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Petition to Hon. Maithripala Sirisena, Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe

A default right to have domestic animals in condominiums, apartments, flats & dwellings

A default right to have domestic animals in condominiums, apartments, flats and other dwellings On behalf of the tenants of condominiums, apartments, flats and other dwellings with pets (dogs, cats and other domestic animals), it is hereby proposed to strengthen the rights of tenants to keep pets in their properties (condominiums, apartments, flats and other dwellings) as part of a package of proposed animal welfare measures. Some condominium management rules drawn up by condominium management authorities/committees and other landlords of condominiums, apartments, flats and other dwellings insist on no animals. Tenants of such premises should be entitled to default right for them to live with their pets. There also should be laws, recognition and acceptance implemented for emotional support dogs to be around their owners in where they live. These are issues that are close to people's hearts and faced and subject to severe inconvenience and discomfort by both tenants and pets when such issues are not addressed, unanswered and when proper rules are not implemented. The government and relevant authorities should draw immediate attention to implement legislations and add them to the animal welfare act that would amend/add laws/acts to the current animal welfare act to treat all animals as sentient beings. The following concerns are requested, suggested and recommended to be added to the animal welfare act of Sri Lanka. default right to have pets in condominiums, apartments, flats and other dwellings. right of tenants to have pets in where they live.   recognition of emotional support animals (dogs and cats) and other service animals (dogs and cats), allowing such animals in public places and allowed entry to cafes, restaurants, etc. for such emotional support animals and other service animals.   recognition for pet-friendly hotels.   ability to fly all dogs and cats and especially emotional support animals (dogs and cats) in the cabin of the national carrier with advanced notice and if required supportive documents to bring emotional support / psychiatric service and other kinds of service animals in the cabin.   banning of firecrackers and other unnecessary noises that not only harm animals but humans too.   affordable vet care for owners on low incomes.   closing loopholes which permit illegal hunting.   banning of shooting birds for any purpose.   animal welfare inspectorate to draw up revised welfare standards, strict and routine monitoring of stipulated standards.   strict reviewal of animal testing to focus on minimising suffering and ending avoidable tests.   obliging motorists to report incidents immediately (as it happens) where animals (all kinds of animals) are injured or hit and reporting of any roadside accidents of animals, whether or not the accident was caused by the person who reports the accident.   protecting the marine environment.   introducing mandatory CCTV into slaughter houses to increasing the maximum sentence for animal cruelty tenfold and taking the action needed to ensure the animals receive the proper protection they deserve.   to increase the maximum sentence for any kind of animal cruelty tenfold and taking necessary action and measures needed to ensure the animals receive the proper protection they deserve. This is applicable to all domestic, street, wild animals and animals that are kept in zoos.   introducing proper animal welfare shelters with qualified staff for abandoned animals and animals that wander on the streets without an owner’s supervision.   a hotline, proper measures and mediums for awareness of lost and missing animals and measures for such animals to be found and relevant owners to be notified.   removal of animals from the custody of abusive owners and revoking their rights to ever own and have a pet or any kind of animal in the future   to treat all animals as sentient beings  

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Petition to animal shelters

Save the strays

There are way too many animals in the country that are being abandoned and left on the street. These animals for survival eat out of garbage thrown by people. This is really dangerous for the animals. people now have even started giving start stray animals poisoned food to get rid of them, they hit them with rods, sometimes stray animals are also stoned to death which is really sad why don't people realise that these animals to feel the same pain as humans if not more. all this is also illegal and if caught also are punishable by law, which a very small number of the population knows. The other problem is that nowadays nobody wants to take in a stray animal just because they apparently aren't desirable. Instead people turn to breeders or mills who keep the animals In confinement and forcefully breed them keeping them away from any sort of love and affection they deserve . The offspring of these continuosly bred animals usually suffer with many problems with their body structure, sight, movement etc. When a particular breed is in demand these mills breed the animals to cope with the demand and when the animals are not sold they are euthanized.  Don't yall think that the animals on the streets/strays too deserve the love and care of a Family. Don't they deserve a happy life. Nowadays there is a lot of animal shelters in the country where you can support and adopt an animal. by doing this you will save a life for dying out in the rough weather, consuming the wrong things etc. Animals are also Living things like us, if we mustn't discriminate against each other then why discriminate between breeded animals and strays while both give you the same love. Do take this into consideration the next time you think about getting a pet. If you actually do care about the lives of these poor helpless and voiceless animals please do share this to spread awareness. Even animals have their own set of rights but since they can't speak like humans let's us be their voice and help as many animals as we possibly can.

Abhishek Sheshadri
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Petition to ZSL London Zoo, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Westminster Council

Cancel after hours 'Zoo Nights' at ZSL London Zoo

This cannot go on any longer. This is a recurring event where ZSL London Zoo is basically turned into a nightclub for the night after the zoo has closed, with music blaring and alcohol being sold, with no care for the animals and with countless incidents in previous years.  Examples of the chaos that has ensued previously: People trying to enter enclosures People pouring beer over tigers Someone stripped off and tried to get into the penguin pool to allegedly harm a penguin A group of people cracked the glass on the snake enclosure Butterflies were crushed to death People have commented on this petition saying they used to work for the zoo/previously attended one of these events and said the animals appeared visibly stressed, with someone saying on one occasion people were cleared away from the gorilla enclosure whilst zookeepers calmed them down. This has to stop. There seems to be absolutely no consideration for the animals who are already kept at the zoo against their will, it is all for consumers. This is clearly a big money maker but  I'm sure there are plenty of other ways of raising money without risking the animals safety, as this should be top priority. The last thing these animals need is to be surrounded by drunk people and loud music. This event has been rebranded several times with no indication of it being cancelled for good. There are 8 of these events, on all the Fridays of June AND JULY! The first event begins on the 7th June, THIS WEEK! We don't have a lot of time before the animals are subjected to 1 of these stupid things a week for TWO MONTHS, so please help by signing, sharing and letting the zoo (and Magnum Ice Cream, their sponsor) know how you feel! Thank you so so much, I am so grateful for every signature. Here is the link to the 2014 article explaining what happened at a previous event: ------------------------------------------------ The RSPCA and PETA have been contacted by CNN about these stupid nights and have said the following: "Zoos should be responsible for the safety of the animals in their care. Allowing these late-night events to continue does not demonstrate adequate consideration for animal welfare," said Adam Grogan, head of wildlife at the RSPCA. "Mixing animals with people drinking alcohol can have disastrous results -- a fact that ZSL London Zoo is well aware of yet is deliberately choosing to ignore," PETA UK's Director Elisa Allen added. "To host loud, alcohol-fueled events which cause them fear and distress and even pose a threat of physical harm to them defies belief." ( A comment from Born Free Foundation says the same thing: "The presence of visitors tends to stress animals in zoos, whatever the time of day -- so adding more visitors is going to add more stress," Chris Draper, head of Animal Welfare at the Born Free Foundation, which has researched the impact of the nights on animals in the past, told CNN. "Adding more stuff going on late at night adds insult to injury." "It raises the prospect of bad behavior, if they're adding to music to the mix," Draper said. "These animals are not subjected to music on a daily basis, they're not used to music." Dismissing the events as irresponsible, Draper said the zoo is sending a message "that it's OK to treat animals as entertainment exhibits."

Abbie Andrews
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