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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Ken Hardie

Make It Illegal To Eat Dogs And Cats In Canada

2019 Petition: Outlaw Human Consumption of Dog and Cat Meat in Canada This petition will be delivered to the Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Honourable Ken Hardie, Member of Parliament of Canada (who met privately with me and is taking this matter with interest). *French, Russian, Chinese and Spanish translations ADDED. If you can translate into a different language such as Italian, German, Farsi, Hindu or other languages, please email me We, the undersigned, immediately and respectfully ask the Canadian government to proceed with steps toward legislation to criminalize the human consumption of dog and cat meat. It is LEGAL to consume dog and cat meat in Canada. This means if an owner were to kill their own pet dog or cat and eat it, there are no legal consequences. A restaurant could literally substitute dog or cat meat without facing any criminal charges or health violations. If the dog meat is deemed 'healthy', health inspectors are powerless. It sounds horrific and difficult to believe but it's true. This has been going on for decades. CBC News reported Canadians dining at a restaurant in Alberta were very likely fed dog meat in 2003. The bodies of 4 dogs were found in a restaurant freezer in Edmonton. No criminal charges could be laid because there is no law against it. CBC reports "...because many Canadians don't accept dog meat as food, the sale of the product may have been driven underground." Many dogs and cats that are cruelly killed for food are stolen pets or from online classifieds such as Craigslist where people give away their dogs for free. "For the older generations, especially those coming over from Asia...they would be interested. They may still have a habit of eating dog meat." Nelson Fok, the associate director of food inspections, said. Add your signature today in asking the Government of Canada to make it a federal offense to eat dog and cat meat. ==== Canada's Role in Criminalizing Consumption Of Dog And Cat Meat: We are passionate that we want Canada to become the next country immediately after the USA to criminalize this barbaric practice. We are a small group of non-partisan volunteers committed to influencing precedent-setting changes through animal advocacy. Founder of Arf Arf Bark Bark Rescue, James Tsai, has taken action beyond words. On December 19, 2018, Honourable Ken Hardie, Member of Parliament met privately with James about this important matter and to strategize the best legislative avenue to make it happen before the federal election this summer. Hon. Ken Hardie has expressed his heartfelt concern and will be speaking with the Minister of Justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould and Minister of Agriculture, Lawrence MacAulay to see if there are proposed or existing laws currently in place. Following would be public consultations and research. The commitment Hon. Ken Hardie expresses is reflective of the moral character of politics we need in the upper levels of government. This is not about political perspectives. This is about speaking together as one voice for our beloved dogs and cats. There is a long history of dogs and cats slaughtered for festivals and celebratory events around the world. Many dogs are deliberately and brutally tortured to death. The United States of America is the first G20 country in the world to criminalize consumption of dog and cat meat. H.R. 6720 is an historic US Legislative Bill that criminalizes the slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption. It was signed into law in December 2018 by the President of the United States as a provision of the Farm Bill. The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation (Los Angeles) created, lobbied for and supported the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition act. The Foundation received the support of 9 US Senators and Co-Sponsors in the House of Representatives. The Bill passed three