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Petition to California State Legislature

WHAT? California's Canines Miserable On Chains? Sadly YES, & They Need Your Help!

California's canines (both back yard and industrial sled dogs in the photo are in California) continue to suffer long term chaining and tethering even though a law was passed in 2007 addressing this practice. This statute limits tethering to a  “Reasonable period” meaning a period of time not to exceed three hours in a 24-hour period or a "time that is otherwise approved by animal control." Unfortunately, this "approved time" is often being applied to a variety of timeframes, such as LOCAL law restrictions, which could be 12 hours or more.  Too often authorities are also refusing to do *stake outs* for 3+ hrs to prove a violation is being made. They are looking the other way even when citizens are reporting this cruelty repeatedly with evidence to back up these cases.  Additionally, current California PENAL CODES do not give clear guidelines for OUTDOOR SHELTER, or WEATHER EXTREMES.  This needs to change to stop this ongoing suffering.  The office of Scott Weiner wrote up a Spot Bill for our Anti-Chain Division of the Anti-DogFighting Campaign Worldwide Organization addressing this issue by amending our anti-tethering statute (Health & Safety Code 122335) to NO UNATTENDED TETHERING language. A NO UNATTENDED TETHERING law has been proven to be EASY to enforce and by many law enforcement agencies in various states. We also need anti animal cruelty (penal codes' 597 & 597t) language to have clarity on what is adequate SHELTER and some EXTREME WEATHER guidelines, in addition to the condition of water, food and enclosure size etc. We have received initiative support from Animal Control in El Dorado County, the California Animal Welfare Association, HSUS, and other legislators and organizations. So far though, there has only been some interest from dozens of legislators reached, and no one has been compelled to AUTHOR this bill proposal. PLEASE HELP US REACH OUR CALIFORNIA LEGISLATORS TO MAKE THIS CHANGE.   PLEASE SIGN & SHARE PETITION.  THANK YOU CALIFORNIA CODES that NEED AMENDING:

Anti-DogFighting Campaign Worldwide Organization
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Petition to Magistrate Terry Gardner Brisbane Magistrates Court, Judge Orazio Rinaudo Chief Magistrate

Harsher sentences for animal cruelty!

A HEARTLESS kitten torturer who put a baby cat in a hot oven, ripped its teeth out, and cut its claws off before trying to drown it has been spared jail time despite his deranged and disturbing acts against the innocent animal. Jiawen Zhang, 20, an engineering student from St Lucia in inner Brisbane, pleaded guilty to serious animal cruelty in Brisbane Magistrates Court today after severely mutilating and torturing a baby female kitten that was trying to escape with her mother from his back yard. Magistrate Terry Gardner sentenced Zhang to six months in prison but with immediate parole, calling his actions “cruel, callous and deliberate”. On November 14, Zhang stole the kitten from her mother and threw it in his sharehouse oven, which was still hot. The kitten’s fur was burnt off as she scratched to get out, and she also suffered significant burns to her belly, paws and legs, the court was told. Zhang then took the still alive animal up to his room and began ripping her teeth out and cutting off her toes with nail clippers, causing significant bleeding, the court heard. He then took the baby cat to the bathroom and attempted to drown her by flushing her in the toilet, but was then caught in the act by his housemate who had just arrived home. Zhang then tried to get rid of the kitten by throwing her into nearby bushes at his property, but due to her severe injuries she was unable to move. His housemates called police and the kitten was taken to Toowong Family Vet for life-saving care. Zhang’s lawyers claimed the mother cat and her baby leaving the property, reminded him of the rejection he believed he was suffering from housemates and university peers. The court heard the perceived exclusion motivated him to commit the callous acts. The court heard that Zhang had depression, which was undiagnosed at the time, and tortured little Cinders “to try and make him feel better about himself.” The veterinary clinic named the little kitten, Cinders and after her miraculous recovery has now been adopted by a loving family, who have renamed her Clare. Nurse Tahlia Woodlock from Toowong Family Vet said that the kitten will have ongoing health issues due to the trauma she sustained from the brutal incident. We want to see the case re-examined as this leniency is unacceptable and sends a disturbing message to the public. People with mental illness who commit heinous crimes should be put into prison psychiatric care not put back on the streets to reoffend. This is just another repercussion of the The Richmond Report.

