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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Justice and Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

SAVE THE DOGS -Ban Testing of Innocent Dogs in Canada

Defenceless dogs in Canada are being used for barbaric experimentation. Frightened Dogs are left isolated and alone in cold metal cages to endure incredible pain and suffering.Their life is short, euthanization is their only relief from months of intolerable pain.  The dogs that don't collapse and die are repeatedly tested over and over. Many are fitted with catheters, infused jackets and cones which remain until they are euthanized.  They live in a world of fear and cower in the corner of their cages. Dog testing is needless and unethical. The use of dogs continues even though only 2% more information is obtained then through rodent testing. It is proven that dogs are  poor predictors of drug effects in the body but are used because their trusting nature and submissiveness makes then easy to handle. Animal free testing using stem cells and computer technology is available and can be more accurate then the  traditional unethical animal research. Scientists have revealed that MRI data has concluded that dogs are feeling, sentimental creatures with intelligence of a 2.5 year old humane child. Currently there is no federal legislation specifically regulating animal testing in Canada. Animals used in research are exempt from duty of care and/or prohibitions causing stress.   These dogs will never know freedom, security or love.  Together we can stop thousands more dogs from this horrific demise.  Please watch this joint undercover investigation conducted between LCA and W5 of the ITR Laboratories in Montreal.  

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Petition to Robert Conway

DEMAND Sport Chek Remove Fur From its Shelves

After announcing last year that fur would be completely removed from their shelves, Sport Chek is now introducing a line of outerwear, Woods, which uses REAL fox fur, rabbit fur, and goose feathers. These products are already available on and in select Sport Chek stores. In 2016, Sport Chek made this statement to the Fur-Bearers: "We're continuously evaluating the types of products we carry in our stores across Canada to bring our customers what they need to support their healthy, active lifestyle. We are managing through our remaining inventory but at this time, we do not have plans to add anymore animal fur trimmed products to our inventory at Sport Chek and Atmosphere locations." Why is Sport Chek supporting animal cruelty once again? End Fur Farming explains: "Fur factory farms resemble puppy mill style operations where animals are forced to live in restrictive wire cages stacked side by side.Animals like mink & fox never touch the ground and are inhumanely killed by electrocution and suffocation.Long periods of inactivity and lack of stimulation lead to frustration, distress, and abnormal repetitive behaviour such as pacing, cage biting, self-mutilation and physical deformities.Animals are forced to breathe toxic fumes from their own urine and feces causing respiratory problems and eye infections.Many countries have already made fur farming illegal." LET'S MAKE FUR HISTORY. DEMAND SPORT CHEK REMOVE FUR FROM ITS SHELVES AND COMMIT TO NEVER BRINGING IT BACK! Photo courtesy of Jo-Anne McArthur

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Petition to Carleton Univeristy, Dining Services

Expand Dairy Plant-based Alternatives at Carleton University!

***PLEASE STATE IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU ARE A CARLETON STUDENT***  The Canadian Food Guide is currently discussing removing dairy from the food pyramid; as it is becoming increasingly more accepted that it is not a needed component of a healthy diet. All dairy products can easily be replaced with plant-based versions. Carleton Animal Defense is asking that Carleton University provides dairy free plant-based alternatives, for both students and the benefits of the animals which supporting Dairy inflicts harm on. The following is a list outlining products which are being requested: - Plant-based ice creams available to students in the first year dining hall. - Replace butter with dairy-free (vegan) butter and alternatives.  - Have vegan cheese options available.  - Make sure veggie burgers and other faux meats do not contain egg, or dairy so that it is suitable for those on a plant-based diet.  - Have more plant-based dessert options; i.e with replacing the milk with dairy-free alternatives and so forth.   Overall, where it is possible to incorporate more plant-based dairy options we are recommending that it be done.  Students signing below are asking for more plant-based alternatives on campus. ***PLEASE STATE IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU ARE A CARLETON STUDENT*** Find out more information about our organization by clicking here :

Carleton Animal Defense
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