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Petition to Kentucky Legislators, State Senators, Julie Raque Adams, Kevin Bratcher

Kentucky - Protect the Furbabies

We are petitioning the Kentucky State Senator Julie Raque Adams to carry a bill to protect and save our Furbabies and all animals and ASSIGN IT TO THE "LOCAL GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE" INSTEAD OF 'TOURISM AND OUTDOOR RECREATION.' Kentucky, it's's time to model an animal cruelty law after the number one ranked state , Illinois. Additionally, you need to add a clause about BANNING Declawing Cats; modeled after New York Senate Bill S5532B: ILLINOIS: Snapshot of Illinois: Felony animal fighting provisions for all species, and animal fighting is a RICO offense+ Other agencies or departments have a duty to report suspected animal cruelty+ Protection orders may include animals- Post-conviction forfeiture of animals is not mandatory- No immunity for civilians rescuing animals from unattended vehicles Kentucky needs stiffer penalties and we need a bill drafted, filed and heard with the LOCAL GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE to get through the Kentucky 2020 Regular Session; from Senate to House.  We NEED Senator Julie Raque Adams to hear our voice as we appeal to her and Representative Kevin Bratcher to work together and create a robust animal cruelty law that prohibits torture, mutilation, overworking, and killing of ANY animal unnecessarily or cruelly regardless if the abuse is intentional or malicious, and have increased penalties when the abuse is reckless or malicious. Kentucky currently ranks #50 Help us be the voice for the unheard sweet fur babies who are innocent but guided by those with malicious intent.   

Save Furbabies
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Petition to Judge Francis Ricigliano, District Attorney, Madeline Singas

Animal Cruelty Laws need to be Tougher! Long Island, New York.

Myself along with thousands of others are asking for animal cruelty laws to be changed! A maximum sentence of only 2 years for beating, traumatizing and torturing any animal is basically a slap on the wrist! Laws need to be tougher! We need to be a voice for the voiceless! There are three puppies who are voiceless right now and their names are Tucker, Copper and Bella. All three were maliciously beaten, tortured, traumatized and murdered. Bella was the only one to survive after going through all of the above with over $18,000 in medical bills for her care as well as needing her leg to be amputated. For the defendants to be getting 2 years or less for this horrific act is nothing! What is this telling the public?! That an animal's life is worth less than ours?! It sure isn't! Animals give us unconditional love. Tucker was waiting for his forever loving home, a family to love and this couple took that away from a healthy, loving puppy. There is no excuse! These people are serial animal abusers! The acts were premeditated as they went out of their way to get a dog each time and do the same thing! We only know of these three dogs, there could be more that we never heard of. Ellie Knoller and Jessica Kuncman are dangerous and their acts of violence needs severe consequences! Every time I have discussed this horrific act with others they all have the same reaction of disgust, sickened, horrified and many can't even hear the whole story because it is too painful. Ellie Knoller and Jessica Kuncman adopted Tucker, from the North Shore Animal League. Brought him home and beat, tortured and murdered him. Then, they bought Copper and did the same thing! They then had the nerve to go back to the breeder that they bought Copper from and told the breeder that the dog was sick and died and the breeder not knowing the real story, out of the goodness of his/her heart handed them over another dog. That dog was Bella. Bella was beaten so severely that her leg needed to be amputated and she has over $18,000 in medical bills. She was the only survivor.  I can't imagine what these dogs went through and as an animal lover my heart breaks. This couple is mentally unstable and I feel they deserve to serve a sentence that is more than 2 years. They are serial killers. I will continue along with many others to be a voice for the voiceless, because the animals don't have a voice. I volunteer at a shelter and every day we are actively looking to find loving homes for our dogs and cats. To think one was adopted into this situation is appalling! Judge, I asked you along with all of the supporters to please respect the victims who have no voice. Tucker, Copper and Bella. Please proceed with the most severe penalties. A sentence for only 2 years needs to be upgraded to a mandatory sentence anywhere from five to fifteen years as well as a lifetime ban from being able to have any animal in any state upon release from prison not only here in Nassau County, but as well as New York State! We need to teach children and everyone that the law does not excuse, allow or enable cruelty against animals. Animals are members of our family. All they know is unconditional love. If we let these people walk away with a misdemeanor we betry the animals trust and invite Injustice into our society and teach children there are no real consequences for this inexcusable behavior! Anyone capable of torturing, beating and murdering an innocent animal deserves the maximum punishment.   

