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Petition to Karmenu Vella

JUSTICE FOR PINCHO - amend EU animal welfare directive to include domestic pets

CAMPAIGN FOR MORE RIGOROUS ANIMAL WELFARE LAWS ACROSS THE EU BY AMENDING THE 1998 -COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 98/58/EC TO INCLUDE DOMESTIC PETSWhen the horrific story by Yvonne West about Pincho,  her sexually abused Spanish rescue dog, broke on Facebook (May 2018) animal lovers worldwide sprang into action. Now safe with Yvonne in Suffolk, UK, after a very difficult rescue highlighted by the Rescue Group for Spanish Animals,  Pincho is now receiving worldclass veterinery care funded by public donations through paypal at and  Pincho also has his own group page where those who care follow his long road to recovery rescue group who undoubtedly saved this dog life and many more like him are found here'S STORY MUST NOT END HERE!Through him, and the Spanish rescue group (funded only by donations) trying desperately to secure the release of other dogs at the property whilst saving as many horrifically abused animals as they can, the true story of a government that fails to legislate against this abuse has emerged. A campaign is in place to help them get their laws changed, this kind of abuse is not limited to Spain. Cultural and legislative differences across the EU allow the barbaric treatment of the very animals we choose to have as our companions without consequence. Strays are rounded up, caged in unsanitary conditions in pounds prior to being inhumanely destroyed, often without anaesthesia or even a vet. Dogs are thrown out of homes no longer able to afford to care for them and they are left roaming the streets, interbreeding and riddled with diseases. Unspayed bitches produce litter after litter, their puppies standing no chance of medical care, and often, the minimum chance of survival.  As their self appointed guardians we have a duty of care to protect them and to ensure they are afforded their basic rights to food, water, shelter, companionship,  exercise and a life free from willful or neglectful abuse. Domestic pets are not vermin to be extinguished as mere pests.   They bring about companionship for the lonely,  they work for us on our wool farms, they provide stability and purpose to those suffering mental health issues, they protect our properties from intruders, they are our friends. Justice for Pincho must come in the form of pets being afforded the same protection as farmed animals. Namely :-1. Freedom from hunger or thirst2. Freedom from discomfort or harm 3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease4. Freedom to express normal behaviour 5. Freedom from harm or distressKarmenu Vella, we appeal to you to initiate a debate amongst member states of the EU and to bring about an amendment to the 1998 Animal welfare directive,  namely Council Directive 98/58/EC , to include all domestic pets which in turn would compel all member states to legislate to protect them all. ThankyouBeatriz Collantes - Campaign co-ordinator Corina Maas - Campaign co-ordinator Gloria Winfield - Campaign co-ordinator Gilly Smith - Campaign Marketting manager 

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Petition to RBWM COUNCIL, The Charities Commision

Save the Forgotten Animals of Dorney Animal Sanctuary.

Six months ago Dorney Animal Sanctuary closed its doors to the public claiming that there were problems with the conditions of the grounds. However, there are far more sinister reasons as to why the sanctuary is keeping the public away. In the months leading up to the sanctuary's closure, countless visitors witnessed first hand the extent of the horror that is going on at this supposed animal sanctuary. Approximately 350 animals are living in the most appalling and wretched conditions. 30 rabbits are kept in tiny dog crates, these crates are piled one on top of the other inside a dark, filthy and damp shed. There are numerous parrots, again, kept inside another damp and filthy shed. The pigs and sheep are living in a tiny pen, the majority of it filled with mud, urine and faeces. There is barely space for them to move, let alone exercise. There is one dog who has spent 24 hours a day either inside a tiny crate or in a filthy chicken coop, he has no interaction with the other animals and is only let out to go to the toilet. There are horses kept for 23 hours a day inside tiny, filthy stalls, that barely allow them to turn around. The hour a day that they are permitted 'exercise', they do so in a tiny space where they have no choice but to stand in an area knee deep with mud and faeces. There are 11 dogs, 4 cats and an owl living inside a caravan along with the founder and co founder of the sanctuary. One volunteer was actually sent out to buy nappies to put on the dogs so that they 'didn't make a mess'. There are chickens that spend their days inside tiny, filthy, infested dog crates. There are geese confined to a tiny space, again that space is filthy and infested and there is a bowl of dirty water that is supposed to be for them to bathe in. Despite numerous complaints from the public to the RSPCA and visits to the sanctuary from both the council and animal welfare, the animals of Dorney Sanctuary still haven't been helped because according to them, it's simply bad practise, not illegal. We, the general public, beg to differ. It's time to take matters into our own hands and raise our voices for these poor, forgotten animals who cannot speak for themselves. No one, human or animal, should have to live in conditions such as these. There are numerous rescue centres and members of the public who have said that they'd be willing to save these poor animals but the sanctuary refuses to let them go. Please stand up for these animals by signing this petition and demand that they be sent to loving homes and sanctuaries that are ready to take them with open arms.

