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Petition to Justin Trudeau

End the Commercial Seal Hunt

Problem Seals in Canada are being ruthlessly beaten, and killed by fishermen. Canada's government isn't stoping this cruelty, in fact they are letting it happen. According to the Humane Society of the US, "Each spring, the Canadian government authorizes fishermen to club or shoot to death hundreds of thousands of baby seals for their fur". However the demand for seal products has fallen drastically, yet why are more and more seals being killed? It is because the Canadian government doesn't want the seals to "wipe out" the fish population, but ultimately they aren't the problem. Human overfishing and other fishing practices are preventing the recovery of fish stocks. Even according to Canadian government scientists, overfishing was the sole reason for the collapsing ground fish stocks. There is no reason for the government to accuse the innocent seals. The government, like always, undermines that idea therefore they blame it on the seals. They also ignore the fact that poor science is backed behind the vicious killing sprees, making scientists sound the alarm for change. Scientists have stated that this practice as unsustainable, and that the seals are recovering from record low levels. This will inevitably cause harm on the food chain, creating increased problems in the future. The seals also die a slow and cruel death. It has been estimated that the average seal stayed alive for 45.2 seconds after being hit, or shot. In other words, they have to experience 45.2 seconds of pain, suffering, and torment because of the Canadian government inability to induce change. To put it into perspective, if we get a paper cut it already causes a level of uncomfortable pain. Imagine now, being shot or hit in the head, at a force substantial enough to penetrate the skull. To make matters even worse, you don't even comprehend why you are being treated like this, being treated like yet another doll for the government to toy with. This is precisely what the seals, the baby seals, have to go through. We need to end this. We need to end it all.  SolutionThe barbarism done to the poor seals can be ended by petitioning the Canadian government in making "seal clubbing" and with that, seal hunting illegal.  National poll shows a solid majority of Canadians oppose this, but how is it that the commercial seal hunt is still alive then? This is because we are not speaking up. Humans have the capability to use the voice within them to speak for change, to help speak for those who cannot say, "Why is this happening?" and "I don't want to die".   We are the seal's only voice.  Therefore, by signing this petition, we will be demonstrating to the government that this practice is pitiless. It lets us come together, pressuring the government to put an end to the commercial seal hunt. Spread the news, spread the pointlessness of this practice. By doing so we can put a smile on every seal out there and, in the end, getting a warm "thank you" from them. Sources    

