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Petition to CKE Restaurants, Jason Marker, Brad Haley, Jeff Chasney, John J. Dunion, Theodore Abajian, Michael D'Arezzo, Jim Sullivan, Reese Stewart, Arlene Petokas, David Luxton

Hardee’s & Carl’s Jr. - Demand better from your chicken suppliers!

Chickens raised for Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. suffer some of the worst abuses on overcrowded factory farms. These birds spend their short six weeks of life packed by the tens of thousands inside barren, windowless sheds. Bred to grow grotesquely large at an unnaturally fast rate, they often suffer painful, crippling leg injuries. Due to physical ailments and lack of space, many spend the majority of their lives lying in their own excrement on the filthy barn floor, suffering from toxic ammonia burns to their feet, chest, and lungs. At slaughter, chickens are violently shackled, electrocuted, and slit at their throats, many while still fully conscious. Such irresponsible and inhumane conditions are not what you’d expect from restaurant chains that pride themselves on high food quality, but they’re the sad reality for chickens raised for Carl's Jr. and Hardee's. Such extreme animal abuse is not “premium quality” - customers and animals deserve better! Fortunately, there is momentum to reform this abusive industry. Restaurants such as Shake Shack, Burger King, and Chipotle have joined over a dozen other major food companies that have released comprehensive, meaningful commitments to address the welfare concerns facing chickens raised for meat. Why are Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. refusing to commit to the same standards? It’s time for Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. to make a change. Please sign this petition demanding that the leadership at CKE Restaurants (Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.parent company) commit to a strong welfare policy that grants chickens more space and environmental enrichments, a transition to higher-welfare breeds of birds, and the elimination of live-shackle slaughter methods.

The Humane League
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Petition to Wayne Niederhauser, Ralph Okerlund, Gene Davis, Karen Mayne, J. Stuart Adams, Gregory Hughes, Brad Wilson, Brian King, Deidre Henderson, Daniel Hemmert, Michael Noel, Jon Stanard, Lee Perry, Edward Redd, Todd Weiler, Utah State House, Utah State Senate, Gary Herbert, Peter Knudson, Norman Thurston, Kim Coleman

Family’s Pet Tortured To Death. Pass “Sage’s Law” For An Animal Abuse Registry

Sage was a beloved six year old family cat who lived in Clearfield, Utah. After going missing for four days, Sage managed to crawl back home where he was found by his beloved family. His family was horrified and heartbroken at what they found. Every inch of Sage’s mangled little body had been subjected to excruciating torture. His ribs were broken. His face was beaten and his eyes were glued shut. His whiskers were cut off and his fur was shaved off. The abuse was so severe that Sage could no longer meow or walk -- Some of the torture is too graphic to put into words. Debbie Barnes from the Humane Society of Northern Utah said, “This is the worst case of abuse I have ever seen.” Veterinarians tried desperately to save his life, but after two rounds of CPR, Sage succumbed to his injuries. To date, there have been no arrests for this heinous crime. But even if the perpetrator is caught and convicted, the punishment would be a slap on the wrist: a small fine and little to no jail time. Convicted animal abusers often go on to repeat their crimes, and in some cases, go on to commit violent crimes against humans as well. That’s why I, along with thousands of members of the Cats of Instagram community are taking action. We are urging the Utah State Legislature to introduce and pass “Sage’s Law”. This legislation will establish a public Animal Abuse Registry. People convicted of animal cruelty would be required to register and prohibited from adopting or purchasing an animal ever again. Animal shelters and pet stores would have access to the registry. Local residents, like Sage’s family, would be aware of people living in their own neighborhood who have a history of animal abuse.  Sage's Law also proposes upgrading animal cruelty charges from a 3rd degree felony to a 2nd degree felony with $10,000 fine and 1-15 years in prison, with mandatory 10 year sentences if the animal dies as a result of the injuries. Dozens of states and cities across the country have enacted or have legislation pending to create Animal Abuse Registries. It’s time for every state to have these laws, so we’re taking our plea to Sage’s home state of Utah. Please help us urge the Utah state legislature to make “Sage’s Law” a reality. Let’s make Sage the hero he was always meant to be.  

Gina Durney
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Petition to Veterinary Medical Board, Cheryl L. Waterhouse