readings with zero amendments. This is unheard of as partisan positions often influence law wordings. America sent a very clear and concise message to the rest of the world. Now it's our turn. ==== Arf Arf Bark Bark Rescue and Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation: James has received support from Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation from their board chair, Barbara Gitlitz, MD and their key project leader of H.R. 6720, Mr. Vincent Sena, who was tasked with this historic achievement. By criminalizing the consumption of dog and cat meat, we not only reflect the values of respect towards animals but most importantly, Canada closes the loopholes to those who claim eating dogs and cats as a culture and tradition. Killing and eating dogs and cats needs to be made illegal with fine(s) and/or imprisonment. ==== Please SIGN and SHARE to add your voice. We will do the rest. Want to do more? Can you help us continue our fight to save Canada's dogs and cats? Your donations help support our animal advocacy on regional, provincial and federal political levels. We are the first in 127 years to successfully file a Human Rights complaint against the City of Vancouver Animal Control for alleged and continuing contraventions and discrimination against pet owners protected under British Columbia Human Rights legislation. Are you passionate about animals? Want to volunteer?Contact Sharon Lee, media On behalf on the lives of our loyal companions, Thank You.   James Tsai, founderArf Arf Bark Bark Rescue Tracy Tien, founderCOOGO Dog Rescue Lisa Gaye, founderFurever Freed Dog Rescue   Sharon Lee, media ********************************** FRENCH translation ********************************** Nous, les soussignés, demandons au gouvernement canadien de prendre des mesures pour légiférer en vue de criminaliser la consommation humaine de viande de chien et de chat. Il est LÉGAL de consommer de la viande de chien et de chat au Canada. Cela signifie que si un propriétaire tuait son propre chien ou chat pour le manger, il n'y aurait aucune conséquence juridique. Un restaurant peut littéralement substituer de la viande de chien ou de chat sans faire face à des accusations criminelles. Si la viande de chien est jugée "saine", les inspecteurs de la santé sont alors impuissants. Cela semble horrible et difficile à croire mais c'est vrai. Cela dure depuis des décennies. Selon CBC News, des Canadiens mangeant à un restaurant en Alberta auraient probablement été servis de la viande chien en 2003. Les corps de quatre chiens ont été retrouvés dans le congélateur d’un restaurant à Edmonton. Aucune accusation ne pouvait être portée puisqu'il n'y a aucune loi contre la vente et la consommation de viande de chien. Selon CBC, “... parce que de nombreux Canadiens ne considèrent pas la viande de chien comme de la nourriture, la vente de ce produit pourrait avoir eu lieu sur le marché noir”. Plusieurs chiens et chats qui sont cruellement tués pour devenir de la viande de consommation sont des animaux volés ou provenant des petites annonces en ligne telles que Craigslist où les gens donnent leurs chiens gratuitement. “Les gens des générations plus âgées, en particulier ceux venant d'Asie [...] seraient intéressés. Ils ont peut-être encore l'habitude de manger de la viande de chien.” a déclaré Nelson Fok, directeur adjoint des inspections des aliments. Apposez votre signature aujourd'hui pour demander au gouvernement du Canada de rendre la consommation de viande de chien et de chat une infraction fédérale.  ********************************** RUSSIAN translation ********************************** Мы, нижеподписавшиеся, с уважением просим Канадское правительство немедленно утвердить и принять в действие закон об уголовном преследовании потребления в пищу мяса собак и кошек. В настоящее время в Канаде ЮРИДИЧЕСКИ ДОПУСТИМО употреблять в пищу мясо собак и кошек. Это означает, что если хозяин собаки или кошки убьёт и съест свою собаку или кошку, он или она никаким образом не будет преследоваться по закону. Любой ресторан в принципе может использовать мясо собак и кошек в приготовлении блюд, без каких-то было последствий со стороны закона или органов здравохранения. Если мясо собаки признается пригодным с точки зрения норм здравохранения, инспектора по здравохранению ничего не могут сделать. Это звучит ужасно и в это трудно поверить, но тем не менее это правда. Это продолжается десятилетиями. CBC News сообщало что канадцы обедающие в ресторанах провинции Альберта в 2003г. с большой долей вероятности могли есть мясо собак. Тела 4х собак были найдены в морозильнике ресторана г. Эдмонтон. Уголовное преследование не могло быть возбуждено, потому что нет закона позволяющего это сделать. СВС сообщает..."поскольку многие канадцы не признают мясо собак допустимым для употребления в пищу, продажа этого продукта возможно перешла на чёрный рынок". Множество собак, жестоким образом уничтожающихся в целях приготовления пищи являются украденными домашними животными, или получены через объявления в Интернете на сайтах таких как Крэйглист (Craiglist), где люди отдают своих собак бесплатно. По словам Нельсона Фока, Помощника Директора по Инспекции Продуктов Питания: "Люди принадлежащие более пожилым поколениям, особенно приезжающие из Азии...могут быть заинтересованы. Они всё ещё могут иметь привычку есть собачье мясо". Пожалуйста, подпишите петицию Канадскому правительству с просьбой признать употребление в пищу мяса кошек и собак федеральным преступлением. ********************************** CHINESE translation ********************************** 2019 加拿大全國連署:全面禁止食用犬貓肉品 此連署將呈遞於加拿大總理 Justin Trudeau 以及議員,Ken Hardie。 *此連署的俄文如下。敬請期待法文翻譯。如果您能夠提供其他語言的翻譯,請電郵 我們在此連署請願加拿大政府馬上採取立法行動以禁止人類使用犬貓為食用肉品。 至今,食用犬貓肉品在加拿大仍然是合法的。這意味著如果飼養犬貓主人宰殺自己的寵物並且食用其屍體,沒有任何法律可以制裁這令人髮指的行為。換句話說,只要這些犬貓的處理方式為”乾淨“並且被認定”可食用“,任何的餐廳可以將任何肉品換成犬貓肉品販賣而不受到任何相關法律的規範。雖然這些行為令人無法苟同,實際上是完全合法的,連衛生署官員都無力禁止。 這樣的現象已經維持了幾十年。根據CBC新聞台報導,2003 年於亞伯達省發生餐廳在客人不知情之情況下食用了餐廳料理的狗肉。雖然衛生署於該餐廳的冰櫃中搜出了四具犬隻的屍體,卻無能為力。即使證據確鑿,因為沒有任何法律規範人類食用犬貓,該餐廳仍然可以繼續營運,繼續料理犬貓上桌。 據CBC新聞台報導,”因為大部分加拿大民眾無法接受食用狗肉以及貓肉,許多狗肉貓肉的市場轉為地下市場。至今仍然有部分族群在食用狗肉以及貓肉。“ 許多被殘忍虐殺的犬貓是從craiglist上免費認養來的以及偷來的犬貓。 食物安全副所長 Nelson Fok表示: ”老一輩的,特別是從亞洲的移民會對食用犬貓有一定的興趣。也許現今仍然存在著食用狗肉貓肉之傳統以及習慣。“ 今天您的連署與支持將請願加拿大政府開立刑法全面禁食狗肉貓肉。 ==== 加拿大在全球禁食犬貓肉品之角色 身為一群動物保護法推動志工,我們熱切希望加拿大緊接著美國的腳步全面立法禁止食用狗肉貓肉。James Tsai, Arf Arf Bark Bark 基金會創立人於2018年12月19日與議員Ken Hardie 在此重要議題已進行了初步談話,以及討論最有效之法令推動方案。我們深切希望此法案可於今年夏天的聯邦選舉前完成立案。 議員Ken Hardie 以此議題表示深刻的感觸。Hardie 議員將與法務部長Jody Wilson-Raybould 以及農委部部長 Lawrence MacAulay 會面以鑑定現今是否有相關法律推行中。下一步將會是公聽會以及其他研究推行。 議員 Ken Hardie 承諾反映出加拿大民眾所需要的政治高層的積極作業。此議題非比與政治掛勾,是代表我們所愛的寵物們發聲。 食用狗肉貓肉在全全世界已經有很長的一段歷史。因此,許多狗貓被蓄意虐待,殘忍殺害。美利堅合眾國是第一個G20國家開立刑法全面禁止食用犬貓肉品。 美國開立的 H.R. 6720 金視狗貓刑法條例是與2018年12月,經過美國總統批准,並且簽署進農務法。 於美國成立之 The Animal Hope and Wellness 協會 (洛城) 對此刑法的推動有無可取代的角色。此協會收到九位美國議員以及贊助者的支持。此法例三讀通過0修改,是前所為聞的案例。這代表著美國對此議題的重視,且對世界各國設下標竿。現在是加拿大跟進的時候。 Arf Arf Bark Bark 協會以及The Animal Hope and Wellness 協會(洛城) James 受到 The Animal Hope and Wellness 協會(洛城) 董事,Barbara Gitlitz 醫師以及 H.R. 6720 法案推動者 Vincent Sena 的全面支持。 加拿大之立法禁止食用犬貓肉品不只反映國人的關心動保之核心價值,並且進一步防止聲稱忠於文化傳統的狗貓食用者虐殺動物。屠殺以及食用犬貓肉品需要馬上被禁止。任何觸法人士將以此法律途徑送辦罰款或處以有效徒刑。 ====請以連署並且分享來發聲!接下來的行動我們會繼續推進! 想要更進一步的幫忙嗎?你可以在保護以及救援加拿大的犬貓盡一分力嗎?您的捐款將幫助所有於省份,地方,以及聯邦之動保活動。我們為加拿大127年以來第一個成功送件溫哥華動物控制處歧視殘障人士之告訴。我們會繼續盡力推動動物保護之運動! 你對動物充滿熱忱嗎?你想要做義工嗎?請聯絡我們的公關志工,Sharon Lee sharon.lee@arfarfbarkbark.com代表我們忠心的夥伴們,我們再次感謝您。 James Tsai, 創辦人Arf Arf Bark Bark RescueTracy Tien, 創辦人COOGO Dog RescueLisa Gaye, 創辦人Furever Freed Dog Rescue Sharon Lee, 協會公關   **********************************  SPANISH translation ********************************** Justin Trudeau: Haz ilegal comer perros y gatos en Canadá.” Petición 2019: Prohibir el consumo humano de carne de perro y gato en Canadá. Esta petición será entregada al Honorable Primer Ministro Justin Trudeau y al Honorable Ken Hardie, Miembro del Parlamento de Canadá. Nosotros, los abajo firmantes, solicitamos de manera inmediata y respetuosa al gobierno canadiense que proceda con los pasos hacia la legislación para criminalizar el consumo humano de carne de perro y gato. AUN ES LEGAL consumir carne de perro y gato en Canadá. Esto no puede continuar bajo el amparo de ley. Esto significa