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Petition to Chillingo , Electronic Arts, Codemasters, Hasbro

Make Micro Machines Mobile great again

The mobile game Micro Machines, from Electronic Arts, Chillingo, Codemasters and Hasbro is a great game that used to be awesome and could be great again. Since September 2017, the game is almost not working anymore, the editor gave up on the game and most of the players left the game because of server issues, bugs and crashes, and the lack of follow-up from the editor. Thousands of reviews and forum posts acknowledge this but nothing is done by the editor, problems reported are ignored. We would like to ask positively : make Micro Machines mobile great again. Facts : 2700+ bad reviews on Google Play : Most of those reviews are about bugs, crashes and connection. "I look forward to when the multiple bugs are fixed" "the game just force closes EVERY SINGLE TIME. It's been months now and there's no respite." "the app occasionally stops working and just resets your current game. ( no major data, progress, points, etc get lost though)" "CRASHES!" "The problems however are what completely ruins the experience. Alot of the time the game cannot connect servers to find a game, weekly leagues not being wiped and certain tracks not working at all. No communication from Codemasters which is disappointing given they are usually vocal across their other games" " Now it very rarely connects to a server or stays connected during gameplay. Then if it does connect it usually freezes and stops, then kicks out to restart the app. Use to be great with no problems, played all the time, now it can be days before it'll let me in a game, even with high speed wifi." "Would be a great 5 star game if it wasn't so glitchy. Constantly force closes and has to restart. " "It's a really cool game but now I can't play it. When I select a game to play, it comes up with a message that it can't connect. This is not my connection because it is a stable 37mbs. This has been happening for months. " "Come on, you guys are putting a bad name on Micro Machines with all your random crashes! " There are thousands of reviews like this. Official forums from Electronic Arts : Posts : Game error : Can't find a match - 298 posts When will you listen? Game error : Impossible to launch the game depending on connection Is This Game Getting Fixed? Weekly scores have not reset Game error : Train Track Tussle crashes the game Game error : Event result logged too frequently? Game error : Club Chat - Causes game to crash? Game error : Club Chest Missing Items Game crash : Game crash on Android and so on : "With all these connection problems on mobile, the game has been unplayable for months and still is, yet no word or action from EA or the devs. Another perfectly good game ruined by greed and dishonesty : I am angry, sad and appalled that this kind of business practice can exist without being punished, either by the consumer base, the law, or both." "Next time you consider buying or playing an EA game I urge you to think back to this time in history and ask yourself 'Do I want to do this to myself and do I have any self respect left?' "After playing it everyday for more than 15 months I finally gave up and uninstalled it yesterday. It's just not worth the frustration anymore.I appreciate the time and fun I had playing it and feel bad for not being able to keep playing it. There must be a commercial reason for all this carelessness about this game, and it seems we will never know the truth." "Just aweful. Every week this game is getting from bad to worse. Incredible. There are times this game won’t even load. The game has become extremely laggy and full of bugs. Club members are leaving the game. One cannot send gifts to them. The list of issues is becoming endless and fast. Our requests for the developers to provide some update as to what is happening is consistently met with silence. Shameful." 7 of my friends, playing from 3 different countries, with 6 different smartphones, left the game because of connection issues and crashes.All players from my team in the game, and all players from the others team we know, are experiencing the same problems. What the editors could do to make Micro Machines great again : Make the game work flawless, with good servers and good connection. Currently there are connection problems everyday for every players on any phone. Make the servers great again. Make the game work flowless on Android and Apple. Communication from the editor. Currently there is almost no communication from the editor who tunes out any problem reported by their players. Balance cars and game regularly, like in any game. Forum with real solutions. Currently, no solutions are provided in the officiel forum, and we even hear about censorship. Races reviewed and exempt of crashes. Currently, the race "Train Track Tussle" makes anybody crash. Not crashing when using the turbo. Currently, the game can sometimes crash when we use the turbo. Good matchmaking. Currently, a lot of players complain that they are mixed with cars 3 times faster or stronger than them. Revamped respawn in Elimination. Currently, players can sometimes respawn anywhere and loose immediately. Follow the game with updates and improvements. Currently there is no updates for months, the game is full of bugs and keep crashing for anyone. Chest rewards granted every week. It already happened 3 times that the weekly reward was skipped and the players lost their time and money. Other improvements suggestions : Useful VIP paying bonuses when we have all the cars. Currently, players pay for no real bonus when they have all the cars as the packs are useless. Refund players. Players payed for a game that they can't play. Events and game modes. Nowadays, mobile games asking their players for real money organize events and constantly creates new game modes and new challenges. If you ever played Micro Machines mobiles, please sign this petition. If you never played this game, you can install it, see how great it could be without the bugs and crashed, and sign this petition.

