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Petition to Pacific Wild, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), The fur bearers

Make animal leg trapping Illegal in Canada

With the recent news in British Columbia that there will be leg traps set for the Coyote Cull in Stanley Park, I feel it is time to raise the awareness around this issue of Leg Trapping. Leg traps are banned in 88 Countries including all of Europe and 9 states in America. Let's add Canada to that list!  As of recently the Canadian Governemnt has also allowed for double the amount of leg traps for wolf culling in our Province.  Leg traps are painful and inhumane.  They break bones and the animal suffers in pain.  Legally they don't even have to be checked the same day. Leaving the animal subjected to cruelty.  As found from online... For instance, according to 2013 documents provided toThe Fur-Bearers by the province of British Columbia, there were only 87 field officers in the BC Conservation Officer Service. British Columbia’s land area is 944,735 square kilometres (364,800 sq mi). That averages 1 Conservation Officer per 11,000 km2, a herculean task to be given one individual to ensure compliance with trapping regulations (in addition to the countless other duties a Conservation Officer is responsible for). This is 2021.  A time of change. A time for us to make a difference in how we treat animals that were here long before us humans.  I do not want to be to graphic but I will say animals do feel. They do suffer and there is no need to use leg traps in this time and age.  We are to advanced as a society.  Let's Let's a change. Make a difference and let's be heard. This needs to come to an end. 

Valerie Miller
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Petition to Jim Diodati, Niagra falls municipality, Justin Trudeau, Doug Ford

Save the Orca and other Animals who have been living imprisoned at Marineland.

If you care at all for the plight of living creatures and have somehow not yet heard Kiska's story, you may want to brace yourself, especially before watching any of the footage of her that has emerged in recent weeks. Kiska, who is around 44 years old now, has lived all but the first couple years of her life in captivity since being captured off the coast of Iceland. Despite the fact that orcas are extremely intelligent and social animals that live in pods, she has been completely isolated since 2011, when her last companion was moved to another facility.  The five calves she's birthed while at Marineland all died at a young age, and her treatment and condition at the park has been called into question for many years while her mental and physical state continue to visibly deteriorate. A video posted to social media by a former trainer at the zoo in July garnered hundreds of thousands of views and renewed calls to move Kiska to a sanctuary and/or shut down the park completely. It showed her floating near the surface of her concrete tank despondently, appearing near-dead and clearly depressed.Please help STOP THIS CRUELTY, this is not right, and should not be happening in our time and in this country.Here is a video of Kiska, MarineLand’s last surviving orca floating listlessly at the surface of her concrete pool. recent video of her showing clear signs of distress: JUSTIN TRUDEAU, WE ARE CANADIANS THIS IS WRONG, THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING IN CANADA.

Ed The Med
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Petition to A&W Canada

A&W needs to keep Beyond Meat Nuggets on their permanent menu

For many years now, A&W has marketed themselves as a somewhat more green alternative to many fast food restaurants. Yet they only have one permanent sustainable plant-based menu item, the Beyond Meat burger. Every now and then they tease us by offering delicious Plant-Based nuggets. This time we are demanding they stay on the menu. Enough us enough. We need more plant-based food options that around all year long. All my homies love A&W vegan nuggets. All my homies want the nugs to stay. A&W you can do it. Be a good vegan ally and keep the nugs around. It is time more fast food restaurants make the swap to a larger plant based menu and A&W is the perfect chain to lead the way. Please sign this petition if you too, want vegan nugs forever. The world is burning but the nugs are great - especially if you order 20 with 2 BBQ sauces and 2 Sweet and Sour sauces and share with 3 vegan homies.  If you also value increasing the accessibility of plant based options - give this a sign! If you don’t agree with billions of land animals dying every year just for sensory pleasure - give this a sign! If you want vegan nugs to eventually actually be affordable - give this a sign! If you just think the nugs are seasoned better than normal *chicken* nugs give this a sign! The chickens will thank you, I will thank you and man oh man my homies will thank you. 

Zoe Wineck
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