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Petition to Prime Minister of India, Envioment Ministry

BAN Cattle Sale for Slaughter at Cattle Fairs/Markets

Inhumane torture of cattle, from the cattle markets to the slaughterhouses in India is a spine chilling reality. IIn most of the Indian states slaughter of cow & it's progeny including calves is banned, yet we find a large number of cattle brutally stuffed into trucks and illegally smuggled out of such places and into states where cow slaughter is permitted or ineffective. And this thriving industry is run by the Cattle Mafia, who buy the cattle from various cattle fairs/markets, stuff them in trucks and lead them to their brutal deaths. Cows,buffaloes,ox and baby calves are forced to tread hundreds of miles without food or water . Cattle is beaten mercilessly and driven forward in the searing Indian heat. Their tails broken deliberately, while tobacco and chili pepper rubbed into their eyes forcing them to stand up when they crumble. While their hooves bleed. When transported by truck, cattle suffer unimaginable pain because of overcrowding. Stuffed into trucks, on top of each other, they experience extreme suffocation, trample upon each other, and many a times gouging and blinding the other with their horns, due to lack of space. During unloading, if they have survived the brutal drive, they are then pulled out or forced to jump from the high truck onto the ground, often resulting in breaking their legs and pelvis. Many of them die due to suffocation during transportation in overcrowded trucks. To curb this illegal transportation and unending torture of animals, the Central Govt. has passed an order, that cattle for slaughter cannot be bought from ‘agricultural markets’. The rule mandates the appointment of Veterinary inspectors who shall screen the animals before they enter the market. The inspector shall also check whether animals are being transported in trucks which are authorized by law to carry animals. Still there is no restriction on legal option of a person buying these directly from the farms. Dhyan Foundation supports this order passed by the Central Govt to Ban the Sale of Cattle through Cattle Markets.This order offers respite to the voiceless animals, from the endless torture & cruelty that is inflicted upon them at these cattle markets. . Please sign this petition and support BAN Cattle Sale for Slaughter at Cattle Fairs.    

Dhyan Foundation
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Petition to Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate Change

Dr Harsh Vardhan: End Cruelty to 46 Crore Battery Caged Hens in India

Imagine being confined in a small room with several other people with so little space that if you stretch your arms out, you would hit the side of the room or other people. Sounds uncomfortable and inhumane, doesn’t it? Well, 46 crore egg-laying hens in India live their entire lives in cages exactly like that - in a room where they don’t even have enough space to stand up straight or turn around. Battery cages are barren-wire cages that are stacked next to each other in an arrangement like batteries. Egg-laying hens are confined in battery cages, most prevalent in the egg production industry in India. In a battery cage, each hen is provided with space that is less than an A4 size sheet of paper – only about 450 square cms. And anybody who has held a sheet of paper in their hand knows that a hen is far larger than that. A typical egg farm contains thousands of cages, lined in multiple rows, stacked 3-5 tiers high with a minimum of 50,000 egg-laying hens in the farm. Battery cages prevent nearly all forms of natural behaviour of hens such as nesting, perching, roosting, scratching and foraging.  These hens suffer from high-stress levels and poor health. Often, their claws painfully overgrow into the wires of the cage making it difficult for them to move. During ‘de-population’ for slaughter, it is normal practice to simply cut off the legs of birds whose claws are entangled in the cage wire.   But these hens don’t have to be kept in these conditions. There are viable housing systems which allow the hens normal movement. Non-cage systems, known as aviary, barn or free-range production systems, may be single or multi-tiered with or without outdoor access. These systems are already in use across the world and have been recommended by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) and the Law Commission. Support our petition to ask Dr Harsh Vardhan to end battery cage cruelty now. The Animal Welfare Board of India, in 2012, declared that battery cages are a violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, which aims to protect all animals. However, there has been little implementation. Since then, the Law Commission of India has recommended draft rules that provide some standards for housing laying hens. The High Court at Uttarakhand also recently prohibited the use of battery cages in the state, whereas the Delhi High Court prohibited the establishment of new battery cage systems for housing poultry. The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change needs to listen! Battery cages need to be banned by the Government of India and the Egg-Laying Hens Rules must be notified. Sign this petition and urge the Hon’ble Minister for Environment, Forest & Climate Change to notify the draft rules recommended by the Law Commission. #EndBatteryCagesIndia#HensAreNotBatteries#HensNeedToMove#HensNeedToPerch#HensNeedToNest