que si un propietario matara a su propio perro o gato y se lo comiera, no hay consecuencias legales. Un restaurante podría literalmente sustituir la carne de perro o gato sin enfrentar cargos criminales o violaciones a la salud. Si la carne de perro se considera "sana", los inspectores de salud no tienen poder. Suena horrible y difícil de creer, pero es verdad. canada/dog-meat-legal-health- inspector-says-1.408407 Esto ha estado ocurriendo durante décadas. CBC News informó que los canadienses que cenaban en un restaurante en la ciudad de Alberta probablemente fueron alimentados con carne de perro en 2003. Los cuerpos de 4 perros se encontraron en un congelador de un restaurante en la ciudad de Edmonton. No se pueden presentar cargos penales porque no hay ninguna ley en contra. Los informes de CBC dijeron "... debido a que muchos canadienses no aceptan la carne de perro como alimento, la venta del producto puede haberse realizado ocultando la verdad". Muchos perros y gatos que son asesinados cruelmente para convertirse en comida para humanos son mascotas robadas o de clasificados en línea como Craigslist, donde las personas entregan a sus perros de forma gratuita. "Para las generaciones mayores, especialmente para los que vienen de Asia... estarían interesados en éstas prácticas. Es posible que todavía tengan la costumbre de comer carne de perro". Nelson Fok, el director asociado de inspecciones de alimentos, dijo recientemente. Agregue su firma hoy para pedirle al gobierno de Canadá que constituya como un delito federal comer carne de perro y gato. ----- El papel de Canadá en la criminalización del consumo de carne de perro y gato: Nos apasiona el querer que Canadá se convierta en el próximo país inmediatamente después de EE. UU. para criminalizar esta práctica bárbara. Somos un pequeño grupo de voluntarios no partidistas comprometidos a influir en los cambios de establecer los precedentes a través de la defensa de los animales para terminar con ésta falta de leyes que penen éstas prácticas y facilitan la crueldad y tráfico de perros y gatos. El fundador de Arf Arf Bark Bark Rescue, James Tsai, ha tomado medidas más allá de las palabras. El 19 de diciembre de 2018, el Honorable miembro del Parlamento Ken Hardie, se reunió en privado con James intercambiando información sobre este importante asunto y con el fin de elaborar la mejor vía legislativa para que esto ocurra (una nueva ley) antes de las elecciones federales de este verano boreal. Hon. Ken Hardie ha expresado su sincera preocupación y hablará con el Ministro de Justicia, Jody Wilson-Raybould y el Ministro de Agricultura, Lawrence MacAulay; para ver si hay leyes propuestas o existentes actualmente en vigor para su tratamiento. A continuación se realizarán consultas públicas y de investigación. El compromiso del Excmo. Ken Hardie expresa y refleja el carácter moral de la política que necesitamos en los niveles superiores del gobierno. No se trata de perspectivas políticas. Se trata de hablar juntos como una sola voz para nuestros queridos perros y gatos. Hay una larga historia de perros y gatos sacrificados para festivales y eventos de celebración en todo el mundo. Muchos perros son torturados deliberadamente y brutalmente hasta la muerte. Los Estados Unidos de América es el primer país del G20 en el mundo en criminalizar el consumo de carne de perro y gato. En Argentina está prohibido (y como miembro permanente del G20), se buscó instalar un matarife para la exportación de carne de perro a Asia; que luego no ha prosperado. H.R. 6720 es un histórico proyecto legislativo de los EE. UU. que penaliza la matanza de perros y gatos para consumo humano. Fue promulgada en ley en diciembre de 2018 por el Presidente de los Estados Unidos como una disposición de la Ley Agrícola. La Fundación Animal Hope and Wellness (Los Ángeles) creó, presionó y apoyó el acto de prohibición del comercio de carne de perros y gatos. La Fundación recibió el apoyo de 9 senadores y copatrocinadores de Estados Unidos en la Cámara de Representantes. El proyecto de ley aprobó tres lecturas con cero enmiendas. Esto es