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Increase protection for moon bears in their natural habitat to prevent bear bile farming

Bear Bile farming isn't one of the more well known animal welfare issues although it is a very big problem. In countires like China and Vietnam bears are being farmed for a liquid they produce. The conditions that this is happening in is terrible. What we are trying to do is increase the protection for the Moon Bears in their natural habitat to prevent them from being poached and sold into the Bear Bile Trade.  These bears have not been bought up in captivity for the purpose of farming. They are taken from the wild and their natural habitats as babies. Once they have been captured they spend their whole life in a tiny cage that they can't even move in. These bears are starved and often suffer from terrible infections and diseases. They often have terrible teeth after trying to chew their way through cages and failing.  The bears undergo an initial surgery in which they have a pipe inserted into their liver, then twice a day, they have their bile removed via the permanent pipe. They only just survive day to day because of the antibiotics they are given, and that doesn't stop them feeling the pain.  What we are trying to do is stop this terrible practice by preventing the amount of bears being used. The Moon bears are becoming extinct and we need to protect these beautiful species. Hopefully, if we get enough signatures the countries that this is happening in will protect the Moon bears and prevent Bear Bile farming from happening altogether.  

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Petition to The House of Representatives

Review sentencing guidelines for animal abuse and make changes to ensure consistency

An unexpectedly quick plea and sentence meant our petition was not handed to the judge although the judge was asked to consider the level of support shown by the petition by the Police. The person in the story below received a 2 year jail sentence for killing the 5 month old puppy. Sentencing of 2 years jail for animal abuse is better than many punishments handed down but below the 3 years 9 months maximum possible (5 years less 25% for a guilty plea). Click here to read the Northern Advocate article about the sentencing. I am not letting this drop. This petition will now be used to help lobby for consistency for crimes like this and to help change the standards judges sentence by. I am lobbying local MPs to help me get this petition to the Minister of Primary Industries. I will personally travel from Invercargill to Wellington to present the petition. The the aim is to ensure the recommendations provided to judges in regards to the sentencing of animal abusers is set at a higher level, a level that will actually deter future animal abuse and reflect the heinous nature of this crime.  This puppy's suffering and death will NOT be for nothing. The original story is below.     On Sunday July 9, 2017 53 year old Northland Hanuere Paul Witehira, struck a 5 month old puppy multiple times with a hammer because he could not get the lunch he wanted. He had been drinking. The puppy suffered skull fractures and broken teeth. It was subsequently put down by a vet. I just can't imagine the fear, pain and suffering the puppy would have gone through. According to the Northern Advocate article, howls could be heard blocks away and it was the man's own son along with neighbours who called police. The unnamed man is being held in custody. No animal deserves to be treated like this under any circumstances. I am calling for the maximum 5 year imprisonment penalty to be enforced in this case. It is a clear cut instance of extreme animal abuse causing massive suffering. I will ask Senior Sargent Brian Swann of the Mid North Police to present this petition to the prosecutor prior to the next hearing on July 18. This petition will provide evidence to show the sentencing judge that this behaviour will not be tolerated by New Zealanders and it should be punished strongly. Support this petition to help ensure this receives a punishment that truly reflects the crime. You can not stand by and allow another minimal punishment to be handed down in this case.  The Northern Advocate article can be found by clicking here  The Northern Advocate follow up story is here. Click to read.  

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