Lisa Margaret
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Petition to Senator Judith Schwank, Governor Tom Wolf

End declawing in Pennsylvania

Over the past few years I have been proud to say that my state has  been making small steps to improve humane laws but, I still find myself disappointed when I see the lack of talk around the inhumane practice of declawing. (Onychectomy)  By not having Anti-declaw legislation enacted, we are openly allowing people to mutilate their companion animals and not calling it abuse. We are letting veterinary practices ignore the oath they take to protect animal health, welfare, and the prevention of animal suffering -- all in the name of the almighty dollar. We are allowing landlords to REQUIRE animal abuse in lease agreements. Anti-declaw legislation has been spreading throughout the world, but isn't spreading quite fast enough. Declawing is an inhumane mutilation, regardless of whether it is performed by scalpel, clipper, laser, or any other means. Declawing is NOT just removing the claw - it is a painful amputation of the entire last knuckle of the cat's paw.  Because of the pain and the psychological trauma of this procedure, cats are more prone to other behavioral issues, such as improper elimination and aggression. Declawed cats often bite due to their primary defense having been taken away. These bites are often bites that break skin, causing the victims to have to seek medical attention. Declawed cats are often unable to perform natural, necessary actions as their physiology is changed. It causes unecessary strain on their bodies and encourages arthritis. The claw can begin to grow again beneath the skin, causing horribly painful and dangerous infections that can spread into the bone. There is no reason to continue this procedure when not medically necessary for the animal. (There are rare cases in which onychectomy is what's best for the animal medically.) There are plenty of humane alternative routes that can be taken.  Declawing does not keep cats in homes. I have seen personally, as a person working in an animal shelter, just how many cats are being surrendered for behavioral issues following declaw surgeries in my community alone. Statistics in cities where anti-declaw legislation has been passed show a steady DECLINE in the number of cats surrendered. I have seen first hand the different levels of suffering and pain these innocent animals have to endure at the hands of uneducated people. There is no excuse for it. Declaw is illegal or considered unethical by the veterinary profession in most of the world, but that's not enough - we need to fight to get it banned worldwide. According to a petition posted by The Paw Project, "There is no reason to declaw cats to protect human health. The NIH, CDC, US Public Health Service, the Infectious Diseases Society of America, and the Canadian Medical Association, all have  stated that declawing is not advised, even for the animals of persons who are severely immunocompromised. This opinion is echoed in statements on declawing published by the AAHA and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). Declaw-type procedures to treat tumor, infection, disease, or injury would be allowed to benefit the health of the cat." I hope that together, we can all work towards a better, more humane world for our feline friends, one city, state, country, or even simply person, at a time. Thank you for your time and consideration.  I extend extreme gratitude to any and all that sign and share this petition with others. Let's all be advocates for cats, they deserve a voice!

Megan Yohn
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Congress: Make it a federal crime to leave pets out in freezing temperatures

Right now, there is no federal law making it illegal to leave pets outside in freezing temperatures. There are federal laws that regulate and protect: farm animals, animals at slaughterhouses, animals at zoos, and endangered animals. But there are no federal laws that require pet owners to treat their pets with basic decency. Winters are getting more extreme, and many dogs and cats could be left outside this season. Dogs and cats can get hypothermia and die if left in below freezing temperatures for too long. Tell Congress to make it a federal crime to leave pets outside in freezing conditions. Dozens of states have laws making it illegal to leave pets in cars unattended. States like Texas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey have made it a punishable offense to leave dogs and cats outside in below 32°F weather for more than 30 minutes. In Texas, violators can even face a $10,000 fine and prison time. The entire country should have to adhere to basic animal treatment laws like this one. Tell Congress to make leaving pets out in freezing conditions a federal crime. Other animal rights legislation is likely to pass Congress this year. The bipartisan PACT Act has over 200 sponsors in the House of Representatives. This law will close a big loophole. Right now, it is illegal to film animal abuse, but not the act of abuse itself. With overwhelming support for the PACT Act in Congress, it’s clear that it’s possible to pass significant animal neglect legislation. Send the message to Congress: make it a federal crime to leave pets outside in freezing conditions.

Lori Gandaro
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