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Petition to Google, Inc, Microsoft, Sundar Pichai, Peter Barron

UWP Google Apps for Windows 10

Okay, I'm not really sure what I can say to convince Google to make apps for Windows 10. But I felt the need to do something and even if this goes no where at least I can say that I tried because that's what's important. When mentioning "Windows" here I mean Windows Phone. I have loved Windows Phone from the first time I saw the Nokia Lumia 610. From the colour to unique UI, I instantly felt that this was the OS for me. Unfortunately the lack of apps was always a problem for me especially because I am a teenager and you have to always have the latest app or game! I didn't understand why there were no Google apps on my phone apart from the standard search app which hasn't been updated at all (it still uses the old blue and white Google logo). I assumed it was the competition and feud between Microsoft and Google at the time which was probably true since Google did disable Microsoft's YouTube app from the Windows Store. I wondered why Google built apps for Apple but not Microsoft. Does Apple have a special agreement with Google, if so why can't Microsoft have the same agreement? Microsoft builds apps for the Google Play Store including their office apps and often times their garage apps are released on Android and not Windows Phone which is peculiar. Now I have pretty much settled with the reason why Google won't release their full suite of apps on the Windows Platform is because they're worried about the potential competition. It could also be the small market share that Windows Phone has but then I just go back to the point of Microsoft's YouTube app. Perhaps two Operating Systems to compete against is too much for Google but I just feel that that's not Google’s philosophy. Now I don't know a lot about Google's philosophy but for some reason I just don't feel that what Google is doing to the Windows Phone platform isn't what I know them for. I know Google for being everywhere. Searching the content of the Internet comfortably no matter where you are and what device you own. Connecting all their users together in a unified experience in their many services. It just doesn't seem right that they don't want to connect their users on the Windows Platform and give them the same experience that Android and iOS users have been enjoying for many years now, not even in terms of business. On Google’s History page, they state that Sergey Brin's and Larry Page's mission was to "organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful". Does not even making a decent Google search app on Windows sound "universally accessible and useful" to you? I like to think of the Windows Phone store as a rolling snowball, The Snowball Effect. It was rolling and rolling but now it has hit a tree and stopped rolling. That tree as you can probably guess is Google. In my opinion, Google has stopped the Windows Store from growing, which has stopped the platform from growing and that's sad to see. If Google were to release their full suite of apps other companies will start developing their apps for Windows like Snapchat. I think the Windows Store deserves Google Apps because of what Microsoft has done for Google. Despite the long lasting company feud which I recall being settled a few years ago (when I heard this news I was very excited for Windows Phone but was obviously soon just as disappointed as I was before), Microsoft have given Google access to their the majority of their OS and services. Sometimes when I would get so frustrated at Google and what I call their bullying, I would imagine how Google would feel if suddenly Microsoft pulled all their apps out of the Google Play Store and disabled Chrome on Windows. Yeah, that would be crazy but that's EXACTLY what Google have been doing with Windows 10 Mobile. It's not as if Google will have to make their Windows 10 apps from scratch either since they can use the various programmes to change an app from iOS to Windows and obviously Google have the time and money to make the apps anyway. So really, there's no reason for Google to not make apps unless there's some weird business relationship between Microsoft and Google. I really hope this isn't the case. If the reason is potential competition, to be honest I don't think the 0.3% smartphone market share that Windows Phone has will be catching up to Android any time soon. And you never know, competition from a another customisable (but not as customisable as Android) OS might be great for Google. It might encourage them to do more with their OS. Also won't Google’s versions of Office apps, part of G Suite, make complete sense to be on the OS Microsoft Office was built on? I mean it's like literally putting some of your best products in your competition's shop for practically nothing. And if you're wondering why I suggest UWP apps, it's because that way Google will have their apps on desktop too, which will make it available for Windows 10S. It will also mean that if Microsoft start implementing CShell into their phones Google apps won't need to be changed. Finally, they will also work for Continuum. It might not be all Google’s fault that their apps aren't available on the Windows Store. Perhaps Microsoft had some terms and conditions Google didn't like which made the offer not promising enough. From what I've read Microsoft has tried to encourage Google to make apps for Windows. I'm not sure what that encouragement involved. So I guess this petition is a consumer to business encouragement with no hidden conditions rather than a business to business one. Here is the entire proposal: Please make Google apps for Windows and we will give you our love and tweet you nice things like cats slowly sliding an Amazon Echo over an edge. If we win, Google releases their G Suite applications and a new Google Search app. The apps will be updated for as long as Windows exists and full customer support will be provided. If we lose, Google doesn't have to release any Google apps for the Windows Store but still can if they want to. I suggest that Google should at least update the Google search app no matter what the outcome as well as make a moving to Android app for Windows users who want to move to Android. So if you've read this far, I assume that you would also like Google's suite of apps on Windows 10 or maybe you were wondering why there isn't Google apps already. Maybe you're even part of the 8,000 people (including me) who signed that petition a few years back that unfortunately went no where. But this time I have a good feeling about this one. Whether you're a Windows Phone fan, iOS fan, Android fan, work with Google or Microsoft, etc. I would really appreciate if you would put your fandom or rival company behind you for 2 minutes and sign this much needed and delayed petition. The only people that can make this happen is the nice peeps at Google, we the consumers and the nice peeps at Microsoft. This is a petition for not only Google to make UWP apps for Windows 10 but also for fairness and an opportunity for two great companies to work together. I think the hashtag for this petition should be #Microogle. No matter what OS you use please share this petition. If you have a website, YouTube channel, podcast etc. please spread the word. Thank you for your time and effort. P.S Windows Phone is not DEAD. Microsoft know what they're doing. If you do think it's time has passed now is your chance to revive a great OS and even better community.

Microogle Petition
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