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Petition to Alan Joyce, QANTAS, RSPCA

Stop animal neglect by Qantas airlines

My beautiful Boxer dog Duke died when flying with Qantas from Sydney to Brisbane. Duke suffered a terrible death- on a day that was extremely hot, he was left in a crate, out on the tarmac, with no shade for at least an hour. Qantas baggage handlers thought it was ok to leave Duke on the tarmac while they loaded all the passengers' luggage, and then continued to leave him out there after the flight was delayed. I became increasingly distressed as I watched him sitting out on the tarmac and each time I alerted Qantas staff of my fears for Duke's safety, they assured me Duke was fine. Qantas investigated Duke's death and have told me they accept no liability for what happened. Their response is that they followed standard animal handling procedures and then continued with their standard statement on 'snub nosed' breeds being at higher risk when flying. I want everyone to know Duke's death had NOTHING to do with the flying, he travelled from WA to NSW two weeks prior, a much longer flight without issue. Qantas, Duke died because you neglected your duty of care and left him out in the heat for so long, he became overheated. An extremely dangerous condition for any dog regardless of breed. If you left a dog in a car you would face prosecution. To me, this is no different. I know I can't bring Duke back, but I want to make sure no-one else loses their beloved pet this way. Sadly, since losing my beautiful Boxer, a Bulldog puppy has also died under the same circumstances on a Qantas flight from Sydney to Melbourne. I have also heard of other tragic stories pets going missing, pets being given to the wrong person, pets collapsing on arrival and needing medical attention and others that haven't survived. If this is Qantas' standard, we need change! Beloved pets cannot continue to lose their lives through Qantas neglect. That's why I'm calling on the airline to undertake a full review of their policies and procedures to ensure this doesn't happen again. Please, sign and share my petition and let Qantas know that our pets are precious cargo! You can read the full story here.

Kay Newman
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Petition to Karina Ewer

We the undersigned wish to see Streaky Bay Council laws on Volunteer Cat Traps change.

At the moment Volunteer Cat Trapping is welcomed by the District Council of Streaky Bay, as Feral Cats have been always been & continue to be a problem for this town. Unfortunately though, not everyone seems to be doing the right thing as suggested by Council & many Pet Cats are mysteriously disappearing. The Council laws need to be looked at, so that Pet Cats & their owners are protected.  Cat trapping needs to be undertaken ONLY by Council Officers, so that it's Feral Cats being caught & euthanised properly or better yet (Trap, Neuter, Release)..... NOT family pets, by Community members hiring a trap to deal with a problem Pet in their area. It is far too easy to trap a neighboring cat & dispose of it, without anyone ever knowing. Many people in Streaky Bay have had Pet Cats mysteriously disappear & some people have stories about how they are fully aware of who disposed of their pet after trapping it in a Volunteer Cat trap (easily available from Council) or from many sites on the internet. We would like The District Council of Streaky Bay of SA to meet & discuss making changes to the hiring of Cat traps to members of the Community within the town. We would like the following changes to be made: Volunteer Cat Trapping to STOP within the inner residential part of Streaky Bay. That descision be made very clear to Community members & a substantial fine put in place for ignoring the new Bi-Law. We require our local Council (District Council of Streaky Bay), to protect Pet owners in the Community by making these changes.    

Berlinda Brumfield
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Petition to Minister of Agriculture for the 46th Parliament of Australia, State Ministers of Agriculture

Help the lambs – no more suffering for Merino wool!

EN DE As a filmmaker I quite often encounter terrible fates. But what I saw filming my current documentary on Merino wool in Australia pushed me and my team to the limits of the unbearable: The cruel suffering of Merino sheep for wool. We have decided to act and need your support: Help us to stop surgical procedures on sheep without the use of pain relief or anesthesia in Australia! In May 2019 a new federal government will be elected in Australia. Let's welcome the Ministers with thousands of signatures and encourage them to act. We do not want sheep to suffer for wool! We need your vote for mandatory pain relief! What it's all about: We travelled from Germany to Australia to document the conditions under which 90 percent of the fine merino wool in our clothes is produced. On several sheep farms we had to learn that the first weeks of a lamb´s life are tarnished by painful interventions that are usually performed without pain relief or anesthesia: Their tail is cut off, male offspring castrated and then there is mulesing, an operation carried out to protect lambs from an infestation of fly maggots. The cries of the lambs who have to endure these procedures without painkillers are heartbreaking. What is mulesing? Merino sheep were bred with wrinkled skin for just one reason: on more skin surface more and finer wool can be grown. But the excess skin and the skin folds come with danger for the sheep´s lives. Flies especially like to lay their eggs in the moist folds on the hindquarters of the sheep. When the maggots hatch, they drill through the skin and eat the sheep from the inside. Left untreated, this leads to a gruesome, slow death. No sheep farmer wants to watch his sheep die in such an agonizing way. Named after its discoverer, John W. H. Mules, mulesing has proved an economic and effective preventative measure. We have witnessed this extremely painful and bloody procedure. The lambs are restrained in such a way that they can no longer move. Then large pieces of skin on the behinds are cut away - on the majority of farms still without anesthesia or painkillers. The solution: We call for an immediate ban on all operations on sheep without the use of pain relief or anesthesia. In addition, the Australian government must set a new time frame for the wool industry to phase out the practice of mulesing where it is safe for the sheep, since in the long term there is only one solution: Merino sheep must be bred to have less wrinkle and less wool growth in the breech area. That is possible, but breeding programs have not been supported effectively in recent years. There even has been an ultimatum that the Australian wool industry had set itself: In 2010, they wanted mulesing abolished. But the deadline was simply withdrawn and no new one ever set. Help to stop mulesing and other operations on sheep without pain relief in Australia! A new federal government will be elected in May 2019. With more than 100.000 signatures, we want to hand this petition over to the Minister of Agriculture for the 46th Parliament of Australia and State Agricultural Ministers in the presence of national and international press, putting the pressure right on. We do not want sheep to suffer for wool! We need your vote! Please support us with your signature and follow our initiative #nopain4sheep on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For more info, this is our documentary.  Letter to 46th Australian Parliament: Dear Minister of Agriculture for the 46th Parliament of Australia, State Ministers of Agriculture, with dismay we had to learn that the Australian wool industry has still failed to enforce pain-free alternatives for the mulesing of Merino sheep, such as breeding less wrinkled sheep. More so: mulesing and other surgical procedures such as crutching and castration are still performed on the majority of farms without pain relief. Please take action to change the practice of these painful and cruel operations. We don’t want sheep to suffer for wool. We urge you, as the Australian State Agriculture Ministers in charge, to set new legislation standards: An immediate ban of all operations on sheep without the administration of pain relief. Don’t disappoint our confidence in the Australian government and wool growers: We don´t want to wear the wool from screaming sheep on our skin.We want wool without suffering and pain!

Joanna Michna
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