Veterinary Medical Board: Revoke Dr. Nisar Ahmed's License and Help Save Animals

Dr. Nisar Ahmed of All Creatures Animal Hospital in Murrieta, CA has been accused of MULTIPLE accounts of negligence and incompetence, (recorded on the Veterinary Medical Board’s record website ( ) by not only employees, but from previous patients. He is currently on a 5 year probation period as of 2014 and yet continues his practices today. Incidents started as early as 2010: "[Wildomar resident Patricia] Brown said that on Aug. 3, 2010, she took her 3-year-old Maine Coon cat, Daxton, to the [All Creatures Animal] hospital for grooming. Daxton was sedated by Ahmed and his entire body was shaved by a veterinary technician. Later that day Daxton was discharged. Brown thought it was odd that when she picked Daxton up that his blanket was draped over his cat carrier. She was told by hospital staff that Daxton would probably be embarrassed and hide because of his shortened hair. When Brown took him home he ran from his carrier and hid from her for several days. Four days later Brown was able to get near enough to Daxton to notice that he was lethargic, had lameness in his left hind leg and a hard blackened area over his left thigh. 'Stupidly, I took him back to All Creatures,' she said. Ahmed determined that Daxton might have a chemical burn injury affecting his leg and admitted him to the hospital for treatment. Ahmed wanted to remove the burn scab, but Brown wanted him to wait. Ahmed removed the burn scab anyway, she said. 'He just ripped off the scab,' Brown said, adding that she heard from hospital staff that he didn’t sedate Daxton prior to the procedure. Ahmed gave her a bag of medicines to apply on Daxton’s wound. Daxton was discharged Aug. 11, but Brown was still concerned about his injury so she sought a second opinion the next day at the Valley Veterinary Clinic in Murrieta. Dr. Thomas Worfel evaluated and treated Daxton’s wound over a nine-week period, consulting with a burn specialist in New York. She said that Worfel told her that he has had to fix up many of Ahmed’s 'bunglings.' Worfel also told Brown that Daxton didn’t have a chemical burn, but was placed sedated on a heating pad that burned him. He had her throw away the medicines that Ahmed had given her because one was for dogs and the other had alcohol in it and 'would have burned him to death,' she said. Ahmed reimbursed Brown for Daxton’s medical expenses at his hospital and she took him to Small Claims Court to recover over $5,000 in medical expenses she paid to the second hospital. She said he brought people in to testify as witnesses that she’d never seen before. 'The lies were unbelievable,' she said. Ultimately she lost the case because she couldn’t prove how Daxton was burned. Ahmed tried to countersue Brown to get back the money he’d paid her, but the judge denied his request. After losing her case, Brown filed a complaint with the VMB and was asked to be a witness in the state’s case. 'He shouldn’t be practicing at all,' she said. 'He doesn’t like animals obviously. He needs to have his license taken away.'" From a My Valley News article: Many others on Facebook told of their experiences, and many continue to come forward as of July of 2017: EDIT (July 31st, 2017) Previous Worker's Experience: "[This dog] was left by his owner cause they couldn't afford the procedure. So he was up for 'adoption' then when I looked for him one morning one of the workers laughed and said he was in the freezer because his 30 days was up... I had to go outside because I started crying, I was super attached to him. His name was Bison. When his owner came in to check on him about two months later, the worker who knew what happened didn't know what to say so I brought him to the back and told him to tell her the truth about what happened. The dogs owner had to leave. So she thought he was still there up for adoption.." “They almost killed my neighbors dog! She was barely stitched up after an operation, looked like her guts were falling out. They had to take the dog to a different vet just to be properly stitched and cared for because it then became an infected mess! Stay FAR away from that place!” says one individual. “Today, I went in for a working interview at All Creatures Animal Hospital,” says Timothy Chafin on Facebook. “Dr. Ahmed treats the animals very bad. He was trying to get me to choke and drag a dog into the little cage. He was a little puppy! He could have picked him up.” Timothy also states that the hospital smells of urine and feces, and that he was not provided gloves to wash and clean bloodied towels. “We took my dogs there. He had cut his head on the fence. They took him back and had to do surgery because of fear for infection apparently. They then put a drain tube in with the stiches. So we take him home. Come back a week later to get the tube removed and the assistant lady took out the tube and all the stiches… when we got home his incision split open. We had to rush him back where the doctor took him back to the back room and put staples in his head as without anesthetic and I could hear him screaming from the lobby. I had to walk outside crying. They are butchers. Horrible cruel people.” “When I was there for a working interview, he did 2 surgeries on 2 different dogs and both times he cheaped out on the anesthesia and both dogs woke up as soon as he started surgery. And was also looking on Craiglist for a used sterilization machine because a new one cost too much. I stayed the whole working interview because I was warning the clients in the room while he was gone. I would tell them to not go back. And that their dogs did not need that specific useless surgery and home remedies instead of thousands of dollars for medication that was not needed. I wish I could have recorded it all.” It is time for not only the hospital to be shut down, but for Dr. Ahmed’s license to be revoked. Too many horrible incidents have happened over the span of multiple years and although minimal things have been done, his practices somehow continue to effect multiple animals and owners. We need as much support as possible to stop this. Media outlets and the VMB have been contacted, but this petition will help bring more attention to the cause and urge higher-ups to revoke his license and possibly shut down the hospital. It is our moral obligation to speak up for the abused animals who deserve justice, as well as the owners who are traumatized and hurt by this doctor. Please sign today.

Taryn M.
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Petition to Mr. Kevin Plank CEO Under Armour Inc.

Please take the pledge not to buy Under Armour products until they stop endorsing trophy killers.

