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Petition to Prime Minister of India, Envioment Ministry

Support Govt Decision to BAN Cattle Sale for Slaughter at Cattle Fairs/Markets

Inhumane torture of cattle, from the cattle markets to the slaughterhouses in India is a spine chilling reality. IIn most of the Indian states slaughter of cow & it's progeny including calves is banned, yet we find a large number of cattle brutally stuffed into trucks and illegally smuggled out of such places and into states where cow slaughter is permitted or ineffective. And this thriving industry is run by the Cattle Mafia, who buy the cattle from various cattle fairs/markets, stuff them in trucks and lead them to their brutal deaths. Cows,buffaloes,ox and baby calves are forced to tread hundreds of miles without food or water . Cattle is beaten mercilessly and driven forward in the searing Indian heat. Their tails broken deliberately, while tobacco and chili pepper rubbed into their eyes forcing them to stand up when they crumble. While their hooves bleed. When transported by truck, cattle suffer unimaginable pain because of overcrowding. Stuffed into trucks, on top of each other, they experience extreme suffocation, trample upon each other, and many a times gouging and blinding the other with their horns, due to lack of space. During unloading, if they have survived the brutal drive, they are then pulled out or forced to jump from the high truck onto the ground, often resulting in breaking their legs and pelvis. Many of them die due to suffocation during transportation in overcrowded trucks. To curb this illegal transportation and unending torture of animals, the Central Govt. has passed an order, that cattle for slaughter cannot be bought from ‘agricultural markets’. The rule mandates the appointment of Veterinary inspectors who shall screen the animals before they enter the market. The inspector shall also check whether animals are being transported in trucks which are authorized by law to carry animals. Still there is no restriction on legal option of a person buying these directly from the farms. Dhyan Foundation supports this order passed by the Central Govt to Ban the Sale of Cattle through Cattle Markets.This order offers respite to the voiceless animals, from the endless torture & cruelty that is inflicted upon them at these cattle markets. . Please sign this petition and support the Central Goverment's HUMANE decision.    

Dhyan Foundation
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Petition to PM Narendra Modi & Ms Maneka Gandhi

Ban Circuses & Animals' Carriages

This Petition is to free the animals from Zoos and stop animal rides. I'm sending an Open letter to Our Pm Narendra Modi and Our Animal activist,Ms Maneka Gandhi to help me on behalf of these animals.I'm sincerely requesting you to see what's happening behind the closed doors of Circus Trainings,in India.We need to rescues those defendless animals before its too late.These animals are tortured and beaten every single day,especially the elephants are suffering a lot.I would like to show you and the public some of the links below about these innocent animals being abused and that includes for animal carriages,Maam,you have the power to stop these Circuses as for people and their children,its prurely an entertainment to see animals doing the tricks but what do they know about the torture and beatingsof these animals endure everyday.As for the animals' carriages people are so selfish and beat the animals,if the animals are too tired of carrying people/goods on the carriages,people beat them up so badly and never realise that these poor animals would have worked the whole day carrying Tourists/passengers.This cruelty must be stopped and once again I'm requesting people who look up at my page..please click the below links and it'll take youto and please sign my petition.These incidents happen every single day and these animals do not need money nor fame but humans treat them horribly and this must be stopped.Please go through these links and sign my petition and this time,these animals must be freed and live peacefully in the wild. this elephant was beaten. Brutally by 8 men for 10 minutes,Jaipur elephant After a group of American tourists visiting Amber Fort near Jaipur witnessed and documented a group of menphysically attacking an elephant who tried to escape the misery of carrying tourists uphill in extreme heat, one woman filed a cruelty complaint with PETA. The tourists watched in horror as eight men, including the mahout, beat the suffering elephant with sticks for up to 10 minutes after be used, for any reason...veganism is what will make sure this happens, as it is not a diet, but a social justice movement....NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL SENTIENT LIFE, TO BE BE

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Petition to FIAPO , Shri Narendra Modi, Shri Manish Sisodia, Supreme Court of India


"The Greatness of a nation is judged by the way it treats its animals" - Mahatma Gandhi On August 15th 2017, a stray dog was stoned to death in South Delhi's Munirka by five men. A CCTV footage shows the five men approach the dog who was sleeping on a shop's staircase. They then picked up stones and started hitting the dog repeatedly on his head. To stop the blood from spilling on the road, they picked him up & threw him inside a small corridor. Finally they stuffed the dog's carcass into a plastic bag and took it along with them. Doesn't this bring tears into your eyes? The first question we all have in our mind after reading this "Are they even humans?" Its high time we do something for these innocent, voiceless, helpless creatures. If cruelty exists in this world, then some kindness exists too. If we all come together, then this dog and many more such animals who lost their lives in the name of animal cruelty, would surely get justice. Let's come together to make this world a better and safer place not just for humans but also for these innocent animals. The men involved in killing that dog must get a harsh punishment. They and all the others who think of animals as toys should get this message straight into their heads that ANIMAL CRUELTY IS A SERIOUS OFFENCE. Let us all for once come together to fight for our voiceless friends' justice. Show them that humanity still exists. Please.

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