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Petition to Edmonton Crown Prosecutors Office, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Animal cruelty, abuse and neglect continues to be a serious problem in this country. This includes the malicious, deliberate act of maiming, injuring and/or torture of innocent animals, abandonment, and failure to provide proper care that often leads to serious injury and death for domestic pets and wild life. With the support of individuals, communities and animal welfare agencies, we can prevent animal cruelty, abuse and neglect by educating the public that animal lives matter. That animals must be afforded the same humane treatment that humans receive. By ensuring that our laws are adequate in providing strong protections for animal health, welfare and treatment. (Francais suivre) We the undersigned, respectfully request that the Crown Attorney for the province of Alberta, Canada, proceed with the charges against Kyle Springer as indictable offences for the crime of animal neglect and abandonment in 2015. If Mr. Springer is found guilty, we recommend that the maximum sentence be imposed. We are also requesting that sentencing against Mr. Springer include a lifetime ban on owning, having the custody or control of or residing in the same premises as any animal or a bird.  Nous, soussignés, demandons respectueusement que le procureur de la Couronne de la province de l'Alberta poursuive les accusations portées contre Kyle Springer en tant qu'acte criminel pour le délit de négligence et d'abandon d'animaux en 2015. Si M. Springer est reconnu coupable, nous recommandons que la peine maximale soit imposée. Nous demandons également que la peine infligée à M. Springer soit assortie d’une interdiction à vie de posséder, de garder ou de garder le contrôle de, ou de résider dans les mêmes locaux qu’un animal ou un oiseau. DIESEL'S STORY In 2015, Kyle Springer of Somerville, New Brunswick, walked away from a home he was renting at the time. He left behind his dog Diesel (pictured here), in the home he left. Kyle Springer did not return but disappeared. Diesel's remains were discovered sometime later by the landlord's daughter, Erin McCormick, when she went to check the apartment after Mr. Springer had failed to pay rent. Animal Cruelty agents together with the RCMP estimate that Diesel had been alone in the apartment without food for at least 2 months, and that he had died approximately 3 days before Erin McCormick had found him. There was a considerable amount of garbage, feces and urine in the apartment. Household items and clothing that had been left behind, were found strewn about in every room. Diesel likely spent many hours going through these items in search of food. There were no food or water bowls found in the home, but a bag of dog food was later found in a cupboard during an investigation of the premises. The toilet was empty of water. It was reported in court that there were remnants of a plastic grocery bag and 3 pieces of cushion foam found in Diesel's stomach. It is incredibly heartbreaking and incomprehensible how anyone could leave an innocent animal behind without food or care to fend for itself.  Diesel was abandoned and ultimately suffered a slow and agonizing death through starvation. Kyle Springer was charged in 2015 with willfully and without lawful excuse causing suffering to a dog (Diesel) in leaving him unattended in his residence to starve to death. An arrest warrant was issued for Kyle Springer in 2015, but he could not be located by authorities. It is believed that Springer fled the province. In November 2018, following a tip through Crime Stoppers, RCMP were able to make an arrest and Kyle Springer appeared in a Woodstock, NB courtroom where he plead guilty to the charges against him. As Kyle Springer now resides in the province of Alberta, the courts are in the process of transferring his charges to Alberta. Kyle Springer must report to the prosecutor's office in Edmonton by December 31st, 2018. He is to appear in court in Edmonton on January 8th, 2019. PLEASE SIGN (AND SHARE WIDELY) TO SEND A MESSAGE TO THE CROWN IN THIS CASE TO SEEK THE MAXIMUM PENALTY -- JUSTICE FOR DIESEL – THANK YOU Le histoire de Diesel En 2015, Kyle Springer de Somerville, au Nouveau-Brunswick, a quitter une maison qu'il louait à l'époque. Il a laissé son chien Diesel, un mélange de Labrador, seul dans la maison. Kyle n'est pas revenu mais a disparu. Les restes de Diesel ont été découverts un peu plus tard par la fille de la propriétaire, Erin McCormick, lorsqu'elle est allée vérifier l'appartement après que M. Springer n'avait pas payé le loyer. Les agents de cruauté envers les animaux et la GRC estiment que Diesel était seul dans l'appartement sans nourriture pendant au moins deux mois et qu'il était décédé environ trois jours avant que Erin McCormick l'ait retrouvé. Il y avait une quantité considérable de déchets, d'excréments et d'urine dans l'appartement. Des objets ménagers et des vêtements laissés derrière ont été retrouvés éparpillés dans toutes les pièces. Diesel a probablement passé de nombreuses heures à parcourir ces articles à la recherche de nourriture. Il n'y avait pas de nourriture ni de bol d'eau dans la maison, mais un sac de nourriture pour chien a ensuite été retrouvé dans un placard au cours d'une enquête sur les lieux. Les toilettes étaient vides d'eau. Il a été rapporté devant le tribunal qu'il y avait des restes d'un sac d'épicerie en plastique et de 3 morceaux de mousse de coussin trouvés dans l'estomac de Diesel. Il est incroyablement déchirant et incompréhensible que quiconque puisse laisser un animal innocent sans nourriture ni soins pour se défendre. Diesel a été abandonné et a finalement subi une mort lente et angoissante, due à la famine. En 2015, Kyle Springer a été inculpé d'accusation volontaire et sans excuse légitime de causer des souffrances à un chien (Diesel) en le laissant sans surveillance dans son domicile et en le laissant mourir de faim. Un mandat d'arrêt a été lancé contre Kyle Springer en 2015, mais les autorités ne pouvaient pas le localiser. On pense que Springer a fui la province. En novembre 2018, à la suite d'un signalement par Crime Stoppers, la GRC a pu procéder à une arrestation et Kyle Springer a comparu devant un tribunal de Woodstock, au Nouveau-Brunswick, où il a plaidé coupable aux accusations portées contre lui. Comme Kyle Springer réside maintenant dans la province de l’Alberta, les tribunaux sont en train de transférer ses accusations à l’Alberta. Kyle Springer doit se présenter au bureau du procureur à Edmonton au plus tard le 31 décembre 2018. Il doit comparaître devant le tribunal d'Edmonton le 8 janvier 2019. VEUILLEZ SIGNER (ET PARTAGER) POUR ENVOYER UN MESSAGE À LA COURONNE DANS CE CAS, POUR RECHERCHER LA PÉNALITÉ MAXIMALE -- JUSTICE FOR DIESEL -- MERCI LINKS TO MEDIA REPORTS : CTV ATLANTIC -

