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Petition to Prakash Javadekar

Ban the sales & usage of all sachet products near water bodies throughout India ASAP

I am not a good writer, so I just come to the point. Last week I happened to travel across South India (AP & Tamilnadu) for my vacation and we visited several waterbodies for swim & bath. Ubbelamadugu, Tada AP, Papanasam, Manimutharu, Courtallam, Cauvery etc. What's common other than pristine clean mountain water and lush forests surrounding these water bodies is that the worst of human irresponsibility piling up in the banks of these paradises. Shampoo packets, chips & snacks packets, Diapers and Tissues, Styrofoam plates, soap covers, etc.were all thrashed around everywhere. As it was planned to be an off-the-grid trek, I didn't carry my smartphone or camera to take pictures, but the issue is pressing and real.  Monkeys rummage the trashcans (very few though) and fishes are eating shreds of shampoo sachets. The pain that aches me is that people who enjoy taking selfies and swimming in these places don't even bother to ask for a trash can. In Kerala, the problem appeared rare, they've banned the sales and use of shampoos near waterfalls and waterbodies mostly. I believe the same should be implemented countrywide, sachet based snacks and other bathing products such as shampoos should be banned from usage and the same should be strictly monitored by the forest department. This is a very serious issue, which if not addressed, will make our beautiful rivers & forests nothing but a pile of plastic trash sludge.  A Countrywide Ban on Shampoos, Soaps, Packed snacks and plastic can beverages near water bodies & forests should be implemented.  Motivate local farmers and villagers to sell non-packed snacks, native & local cooked refreshments etc. with proper stalls and improve their economy.  Enforce strict vigilance and monitoring on cigarettes, liquor bottles etc. which are carried into forest areas.  Collecting and managing trash costs more than banning the generation of trash in forest areas. Please avoid using shampoos and soaps in forests, the water by itself carry good herbal infusions and fragrance. 

Johneh Poorni
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Petition to Everyone , United Nations

Human equilibrium

I was born and brought up in India, it is relevant because we have exposure to almost every religion and various culture and the caste system here, three different type of differences between humans. I was taught that there are not just one kind of people, there are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, under hindus there come Brahmins, shatriya, shudra and not only that, "this caste is high"," this caste is low" and things like that. When I was a kid I believed and agreed to what my parents taught me. But by the time I gained my own thinking I understood one thing that all these things were introduced in their respective time and were logical in that timespan. But now things have changed. These things don't fit in today's situation, these are taking ourselves backward. All the religions are different from one another but they have a thing in common that they divide people. If there will be no human, there will be no religion; but if there will be no religion, there will still be humans(stronger this time, because they will be together. Not divided).I believe in no religion, I am not any kind of discriminator or racist and I want to see a world with no boundaries (where we can go wherever we want without any visa). I love all the people around me, I love all the "earthiods". I hope that I am not the only one. So, please just give few minutes of life to think this through and if by the end you realise or observe the same thing that I did, support the petition and join us to unite human species, fade all the differences and start a new phase. I AM IN SUPPORT TO UNITE HUMANITY. ARE YOU?

Mahavir Heading
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Petition to ARVIND SAWANT, Prakash Javadekar, Poonam Mahajan, Shashi Tharoor, Mangal Prabhat Lodha, Varun Gandhi, Aditya Thackeray

Increasing Fines and Punishments for Animal Cruelty

According to The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, you can get away with being cruel to most animals by paying a fine of anything between Rs 10 and Rs 50 ! If you repeat the offence within three years, the penalty may go up to anything between Rs 25 and Rs 100 and in the rarest circumstances you will be thrown into jail for 3 months. This law has not been updated since 1960. A nation which is home to the greatest number of animal lovers and one of the greatest number of pet owners such preposterous and weak legislature is appalling. It must become a priority task of our newly elected MPs (Members of Parliament) to update the fines and punishments DRASTICALLY for such cruel and heartless crimes. Be the voice for the innocent and voiceless. IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE. In 2016, several MPs and celebrities had launched the #NoMore50 campaign for increasing fines and punishments for animal cruelty. However, we never saw this campaign come to life as part of Indian, binding law. Please bring forth an amendment in the Lok Sabha in order to majorly increase the fines and punishments mentioned in 'The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960'. Oh and yes, we do hope that MPs of the Rajya Sabha place politics aside and endorse this amendment as well considering no party has majority in the Rajya Sabha yet. Help us make a change for the innocent and voiceless.

Kushaal Patel
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Petition to Peta India, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), International Animal Rescue, Animal lovers and wildlife rescuers

Save our animals from being killed for food because every living being has right to live

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE: Every life matters. Be it a dog or a cow or a lizard or even an insect. We pet a dog and kill a cow. Does it seem right? Love all animals.  When we kill any animal, we are depriving it of the rest of its existence, which could also have been a happy, good existence, so why deprive it just because we want to eat some meat when you've got other healthy, nutritious, delicious things that you could also eat?  It is time we take responsibility for life we kill, directly or indirectly, it doesn't matter. When everyone stops eating meat, meat companies will automatically stop breeding animals for slaughter. Although we are not directly killing them but they are killed to feed people like us. People should stop playing the blame game.  Although it has been proved that plants have life they lack consciousness and don't feel fear or pain. But there is anatomical evidence that animals feel pain the same way humans do. People should stop killing animals just to satisfy their taste buds. They have the right to live a life on earth same as we do. It is time we take responsibility for life we kill, whether directly or indirectly, it doesn't matter. Although animals are not killed directly by us, we are encouraging others to do the dirty job for us. When everyone stops eating meat, meat companies will automatically stop breeding animals for slaughter. So we should stop playing the blame game.  If we look at the brains and neural pathways in cattle, and compare them to humans, there are massive similarities. The amygdala, the cerebellum, the thalamus which are all involved in processing pain in us, are all found in cattle. "People used to justify eating meat for biological reasons: we are omnivores, our incisors are designed to eat meat, this is a natural thing for us to do". The problem is there are many natural things that are not right for us to do, and the biological features are irrelevant to the question of how we ought to live our lives. Those who want to kill animals and eat them ought to justify their view. We should feel empathetic for their suffering. Millions of such poor innocent animals are killed mercilessly for people like us. Each and human contribution matters. Let's hope to create a peaceful way of living for generations to come devoid of harming any animals for our satisfaction. Let's begin to care for all beings like we care for our children. SPREAD LOVE.SAVE ANIMALS. SAVE PLANET.

Bharadwaj Srinivasan
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