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Petition to THE PRIME MINISTER, INDIA, Shri narendra modi ji , the prime minister of India

An India with zero stray animals,everyone deserves a home and a respectable life .

Any animal lover in india would know for sure what conditions our stray animals live in ... Dogs , felines ,cows (who  ironically we call  mothers) suffer tremendously ,and nobody deserves that . I  Recently read on a survey that our country has about 30 million stray mutts in india.  And we have the largest number of rabies victims in the world . I believe this all can be changed by appropriate laws , their implementation , And love and compassion for all life forms... ban animal cruelty  , breeding businesses when there are millions of strays who need home.Empathy is a trait we have lost touch with... If u don't agree that this situation needs to be taken care of... Just put yourself or your loved ones in a stray animals position for one second, they are beaten around , malnourished,  have broken bones to severe injuries that they carry with them all through their lives and no one cares about them.... And I'm sure you would see why it is absolutely necessary to act ...we have so many animals living on the streets yet we breed exotic animals and make a business out of them.....!! I refuse to believe that our country does not have people with good hearts who want all animals to have a better life... I hope and therefore urge you to sign this petition calling for better treatment and a chance at a better life for all the stray animals... 

Shekhar Bhatt
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