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Petition to Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino, Deputy Westchester County Executive Kevin Plunkett, Westchester County Legislator Catherine Borgia, Westchester County Legislator Ben Boykin, Westchester County Legislator Gordon Burrows, Westchester County Legislator Francis Corcoran, Westchester County Legislator Margaret Cunzio, Westchester County Legislator David Gelfarb, Chairman of Westchester County BOL Michael Kaplowitz, Westchester County Legislator Ken Jenkins, Vice-Chairman Westchester County BOL Jim Maisano, Westchester County Legislator Sheila Marcotte, Westchester County Legislator Catherine Parker, Westchester County Legislator Virginia Perez, Westchester County Legislator MaryJane Shimsky, Westchester County Legislator David Tubiolo, Westchester County Legislator John Testa, Westchester County Legislator Alfreda Williams, Westchester County Legislator Lyndon Williams


We the people of Westchester County, NY, and all other interested parties who have known, loved, visited, patronized and cherished Playand Amusement Park located in Rye, NY – 88  year old Playland being on the National Register of Historic Places and a registered United States National Historic Landmark - do petition Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino, Deputy County Executive Kevin Plunkett and the entire 17-member Westchester County Board of Legislators to do the following: 1)  We ask that Westchester County immediately and completely abandon the current proposal to privatize management of this public park through a proposed contract with Standard Amusements/United Parks. Standard Amusements/United Parks has no discernable portfolio demonstrating any related experience in the Amusement Park industry and are not an appropriate choice for management of Playland. Further, the current contract in all its incarnations is highly financially lopsided in favor of the private entity over the Public who own the Park. We ask that the County does not proceed to sign a management contract with Standard Amusements or any other private entity for private management of – and private profit off of - this valued public amenity. The premise of the original 2010 RFP was to alleviate a mis-characterized "financial burden" Playland supposedly brought to County Taxpayers. The proposed contract with Standard in no way accomplishes this task, couldn't be farther from the originally stated mission and not only is of no financial benefit to Westchester Taxpayers but will see them investing tens of millions of dollars to restore the Park and then watch as a group of anonymous private hedge fund investors collect over 90% of the profits of a restored park leaving Taxpayers no way to recoup their own substantial monetary investment.  2)  We ask that the Westchester County Executive’s office and the Westchester County BOL proceed forthwith to complete on behalf of Westchester County Taxpayers a full evaluation of the needed capital improvements projects at Playland and draft a comprehensive capital projects master plan for FULL restoration of this Park with ALL currently needed capital improvements projects identified and included on the list with no further deferment on any of them. Westchester residents expect and deserve to have County Leadership meet their obligation and sworn duty to take care of our public property. Westchester residents expect that County-owned assets will be maintained and taken care of by County Leadership and that public amenities are managed in such a way and with such effectiveness as to provide the best possible experience and enjoyment to Westchester residents of their public parks. 3)  We ask that in addition to bonding out money to accomplish this massive financial undertaking in restoring our 88-year old Landmark, the County as an entity pursue all avenues to develop a combined financial plan to include, along with bonding, any and all available grant opportunities, corporate sponsorships/donations and private philanthropic donations through fundraising to help off-set the cost to Westchester County Taxpayers of a FULL restoration of their beloved Park. 4)  We ask that the County Administration and Legislators develop a long-term plan of more solid management for this public asset and provide the exceptional level of stewardship this Park deserves that has been sorely lacking in recent years. We ask that the dearth of empty management positions at the Park that has been in effect since County Executive Rob Astorino took office be remedied immediately and that serious consideration be given to re-instating a renewed and modernized version of the Playland Commission that ran the Park effectively for fifty years until 1980. 5)   We ask that Westchester County retain full control and management of this public park on behalf of the People of Westchester, that the Park continue to be staffed and maintained by our highly competent and experienced Westchester County Employees, thus retaining decades of irreplaceable institutional knowledge. 6)  We ask that the County direct any and all proceeds/profits that a restoration project may incur directly back to the County Taxpayers who have funded it and specifically that a set portion of these monies be set aside and directed back to a special fund for Playland to help off-set the cost of all other future capital improvements projects that will become necessary. 7)  We ask that the County do a full evaluation and restoration of the public swimming pool and Pool area at Playland and that they retain it as such in consideration of the needed public service this provides for local Westchester residents who do not otherwise have access to summer time swimming facilities. 8)  We ask that the County give serious consideration to setting up a citizens-based Advisory Board dedicated to Playland and made up of residents from various areas throughout the County to provide adequate representation for all districts.

