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Petition to Bart De Wever, Saskia Severens

Help us get our permission back to organize Cubes in Antwerp

Our mayor of Antwerp, Bart De Wever, has forbidden us to do cubes ever again in Antwerp. We received an official refusal stating that "it is forbidden to walk around with masks" and that "children may see the shocking footage too" which is not allowed according to them. We think that this prohibition is not justified for the following reasons: since we are called Anonymous For The Voiceless, we are the animal rights chapter of Anonymous in general. The masks have several purposes like: attracting attention of bystanders, making the bystanders focus on the footage so they are not talking to the people in the cube, also to remain anonymous so that we are representing any member of society (and that we are a big movement and still growing), etc... They tell us it's forbidden to walk around with masks, but we are not even walking around... We stand still on the same place for 2 or 3 hours so they can keep perfectly an eye on us whenever they want to. The masks are not worn anywhere else outside of the cube. We are peacefull activists, not disturbing the public order in any way. In Brussels, masks are tolerated for our protests, so why not Antwerp? We know there's still a terrorism threat in Belgium so we can compromise if they really don't want us to wear the masks... But we are going to fight for it first. The most important reason for the refusal was that children may see the shocking footage too. We do not really advise children to watch the footage, but what about the news every day for example? Bombings in the Middle East, people in hospitals with serious injuries, ISIS killing people etc... what about that then? Children may see this kind of footage too when their parents behave irresponsibly. And even on this topic, children should know the truth. Education about food in schools is not very common, so we think that people should know the truth about their food and where it comes from, even if they are children. Our opinion is that parents (or guardians) are fully responsible when it comes to our actions and they should decide if their children can watch it or not. They can simply walk past if they don't want this. On top of this, we have a standard rule that we will not show any of the footage to children who are watching alone without their parents or guardians nearby. So that's definitely not a reason to decline our protests. Please sign this petition so we can organize cubes again in the city of Antwerp.

Michiel Peeraer
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Petition to Procurator Fiscal Mr A Richardson


Bear is a loving, gentle and kind dog. Adored by his family, friends, adults and children. He is not aggressive, does not have behaviour problems, he is just a big cuddly dog who loves to spend time with people, play with his toys and get petted by everyone. He has been a massive part of our lives for nearly 11 years. Hes an avid traveller going around Scotland on camping holidays with family and friends, being social with all walks on people on his adventures. He has never scared anyone or been aggressive, he has a great personality and is always happy to see people and make new friends. It's hard to put into words how much impact Bear has had on us all, even my sister who is scared of dogs has never felt threatened or scared of him, there has never been any reason to be. He is a very loved member of the family and it would break all of our hearts if anything were to happen to him. Due to a freak accident, Bear has been taken into custody by the Police who are looking to destroy him.  On the 7th June 2017, Bear was in being lead to home having been walked around the area passing kids on bikes and scooters he was on his lead with his owner. Bear does not have an aversion to scooters or bikes. Whilst turning the corner the girl (we cannot give further details as this breaches websites rules) who was travelling fast on a scooter has collided with Bear, she and Bear had not seen each other before this, a large hedge blocked both their views. Both Bear and the girl got a shock at meet. The girl has fallen into Bear's face. This collision has caused the girl to fall from her scooter into bushes (that looked to be freshly trimmed by the council, leaving the bushes sharp and pointed), causing marks on the girls back. The girls then attempted to manoeuvre herself by pushing out at Bear, due to the nature of the collision and fright both  the girl and Bear experienced at unexpectedly meeting, this appears to have made Bear feel threatened and appeared to feel under attack. The girl has also got an injury to her arm, due this unfortunate event.  As you can image both the girl and the dog have misunderstood the situation and with no previous aggressive episodes or behaviour issues this is out of character for Bear. Bears owners acted promptly to this accident, following the girl home right away, securing Bear in his home and informing the parent of the girl straight away. Being responsible dog owners they also insisted on calling an ambulance and the police to stay within the law . The mother and girl both stated at the time of the incident they didn't want Bear destroyed.  We understand there is rumours and allegations circulating about Bear, we wholeheartedly refuse to accept these as anything other than malicious. We have stayed fair entirely through this campaign and we will continue to tell the truth. We understand conflicted opinion and have never stated that we will hold any judgement on those who believe Bear should be destroyed. We have remained in contact with the police and have continued to seek advice and support from them. We have stayed within the outlined rules set by and legal framework. We appreciate the nature of this may conflict people's views, and as a family we are supporting and helping the girl as much as we are Bear. We hope that you will use this information and base your own opinion, sign the petition and leave positive words. Hurting people is not in his nature and we will do everything in our power to stop him being destroyed. Please help us save our Bear.

Bears Family
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