algo inaudito, ya que las posiciones partidistas a menudo influyen en la redacción de leyes. América envió un mensaje muy claro y conciso al resto del mundo. Ahora es debe ser el turno de Canadá. ----- Acerca de Arf Arf Bark Rescue Barc y Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation:   James ha recibido el apoyo de la Fundación Animal Hope y Wellness de su presidente de la junta, Barbara Gitlitz, MD y líder de proyecto clave de H.R. 6720, el Sr. Vincent Sena, a quien se le encomendó este logro histórico. Al criminalizar el consumo de carne de perro y gato, no solo reflejamos los valores de respeto hacia los animales, sino que lo más importante es que Canadá cierra las lagunas legales a quienes afirman que comen perros y gatos como cultura y tradición. Matar, comer y comercializar perros y gatos debe ser absolutamente ilegalizado con multa (s) y / o encarcelamiento. Por favor FIRME y COMPARTE para agregar su voz. Nosotros haremos el resto. ¿Quieres hacer más? ¿Puedes ayudarnos a continuar nuestra lucha para salvar a los perros y gatos de Canadá? Sus donaciones ayudan a apoyar nuestra defensa de los animales a nivel político regional, provincial y federal. Somos los primeros en 127 años en presentar con éxito una queja de Derechos Humanos contra Control de Animales de la Ciudad de Vancouver por supuestas y continuas infracciones y discriminación contra dueños de mascotas protegidos por la legislación de Derechos Humanos de Columbia Británica. DONACIONES: VOLUNTARIADO: ¿Te apasionan los animales? ¿Quieres ser voluntario? Contacto con Sharon Lee, relaciones con los medios. En nombre de las vidas de nuestros leales compañeros; Muchas gracias. James Tsai, fundador - Arf Arf Bark Bark Rescue. Tracy Tien, fundadora - COOGO Dog Rescue. Lisa Gaye, fundadora - Furever Freed Dog Rescue.   Sharon Lee, relacionista - ********************************** Can you translate into another language? Please contact us ********************************** **********************************  

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Petition to Premier Doug Ford

Let these birds live. Stop Ontario's war on Double-crested Cormorants

ProblemOntario introduces an open season hunt on nesting birds.Urgent - We need MASSIVE opposition. Ontario’s Conservative Premier, Doug Ford is using Trumpian tactics, has put this in with several other outrageous new laws so as to overwhelm the electorate and has quietly introduced this proposal just before the holidays to avoid scrutiny.Don’t let this happen! Complain about this loud and long and often, PLEASE. It is a major disaster.Please sign our petition. And please continue reading.Nowhere in North America are sport hunters permitted to shoot at close range nesting migratory birds and their chicks while still in the nest, but that is exactly what Ontario’s Conservative Premier Doug Ford is proposing for Double-crested Cormorants and it needs to be stopped now. Premier Doug Ford intends to change the law in Ontario, to allow sport hunters to ‘spoil’ the birds after being shot. Meaning both parents and chicks can be blasted out of their nest and left to rot. Currently it is illegal to ‘spoil’ game species. Technically, the hunting of wildlife isn’t supposed to be for the sheer thrill of killing. Carcasses, in theory, are to be used. Doug Ford is waiving this provision and will allow hunters to shoot up colonies at their pleasure in an open season that will run from March 15 to December 31, every year. Hunters can kill off an entire colony and their chicks in a matter of minutes. A government cull of nesting cormorants in 2003 at Presqu’ile Provincial Park saw two government sharp shooters kill over a thousand birds in one day. So let’s not kid ourselves - Doug Ford wants to kill off these birds in Ontario and it can be done quickly. This proposal was written almost verbatim by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and is part of their PRIORITIES FOR THE NEW GOVERNMENT agenda. There are no restrictions.There are no restrictions on the number of hunters that can attack a colony anywhere, anytime