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Petition to Stephen Mansfield, Brett Smith, Stephen Hepworth, Patrick Troughton, Suzette Harrison, Commissioner

Save our platypus

This petition has been initiated by Friends of Fernglade in an attempt to secure more support and funding for Fernglade Reserve in Burnie, Tasmania. This 50 acre conservation area along the Emu River, is home to 11 threatened species, over 50 bird species, and a healthy and reliably seen platypus population. Situated only minutes from the Burnie CBD it feels like it’s a world away, and is a much loved area by the local community.  The ecotourism potential for the area is enormous. The wild platypus viewing is considered one of the top 3 sites in the country, and the only one located near a port, hosting a rapidly growing cruise ship industry. Visitors frequently enjoy viewing platypus, wallabies, echidnas, giant freshwater lobsters, eagles and a huge variety of birdlife. Possums, bandicoots, quolls, Tasmanian devils and much more also call Fernglade home. Friends of Fernglade are concerned with ongoing incidents of illegal lobster poaching, rabbit trapping, trail-bike riding, lighting of fires, the presence of dogs, vandalism and hooning. Lobster poaching recently resulted in the deaths of 3 platypuses within the reserve. Please sign our petition asking for more support and funding for Fernglade. Friends Of Fernglade are a voluntary group assisting Burnie City Council and Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service in the management of the reserve.

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Petition to AWL Board

Urgently re-open the Ingleside animal shelter

There is a desperate need for the Ingleside animal shelter to be reopened to provide facilities for stray, lost, abandoned or surrendered animals. Due to its location, the facility also has access to one of the best markets for re-homing and an income stream from boarding. The Animal Welfare League (AWL) NSW recently permanently closed the relatively new million dollar state-of-the-art facility without consultation or transparency to the community who funded it through fundraising and bequests. The land is worth several million dollars and given the costs of the Sydney property market, the opportunity to acquire such an asset in the future will  be near impossible. NOTE: Updates will be posted to this Facebook page We the petitioners, hereby petition the Board of the AWL NSW, currently consisting of  GLYNIS BOOBYER NARELLE COCKS JEANETTE EMANUEL DAVID HOPE AUDREY MCGEOWN CHRISTINE RICHARDSON JOANNE RIGHETTI SHAWN SKYRING ANNETTE TOMLINSON as follows: To take all necessary steps to re-open the shelter. To publicly explain details of the compliance issues relating to waste water management and building codes which caused the shelter to close down, and why the shelter cannot be reopened. Disclose and make public any proposed sale or redevelopment of the Ingleside shelter site. You can read more about the shelter here

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