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Petition to Tom Vilsack, Barack Obama

Finalize The Federal Rule To Abolish "Big LIck" Animal Cruelty To Tennessee Walking Horses

Please SIGN this Petition to ABOLISH “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty to beautiful Tennessee Walking Horses. The welfare of "The Horses" should be above Politics. Over 95% of the persons 'commenting'  are "FOR"  the proposed Federal Rule which will abolish "Big Lick" Animal Cruelty to Tennessee Walking Horses. CCABLAC joins with Tea Party Conservative Republican Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) and Blue Dog Democrat Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR), both large animal vets,  in urging U. S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack,  and U. S. President Barack Obama,  to act expeditiously to do all things necessary to finalize the proposed Federal Rule.  On October 24, 2016, Reps. Yoho - Schrader, along with 179 other Congressmen, signed a Letter making it clear that the ONLY EQUINES that the proposed Rule would affect are: Tennessee Walking Horses, Racking Horses, and Spotted Saddle Horses The "Comment" period ended on October 26, 2016, with a total of                   73,933 Total Comments: FOR:         70,292 (95%)AGAINST:   3,641 (5%) Once done, the Federal Rule abolishing "Big Lick" Animal Cruelty will be published in the Federal Register as part of the Horse Protection Act of 1970, as amended, and it will be become law. "WE, The People" - CCABLAC (Citizens Campaign Against "Big Lick" Animal Cruelty) has led the fight against abolishing "Big Lick" Animal Cruelty. Over 200,000+ signing Change.Org Petitions, and 26 peaceful public protests from the Gulf of Mexico at Panama City Beach, Florida to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. After you SIGN, please SHARE the petition with your friends and family via email, Facebook, and Twitter!    Your PETITION Signatures and Comments will be delivered to the proper officials. "WE, The People", CCABLAC (Citizens Campaign Against "Big Lick" Animal Cruelty)  

Mary Smith
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Petition to Feld Entertainment

Ringling Brothers – Do the Right Thing and Retire Your Animals to TRUE Sanctuaries

Like many, when I heard about the end of the Ringling Brothers touring circus, my first reaction was exhilaration. But as executive director of Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), my mind quickly turned to the question “Where are all the animals going?” Right now, thousands of animals are being trained to entertain for profit, bred to provide cub petting opportunities, and forced to "live" in shameful conditions. That’s why I’m worried that Ringling’s tigers, camels, and other newly retired performing animals will soon end up in disreputable roadside zoos, private homes, pseudo-sanctuaries and even more circuses. None of these can rightfully be called a true “sanctuary.” These animals will continue to be treated as property and used for exhibition and entertainment. Please sign our petition to call on Ringling to do the right thing and retire its performing animals to accredited sanctuaries. Juliette Feld of Ringling states “our commitment to all of our animals is for our lifetime," and that it needs to find “suitable homes …” I agree. This is an opportunity for the lions, tigers, camels, donkeys, alpacas, kangaroos, llamas and other animals to live out the remainder of their lives in true sanctuaries offering the highest quality of care in settings that best support their natural needs and behaviors. Ringling’s animals deserve a REAL retirement - not more abuse in circuses and roadside zoos. GFAS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was founded in 2007 to fulfill a need to differentiate and support animal sanctuaries that not only provide high-quality care for the animals but also engage in sustainable financial and governance practices. We fulfill this need as the only recognized international sanctuary accreditation program. I am asking Feld Entertainment, the parent company of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, to prioritize retiring their animals at GFAS-accredited sanctuaries. All 132 of our accredited care facilities in the United States have undergone a rigorous assessment and meet our Standards of Excellence. These Standards include valuable animal-specific guidelines for the proper space, enclosure, diet and social needs; they also offer general information for promoting organizational health and sustainability such as proper governance; safety training and protocols; financial practices; and outreach. I hope that Ringling lives up to its responsibility to place its retired animals in “suitable homes” with the same resolve that kept them in business for 146 years. Prioritizing the placement of retired animals in certified sanctuaries offers a monumental opportunity to set a positive example for all the entertainment community with a decision to do what is right for the many that have served them over the years. I applaud Ringling for its landmark announcement. Now Ringling must take the responsible next step by placing these animals in accredited sanctuaries. So please join me by signing this petition to urge Feld Entertainment to retire animals in GFAS-certified sanctuaries. Ringling needs to do the right thing. These animals deserve it.   This petition will be delivered to: FELD ENTERTAINMENT

Kellie Heckman
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Petition to Suzanne Case, Govenor Ige, State Of Hawaii, John Mederios DOFAW, Scott Fretz

Please stop DOFAW Proposed Kanaio, Maui Game Management Area!! Give the people a voice!

Our historical and cultural community of Kanaio Maui, is a quiet, family oriented community, based on ranching, farming and preservation of Hawaii's history. It has faced many oppositions. Clearing of forest down to nothing, Federal lockouts, trespassing of cultural and historical sites. Now the State of Hawaii wants to create a hunting area within our community on ceded lands. This week the state posted No Camping, No off road Vehicles (no access to the beach), No firearms (no hunting) No Camping ( what?) No Fires basically no access signs posted at the beginning of the road to Kanaio beach.  This is just the beginning of their attempt to take over the lands beginning with locking us out of our beach access, where historical and family sites are located. The State of Hawaii's Forestry Division, are proposing to create a game management area in our community. It will include Large Game hunting with Archery  from June through October on Saturdays and Sundays and Shot Gun hunting of Birds, November through January on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. This means they will enter through and around our community and homes. Now a peaceful and serene environment cared for by generations of families who were raised on the aina. The State Department of Forestry were opposed by the community on August 25, 2016 at a community meeting held at St. John’s Church in Kula. Now they are locking the beach access road with NO ACCESS SIGNS. We do not want the state or any other agency taking our rights to live and provide for ourselves as our ancestors have for generations. Our right to live without fear of being shot by a stray bullet or arrow is being compromised by the States Plans. The Iwa birds, owls, wildlife, and  livestock could be killed in error or worse, one of our community residents. See the plan here "possible taking action on 11 parcels of private land" in now 8000 ac. Coast line and putting in parking lots!!!  Link for DLNR Proposal: Please join us and show your support by signing this petition in letting the State of Hawaii know we oppose the Kanaio GMA. (Game Management Area)

Kanaio Community Association
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