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Petition to Gabriel Trujillo, Dr. Mark Stegeman, Kristel Ann Foster, Michael Hicks, Adelita S. Grijalva, Rachael Sedgwick

TUSD: Stop promoting animal cruelty; End 'Rodeo Holidays'

Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) gives students two days off from school each February in order to attend the rodeo and participate in rodeo-related events and festivities. Rodeos abuse animals for entertainment with events like calf-roping, bull-riding and mutton busting. These abusive activities would never be tolerated if they were done to other types of animals, such as our beloved cats and dogs, and should not be tolerated in the case of ‘livestock’ animals either. Just because animals used in the rodeo are larger in size does not mean they deserve to be wrestled, wrangled and terrorized for entertainment. They are sentient beings who experience fear and pain just like any other animal. Further, endorsing this type of cruelty and bullying sends a very dangerous message to kids that it’s okay to dominate and perpetrate violence against innocent animals for fun. This is not the Wild West and just because the rodeo has figured prominently in Tucson’s history does not make it right or mean that it should be allowed to continue. Teachers and school administrators should serve as role models to the kids and community of Tucson by promoting kindness and compassion to animals, not taking days off from school in order to celebrate bullying and abusing them. If TUSD needs a reason to have days off from school, how about devoting the days to volunteer work in order to make our world and communities better? Wouldn’t that be a much more educationally valuable message for our kids? The rodeo is a wholly inappropriate reason to take days off from school and TUSD needs to get with the times and end this shameful and embarrassing observance.

Kim Flaherty
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Petition to Virginia State House, Virginia State Senate, Mark Herring

Pass a Virginia law to protect dogs in harsh weather

Legislation is greatly needed in the State of Virginia, requiring dog owners to keep their pets indoors once the temperature drops below 35 degrees, or exceeds 85 degrees. Currently, there is no protection for dogs left outside, and severe weather poses a fatal threat to these defenseless creatures. Rainbow is a recent example: On the morning of January 12, 2017, a dog was found frozen to death in Accomack County, Virginia, surrounded by snow, ice, and vomit. Her neck was bound tightly by a short chain that prevented her from reaching her plastic, uninsulated igloo, and she died an agonizing death, alone. She was named posthumously named "Rainbow." Rainbow's owner, Jose Berlanga, was charged with one count of animal cruelty and one count of failure to provide proper shelter. General District Judge Gordon Vincent found Berlanga guilty of both counts. He was fined $650 and sentenced to 60 days in jail. However, the entire jail sentence was suspended, as was $500 of the $650 fine. In the end, Berlanga paid a fine of $150 for Rainbow's death. Unfortunately, it is a common practice to leave dogs outside in extreme weather. These are just a FEW cases from Virginia Two Pit Bull Dogs Freeze to Death in Frederick County, VA Owner gets second animal cruelty charge after pit bull dies from heat stroke in Henrico, VA Two dogs die of heat stroke in Newport News, VA Suffolk, VA woman charged with cruelty in dog death Dog dies of excessive heat in Bristol, VA Dog freezes to death in Accomack County, VA (Rainbow) Dog Dies After Being Left in Hot Car Outside Virginia PetSmart The general consensus is that dogs are not susceptible to harsh climates, and that their fur makes them resistant to such temperatures. This is untrue. To the contrary, dogs suffer a great deal in these conditions.  Numerous animal welfare organizations, including the ASPCA and The Humane Society of the United States, have urged pet owners to keep their animals inside during times of extreme and inclement weather.  Recently, there have been several cases of people leaving their pets chained outside, day and night, in extreme weather. Many of these animals FROZE TO DEATH and there is NO LEGAL RECOURSE TO PROTECT THEM OR TO HOLD THEIR OWNERS ACCOUNTABLE! We are appealing to you to help us protect our best friends!  Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser recently signed Emergency Legislation on February 21, 2017 to protect animals from harsh weather: DC Mayor signs "Momma's Law" See a similar law passed by Massachusetts last year: Illinois: And in Indianapolis:    

Gary Sweeney
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