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Make it illegal to hit an animal and leave it suffering on the side of the road.

I am starting this petition because the number of animals killed in the United States has been estimated at a million per day. A million animals are hit by cars and more than half of them are left suffering and could easily be hit again. On Wednesday, January 11th at 730am I was called about a dog that was hit by a car only minutes from my home. He was left laying on the side of the road in the snow with 3 fractures in his pelvis, multiple cuts, scrapes, road rash and one gash that had to be degloved, flushed and sutured up. He couldn't stand and was in lots of pain. The driver who hit him was nowhere to be found and numerous people drove by without stopping to lend a helping hand. My friend and his brother took their jackets off to keep him warm and a nice gentleman stopped to give them a ride to the animal hospital I work at. His owners were never located and I as an animal rescuer took him under my wing. We started a gofundme account after realizing that surgery would cost anywhere between 3500-4000 dollars. Everyone wanted to help him and we quickly raised the money for surgery. We've named him Charlie. Three years ago, the same thing happened to Bennett. He was hit by a car in Charlotte, we were told he would never walk again and that he needed to be euthanized. I took him home and after weeks of tender loving care he made a full recovery and was adopted. These two stories are what can happen when people take the time to help that innocent animal that they hit. Now not all cases will end well but if the animal is seriously injured and can't be helped, it needs to be humanely euthanized. It should be illegal to hit an animal and leave it to suffer. Many animal rescuers are willing to help and options are always available to get the hurt animal somewhere safe or humanely put to sleep. 

Heather Russell
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