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Petition to streetdogshelter

He Needs Just 5$ -Do You have it

Help Albus by Just adding 5$ in his recovery Funds To Adopt Albus Please contact Hello Hoomans, My name is Albus and I am an 8 year old Persian cat. I spent the majority of my life in a tiny cage, and I grew up without any friends; hoomans, cats or otherwise. I was raised to give birth to a lot of little babies, but I never got to see them or play with them, and I spent all my days in a cage with a string, where I was barely handled, petted or loved.  I also did not have a litter box to do my business. My breeder would allow me access to a communal sand box when she felt like it, so I didn’t know how to use a regular litter box. I wasn't given a lot of food, and most of it was not very good for me, so I am quite underweight at 3 kg.  I got rescued by a Team of Great Hoomans (street Dog Shelter) who will get me neutered and taken care of by a foster. I was very scared of her when I first arrived, but my foster is a nice lady. She took me to the vet, and the vet gave me some sad news. Apparently I have polycystic kidney disease, which means I don’t get to have as long a life as most cats and I have to be put on renal food, which is expensive and hard to find.. My creatinine levels are high and I’m very anaemic, I am currently on saline to get better. I also will need a laproscopy to be properly neutered, and only two places do it, which is quite pricey. It’s been a few days of many ouchies with injections, but my foster tells me I’m a brave, strong boy and I’ll get through this.  All of this made me very sad, because I didn't believe anyone could love me, and it makes it that much harder for me to get adopted. But I have hope. I have hope that some hooman somewhere will like me the way I am, and give me the love and care I need. I promise I am very quiet, but I do have the occasional “Maow!” (that is my unique way of meowing). . All I really want is to know what it feels like to be adopted, cuddled, and most importantly, loved.  However, I am still quite sick and traumatised from my time at the breeder's and I need all the help I can get. Will you help me? My foster hooman says that you need lots of "munnie" to do all the things I need to become better again. Can you help her get this munnie? My foster hooman and Street Dog Shelter  have given me all they have, and now they need your help. I really want my second chance, so any donation large or small will help me get my life back Donate and save Albus    

Neasen Amintio
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Petition to OLX, Quikr , Peta India, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Buying kittens before they are 12 weeks old is traumatic for the mother cat & the kittens

The Problem: Kittens are separated from the mother cat and sold on the internet or the local marketplace, much before they attain an age of 12 weeks. People buy them because they look cute, while forgetting the severe trauma and depression that both the mother cat and the kittens experience. The Solution: While it is inhuman to separate a mother from her kids, scientific knowledge recommends that if kittens are to be separated from their mother, it should be done only after they attain an age of 12 weeks or more. However, this thumb rule is flouted regularly and people sell kittens on OLX, Quikr or the local marketplace, and people buy them because they look much more cute when they are young. And the seller gets a lot more money. I was not an animal lover by nature, just neutral to them, but experiencing the plight of a mother cat who is about to die has forced me to write my first petition on The people who sell kittens are probably not going to stop and so, it is my humble request to the general public to stop buying kittens before if they look very young or younger than 12 weeks of age. If the buying stops, the selling will also stop. Requesting PETA to enable the enactment of rules which stop selling of kittens before they are ready to live away from their mother. Requesting online sites like OLX and Quikr to stop hosting ads which sell kittens. To understand the reason for this and why I am writing my first petition, please go through Kaylee's (the mother cat) story given below. Kaylee's Story: I am a resident of a society in Viman Nagar area of Pune. There are a few cats who also live here. People from the society feed them and play with them. Kaylee is one of the cats. She recently gave birth to four kittens. It was a beautiful time for her and us. However, just after the birth of her kids, three of the four kittens were stolen and sold. This happened on 3rd of June. I have a video of her from 2nd of June, the night her kids were stolen. She was drinking milk, playing with her kids and enjoying life, just like we humans do with our kids. But since 3rd of June, she has stopped drinking milk or eating. She just sits in a corner whole day &  wails for her kids. Her sibling, a male cat called Billu, goes into people's houses and searches for the kids. He doesn't drink milk or eat anything even if we offer it. Just meows and searches around the house, looking for the kids. On the other hand, Kaylee has not eaten anything for about 17 days now. She cries for many hours every night & has lost half her weight. We can see her skeleton, she has infection around her eyes & nose because of the tears and we fear that she will die soon while waiting & hoping for the kids to return. If you have read till here, you will realise that cats also feel the same emotions as we humans do, probably much more than us, because a mother cat is about to die because she doesnt consider life worth living without her kids. I dont know the culprit who sold her kids. But I have faith in humanity. Please share this petition with the maximum number of people. If people stop buying kittens, then hopefully the sellers will also stop. Thanks everyone. Girish  

Girish Manglani
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