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Petition to Michael Medline, Thrifty Foods

Eliminate live lobster tanks from your local Grocery stores!

This petition calls on major grocery chains including Sobeys Inc and those within its management (Thrifty Foods and Price Chopper) to end the use of live lobster tanks in stores across Canada.  Studies show that lobsters have more complex emotions/behaviours and awareness than first thought. The fact that they are solitary creatures and forced into tanks with dozens of other lobsters is stressful and unethical. These tanks have been around since my childhood, and thus have been normalized, but, when you think about it - a) we take these solitary creatures out of their natural environment, b) transport them for long periods of time, and c) store them in crowded tanks in stores for ‘a month or longer’ to then be boiled alive (staff are not allowed to ‘kill’ them before boiling them, and despite popular belief, they do not die immediately.) I understand that eliminating live lobster tanks is not a small undertaking but, it is possible! John Mackey, the reputable CEO of Whole Foods, a 16-billion dollar grocery store, immediately ceased selling live lobsters in-store, after a 7-month internal investigation, given that their findings did not satisfy their requirements for the ethical treatment of these crustaceans. They now will only sell frozen raw and cooked products from suppliers with strict guidelines for the humane treatment of lobster. At this time, their main supplier is Clearwater seafood out of Nova Scotia!  To be clear, the goal here is not to eliminate jobs or to reduce lobster fishing, as I know many families rely on this source of income, simply to fine tune the process to effectively reduce unnecessary animal suffering.  We are the dominant species, we have a responsibility to all other creatures, including lobsters! I have begun conversations with Sobeys’ sustainable team and, in an effort to show public support in this endeavour, I am asking that you:  1) Please sign and forward this petition to as many people as you can or 2) Contact your local grocery store manager 3) email to respectfully convey your request and/or 4) Express your concerns on site when shopping. Thank you for your support! 

Andrea Mcanany
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Petition to Crown Prosecutor and Honourable Judge, BC Provincial court, Crown Prosecutor and Honourable Judge, Alberta Court

Maximum penalty, including lifetime ban on owning animals, for Karin and Catherine Adams

Karin and Catherine Adams have been charged with failing to comply with conditions of an undertaking, cruelty to animals, wilful neglect of animals and possession of stolen property in a case in Alberta in which 11 horses, 25 dogs and 17 birds were found to be in distress on a rural property near Cereal, Alberta. This case follows on the heels of animal cruelty charges the pair face in British Columbia. In February 2015, the mother and daughter were also charged with animal cruelty under both the Criminal Code of Canada and the BC Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. They have yet to go to trial on those charges. In that case, it is alleged that 18 horses, 18 dogs, 15 birds, two cats and 104 fish were found in varying levels of distress on a rural property in Houston, BC.THE PETITION:We, the undersigned, respectfully request that Crown Prosecutors in British Columbia and Alberta proceed with any federal animal cruelty charges as indictable offences and recommend the maximum penalty, including a lifetime ban on owning, having the custody or control of or residing in the same premises as an animal or a bird. We also respectfully request that, if one or both of the Adams' are found guilty, the Honourable Judges in either or both provinces impose the maximum penalty available under the law.LINKS TO FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT THE TWO ANIMAL CRUELTY CASES:Alberta case: Columbia case: UPDATES ON THE PETITION:

Animal Cruelty Legislation Advocates Canada
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Petition to Yukon Premier Sandy Silver


Why this is important! The 1,000‐Mile Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race is cruel and inhumane. Animals continue to suffer horribly and die in agony in this barbaric event. They need help! I am asking the Government of the Yukon to stop funding and supporting the deadly 1,000‐mile Yukon Quest sled dog race because it fosters the suffering, exploitation, abuse, and deaths of the defenseless animals involved and forces them to be warehoused in large dog yards where they often live unattended on a four‐foot chain twenty‐four hours a day, seven days a week. The Yukon Quest sled dog race has a high mortality rate including one dog who recently died racing in minus -52 below temperatures on February 10th 2018 when he choked to death on his own vomit. This is a common cause of death in 1,000-mile sled dog races. In 2007 three dogs perished during the race and in the past three years at least one dog has died per race. Even one dead dog is one too many. By funding and supporting this cruel event in which animals die and are treated inhumanely the Yukon Government sends a message to our children that the heartless abuse of a defenseless animal is ok as long as we refer to it as a 'sport'. I am asking the Yukon Government to honour the Malamute that stands proudly on our Yukon Coat of Arms and cease all funding and support for this barbaric event. Please Sign & Share this petition to help the sled dogs! "Because I am a Sled Dog"

pj johnson
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Petition to Ministry of the Environment (Japan)

Ban owl cafes in Japan from shackling the birds with short leashes

Many owl cafes in Japan shackle their owls with short leashes purely for human entertainment and profit. This is inhumane, unnatural, and extremely stressful for the owls. Another big issue with many of these cafes is the noise. Owls are extremely sensitive to noise, and many of them are nocturnal. They need to be able to sleep whenever they want, but they are not able to rest fully if there's loud noise - for example, loud music or other types of birds nearby. Owls are said to need ~15 hours of sleep a day, and they are not able to get it if they are subjected to loud noise for much of the day. With this petition, we demand The Ministry of Environment of Japan ban owl cafes from chaining owls with short leashes, as well as subjecting them to loud noise for much of the day. Currently, there is already a law on how the owl cafes are supposed to treat these animals. According to this, they must create enough space for each bird to be able to take natural actions such as spreading their wings and flying. However, it currently does not have specific numerical criteria, so owl cafe owners are able to interpret this law in any way they want and essentially set their own criteria. Thus, we demand The Ministry of Environment take the following two actions: Set specific numerical criteria on this law so that all owl cafes are banned from shackling the owls with short leashes. Set a specific rule regarding the noise that's based on a specific number - for example, decibels. Finally, owls have no ability to speak up for themselves when they are subjected to stressful situations. This is why it is crucial that we, humans, stand up for them when there is an injustice. Let's work together to save the owls from the horrible conditions they are subjected to. #SaveTheOwls (Here's a reference to the relevant law in Japanese)

YK Sugi
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