including one of the largest colonies on the Great Lakes located in Toronto at Tommy Thompson Park. As long as sport hunters remain in their boats, and do not step onto the shore, there is nothing restricting them from coming close enough to shoot nests from below, killing adults peacefully tending their young and the chicks. The enjoyment of Toronto Harbour will be reduced by the presence of gunshots and flying bullets and dead birds floating to shore. This is no joke!This proposal is deceitful.Landowners have always had the unrestricted ability to kill cormorants if they were perceived as ‘nuisance’ on their private property and science from across numerous jurisdictions including Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry concluded that the presence of cormorants indicates an abundance of fish. The problem is that sport and commercial fishers are too greedy to share the resources with any species seen as a direct competitor. Almost all Double-crested Cormorant colonies contain several other colonial waterbird species such as Herring Gull, Ring-billed Gull, Common Tern, Caspian Tern, Black-crowned Night Herons, Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, White Pelicans, who will also be disturbed during their breeding season by this hunting activity. When Ontario Parks began culling cormorants at Presqu’ile Provincial Park, they lost the ONLY Great Blue Heron breeding colony on Lake Ontario which was embedded among the cormorants for protection against predators. Doug Ford is a ‘text book’ psychopathic bully that has shown little empathy for the most vulnerable in our society both people and wildlife. Let’s stop this him NOW before he decimates waterbird colonies across Ontario. The policy to kill cormorants during their nesting season can be found here: note: It is impossible to monitor this hunting activity as proposed. The same promise to monitor the Spring Bear Hunt never materialized and young cubs are dying at the hands of sport hunters as the mother bears are killed in the spring hunt. The Ontario govt. has NEVER produced a report to date. They can’t and they won’t. They want them dead in the water - literally. For more information on Double-crested Cormorants please link here: You !!!!!SolutionPersonal story

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Petition to Dr. Kim Romanufa

Ban Cat Declawing in Alberta

Declawing is not like a manicure. It is serious surgery. A cat's claw is not a toenail. It is actually closely adhered to the bone. So closely adhered that to remove the claw, the last bone of the cat's claw has to be removed. Declawing is actually an amputation of the last joint of your cat's "toes". When you envision that, it becomes clear why declawing is not a humane act. It is a painful surgery, with a painful recovery period.  A cat's body is perfectly designed to give it the grace, agility, and beauty that is unique to felines. Its claws are an important part of this design. Amputating the important part of their anatomy that contains the claws drastically alters the conformation of their feet. The cat is also deprived of its primary means of defense, leaving it prey to predators if it ever escapes to the outdoors. Unlike most mammals who walk on the soles of the paws or feet, cats are digitigrades, which means they walk on their toes. Their back, shoulder, paw and leg joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves are naturally designed to support and distribute the cat's weight across its toes as it walks, runs and climbs. A cat's claws are used for balance, for exercising, and for stretching the muscles in their legs, back, shoulders, and paws. They stretch these muscles by digging their claws into a surface and pulling back against their own clawhold - similar to isometric exercising for humans. This is the only way a cat can exercise, stretch and tone the muscles of its back and shoulders. The toes help the foot meet the ground at a precise angle to keep the leg, shoulder and back muscles and joints in proper alignment. Removal of the last digits of the toes drastically alters the conformation of their feet and causes the feet to meet the ground at an unnatural angle that can cause back pain similar to that in humans caused by wearing improper shoes.   Adapted from Edmonton Humane Society

