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Petition to Sara Bray, alice McCALL PR, alice McCALL Sales

Urge Australian brand alice McCALL to stop using real ostrich feathers

IMPORTANT: To maximise our impact, please email and to reiterate your disgust at the company's involvement in cruel fashion (wool, silk and leather are also largely featured in their collections). The following should do the trick (feel free to copy and paste and sign off with your details): "Dear alice McCALL Team, I am incredibly disgusted by the company's use of real ostrich feathers and urge alice McCALL to immediately reconsider its direct (and now increasingly publicised) participation in cruel fashion. Until the company ceases to use real feathers, I will not be purchasing from the brand or supporting alice McCALL in any way and will be sharing the harrowing reality of how these feathers are obtained as well as alice McCALL's involvement in such industry.  Sincerely, Your name" Australian designer brand alice McCALL continues to use real ostrich feathers in their designs, including the brand's newly released 2020 Resort Collection and its infamous 'Lady Bird' coat - made entirely of feathers, despite the harrowing details of how these feathers are obtained.  As per PETA Australia: "Because ostriches don’t moult and therefore don’t drop feathers for collection, their plumes are obtained in one of two ways: by “live-plucking” or by post-mortem plucking after they’re slaughtered for their flesh or skin. Both methods cause them to suffer immensely. In 2015, PETA US eyewitnesses entered the largest ostrich abattoirs in the world, where they documented that workers forced ostriches into stun boxes and then slit their throats. Not only were ostriches watching as their flockmates were slaughtered in this manner, workers were also caught on camera joking as they struck terrified birds in the face. Transportation to the abattoir alone puts these animals at risk: their long necks, thin legs, and delicate eyes are easily injured during handling. The horror of live-plucking is also well documented. Ostriches are blindfolded and held down – which causes them to panic – before their feathers are pulled out of the follicle by hand or with pliers. Some birds are returned to cages, bleeding from their fresh wounds. Others are shot with a captive-bolt gun or electrically shocked and hung upside down, then their throats are slit and the blood slowly drains from their featherless bodies." Earlier this year, similar Australian clothing brand Bardot was called out for its use of real ostrich feathers and have now cancelled all work in progress and future orders involving real feathers in response to the backlash. alice McCALL however, has, until now, flown under the radar and has thus not been called out for its deplorable use of feathers. I have emailed the company's PR team urging them to stop using ostrich feathers however they have declined to even acknowledge such message, so please sign my petition telling alice McCALL to stop using real ostrich feathers if you believe feathers are only beautiful on the birds they belong to. Thank all you kind hearts for your support. Every signature, comment and share is immensely appreciated.  Note: images are the property of alice McCALL and PETA US

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Petition to Scott Morrison


THE FACTS: Only in Tasmania, there have been over 500,000 native animal road kills every year. Virtual fences have been proven to half this rate!!! OUR GOAL: The Tasmanian devils are nearing extinction and roadkill is making this situation worse. Installing virtual fences in areas where devils and other native Australian/Tasmanian animals are more common will solve this problem and let us focus on more important aspects of making sure our wildlife is still around.  WHAT ARE VIRTUAL FENCES?: Virtual fence devices are an active electronic protection system that warns animals that a vehicle is on the road. The devices are activated by approaching headlights, which cause them to emit sound and light stimuli and alert animals of oncoming traffic. ABOUT TASMANIAN DEVILS (Sarcophilus harrisii): The Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is a carnivorous marsupial of the family Dasyuridae. It was once native to mainland Australia and is now found in the wild only on the island state of Tasmania, including tiny east-coast Maria Island where there is a conservation project with disease-free animals. Devils were hunted and became endangered in Tasmania because they were seen as a threat to livestock and animals that humans hunted for fur. In 1941, the devils, which were originally seen as implacably vicious, became officially protected. Since then, scientists have contended that earlier concerns that the devils were the most significant threat to livestock were overestimated and misplaced. "Don't be dense, install that fence!"

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Petition to World Wildlife Fund, Animals Asia, PETA, four paws, Welttier Schutz, World Animal Protection

Increase protection for moon bears in their natural habitat to prevent bear bile farming

Bear Bile farming isn't one of the more well known animal welfare issues although it is a very big problem. In countires like China and Vietnam bears are being farmed for a liquid they produce. The conditions that this is happening in is terrible. What we are trying to do is increase the protection for the Moon Bears in their natural habitat to prevent them from being poached and sold into the Bear Bile Trade.  These bears have not been bought up in captivity for the purpose of farming. They are taken from the wild and their natural habitats as babies. Once they have been captured they spend their whole life in a tiny cage that they can't even move in. These bears are starved and often suffer from terrible infections and diseases. They often have terrible teeth after trying to chew their way through cages and failing.  The bears undergo an initial surgery in which they have a pipe inserted into their liver, then twice a day, they have their bile removed via the permanent pipe. They only just survive day to day because of the antibiotics they are given, and that doesn't stop them feeling the pain.  What we are trying to do is stop this terrible practice by preventing the amount of bears being used. The Moon bears are becoming extinct and we need to protect these beautiful species. Hopefully, if we get enough signatures the countries that this is happening in will protect the Moon bears and prevent Bear Bile farming from happening altogether.  

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