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Petition to RSPCA NSW, NSW Police

We demand that RSPCA NSW take action to rescue abused and neglected hens in Lakesland now

Please go to NSW Hen Rescue's Facebook page to see footage and more details of the horrific treatment of these hens and lack of meaningful response by the Police and RSPCA.  Wednesday 20th June 2018: Thousands of laying hens housed in a free-range system are already dead and more are dying right now. They have been left with no food and no water, crammed in a shed surrounded by the dead and decomposing bodies of other hens. WE NEED YOU to contact the RSPCA (02 9770 7555) and DEMAND action to be taken. We DEMAND:- That the owner of the property is legally prosecuted.- That the farming operation is shut down.- That ALL hens are rescued and given medical attention On June 10th, an anonymous member of the public drove past the property in daylight and found over 50 hens on the road. Concerned for their wellbeing, they knocked on the property owner's door, only to find they were not home. With the gate to the property open, the person attempted to guide the chickens back to the fenced-in free-range section, to what they thought was a safe and secure space. Upon arrival, they were shocked to find hundreds of dead hens scattered outside the shed, and thousands of hens crammed together inside the shed. The RSPCA were contacted immediately. The RSPCA referred the member of the public to the police and made no record of a complaint. When the police were called, they advised that they would arrive at the property shortly. The member of the public waited for 4 hours, with no sign of the police. Over a week later, we have now received this footage anonymously which shows the deplorable conditions inside and outside the shed. The footage shows hundreds of dead hens outside, with possibly thousands of dead bodies inside. A significant number of hens are still alive living in filth with no access to food or water. They are living this hell RIGHT NOW and need URGENT help. Since the relevant authorities have been contacted, no significant action has been taken. We need as many people as possible to contact the RSPCA, referring them to this post. We NEED them to watch the video and act NOW to save these hens. Friday 22nd June 2018: UPDATE AND URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Hen cruelty continues at 220 Mowbray Park Road, Lakesland NSW. Rescuers have spent the afternoon at Narellan Police Station, so this is my first chance to update you. The hens are still in desperate need of help! They will be KILLED very soon. The RSPCA are not saving them. They may prosecute, but if they reply to your emails and say they have saved any individuals, they are lying. WE NEED YOU to contact the RSPCA (02 9770 7555) and DEMAND that all hens are saved. They need immediate medical attention. If they don't want to do it, we can all come together and save these hens. They just have to allow us to go there instead of a slaughter truck. The RSPCA went to the property yesterday but after their second inspection today we found hens dying in deep, filthy muck. They left the property owner to get rid of dead and dying hens by throwing them into a skip. We wanted the RSPCA to complete their investigation so waited until they had inspected today before attempting rescue. We did not want to get in the way. But they did not save any hens. They did not even force the owner to surrender the hens. The hens are still considered the owner's property. 2 RSPCA officers obstructed our rescue of the hens. They also called the police on us despite us saying we simply wanted to help the hens. We did not want to make their job difficult. We wanted to assist. I held a hen out to the RSPCA inspector and begged for her to be helped. She was covered in filth all over her head and body. She appeared dead, but was still alive. The RSPCA would not look at her. They would not help her and they would not allow us to help her. The police and RSPCA insisted all dying hens were returned to the 'owner' and were thrown back into the shed. It made our rescue efforts so much more difficult but we did whatever we could. PLEASE contact the RSPCA again on (02 9770 7555) and DEMAND that all hens are saved. Prosecution is important, but these girls need help RIGHT NOW. We never wanted to make this a fight against the RSPCA. We just want the hens to be saved. But the RSPCA are the only ones who can do that at this stage.

Megan Parker
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Petition to Joy Hentschke

We the undersigned wish to see Streaky Bay Council laws on Volunteer Cat Traps change.

At the moment Volunteer Cat Trapping is welcomed by the District Council of Streaky Bay, as Feral Cats have been always been & continue to be a problem for this town. Unfortunately though, not everyone seems to be doing the right thing as suggested by Council & many Pet Cats are mysteriously disappearing. The Council laws need to be looked at, so that Pet Cats & their owners are protected.  Cat trapping needs to be undertaken ONLY by Council Officers, so that it's Feral Cats being caught & euthanised properly, NOT family pets, by Community members hiring a trap to deal with a problem Pet in their area. It is far too easy to trap a neighboring cat & dispose of it, without anyone ever knowing. Many people in Streaky Bay have had Pet Cats mysteriously disappear & some people have stories about how they are fully aware of who disposed of their pet after trapping it in a Volunteer Cat trap (easily available from Council) or from many sites on the internet. We would like The District Council of Streaky Bay of SA to meet & discuss making changes to the hiring of Cat traps to members of the Community within the town. We would like the following changes to be made: Volunteer Cat Trapping to STOP within the inner residential part of Streaky Bay. That descision be made very clear to Community members & a fine put in place for ignoring the new Bi-Law. We require our local Council to protect Pet owners in the Community by making these changes.    

Berlinda Brumfield
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