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Petition to Animal lovers and wildlife rescuers, Commissioner of Police, Gurgaon, Gurgaon Police

Make Haryana Police take action against politician Mahesh Dayma for harassing animal lover

Haryana Police has to stand up for citizen's rights and take action against Mahesh Dayma, a local goon and a member of Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG), who regularly harasses and beats up animal lovers for feeding and caring for stray dogs. Mahesh Dayma gets his local gang members to harass stray animals and monkeys in Gurgaon and also cuts trees and destroys the environment so that he can get votes from the RWAs and society residents by pleasing them. He has manhandled many animal lovers and thrashed them when he saw them giving medicine and food to the stray animals. When asked why he does this, he replied illogically "Stray animals are a nuisance and their population is increasing and they bite children so we should not feed them". Well, isn't it the job of the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) of which he is a member, to sterilize and care for the local stray dogs, cows, and other animals to control their population and keep them healthy so that human-animal conflict is minimized. We petition the Government of Haryana and the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon and the Commissioner of Police, Gurgaon to take strict action against Mahesh Dayma for manhandling, threatening, harassing and beating animal lovers who care for the environment by doing a noble act of caring for the stray animals in Gurgaon. Firstly, people do not come to complain against him due to his position and if someone does then the case is suppressed. Some people have mustered the courage and filed police complaints against Mahesh Dayma, but no concrete action has been taken against him, due to the lackadaisical attitude of authorities.  If all animal lovers stopped giving food, doing sterilization to keep the population in check and treating the stray animals, then the problem would increase rather than get solved.   We urge police to take strict and fair action against Mahesh Dayma in police complaint no. 13227104071800131 and many other similar cases which have been suppressed.  Animals Lovers and People of Gurgaon - Unite against this evil man or he will destroy the environment and kill and harm more humans and animals. #FightEvil Animals Lovers and People of Gurgaon - Unite against this evil man or he will destroy the environment and kill and harm more humans and animals. #FightEvil #Stand4animalrights #CRUSADE4ANIMALS 

Avik Kedia
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Petition to streetdogshelter

He Needs Just 5$ -Do You have it

Help Albus by Just adding 5$ in his recovery Funds To Adopt Albus Please contact Hello Hoomans, My name is Albus and I am an 8 year old Persian cat. I spent the majority of my life in a tiny cage, and I grew up without any friends; hoomans, cats or otherwise. I was raised to give birth to a lot of little babies, but I never got to see them or play with them, and I spent all my days in a cage with a string, where I was barely handled, petted or loved.  I also did not have a litter box to do my business. My breeder would allow me access to a communal sand box when she felt like it, so I didn’t know how to use a regular litter box. I wasn't given a lot of food, and most of it was not very good for me, so I am quite underweight at 3 kg.  I got rescued by a Team of Great Hoomans (street Dog Shelter) who will get me neutered and taken care of by a foster. I was very scared of her when I first arrived, but my foster is a nice lady. She took me to the vet, and the vet gave me some sad news. Apparently I have polycystic kidney disease, which means I don’t get to have as long a life as most cats and I have to be put on renal food, which is expensive and hard to find.. My creatinine levels are high and I’m very anaemic, I am currently on saline to get better. I also will need a laproscopy to be properly neutered, and only two places do it, which is quite pricey. It’s been a few days of many ouchies with injections, but my foster tells me I’m a brave, strong boy and I’ll get through this.  All of this made me very sad, because I didn't believe anyone could love me, and it makes it that much harder for me to get adopted. But I have hope. I have hope that some hooman somewhere will like me the way I am, and give me the love and care I need. I promise I am very quiet, but I do have the occasional “Maow!” (that is my unique way of meowing). . All I really want is to know what it feels like to be adopted, cuddled, and most importantly, loved.  However, I am still quite sick and traumatised from my time at the breeder's and I need all the help I can get. Will you help me? My foster hooman says that you need lots of "munnie" to do all the things I need to become better again. Can you help her get this munnie? My foster hooman and Street Dog Shelter  have given me all they have, and now they need your help. I really want my second chance, so any donation large or small will help me get my life back Donate and save Albus    

Neasen Amintio
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