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Petition to Liam Fox

Ban imports of real fur - support a FurFreeUK

Recent reports show that clothes made of fur from mink, fox, lynx, coyote, even hamsters are being legally sold right here in the UK. The import and sale of fur is allowed, even though the main ways fur is obtained, including fur farming, are banned in Britain. Killing animals just for their fur is cruel and barbaric, and we must stop funding it by banning imports of real fur immediately. I’ve always been deeply disturbed by the idea of killing animals just for their fur, and that’s why I’ve been campaigning against the fur trade for more than 20 years. I can’t bear to think of the suffering experienced by animals just like people’s cats and dogs that are killed for their fur. A recent article in the Independent revealed that one online retailer is even selling a coat made from killing and skinning 100 hamsters and I often see hats with real fox fur pompoms and coats with collars made with coyote fur. All of these animals, slaughtered cruelly for fashion. As the law stands, imports of fur is legal. The law must change. Fur import bans have been successfully implemented elsewhere. There is a EU-wide ban on the import of domestic cat and dog fur and California is considering a ban on the sale of real fur. The UK should take a lead and become the first country in the world to ban fur imports. Please sign my petition to help end this senseless cruelty to animals. For more information, go to: and join the campaign for aFurFreeUK. #FFUK

Mark Glover
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Petition to Paul Pomroy, Victoria Hudson, Emily Somers, Duncan Cruttenden, Jason Clark, Keith Kenny, Katie Parker, Peter Garbutt

McDonald's: End Chicken Cruelty

McDonald's is a global giant, but when it comes to the treatment of chickens raised for its menu items, McDonald’s is lagging behind. Please join us in asking McDonald’s to stop using chickens who are bred to suffer. Chickens on factory farms are bred to grow so big, so fast, that they often collapse under their own weight. Many live in constant pain, and they are vulnerable to broken legs and heart attacks. These smart and social birds spend their entire lives in crowded sheds. McDonald’s had the chance to do better for chickens in their latest animal welfare policy. They chose not to. The policy published by McDonald's is inadequate and fails to address a number of key welfare concerns. Please sign this petition to tell McDonald’s that we don’t need empty promises. We need real change. The treatment received by animals raised for food is deeply saddening, but there is hope. Big companies have the power to do the right thing and change things for the better. We can create a kinder, more compassionate world if we raise our voices together. That’s why we are asking McDonald’s to step up, for the millions of living beings who are suffering right now. If you agree that McDonald’s should lead the way and do better for chickens, please sign and share the petition today, and don't forget to opt-in to receive updates and join the fight.

The Humane League UK
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Petition to Natural England, UK Parliament, DEFRA


STOP THE LEGALISED KILLING OF RAVENS - AND 65+ OTHER SPECIES OF TREASURED AND ENDANGERED BIRDS - IN ENGLAND Natural England, the government sponsored agency, is issuing licences to kill 65+ species of birds, many red and amber listed and endangered. We want:- to thoroughly overhaul Natural England and its licencing process, making it fully transparent and accountable as a public agency, if necessary replacing it entirely with a totally independent body. to arrange a meeting with the environment secretary to discuss the concerns of the British public over Natural England's officially sanctioned killing of wild birds. to revoke licences currently issued until each has been independently reviewed. to examine future licences and ensure that they are not issued for spurious and/or vague reasons. to instigate a rigorous process to follow up on licences issued, to verify that the licencees are complying with strict criteria. *since starting this petition, information has come to light that Natural England are issuing licences to kill 65+ species of birds, many red and amber listed and endangered.I've decided to extend this petition to include these other birds.What began as a campaign to save Ravens is now a battle to protect all British birds from the pen pushers at Natural England who might, if not challenged, threaten the survival of some of our most cherished species.We demand a complete overhaul of Natural England and the introduction of an independently monitored and transparent agency in place of the current failed organisation. 13/3/2019We now have more than 250,000 signatures!I'm currently awaiting an official response from DEFRA who have been contacted on my behalf by a very highly respected MP who is sympathetic to our campaign.I'll have an update on this shortly. It is so important to keep sharing the petition - the more signatures we get, the more chance of bringing about change. (The original petition is below, it has since been extended to include all the British birds that are being killed through Natural England's licences) The Government sponsored agency Natural England, under direction from environment secretary Michael Gove, has issued licences allowing farmers in England to shoot ravens.The farmers say that the rare birds are a threat to lambs and piglets. Ravens are a protected species.They are only just beginning to recover from long term decline and still number less than 8,000 pairs in the whole of the United Kingdom. They should not be culled. This is a misguided killing spree which may severely impact on the future survival of the species.The move will do nothing to improve the Government's already tarnished reputation on environmental matters. The licences have been issued to farmers in five counties, but as we have seen from the badger cull, this appalling plan could be rolled out nationwide unless it can be stopped. We ask the Government to reconsider this ill-conceived slaughter of yet another protected species and demand that they revoke the licences. There are better ways to protect farm livestock than to embark on the mass destruction of an endangered and much loved bird.

Jason Endfield
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