Gauri Maulekhi
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Petition to Honourable President of India

Justice For Avni Save Avni's Cubs

A nation's voice went unheard. All the protests and marches, for Avni amounted to nothing. Finally those who had vested interests in murdering her succeeded, the reason being Maharashtra government is known to turn a blind eye to acres of forest land encroachment by industrialists, area as big as the size of Mumbai city itself.  This is not something to be proud of, this is not an act of valor. This is nothing but sheer cowardice killing a defenseless unsuspecting animal by luring it with a bait and shooting from a safe distance, and for what. They did not defend anyone by doing this but those corrupt politicians, who stand to gain monetary benefits by allowing illegal encroachment of forest lands to industries. Official reports show 1500 sq kilometer of forest land has been lost to encroachment. So what was Avni's fault? Being confined to a small area, where she had to act in defense for her kids, having her natural habitat taken away from her and forced to roam around in those encroached lands which once used to be her home, or being born in a country where she is revered to be the national animal yet she will be shot to death to protect some peoples' interests. Despite all the efforts, all the protests, all the campaigns, if these brutes are posing for photo with her dead body as if they won a war, they did not win, but we lost. We lost in saving a mother, saving our national animal, protecting an animal that has been driven out of its natural habitat and cornered, and most of all saving ourselves from this national shame. Now they are on the hunt for the 10-month old cubs whom they claim are man eaters too.  Let us all join hands to bring the perpetrators who killed Avni to justice, and to save her cubs from being killed by the same team. #JusticeforAvni #SaveAvni'sCubs

Anoop Chandran
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Petition to Animal lovers and wildlife rescuers, Commissioner of Police, Gurgaon, Gurgaon Police

Make Haryana Police take action against politician Mahesh Dayma for harassing animal lover

Haryana Police has to stand up for citizen's rights and take action against Mahesh Dayma, a local goon and a member of Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG), who regularly harasses and beats up animal lovers for feeding and caring for stray dogs. Mahesh Dayma gets his local gang members to harass stray animals and monkeys in Gurgaon and also cuts trees and destroys the environment so that he can get votes from the RWAs and society residents by pleasing them. He has manhandled many animal lovers and thrashed them when he saw them giving medicine and food to the stray animals. When asked why he does this, he replied illogically "Stray animals are a nuisance and their population is increasing and they bite children so we should not feed them". Well, isn't it the job of the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) of which he is a member, to sterilize and care for the local stray dogs, cows, and other animals to control their population and keep them healthy so that human-animal conflict is minimized. We petition the Government of Haryana and the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon and the Commissioner of Police, Gurgaon to take strict action against Mahesh Dayma for manhandling, threatening, harassing and beating animal lovers who care for the environment by doing a noble act of caring for the stray animals in Gurgaon. Firstly, people do not come to complain against him due to his position and if someone does then the case is suppressed. Some people have mustered the courage and filed police complaints against Mahesh Dayma, but no concrete action has been taken against him, due to the lackadaisical attitude of authorities.  If all animal lovers stopped giving food, doing sterilization to keep the population in check and treating the stray animals, then the problem would increase rather than get solved.   We urge police to take strict and fair action against Mahesh Dayma in police complaint no. 13227104071800131 and many other similar cases which have been suppressed.  Animals Lovers and People of Gurgaon - Unite against this evil man or he will destroy the environment and kill and harm more humans and animals. #FightEvil Animals Lovers and People of Gurgaon - Unite against this evil man or he will destroy the environment and kill and harm more humans and animals. #FightEvil #Stand4animalrights #CRUSADE4ANIMALS 

Avik Kedia
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