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Petition to Narendra Modi, PMO , Aaditya Thackeray

PMO: Increase Penalty for Animal Cruelty So That It Acts As a Deterrent

Rs 100. That's what people who perform beastly, inhumane acts against animals are fined and allowed to walk free. No wonder we read about animals exposed to cruelty every day. These helpless creatures are incapable of standing up for themselves. That's why it is up to us to stand together and fight for them.  Join my fight for justice so that no animal is ever tortured the way Lucky was. This is the story of Lucky. A stray dog, aged one was mercilessly beaten by the two watchmen of Turf View society. Media reports say they did this on the commands of a resident just because the homeless animal was looking for a shelter during rain. The dog was beaten on each nook and corner of his body, including the head so that he could be taught a lesson for entering the society. He was beaten in a manner such that his horrifying screams could be heard by other animals outside and serve as an announcement for them about the consequences they would face upon doing what he did. Today, the poor animal is in a state of coma. He needs our help. He needs us to stand up for him, against this cruelty happening against animals around us.  A FIR has been filed against the two culprits, that is, the watchmen but the building resident, who is equally responsible for the miserable state of the dog, is yet to be booked. Animal welfare organizations transported the victim to an animal hospital and he being treated currently. But we need to fight so that no other animal ever has to suffer at the mercy of such cruel beings and to bring justice to the dog.  When the right of a human being is violated, we become so outraged. We protest, fight for our kind, to deliver justice to them. Somebody here today deserves to get justice as well. If the culprits of the poor animal are prosecuted rightly today for their act of inhumanity, this will serve as a threshold for all animal abusers. People will be scared of the consequences beforehand and hence will not commit such a heinous crime. The fight is not just for one dog, it is for all animals.   Animal cruelty is very prevalent even today. We need to fight against it. We are equally responsible for those suffering around us if we turn a blind eye to such incidents. My heart has been heavy with pain and eyes filled with tears ever since I have read about the attack. I appeal everybody to kindly sign the petition and share it forward with your fellow beings to ensure another painful scream does not go in vain.  Join us in appealing to our Prime Minister to increase the maximum penalty for animal abuse cases under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. Stop animal abuse, save our strays. #SaveOurStrays Picture Credit: Google Images

Ranjana Nayak
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Petition to David Abney, President of UPS, Cowlitz County Animal Control, UPS George Willis, UPS Kate Gutmann, UPS Customer Relations, , Reporter Rose Lundy, Voice For Animals

Alleged UPS Worker Sold Suffering Injured Baby Rabbit for $10. To Be Fed Alive To Snakes

Does United Parcel Service take kindly to their employees inhumanely treating household pets?  Makayla Dye rabbit/animal breeder appears to be representing UPS on Facebook.  Dye posted a baby rabbit for sale as a "live feeder" in a Facebook group to reptile owners while stating the baby rabbit had a leg injury for weeks and was not getting better.  It appears the helpless baby rabbit was neglected and not taken to a Veterinarian causing weeks of suffering then sold for $10.00 as live snake food.  To further the cruelty of an untreated leg injury, Dye deliberately sought out a snake owner to use the baby rabbit as live food causing even more suffering that would result in terror and an excruciating death. Failure to provide animals with medical attention causing unnecessary or unjustifiable suffering in WA State is Animal cruelty in the second degree. Rabbit rescues and pet owners offered to purchase the baby at a higher price and would have given him proper medical care and the life he deserves; Dye refused the offers. We the petitioners request David Abney, President of UPS investigate if Makayla Dye is in fact an employee of UPS and if so; take responsibility and ask the proper authorities to investigate the whereabouts and condition of this injured baby rabbit and request the animal cruelty laws in Washington State be upheld.  We further request the Humane Society, SPCA Cowlitz Animal Control uphold WA State animal cruelty laws and investigate the whereabouts and condition of this injured baby rabbit, lack of Veterinary care given and provide a wellness check on all animals in care of breeder Makayla L Dye, Castle Rock, WA 98611 as well as check on any licensing required to sell animals for profit. WHAT CAN YOU DO?  - Respectfully call UPS Corporate with your concerns - 404-828-6000 - Respectfully call Humane Society, SPCA Cowlitz AC - 360-577-0151request a wellness check on all animals in care of breeder Makayla L Dye, Castle, Rock, WA 98611 as well as check on any licensing required to sell animals. - Report concerns of tax fraud - 800-829-0433Selling animals and cages are considered income. UPS Facebook UPS Twitter Washington State Legislature RCW 16.52.207Animal cruelty in the second degree - Penalty.(1) (a) Fails to provide the animal with necessary shelter, rest, sanitation, space, or medical attention and the animal suffers unnecessary or unjustifiable physical pain as a result of the failure;It is a concern if UPS provides background checks on their employees.  Several news stories of UPS employees are found online regarding different crimes, DUI, rape, sexual assault, indecent exposure and numerous thefts.  - "Authorities also say Darland, while driving for UPS, admitted to having sex with the pets of his customers when they weren't home".(Threatening or foul comments will be removed)

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Petition to Gordon Ramsay, Chris Steel, Caroline Le Couteur, Community engagement portal