marnie weidenfeld
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Petition to Tom Wolf, Judith Schwank, Mark Rozzi, Stephen Barrar, Kerry Benninghoff, Aaron BernStine, Ryan Bizzarro, Karen Boback, Stephanie Borowicz, Kevin Boyle, Matthew Bradford, Tim Briggs, Bob Brooks, Rosemary Brown, Donna Bullock, Danilo Burgos, Frank Burns, Thomas Caltagirone, Mike Carroll, Martin Causer, Morgan Cephas, Joe Ciresi, Carolyn Comitta, Scott Conklin, Bud Cook, Jim Cox, Angel Cruz, Lynda Culver, Bryan Cutler, Mary Jo Daley, Margo Davidson, Austin Davis, Tina Davis, Jason Dawkins, Gary Day, Daniel Deasy, Pamela Delissio, Dave Delloso, Sheryl Delozier, Anthony DeLuca, Frank Dermody, Russ Diamond, Gene DiGirolamo, Maria Donatucci, Matthew Dowling

End declawing in Pennsylvania

Over the past few years I have been proud to say that my state has  been making small steps to improve humane laws but, I still find myself disappointed when I see the lack of talk around the inhumane practice of declawing. (Onychectomy)  By not having Anti-declaw legislation enacted, we are openly allowing people to mutilate their companion animals and not calling it abuse. We are letting veterinary practices ignore the oath they take to protect animal health, welfare, and the prevention of animal suffering -- all in the name of the almighty dollar. We are allowing landlords to REQUIRE animal abuse in lease agreements. Anti-declaw legislation has been spreading throughout the world, but isn't spreading quite fast enough. Declawing is an inhumane mutilation, regardless of whether it is performed by scalpel, clipper, laser, or any other means. Declawing is NOT just removing the claw - it is a painful amputation of the entire last knuckle of the cat's paw.  Cats are digitigrade (they walk on the tips of their toes) Removing them doesn't allow them to walk properly and causes pain in the legs, shoulders, and back, as well as added trauma to the joints. Because of the pain and the psychological trauma of this procedure, cats are more prone to other behavioral issues, such as improper elimination and aggression. Declawed cats often bite due to their primary defense having been taken away. These bites are often bites that break skin, causing the victims to have to seek medical attention. Declawed cats are often unable to perform natural, necessary actions as their physiology is changed. It causes unecessary strain on their bodies and encourages arthritis. The claw can begin to grow again beneath the skin, causing horribly painful and dangerous infections that can spread into the bone. There is no reason to continue this procedure when not medically necessary for the animal. (There are rare cases in which onychectomy is what's best for the animal medically.) There are plenty of humane alternative routes that can be taken.  Declawing does not keep cats in homes, nor does it guarantee that they live once they arrive at the shelter. I have seen personally, as a feline behaviorist and shelter worker, just how many cats are being surrendered for behavioral issues following declaw surgeries in my community alone. I have personally seen many declawed cats (especially all four paw declawed) be put down in the shelter system, much sooner than cats that hadn't been mutilated. It also does not mean the cat will get adopted quicker than those who still have their claws. We may have a handful of families a year leave the shelter empty handed because they couldn't get a declawed cat, or that it's against our policies to do it after adopting - but we still manage thousands of adoptions every year.   Additionally, declawed cats have sat on our adoption floor for weeks to months due to lack of interest...usually due to existing disclosed behavioral problems from the procedure. Statistics in cities where anti-declaw legislation has been passed show a steady DECLINE in the number of cats surrendered. I have seen first hand the different levels of suffering and pain these innocent animals have to endure at the hands of uneducated people. There is no excuse for it. Declaw is illegal or considered unethical by the veterinary profession in most of the world, but that's not enough - we need to fight to get it banned worldwide. According to a petition posted by The Paw Project, "There is no reason to declaw cats to protect human health. The NIH, CDC, US Public Health Service, the Infectious Diseases Society of America, and the Canadian Medical Association, all have  stated that declawing is not advised, even for the animals of persons who are severely immunocompromised. This opinion is echoed in statements on declawing published by the AAHA and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). Declaw-type procedures to treat tumor, infection, disease, or injury would be allowed to benefit the health of the cat." I hope that together, we can all work towards a better, more humane world for our feline friends, one city, state, country, or even simply person, at a time. Thank you for your time and consideration.  I extend extreme gratitude to any and all that sign and share this petition with others. Let's all be advocates for cats, they deserve a voice!

Megan Yohn
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