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Petition to Bridget McKenzie

STOP the mass murder of 10,000 camels in Australia

From Wednesday, 8th January 2020, professional shooters from helicopters will shoot and kill more than 10,000 camels, after an order from Aboriginal leaders in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands (AYP) region of Australia. First, these humans imported some camels in Australia, then left them in the wild to breed themselves for decades, and since the bushfires in Australia have started now, these humans needed someone on whom they can point at. Yes, they found these camels responsible for the bushfires, and these camels cannot protest for which they are held responsible. Some chief executive of carbon farming specialist said, 'one million feral camels emitting the effect of a tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, an equivalent of an additional 400,000 petrol cars on the road.' One fact I want to add is that each human being emits the equivalent of approximately 2 tonnes of  CO2 per year. So, how much CO2 do 7 billion people on earth emit? That's roughly 2.8 billion cars on road. (If each car emit 5 tonnes of CO2 each year). So, is this a valid reason to kill those camels? Absolutely not. One day when there will be nothing else for humans to kill, we will end up having killing ourself. So it can never be a valid reason to kill more than 10,000 camels. In the deadliest attack till now, i.e., 9/11 (on World Trade Centre), nearly 3000 humans died. That's tragic. Imagine how much 10,000 camels are. It's humongous. Humans have not found any other solution other than this to rectify climate control. And the authorities are thinking that killing 10,000 camels will stop the bushfires, and they will never happen again. It's stupidity.  Those camels can be relocated somewhere or can be sold to other countries, or birth control methods may be used to control the population. Has science only progressed in the warfare sector, for taking lives? Why science is not used to save lives instead? Or it is just the human lust, be it gas chambers, nuclear bombing, shooting, etc., to prove that humans are the most powerful and most superior. Superiority doesn't come via this way. It comes by showing empathy to all other creatures and growing together. Humans have evolved most advanced, not to diminish other creatures. We evolved most superiorly so that we can take care of other creatures. These camels too have a family, like us. They too want to live. They too feel pain. They too fear death. This mass murder must be stopped.   References,000_Camels

Sourav Das
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Petition to Animal Welfare party

Protecting Pets from Owners

To start this off, I'll explain what brought me here, writing this... The vacuum kitten killer. Sound familiar? Don't F*** with Cats. Not long after this documentary has been released, there has been another nauseating, callous crime. The two teenagers who microwaved a kitten. Along with these two disturbing acts of animal torture, we've seen and heard of many more!  I'm not here to slate this behaviour and argue that these criminals deserve more punishment than is decided -which they do. I'm here so we can create a safer place for our pets, instead of selling them like it's the black market. We need to change the way pets are bred and sold!  I strongly believe if we are dedicated to making these changes, the percentage of animal abuse will drop, radically.  Here is what I suggest: Pets Should Only be Bred by Certified Breeders I personally would love a world where you can only adopt pets from shelters, pet shops or sanctuaries. Unfortunately, I understand breeding is a large part of income for some individuals, so this is not a likely outcome. However, having it illegal for non-certified breeders to breed pets, is still a very safe option. This will only require a few more rules for certified breeders, which should also apply to shelters and sanctuaries. Firstly, home checks should be carried out on every person wanting to adopt a pet. Secondly, sellers must require to see a 'Pet Owning Licence' (see next section) before any sale or handover of a pet is completed. Finally, 6-month and 12-month checks should be completed on the new pet owner. This is to ensure the pet is still in care of the owner, and that the pet has been spayed/neutered.     Pet Owner License Every pet owner must hold a 'Pet Owner License,' which will require a background check. Anyone with a history of violence, animal abuse, or any other harmful offences will not be given a license. This should be similar to the standards of adopting a child. There is no difference between the two. These are all animals and should be treated with the exact same importance.    Pets Must Legally Be Sterilised In order to prevent pets being wrongly homed to dangerous people, such as criminals microwaving, suffocating or starving their pets, all pets must be sterilised. This leaves no error for wrongly homing a pet. Once pets are collected from certified breeders, they should already be sterilised, or the breeder is legally required to check on the pet owner to insure this is safely done by a vet.    Overall, my goal if for The Animal Welfare Act to be amended to include the above. I understand these seem like strict rules to own and sell pets, but at the end of the day, wouldn't you prefer knowing these animals are living in safe, loving homes. I am an owner of five cats myself, 2 of which I bought from non-breeders. It horrifies me how easily I picked up these cats and never heard from the sellers again. I could have just as easily abused these innocent animals without consequence.    Please take a moment to sign and share my petition, and share your own ideas! Thank you.     

Sarah Wright
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Petition to European Commission, UK Parliament, Theresa Villiers

Ensure the protection of 1 million+ penguins #SaveFalklands

When the UK leaves the EU, the Falklands Conservation initiative (and other NGOs) could lose crucial funding previously received from the European Commission - funding that helps protect biodiversity and ecosystems in European territories overseas.  This means that animals such as penguins could be at severe risk - because the money to protect them isn’t there anymore. We cannot let this happen! Many don't know that the UK is actually responsible for more penguins than any other nation on earth. The Falkland Islands, a British territory, are home to a third of the world’s southern rockhopper penguins and gentoo penguins. Around a million penguins nest in the Falklands every summer. I’m asking the Government to ensure that when the UK leaves the EU, the equivalent funding the EU gave is put towards conservation within the Falklands. If this doesn’t happen we will possibly lose an integral part of our global ecological system. This is an issue much greater than the ultimatum held by 'BREXIT'. The lives and protection of these species should be greater than any other political concern we may hold. Over-fishing, tourism, unlicensed egg-collecting, and exotic diseases like avian pox all propose a threat to penguins because of low resistance among the isolated populations. We need to protect these precious animals, and not let Brexit get in the way of this. I am a 17 year old student who operates a conservation agency (@ecoidentity) and I am passionate about ensuring the protection of these crucial ecosystems. I ask you kindly to sign and share this petition as a large public concern is what will draw this issue to Parliament's concern.

Amit Jaspal
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