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Petition to Matt Ouimet

Don't Demolish the Big Dipper

The Big Dipper roller coaster at the former Geauga Lake Amusement Park, built in 1925, has been a landmark in the Bainbridge Township for nearly a century. A historic landmark for coaster enthusiasts and locals who grew up going to the park until Cedar Fair closed it. Do not let Cedar Fair destroy this extremely important coaster. For over 80 years, the Big Dipper served as an anchor for Geauga Lake. It was designed by the legendary John Miller who was regarded as one of the greatest designers of wooden roller coasters and is one of only 11 surviving designs. It opened to huge fanfare in 1925. Many amusement parks and coasters crumbled during the Great Depression and the 1960s, but the Big Dipper survived. It was damaged by a tornado in 1942, but was repaired. For 82 years, the Big Dipper enjoyed continuous operation until Cedar Fair closed the park in 2007. For nine years, the Big Dipper has been sitting abandoned, waiting for a better life. The Big Dipper deserves every chance to flourish once again. For nine years, local residents and enthusiasts have watched the Big Dipper sitting abandoned, waiting for Cedar Fair-the current owners of the property- to relocate or restore and reopen the coaster. Every setback has frustrated locals and enthusiasts who are eager to see the Big Dipper running again. The Big Dipper has the makings of greatness already. The coaster would make a great asset as part of a mixed development of businesses and would be a huge draw for locals and tourists alike. The coaster would make a profit for businesses by people going to ride it and then going out to eat or shop for goods. The ride can help create jobs in the area and help the local economy and the area is lacking tourist attractions. The ride can also be carefully disassembled, placed into storage and rebuilt at another amusement park. We want the Big Dipper to remain representative of the Bainbridge Township or the amusement park industry. It is a symbol of the amusement park that put the area on the map, but more importantly, a symbol of opportunity for the next generation of entrepreneurs, investors, and people looking for excitement. We want a better plan that promotes the preservation and restoration of the Big Dipper over wasteful, unnecessary destruction. The best asset at Geauga Lake is the Big Dipper. Demolishing the Big Dipper means the loss of the 10th oldest coaster in the world and one of only 11 surviving coasters out of 140 that John Miller designed. Demolishing it also encourages a mindset of destroying important history and disposable, irresponsible development. The statements saying that the Big Dipper is unsalvageable are exaggerated. Engineers have recently looked over the ride and confirmed that the Big Dipper needs upgrades and replacement of parts, but the coaster is not beyond repair. The restoration or relocation of a wooden roller coaster is a difficult and expensive task, but over a dozen wooden coasters have been successfully restored and brought back to life after many years of abandonment. Three of the greatest examples: 1. The Giant Dipper at Belmont Park in San Diego, California built 1925. 2. Leap the Dips at Lakemont Park, in Altoona, PA built in 1902 and is the world's oldest coaster. 3. The Wildcat at Frontier City in Oklahoma City, OK, which originally built in 1968 at Fairyland Park in Kansas City, MO. These coasters stood abandoned for more than 10 years before they were finally restored. Much of the Big Dipper's structure is salvageable, however the ride's track and trains would need to be replaced, its station renovated, and the ride needs a new control panel. The coaster is still standing, just as it has been for 91 years. We want to encourage Cedar Fair and developers to integrate the Big Dipper into the site development plan. We recognize the Big Dipper as an important part of the history of Cleveland. As the park's first coaster, the Big Dipper put Geauga Lake on the map and the park established itself as an economic hub for the community and its neighbors in all directions. By the time Geauga Lake celebrated it 100th anniversary in 1987, the park owed much of its success to the Big Dipper. Non-profit organizations, like the American Coaster Enthusiasts, have long recognized the need to protect and preserve history. Historic preservation brings money into communities by preserving that what makes the communities unique. In 2009, the American Coaster Enthusiasts designated the Big Dipper as an ACE Coaster Landmark to bring the ride attention and to increase its chances of being preserved. We want Cedar Fair to realize that historic roller coasters like the Big Dipper are an extremely limited commodity. Demolition is a permanent, irreversible, and unforgivable decision. Parks and attractions across the country have repurposed wooden coasters and made them profitable attractions for their parks or local businesses. Because the Big Dipper is so historic, it deserves a chance to be given a better life. This is a great opportunity to save an iconic landmark and a chance to save something vibrant, viable, and distinctively Golden Age. But the Big Dipper must remain or be placed into storage if it's going to get the opportunity to operate again. Don't demolish the Big Dipper! Save the Big Dipper! In addition to signing this petition, please consider contacting the Cedar Fair Investor Relations directly at You can also reach out to the Mayor of Aurora at Like "Don't Demolish the Big Dipper" on Facebook Sincerely, Matt Glumac. Special Olympic Athelete, Member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts,

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Petition to City of Rye, Mayor Joseph A. Sack, Council Member Kirstin A. Bucci, Council Member Danielle Tagger Epstein, Council Member Emily P. Hurd, Council Member Julie P. Killian, Council Member Terrence E. McCartney, Council Member Richard J. Mecca

Stop Mayor Sack, Keep Rye Playland Alive

Rye Mayor Joe Sack wants to kill Rye Playland and we need your help to stop him! Rye Playland, a jewel of Westchester County for more than 90 years, has played an important role in the lives of hundreds of thousands of our residents. But in recent years it has begun to show its age. That’s why for the last six years, Westchester County has worked tirelessly on a plan to invest more than $60 million to revitalize Playland with new rides, attractions, food, and environmental and safety improvements. County Executive Robert Astorino endorsed the plan in 2015, and in May, the Westchester County Board of Legislators overwhelmingly approved it. The Citizens of Westchester rejoiced at the prospect of having a beautifully restored Playland at their doorsteps to enjoy and cherish. But now that reality is in grave danger… because of Rye Mayor Joe Sack! Mayor Sack filed a lawsuit on August 12th that seeks to stop the park’s much-needed restoration, and destroy Playland for future generations. Mayor Sack’s lawsuit is completely meritless and places Playland’s future in serious doubt. Please let Mayor Sack know that we won’t allow baseless litigation to ruin our local treasure. We urge you to sign this petition asking Mayor Sack to withdraw his lawsuit immediately. Please also contact Mayor Sack at 914-967-7404 and to express your outrage over what he’s trying to do. We also ask that you contact the members of the Rye City Council directly to express your disappointment: Council Member Kirstin A. Bucci - kbucci@ryeny.govCouncil Member Danielle Tagger Epstein - dtaggerepstein@ryeny.govCouncil Member Emily P. Hurd -  Council Member Julie P. Killian - jkillian@ryeny.govCouncil Member Terrence E. McCartney - tmccartney@ryeny.govCouncil Member Richard J. Mecca -

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