End the use of animals for entertainment in the Australian Capital Territory

End the use of animals in entertainment in the Australian Capital Territory The use of animals in entertainment, such as circuses, racing, petting zoos and livestock competitions, speaks to an outdated attitude towards sentient beings. By allowing these events, many of which have already been banned in other jurisdictions, the local governmentis endorsing the exploitation and subjugation of non-human animals. The use of “heritage” or “tradition” is not an acceptable excuse for these cruel and unnecessary practices. We call on the local government to end their financial support of these events, and to bring in legislation to prevent them occurring in the ACT We demand the following: Immediate removal of financial support of any event utilising animals for entertainment including facilities funding, prize money or sponsorship No longer issuing permits or approval for these events to occur within the ACT Development of legislation with deadline to implement to ban horse racing, circuses using any animal, livestock competitions and petting zoos, and any other remaining form of entertainment using animals Introduction of penalties for individuals breeding animals for any entertainment purpose More Information: Petting zoos: Petting zoos takes infant animals from their mothers well before they are weaned. Often these enclosures have insufficient shade, water and feed. These animals are excessively handled from a young age resulting in learned helplessness— a psychological phenomenon where animals (and humans!) are continually unable to engage in neither fight nor flight, and so in turn respond by shutting down psychologically as a protective mechanism. Most of these animals will end up in the slaughterhouse when they are no longer cute, or they are continuously bred to produce new babies for display. People who enjoy petting zoos would be horrified to know their actions are contributing to animal harm. Pig racing:An extension of the petting zoo, young piglets are forced to race each other for food rewards. They are still far too young to be away from their mothers, and often they will be underfed to encourage them to race. Livestock competitions:These animals are transported from all over the region, kept in confinement for the day and in all likelihood, will be sent to slaughter shortly or impregnated for breeding and milking. They also perpetuate the idea that farming is a wholesome family pursuit with glossy, happy animals when nothing could be further from the truth Domestic animal shows, breeding, equestrian and dog sports:The amendments to the animal welfare act already include a number of reforms that exclude the use of dogs in hunting sports and the restriction on breeding, however there is not yet sufficient action on dog shows themselves nor on the continued breeding of animals for entertainment in this industry. Domestic animal shows rely upon breeding of animals according to aesthetic standards which has resulted in substantial deformities becoming rampant amongst "purebreds". In addition, these show involve frequent transport and confinement of animals. Further, many sports, even where they do not involve the use of live bait, can result in serious harm and even death in the animal participants. Given the overflow of domestic animals in the care of foster groups, the RPSCA and pounds in the surrounding region, continued breeding of "designer" animals for show or for purchase is unconscionable.  Yard dog trials:These events involve a working dog herding sheep through a course, a dog completing an obstacle course or scaling a high podium. Sheep may be herded multiple times by different dogs and being prey animals, are subject to substantial stress.These events are frequently held in the warmer months increasing risk of heat stress for not only the sheep, but also the dogs themselves. Circuses:Even though the ACT has banned the use of exotic animals in circuses, the use of domesticated animals such as dogs and horses is still permitted. These animals are constantly on the move between towns, often with exceedingly long transport times. They are often kept in cages or tethered by short ropes between performances and training. Horse racing:The ACT has banned greyhound racing on animal cruelty grounds, however horse racing suffers from the same cruelty concerns, and inherent risk of injury to the animals exploited for gambling purposes.        In addition to adding your name to the petition, please write or call the following ministers to voice your opposition to the use of animals in entertainment Andrew (02) 620 50011 Gordon (02) 620 52615 ACT Community engagement  

Anti-Speciesist Action Collective Canberra
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Petition to The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, Mr Steven Agnew MLA, Rt Hon Michael Gove, Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, George Eustice MP, Thérèse Coffey MP, Lord gardiner of kimble, Arlene Foster MLA PC, Gerry Adams TD, Colum Eastwood MLA, Robin Swann MLA, Naomi Long MLA, Jim Allister QC MLA, Theresa May MP

Justice for Sparky: Tougher Sentences for Offenders of Animal Cruelty

Sparky was an 11 week old puppy, he was a victim of Animal Cruelty. He was bludgeoned to death with a hammer and then microwaved. The cruel monsters who did this also filmed their actions while laughing and joking. His poor lifeless body was then dumped in a rubbish bin. Sparky's life ended before it even began. All he knew was a life of immense pain and suffering. His last moments on earth filled with tremendous fear. The current sentences for Animal Cruelty are a Maximum of 5 years. Sparky would likely have lived longer than 5 years. Yet Sparky will not get to live these years out with a family who loves him, playing with his favourite ball and sleeping in front of the fire. Instead Sparky is gone. His life cruelly robbed from him in the most horrific and violent way. In five short years the offenders could be free to walk the streets again. The crime is so horrific and violent I think that five years is merely a slap on the wrist. Someone who is capable of such a horrific act is truly capable of anything and obviously has no respect for living beings. Please sign this petition to ensure that the offenders and other offenders of such serious acts of cruelty get the sentences they deserve.  We as a community of people do not want to live among these monsters, they do not share the same values and respect for life and do not deserve to walk free among us. They deserve lengthier prison sentences. I deeply care about animals like Sparky. These innocent animals can't speak up for themselves and so I want to on their behalf. They have thoughts, feelings and emotions. Just like us. They deserve justice too. If Sparky was a human these monsters would be jailed for life. I hope to get enough signatures to get the government to extend the maximum sentences for the most serious acts of cruelty. PLEASE SIGN. Let's get justice for Sparky.

Rebecca Cooper
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