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Petition to Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino, Deputy Westchester County Executive Kevin Plunkett, Westchester County Legislator Catherine Borgia, Westchester County Legislator Ben Boykin, Westchester County Legislator Gordon Burrows, Westchester County Legislator Francis Corcoran, Westchester County Legislator Margaret Cunzio, Westchester County Legislator David Gelfarb, Chairman of Westchester County BOL Michael Kaplowitz, Westchester County Legislator Ken Jenkins, Vice-Chairman Westchester County BOL Jim Maisano, Westchester County Legislator Sheila Marcotte, Westchester County Legislator Catherine Parker, Westchester County Legislator Virginia Perez, Westchester County Legislator MaryJane Shimsky, Westchester County Legislator David Tubiolo, Westchester County Legislator John Testa, Westchester County Legislator Alfreda Williams, Westchester County Legislator Lyndon Williams


We the people of Westchester County, NY, and all other interested parties who have known, loved, visited, patronized and cherished Playand Amusement Park located in Rye, NY – 88  year old Playland being on the National Register of Historic Places and a registered United States National Historic Landmark - do petition Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino, Deputy County Executive Kevin Plunkett and the entire 17-member Westchester County Board of Legislators to do the following: 1)  We ask that Westchester County immediately and completely abandon the current proposal to privatize management of this public park through a proposed contract with Standard Amusements/United Parks. Standard Amusements/United Parks has no discernable portfolio demonstrating any related experience in the Amusement Park industry and are not an appropriate choice for management of Playland. Further, the current contract in all its incarnations is highly financially lopsided in favor of the private entity over the Public who own the Park. We ask that the County does not proceed to sign a management contract with Standard Amusements or any other private entity for private management of – and private profit off of - this valued public amenity. The premise of the original 2010 RFP was to alleviate a mis-characterized "financial burden" Playland supposedly brought to County Taxpayers. The proposed contract with Standard in no way accomplishes this task, couldn't be farther from the originally stated mission and not only is of no financial benefit to Westchester Taxpayers but will see them investing tens of millions of dollars to restore the Park and then watch as a group of anonymous private hedge fund investors collect over 90% of the profits of a restored park leaving Taxpayers no way to recoup their own substantial monetary investment.  2)  We ask that the Westchester County Executive’s office and the Westchester County BOL proceed forthwith to complete on behalf of Westchester County Taxpayers a full evaluation of the needed capital improvements projects at Playland and draft a comprehensive capital projects master plan for FULL restoration of this Park with ALL currently needed capital improvements projects identified and included on the list with no further deferment on any of them. Westchester residents expect and deserve to have County Leadership meet their obligation and sworn duty to take care of our public property. Westchester residents expect that County-owned assets will be maintained and taken care of by County Leadership and that public amenities are managed in such a way and with such effectiveness as to provide the best possible experience and enjoyment to Westchester residents of their public parks. 3)  We ask that in addition to bonding out money to accomplish this massive financial undertaking in restoring our 88-year old Landmark, the County as an entity pursue all avenues to develop a combined financial plan to include, along with bonding, any and all available grant opportunities, corporate sponsorships/donations and private philanthropic donations through fundraising to help off-set the cost to Westchester County Taxpayers of a FULL restoration of their beloved Park. 4)  We ask that the County Administration and Legislators develop a long-term plan of more solid management for this public asset and provide the exceptional level of stewardship this Park deserves that has been sorely lacking in recent years. We ask that the dearth of empty management positions at the Park that has been in effect since County Executive Rob Astorino took office be remedied immediately and that serious consideration be given to re-instating a renewed and modernized version of the Playland Commission that ran the Park effectively for fifty years until 1980. 5)   We ask that Westchester County retain full control and management of this public park on behalf of the People of Westchester, that the Park continue to be staffed and maintained by our highly competent and experienced Westchester County Employees, thus retaining decades of irreplaceable institutional knowledge. 6)  We ask that the County direct any and all proceeds/profits that a restoration project may incur directly back to the County Taxpayers who have funded it and specifically that a set portion of these monies be set aside and directed back to a special fund for Playland to help off-set the cost of all other future capital improvements projects that will become necessary. 7)  We ask that the County do a full evaluation and restoration of the public swimming pool and Pool area at Playland and that they retain it as such in consideration of the needed public service this provides for local Westchester residents who do not otherwise have access to summer time swimming facilities. 8)  We ask that the County give serious consideration to setting up a citizens-based Advisory Board dedicated to Playland and made up of residents from various areas throughout the County to provide adequate representation for all districts.

