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Petition to Cardinia Shire, CEO of Cardinia Shire Carol Jeffs, Mayor of Cardinia Shire Colin Ross, Brad Battin MP Liberal

HELP SAVE our son's pug Darcie from being seized by Cardinia Shire before it is too late.

Darcie is a  much loved family dog who was a gift to our 11 year old son for his 8th birthday. Darcie allegedly rushed at a resident on 2 occasions on the 1st May. Darcie is desexed, registered, microchipped and is kept inside the house or when needed he is securely contained in an outdoor pen. He has never caused incident or trouble to other people or animals. The council have provided us with 3 unclear still photos of a black dog. At the time of allegations we were overseas on a family holiday and had a house sitter stay at our property. We have provided council with still shots from our CCTV footage which shows Darcie either locked up in his outside pen or in the house at the time of allegations. Compliance officers have visited our property and inspected Darcie's secured cage and location of CCTV cameras and were satisfied. We have never had any involvement with council for any other matters. We have recently had to get RSPCA involved as a local resident continues to throw rocks at our dogs when they are behind our fence line. The resident provokes our dogs and teases them. We have even caught them taking videos of our 3 dogs whilst our dogs were secured on our property, resulting in Pakenham police being contacted. Council are not interested in any of this information.  We have not received a caution, no infringement notices....BUT.... 3 months later my husband has been informed by email that Council are filing charges relating to multiple offences under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 (vic). How can charges possibly proceed if we have evidence and we were overseas at the time. Under section 81 of the Act, Council have the power to seize a dog if an Authorised Officer of Council has formed a reasonable belief that a person has committed an offence under section 29. "In this particular case, multiple rushes against another person.  In this case, council will be exercisng this discretion to seize Darcie. If Darcie is not voluntarily given to Council, Council will be able to obtain a Search Warrant and attend with police". We are deeply concerned that if Darcie is wrongfully seized by Cardinia Shire in front of our 2 young children it will leave long lasting pain, heartache and grief for us all. Darcie also has medical needs that require 24 hour care, he can not be left alone in a pound.  We all understand that there are most certainly dangerous, harmful dogs in our community that do need to be impounded and destroyed and that this is absolutely paramount to our safety and we fully respect and support this action of seizure of these dogs.  Help us to help our pug by signing this petition.  

Lauren Dalton
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Petition to Australian Feral Camel Management Project (AFCMP), Bob Brown

Help to prevent the wild camels of Australia being slaughtered.

I am a 14 year old who would like to solve the growing issue of camels in the Australian outback being slaughtered and killed..the reason that so many are being slaughtered is because there are too many of them. According to, “Under its Australian Feral Camel Management Project (AFCMP), the government has sought to control its wild camel population of 1.2 million by an aggressive culling effort. Private contractors have been shooting the camels from helicopters, with the carcasses left to rot in the desert.”(Kristina. C, 2013) Yet, not only is this unjust to the camels, if we continue to disparage them then in the future these precious intelligent creatures may be close to extinction and many people will look at today and regret it. I, myself having had a camel in California know how smart and family oriented these creatures can be. Even if we put in restrictions on how and when we kill the Dromedary Camels. We can limit how many camels can be killed each year. In some places in the world camels are used for important matters. Such as the following countries, the Middle East, North Africa, and more. They are NOT left to rot in the desert but in fact their meat and fur is put to good use.  Admittedly, there are more and more people becoming aware of this gruesome and unruly matter who I would like to thank personally for.   Stuart Camps, who raised and still trains camels for a living had some important thoughts on the matter: “...Now added to Australia's line-up is the camel, a creature perfectly suited to the arid expanses, and of great benefit if allowed to remain. But they need to be managed. Almost all camels the world over - in Africa, Asia and the Middle East - exist in managed herds. This has been the case for around 4,000 years now. Only in Australia and on the high steppes of the Gobi, in Mongolia, do wild camels exist.If the Australian camel is managed intelligently, which includes compassionately, the camels, and the environment, can both thrive. And so too can the industries of tourism, dairy production, meat and other things.There is nothing wrong with the camels. They are simply in need of being well managed, and cared for. If they are well managed,  there should no need to abusively and indignantly cull them, and leave them to rot. Australia can be smarter and kinder than that.” HOWEVER, that does not mean that camels are still not being killed inhumanely and also for sport. According to ABC news camels are being left for hours and even days to suffer and die. Camel expert Cynthia Goforth-MacRitchie, also touches on this matter.“If camels are shot from helicopters and left to die and rot in the desert then this leads to a bigger dismissed issue. If these people are killing a mother camel this leaves baby camel(s) left to suffer for days without their mother’s care, milk, and protection. This eventually leads to an inhumane and tragic suffering death of a baby camel.”  Cynthia Goforth MacRitchie has a history of raising camels for 25 years and other unusual creatures for a long time in California. Including an Ostrich and Emu farm of 200 using their oils, meat, and feathers for good use. Knowing this Cynthia is a valid source of how you can use these resources for the better. She also tells us that, “This camel meat and wool can be used to aid the immigrants coming to Australia and perhaps create jobs if they start a camel ‘farming’ industry.” If you could please help us sign out petition. We want to bring this to as many people’s attention as possible by solving issues. Putting rules and regulations on the culling of camels and limitations. I speak for many when I say I do not want to leave innocent creatures left to suffer in the desert from the indecency of the people who shoot and leave camels to suffer. We would like to end this and create penalties for killing these camels unjustly and if they are being killed without a cause. This includes killing camels for the reason of the overpopulation. Since the population of camels IS an issue then the deceased camel should be put to good use.. ***disclaimer: I do understand however that camels with disease can not be used so therefore adjustments would have to made in different scenarios... any questions, comments or concerns my email is Thank You!

Irena Goforth MacRitchie
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