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Petition to Pope Francis, Cardinal Eamon Martin, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

Pope Francis: Ask Ireland’s government to ban blood sports!

Acknowledging that Pope Francis took the name of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment, this petition appeals to him to intervene with the Irish government on behalf of animals subjected to cruel practices in Ireland. In particular hare coursing and fox hunting. Our government permits coursing clubs to capture our native wild hares for use as live bait in so-called sporting events. The animals are chased within the confines of wired enclosures…mauled, battered, tossed about like broken toys…as fans roar their approval. Hares that survive physically unscathed may die afterwards of stress-related conditions.  Foxes are hounded to exhaustion and then ripped to pieces by the dogs, and fox cubs are used to “blood” young hounds across Ireland in the months leading up to the official hunting season. Fur farms thrive here too, with more than 200,000 mink gassed to death each year after enduring six months of cruel and unnatural confinement.  A Bill aimed at banning those blots on our countryside will be presented to parliament in September. We hope the Pope may be able to bring our concerns about animal cruelty in Ireland to the attention of the Irish government, and, if possible, prevail upon our politicians to act decisively to protect ALL animals and end all forms of animal cruelty.

John Fitzgerald
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Petition to Natural England, UK Parliament, DEFRA


STOP THE LEGALISED KILLING OF RAVENS - AND 40+ OTHER SPECIES OF ENDANGERED BIRDS - IN ENGLAND *since starting this petition, information has come to light that Natural England are issuing licences to kill 40+ species of birds, many red and amber listed and endangered.I've decided to extend this petition to include these other birds.What began as a campaign to save Ravens is now a battle to protect all British birds from the pen pushers at Natural England who might, if not challenged, threaten the survival of some of our most cherished species.Once we reach 100,000 signatures I will ask for a meeting with Michael Gove (or whoever is Environment Secretary at that point). The Government sponsored agency Natural England, under direction from environment secretary Michael Gove, has issued licences allowing farmers in England to shoot ravens.The farmers say that the rare birds are a threat to lambs and piglets. Ravens are a protected species.They are only just beginning to recover from long term decline and still number less than 8,000 pairs in the whole of the United Kingdom. They should not be culled. This is a misguided killing spree which will severely impact on the future survival of the species.The move will do nothing to improve the Government's already tarnished reputation on environmental matters. The licences have been issued to farmers in five counties, but as we have seen from the badger cull, this appalling plan is likely to be rolled out nationwide unless it can be stopped. We ask the Government to reconsider this ill-conceived slaughter of yet another protected species and demand that they revoke the licences. There are better ways to protect farm livestock than to embark on the mass destruction of an endangered and much loved bird.

Jason Endfield
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