication. Children should be taught that animals are their friends and they should stop throwing stones. Government should provide funds to the vet so that they can improvise stray animal's health. Cats and dogs both are adorable. They need love and attention. They need care and medication. As an Indian citizen and as an individual each one should contribute their love and time to the stray animals and be the one to stop the harsh treatment given to them by people.

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Petition to Ministry of Environment & Forests

WITHDRAW VERMIN status allotted to Monkeys in Himachal Pradesh and PREVENT their culling

As humans and as responsible citizens and government, it is our moral obligation to look after animals in our purview and not kill them simply because we have destroyed the forests for our convenience and now find it easier to kill them than to provide for them. Killing them is not a solution, it is only opening doorways to graver problems for which all will have to pay. "In exercise of the powers conferred by section 62 of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 (53 of 1972), the Central Government, hereby declares Rhesus Macaque (Macaca mulatta) be vermin for inclusion in Schedule V of the said Act, for a period of one year from the date of publication of this notification," said the Environment Ministry's notification.The notification's premise was that the state has reported damage to life and property including large scale destruction of agriculture by this species in areas outside forest. While on the dreaded day, Monkeys were declared 'Vermin', their POACHING, ABUSE, TORTURE, ILLEGAL & BRUTAL CAPTURE & MEAT TRADE has been an ongoing activity for years now. The difference being, that now with the recent verdict, it has become a FREE-FOR-ALL animal to KILL. And why? Because they moved to our habitats in search of food, shelter and water, all of which WE have destroyed for our convenience? And because to defend their young ones from US they fight back? **If animals had a voice in the court of law, humans would be declared Vermin.** Declaring monkey as vermin is anti-humanity as its the land mafia which has usurped their forests by breaking every law possible and its them who are instigating the policies to kill them so that their lands can be taken over. Its this mafia which should be declared VERMIN. An animal who is happy if he gets his food and his children are safe cannot be killed if humans have taken over its habitats and food sources. The law breakers are not these animals but the mafia and the officials who do nothing to stop the mafia and take bribes to look the other way. Its these officials and the mafia against whom we need to implement the law not the sufferers who happen to be monkeys. Killing them would be unleashing great pain in the planet and breaking an ecological chain, the results would be disastrous karmically and on the area where this pain would be unleashed, they might retaliate by killing humans in revenge,this would unleash chaos and have a devastating effect on tourism and India's image the world over. Dhyan Foundation, under the guidance of Yogi Ashwini, is committed to the cause of protecting and providing for various aspects of Creation. Under the banner of ‘Help a Monkey’, Dhyan Foundation has taken to the cause of monkeys, feeding them, away from human habitation and creating a harmonious environment for men and monkeys. The present notification hits at the very foundation of the initiative and poses threat to our environment and to humans as a microcosm of that environment. Please sign this petition to support Dhyan Foundation's plea to stop MONKEY KILLING. THEY ARE NOT VERMIN. They need to be provided with food and shelter, their habitat protected - both of which have been jeopardised by unplanned development and reckless clearing of forests. Need of the hour is to take action against land mafia and poachers, and preserve our forests and animals.    

Dhyan Foundation
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