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Petition to Mayor Mike Signer


The City of Charlottesville, VA is proposing to participate in a bow hunting season on deer. Residents with a 1/2 acre property or more can hire a hunter to inhumanely impale deer with arrows. Bow hunting of deer has been shown to be a brutally inhumane - prolonged death. Often the hunters track the wounded and dying deer by following the blood trail. According to articles in The Daily News Progress - hunters will be able to track mortally wounded deer onto neighboring properties if they acquire permission from the property owner. There are far more enlightened, effective and humane ways to avoid car collisions with deer or garden browsing by deer. It is the responsibility of humanity to drive at all times with utmost awareness of wildlife and their God given right to cross the road. And most of the complaining residents sit in houses that now occupy the deer's original habitat. Those residents should be instructed that part of their land once did belong to wildlife and it is their responsibility to peacefully co-exist with all wildlife. These bow hunts do nothing to control deer populations but they do encourage a hostile, ignorant and violent view towards sentient beings who deserve respect and humane treatment. I call on the City of Charlottesville, VA to meet with humane groups and to create a progressive, humane program that will address these issues without the violence and suffering of a bow hunt. I have lived and driven in counties in both Virginia and Maryland and have easily avoided hitting deer with my car by slowing down and keeping aware. I consider the deer to be  a  blessing when they visit my yard. I am the author of a book of true stories about animals and nature . I have also worked and volunteered for both animal and environmental organizations.  

Cynthia Fain
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Petition to Pete Saenz, Rudy Gonzalez, Jr. (District I), Vidal Rodriguez (District II), Alejandro Perez, Jr. (District III-Mayor Pro Tempore), Alberto Torres, Jr. (District IV), Nelly Vielma (District V), Charlie San Miguel (District VI), George J. Altgelt (District VII), Roberto Balli (District VIII), Horacio De Leon, Cynthia Collazo, Celina Rivera


We the signed are asking that immediate changes be made at Laredo Animal Care Services, in Laredo, Texas.  While their name implies that they are caring for the animals they are responsible for, animal care appears to be the last thing they do.  Animals are not being fed or watered adequately, nor cleaned up after with hygiene in mind, resulting in animals getting sick while in the shelter.  Nursing moms are left to care for their babies on cold steel or concrete.  While clean bedding donations have been made for the comfort and warmth of the animals, very little are used.  I personally had 6 large plastic garbage bags filled with clean linens that I washed myself that were all discarded, after being told they were covered with urine, feces and hair.  Since I personally laundered all of the items and some were actually brand new, this was nothing but an outright lie. The shelter makes very little effort to make the public aware of the animals that they have on the premises.  Others and I have repeatedly requested photos be taken of the animals upon intake and be immediately posted but these requests are continually rejected.  Most of the animals that enter the shelter are killed without ever being given a chance to be seen by the public.  While there are animal rescues all over Texas, and the country, that want to help the shelters that have little help, they can't help when they don't know what animals are even available.  For the few that are posted, updates are horrible and many times, rescues trying to save an animal are being told the animal has already been killed. Most shelters let the public know when an animal is scheduled to be euthanized with at least 24 hours notice but not so with Laredo.  They just kill when they happen to feel like it.  And while they kill approximately 20 animals a day, again, the majority of these are never shown to the public.  The shelter is completely lacking in any kind of transparency.  Intake of the animals is much larger than anyone can imagine with the small number of photos that are ever displayed. Record keeping at the shelter also seems to be rather amateur at best.  People have attempted to recover a lost pet, only to be told they must wait 72 hours and in 72 hours, they return to find the animal was euthanized.  Rescues have tagged animals and then are told the animal was euthanized-later they find out the animal is still there.  These type of stories go on and on.  With this being the 21st century and wonderful computer programs available, there is absolutely no excuse for such discrepancies with record keeping.  Animals should each have a clear record that remains with it at all times, with any interest or activity noted on it immediately. With a vet now on the staff of the shelter, there is absolutely no excuse for the basic info such as the sex of the animal not to be made available and an approximate age for the animal.  People ask these questions over and over again but this is not something that the shelter considers important.  If an animal starts showing signs of an easily treated illness, they are not treated with basic antibiotics but are left to suffer and eventually be killed or die naturally.  This is extremely inhumane. The conditions that the animals are kept in have many local residents leaving the shelter in tears and very traumatized.  I can't tell you how many horror stories I have heard from different people when visiting the shelter, yet I have been also told that the staff at the shelter have very nice accommodations for doing everything but animal care.  This seems entirely contradictory to the purpose of having an animal care facility. We, the signed, implore the Laredo government to demand changes in the shelter and to make animal care the priority, as is implied in their name!  The animals lives depend on you.  Thank you.

pamela plummer
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Petition to CKE Restaurants, Jason Marker, Brad Haley, Jeff Chasney, John J. Dunion, Theodore Abajian, Michael D'Arezzo, Jim Sullivan, Reese Stewart, Arlene Petokas, David Luxton, Matthew Kaelin, Ezra S. Field, Sagar Gandhi, Clayton Harmon

Hardee’s & Carl’s Jr. - Demand better from your chicken suppliers!

Chickens raised for Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. suffer some of the worst abuses on overcrowded factory farms. These birds spend their short six weeks of life packed by the tens of thousands inside barren, windowless sheds. Bred to grow grotesquely large at an unnaturally fast rate, they often suffer painful, crippling leg injuries. Due to physical ailments and lack of space, many spend the majority of their lives lying in their own excrement on the filthy barn floor, suffering from toxic ammonia burns to their feet, chest, and lungs. At slaughter, chickens are violently shackled, electrocuted, and slit at their throats, many while still fully conscious. Such irresponsible and inhumane conditions are not what you’d expect from restaurant chains that pride themselves on high food quality, but they’re the sad reality for chickens raised for Carl's Jr. and Hardee's. Such extreme animal abuse is not “premium quality” - customers and animals deserve better! Fortunately, there is momentum to reform this abusive industry. Restaurants such as Shake Shack, Burger King, and Chipotle have joined over a dozen other major food companies that have released comprehensive, meaningful commitments to address the welfare concerns facing chickens raised for meat. Why are Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. refusing to commit to the same standards? It’s time for Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. to make a change. Please sign this petition demanding that the leadership at CKE Restaurants (the parent company of Hardee's and Carl's Jr.) commit to a strong welfare policy that grants chickens more space and environmental enrichments, a transition to higher-welfare breeds of birds, and the elimination of live-shackle slaughter methods.

The Humane League
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