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Petition to Westland City Council, Westland Planning Commission

Support Skateland West & HUSH Haunted Thrill Park's request for Special Land Use

HUSH Entertainment Group is the parent company of HUSH Haunted Thrill Park and Skateland West, and previously HUSH Haunted Attraction. In May of 2015, they purchased 37550 Cherry Hill Rd, Westland MI 48185 to move their professional haunted attraction, HUSH, to. Since purchasing this property they have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into remodeling the existing roller skating rink, expanding activity offerings, and creating jobs in the community. Neighboring residents are attempting to block HUSH Entertainment's plan to build HUSH Haunted Thrill Park on property they own and pay taxes on. HUSH Entertainment has voluntarily designed their plan to leave over 5 acres of their property untouched, to be used as a buffer zone between any attractions and neighboring properties. This means hundreds of feet of heavily wooded land between the attraction and other property. This expansion will lead to a quarter of a million dollar investment in it's first year, the creation of both seasonal and year-round jobs, and the potential to bring tens of thousands of people into this community over the season who will spend their money at many local establishments. HUSH Entertainment Group has proven to be good corporate neighbors, and professional operators, having been named in the TOP 20 Haunted Attractions in the NATION. This project will continue HUSH Entertainment's goal of becoming a premiere entertainment destination for SE Michigan with unique, immersive entertainment opportunities year-round. 

HUSH Entertainment Group
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Petition to SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Spanish Ministry of Enviroment, Spanish Ministry of Tourism, Loco Parque, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Netherlands, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Netherlands

Amusement or Abusement?

                               Amusement or Abusement?                                     Free Morgan the Orca   SeaWorld did the right thing when it announced that it would stop its orca breeding program. However, there is an orca in captivity who needs to be released immediately.  In the newest SeaWorld controversy, animal advocates around the globe are calling for the release of Morgan the Orca who beached herself for 10 minutes, which to an Orca, is the same as attempted suicide. Orcas have been known to beach themselves, but never for 10 minutes, because, without water their heavy bodies will crush their organs. Morgan is a female orca, who was rescued by the Dolphinarium Harderwijk  in the Netherlands in June 2010. The Dolphinarium had a license to rescue her on the condition that she was released back to the ocean as soon as she recovered. That release never happened. Within 5 weeks of her "rescue", Morgan was displayed to the public, going against the most obvious rule of Wildlife Rehabilitation: The only human contact should be to rehab the animal and release them. They should not be displayed to the general public. From the Dolphinarium, she was then transferred to Loro Parque, a branch of SeaWorld in Tenerife, Spain, where her life now is anything but happy.  "She has been attacked by incompatible orcas dozens of times a day, has smashed her head into a gate over and over again, and has now beached herself in absolute desperation. SeaWorld needs to release this suffering orca and the others it holds captive to a seaside sanctuary now. Morgan was captured from the sea six years ago and has been fighting hard against the trials of her captivity ever since. Her behavior shows that she is frantic to get back to the ocean home that she remembers and misses," - Ingrid E. Newark, founder of PETA. After a performance, Morgan beached herself on the side of the pool for 10 minutes, laying there while visitors left. This is a sign that Morgan should be returned to the ocean from where she came.  Morgan was first taken in by the Harderwijk Dolphinarium after she was found swimming off the Dutch coast, ill. Harderwijk rehabilitated her, but instead of releasing her back into the ocean, she was shipped to a theme park owned by SeaWorld.   At that park,  she lives a miserable life. Beaching herself was only the latest harmful thing to happen to her,  as past records of her state she abnormal behaviours such as: banging her head repeatedly against a metal grate and other orcas attacking her. Also the one male, has tried to mate with Morgan, although she is only a pre-teen. The orca equivalent of sexual abuse & child marriage. According to various photographic sources, as of December 7, Morgan has also been introduced to eleven-year-old Tekoa, the park's second oldest male. Morgan has been introduced to sixteen-year-old Keto, the park's oldest male, by being locked in a med pool with him so she couldn't escape while he tried to mate with her.  When I was a kid, I went to SeaWorld and was captivated by the orcas doing tricks. It fostered my love for animals, and I held SeaWorld in high esteem. But then one day, I learned the shocking truth, the truth how SeaWorld orcas are treated, and it disgusted me. The theme park that I held in such high esteem, was now on my list of people who did not care about animals.   Morgan is one of the only SeaWorld orcas who knows what a free life is like. Her present conditions are harming her, and her beaching herself is a message to all of us saying that all of this needs to stop. Sign this petition to make sure Morgan will be released back into the ocean, where she belongs.                                                      Free Morgan the Orca                                               BY THE REPTILE RESCUERS                                                          

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