Petition Start Date: December 21, 2015 Recently, I became aware that Under Armour supports and endorses individuals that kill animals for trophy through a social media site #uahunt. This is one of the many sites where all trophy killers go to brag, post pictures of their latest kills, congratulate one another and share in the glory. As I scrolled through, I noticed that all these killers were thanking Under Armour Hunt for the so-called hunt and products. I went to Under Armour Hunt Facebook page and it was right then that I realized, Under Armour promotes the killing of wildlife for trophy. Many of you may have heard of trophy killers, Kendall Jones, Cameron Hanes, Eva Shockey, Lee Lakosky, to name a few, and may find their lack of empathy towards killing wildlife for trophy, sport or for fun just as appalling as I do. However, what you may not know is Under Armour endorses, promotes, sponsors, not only these four, but many other wildlife trophy killers as well. If you are not aware of who these trophy killers are, please use a social media account to visit their pages, and please be sure to scroll though the Under Armour Hunt Facebook Page and the Under Armour Hunt Twitter Account. There you will find them all boasting about their latest innocent victim with photographs of them smiling proudly over a bloodied animal carcass with zero remorse all while making sure the Under Armour logo is clearly being shown and also giving thanks to Under Armour for its products and this so-called "hunt." These trophy and blood sport killers also encourage more carnage by a "tag a hunter" or a "tag a vermin" post which then encourages others to post pictures of their latest kills as well, where they are then congratulated and glorified by Under Armour employees and other wildlife killers. Ms. Jones latest victim is in the above photograph where she degrades this beautiful animal with a #kittycatdown, admits to killing the Mt. Lion with a 10mm glock, after using hounds to exhaust the animal until it found refuge in a tree until she simply pulls out a side arm and shoots it. She thanks Under Armour for this "hunt" and their products using the #uahunt. Ms. Shockey is a spokes model as she recently did a photo shoot for Under Armour products. Shockey boasts of the number of animals she has killed for trophy, posts these pictures of her kills and also thanks Under Armour for their products and "hunt" using the #uahunt as well. Mr. Hanes is a 'self proclaimed' celebrity and claims to be the best of the best. Translation: "you name it, he's killed it."  Mr. Lakosky's information can be found at his Facebook page: The Crush with Lee & Tiffany Lakosky.  WARNING: All the content you will find not only through visiting these sites and through the famed #uahunt, and also Under Armour's other advertised hashtags: #ridgereaper #alwayslethal #BBD #gowhereyoudontbelong #MuleyMonday is VERY GRAPHIC!! There are images of Bears, Mt. Lions, Fox, Coyotes, Wolves, Moose, Elk, all killed for trophy. The #uahunt and other hashtag sites also contains very disturbing 'live' videos of a variety of animals being killed for trophy.    Please use caution.  I cannot in good faith sit back and not bring this to the attention to those who are thinking of purchasing from Under Armour, and are not aware of what this brand now stands for. I am deeply saddened that Under Armour, a company generally known for athletic sports and sports apparel, has now rebranded their image as the leading company in killing wildlife for trophy. Regretfully, I have previously purchased items from Under Armour, but now have taken the pledge to never buy again until this company ends the sponsorship of Jones, Shockey, Hanes, Lakovsky and any and all other trophy killers. I am asking that you please take this pledge with me. I truly believe that together our voices will be heard, and hopefully Under Armour will realize that not only is the killing of any wildlife for trophy wrong, but will also understand that profiting from the blood of the innocent is not acceptable. Again, I ask that you please take this pledge with me, and I will deliver our position on this directly to Mr. Kevin Plank, CEO of the Under Armour Company, to make sure our voices are heard.   Dear Mr. Plank, Your loyal customers who purchase Under Armour products for fitness, yoga, running, cycling, athletic sports such as football, tennis, golf, hockey, rugby, basketball, soccer, just to name a few, were totally unaware that your company also has a hunting line made for those who engage in trophy killing. Your same loyal customers were also unaware that you advertise this clothing line by not only endorsing and supporting known trophy killers, but by also glorifying these wildlife killers as they are openly encouraged to share pictures of their 'kills' where they are then congratulated by your employees that operate your Under Armour Hunt Facebook page and Under Armour's Twitter account. The photographs are sickening and heartbreaking!  We are asking that you please reconsider the decision to sponsor trophy hunters, and to please distance yourselves from sponsorships of any and all self proclaimed trophy and wildlife killers. This is a Global petition Mr. Plank, and your loyal, and now shocked consumers are not happy, and have indeed taken the pledge to no longer purchase anything made by Under Armour. The World is watching and waiting for an official statement. If your decision is to continue making and selling UA clothing to those who participate in trophy killing, first, we would like to ask that you make a public statement to all of your unknowing consumers around the World to confirm your engagement in such endorsements of known trophy hunters and blood sport participants, and an explanation behind your decision to continue profiting off the blood of the innocent. We also ask that you provide your consumers with a list of every single person that you personally sponsor who participates in blood sports and trophy hunts. Lastly, we ask that a 'warning' label be placed on every product that you sell that states: "By purchasing this item, you have just contributed to the endorsement of Under Armour's blood sport participants" or "Profits made from this item goes directly to the destruction of innocent wildlife for trophy." Consumers have every right to know where their money is going. Once again Mr. Plank, this is a Global petition and the World is watching. We look forward to hearing your personal response, and an official statement letting consumers know how Under Armour will proceed moving further.                          Thank you very much for your time sir. 

The People Against Killing Wildlife for Trophy
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