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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Jonathan Wilkinson, Senator Michael L. MacDonald

End the cruel shark fin trade in Canada

Sharks have been swimming in our oceans for 420 million years - 200 million years before dinosaurs walked the earth. Today many species are in trouble. As apex predators, sharks play an important role in the ecosystem by maintaining the species below them in the food chain and serving as an indicator for ocean health. The demand for shark fins for delicacies such as shark fin soup means sharks are one of the most exploited species on the planet.  Fins from up to 73 million sharks end up in the global fin trade every year. Shark finning is a brutal and wasteful practice. When a shark’s fins are cut off it is often still alive, then the shark is tossed back into the ocean where, without its fin, it will drown, bleed to death, or be eaten alive by other fish. Shark finning is illegal in Canadian waters; however, Canada is the largest importer of shark fins outside of Asia. Demand is growing in Canada, according to Statistics Canada more than 170,000 kilograms of shark fins were imported in 2017.  This is more than a 60 per cent increase from the volume imported five years ago in 2012. More alarming, research shows the fins of several endangered and threatened sharks — including whale sharks, great hammerhead sharks and short fin mako sharks — are being sold in our country.  Of the fin samples collected, an astounding 76 per cent were from threatened species. The good news, many Canadians want to see our government ban the trade of shark fins! Canadian filmmaker Rob Stewart exposed the fin trade to a global audience in his 2006 movie. Sharkwater. In theatres October 19, 2018, Sharkwater Extinction, the late filmmaker's final film, continues to further expose the illegal shark fin industry and pirate fishing trade. Kendra, an advocate from Delta B.C, turned her lifelong love of sharks into a petition calling on her local government to ban the sale and trade of shark fins. This petition has received over 64,000 signatures, illustrating how much Canadians care about this issue. Her local Mayor’s response was clear, they need senior levels of government to take action on a national level. Bill S-238 will stop the import and export of shark fin. This Bill seeks to end the import of shark fins into Canada.  In the spring of 2018 the bill was unanimously passed by the Senate Fisheries committee, where it was strengthened to ban shark fin exports.  Now the House of Commons needs to pass Bill S-238 so that it can become a law. Canada needs to be a world leader in protecting sharks and a nationwide ban on the import and export of shark fins is the best way to ensure that Canada is not supporting shark finning.   Add your name now and tell Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard Jonathan Wilkinson to support the passage of Bill S-238 to end the cruel and inhumane practice of shark finning. Please join the movement to protect sharks and the environment, sign and share this petition!  #FinBanNow Image credit: Rob Stewart  For more information: Canadian filmmaker Rob Stewart exposed the fin trade to a global audience in his movie 2006 Sharkwater. Tragically Rob died while in production on his third movie Sharkwater Extinction. The film will be in theatres starting October 19 Ending the importation of shark fins in Canada: Presentation to the Senate Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans Bill S-238 Shark finning bill passed unanimously by committee; moves on to Senate Shark fin soup – a recipe for extinction - Senator Michael MacDonald  DNA analysis of traded shark fins and mobulid gill plates reveals a high proportion of species of conservation concern

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