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Petition to Mark Erickson

Register a complaint of serious misconduct against Jiawen Zhang with the University of QLD

On November 14, 2018, Jiawen Zhang, an international student studying engineering at the University of Queensland, mercilessly mutilated and tortured a baby female kitten which was trying to escape from his back yard with her mother. On February 12, 2019, Jiawen Zhang pleaded guilty to serious animal cruelty in Brisbane Magistrates Court and was sentenced to 6 months in prison with immediate parole.  Magistrate Terry Gardner called his actions "cruel, callous, and deliberate". I personally intend to register a complaint of serious general misconduct against Jiawen Zhang with the Academic Registrar of UQ in accordance with section 6.2.2 (b) of their Student Integrity and Misconduct policy (doc# 3.60.04a).  The purpose of this petition is to add weight to that complaint by demonstrating that the community considers this a serious offence.  I hope to convince the Disciplinary Board that the offence committed by Jiawen Zhang is of such a serious nature that they impose a penalty for level 3 general misconduct in accordance with section 8.9(c) of their policy. On November 14, 2018, Jiawen Zhang stole the kitten from its mother and threw it in his sharehouse oven while it was still hot.  The kitten's fur was burnt off as she scratched to get out, and she also suffered significant burns to her belly, paws, and legs.  Zhang then took the kitten to his room where he began ripping her teeth out, and cutting off her toes with nail clippers, causing significant bleeding.  He then took the kitten to his bathroom and attempted to drown her by flushing her down the toilet.  Thankfully, he was caught in the act by one of his housemates who had just arrived home.  Zhang then tried to get rid of the kitten by throwing her into nearby bushes at his property, but due to the severity of her injuries, the kitten was unable to move.  His housemates called police and the kitten was taken to Toowong Family Vet for treatment, which ultimately saved her life. The kitten will have ongoing health issues due to the trauma she sustained from this savage, cowardly assault. I believe that the community will agree that this level of cruelty toward any animal is absolutely unacceptable.  I urge the community to join me and add their voices to my complaint to the Academic Registrar of the University of Queensland, let the administrators of UQ know that we are closely watching their response to this incident.  They must be made aware that we consider their response a reflection of their attitude towards animal cruelty, and towards community standards of conduct in general. If you wish to contact the University directly in relation to this matter, the person you should contact is Mr. Mark Erickson -

Darren Poulton
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Petition to Mr Michael Daley MP, The Hon. Gabrielle Upton, MP, The Hon. Penny Sharpe, MLC, Gladys Berejiklian MP, Monica Tan, Dean Moss, Damien Atkins, Rowan Huxtable, Pru Wawn, Jamie Dixon, Dominic WY Kanak, Kristyn Glanville, Charles Jago

Stop Kangaroo Cruelty in NSW!

I will vote against kangaroo cruelty in NSW!Read more and donate at 'We hear them calling for their dead mothers until the sun comes up'. Eyewitness neighbouring property In June 2018, the NSW Liberal/National government ‘relaxed red tape’ with regards to the already under-regulated and inhumane system of culling kangaroos. This unethical measure paved the way for an increased number of inexperienced shooters to kill kangaroos. As a result, kangaroos are being maimed, killed inhumanely and joeys at foot left to starve to death at numbers that are totally unacceptable to the Australian community. Already, hundreds of thousands of kangaroos are suffering unethical body-shots in the commercial industry. With these relaxed conditions, a major increase in the inhumane treatment of vulnerable kangaroos is certain. ‘The RSPCA's research shows commercial shooters have lifted their accuracy rates from 86 to 96 percent. The four percent variable still equates to 100,000 kangaroos. Farmers and sporting shooters, it says, have shown no improvement in their accuracy rates’ Kellie Russell, Landline 2002 ‘What happens when those does [kangaroo mothers] are shot before the shooter can get to the joey is that those joeys have scarpered off, the reality is that those joeys will die from starvation and if not from predation and that in a humane society can't be tolerated.’ Dr. Hugh Wirth RSPCA, Landline 2002 'The problem with shooting and culling kangaroos is that when these animals are shot they often aren't killed and it is extraordinarily inhumane. If we were processing domestic livestock the same way we do kangaroos it would shut down immediately. People would be just horrified. I think we need to have that same empathy and understanding for kangaroos as we would a cow. Terri Irwin ‘Kangaroo’ the movie 2017 I pledge to vote against any government that sanctions kangaroo hunts.Copyrighted picture by Maria Taylor

Australian Wildlife Protection Council
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