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Petition to World Wildlife Fund, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), International Animal Rescue, Animal Planet, Animal lovers and wildlife rescuers, Animal ACTion Network, MSD Saúde Animal, Anousha D, Claire B

Have the Canadian Government Fund WWF's Efforts to Help the Borneo Pygmy Elephant

      Click Here For White Tiger Petition. Click Here For Cheetah Petition. We are three students in Grade 6 who are interested in supporting the Borneo Pygmy Elephants and helping them recover from the brink of extinction. The Borneo Pygmy Elephant is a small Asian elephant and there are only around 1,500 Borneo Pygmy Elephants left in the world, yet there still aren’t any greatly enforced laws to help protect the Borneo Pygmy Elephant population. They are endangered because of the hunting for their ivory tusks, and also a massive loss of habitat/deforestation. The Borneo Pygmy Elephants also need to be near rivers to maintain their health because they require mineral salts and water. Our goal is to reach 2,000 signatures so we can get this petition in front of multiple wildlife saving organizations who could make a big change in the number of Borneo Pygmy Elephants in the world. Their habitat, Borneo, managed to prevent poaching for a few years because of the inconvenience of getting to a island just to poach a new type of elephant. Unfortunately, because of the recent incline in the demand for ivory, the Borneo Elephant is being hunted to extinction, along with their cousins, the African Elephants. These adorable elephants have been forced out of the protection of the tropical rain-forests of Borneo because of logging and their loss of habitat. We want to help them and we hope you can support them too by signing this petition!  

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Petition to Yukon Premier Sandy Silver


Why this is important! The 1,000‐Mile Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race is cruel and inhumane. Animals continue to suffer horribly and die in agony in this barbaric event. They need help! I am asking the Government of the Yukon to stop funding and supporting the deadly 1,000‐mile Yukon Quest sled dog race because it fosters the suffering, exploitation, abuse, and deaths of the defenseless animals involved and forces them to be warehoused in large dog yards where they often live unattended on a four‐foot chain twenty‐four hours a day, seven days a week. The Yukon Quest sled dog race has a high mortality rate including one dog who recently died racing in minus -52 below temperatures on February 10th 2018 when he choked to death on his own vomit. This is a common cause of death in 1,000-mile sled dog races. In 2007 three dogs perished during the race and in the past three years at least one dog has died per race. Even one dead dog is one too many. By funding and supporting this cruel event in which animals die and are treated inhumanely the Yukon Government sends a message to our children that the heartless abuse of a defenseless animal is ok as long as we refer to it as a 'sport'. I am asking the Yukon Government to honour the Malamute that stands proudly on our Yukon Coat of Arms and cease all funding and support for this barbaric event. Please Sign & Share this petition to help the sled dogs! "Because I am a Sled Dog"

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