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Petition to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), International Animal Rescue, Animal lovers and wildlife rescuers, Animal ACTion Network, Animal lovers

Shut Down Forest Lodge Kennels

Action needs to be taken to make a change and shut down Forest Lodge Kennels. Based in Northampton, Forest Lodge Kennels - Rescue & Rehoming are the only local holding kennels covering dog warden services from Milton Keynes, South & East Northants, Northampton, Corby, Kettering & Bedford Council. It can hold up to 106 dogs and 10 cats. Their ‘services’ include dog rehoming kennels, dog and cat boarding, grooming and micro-chipping. Dogs that come into the kennels have to stay for 7 days to allow an owner to claim them before being put up for rehoming. However, Forest Lodge do not follow these rules and the animals that stay are mistreated, with no love or care. The cages are a dirty state, a tiny bed at the back, a small blanket with dogs laying in their own urine and faeces. Walking past each dog you can tell each one is depressed, scared and stressed. Some too scared to move from their ‘beds’ and some no reaction at all. In one case, Mandy Giles had a lovely dog Benji from the kennels but he died 11 days later after 7 days in the vets. There have been at least 3 other cases like this. In another case, two people that enquired to see how much the dog was, was told “just take him otherwise he’ll be put to sleep, he’s a horrible smelly little dog”. Once out the cage they saw he was so neglected that his coat was matted like felt, and his mouth was matted with food, faeces, and a tooth. He was so underweight you could see his hip bones. The case was reported to the RSPCA and nothing further was done. Another case, after one person claimed their dog back after boarding her for a few nights, she was unrecognisable. The Bordeaux was skin and bone, her behaviour changed, flinching at sudden movements and loud noises. Another’s dogs face was scabbed and skin had came off after sending their dog there for only 2 nights. 2 days ago, we found a stray german shepard that we named Bear. He was very malnourished, wearing an illegal collar where the spikes dug into his skin from wearing it too tight. We took him to White Cross vets, where he had his collar taken off and was sent to Forest Lodge Kennels although we didn’t want him to go. Neither did the vets but these kennels are the only licensed one by the council in Northampton. The kennels were told under no circumstances, the dog was not to be released to his owner. However, he was released on the 2nd day back to him. We reported this back to the vets and RSPCA to see if something can happen, and Bear to be saved, and are being updated on this. Many dogs come home with kennel cough, parvo, and other infections. Traumatised from their stay, and no longer the same. Most are released in the first couple days to anyone that wants them, instead of being in the kennel for 7 days and rehomed properly like they are supposed to.There are so many cases like these over the years, and worse that continue to carry on, yet the owners always deny it all, shout abuse, do not usually give the right medical treatment that the dogs need, and have no passion for their animals. If we work together, complain to the council (South Northants Council) sign petitions, spread the word and awareness we can shut this place down and save the animals from the abuse that they endure. If we lose, this will always carry on and get worse. We are never giving up this fight. Please, if you have experiences with Forest Lodge, comment your experience and your thoughts. Also if you want to take another step, please call and complain to South Northants Council: 01327 322278 as they are in charge of the kennel license. If you care, please sign and spread the word.

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