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Petition to Nasrin Sotoudeh

Nasrin Sotoudeh: Please end your hunger strike – Iranians need you alive

Nasrin Sotoudeh is Iran's foremost human rights lawyer and a symbol for non-violent resistance in the pursuit of the rule of law in the Islamic Republic, according to the exiled human rights lawyer Mehrangiz Kar.   The 54-year-old was arrested in June and handed a five-year prison term after being sentenced in absentia – with no charges, no right to a defence – in a move that makes a mockey of Iran's own laws. On 24 August Ms Sotoudeh announced she was going on hunger strike to protest against the harrassment of her family at the hands of the authorities.  Her husband, Reza Khandan was arrested on 3 September. Both arrests have been condemned by Amnesty International and other human rights organisations.  Hadi Ghaemi of the US-based Center for Human Rights in Iran told the New Yorker: “Her arrest was Orwellian, as the agents carrying it out claimed she has a five-year sentence in a case that has been decided in secret. She and her husband have no idea of when this prosecution took place, under what charges, and based on what evidence. That is an unbelievable miscarriage of justice.” It is imperative that she ends her hunger strike for as Ms Mehrangiz Kar put in, in an interview of with Deutsche Welle radio, liquidating herself with a hunger strike will please her captors and deprive the people of Iran of a hero of resistance in the pursuit of the rule of law in Iran.  In short, we the undersigned, need you Ms Sotoudeh. We need you alive. We have heard your voice. We will relay your message to the world from outside Iran. Please end your hunger strike. As Ms Kar says: "We haven't got a hundred Nasrin Sotoudehs. We haven't got a thousand".   We have one. Please end your hunger strike.  (Photo: Kaveh Kazemi / Getty)

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Petition to Amnesty International

Stop Execution of Marjan Davari #FreeMarjan ***اعدام مرجان داوری را متوقف کنید***

Français | Deutsch  | Italiano | Español | 中文 | 日本語 | Dutch | فارسی 1,000,000 plus Signatures Campaign Dear Friends, The life of a 50-year-old female Iranian academic, educator and teacher is in danger of state-sanctioned murder. About: Marjan Davari is an inspiring woman who has spent her life studying, teaching, translating and researching philosophical texts, to find how truth in its many guises, can evoke goodwill amongst our community. She was born in Tehran, educated in England and Iran, the latter at the International Gifted School of Parthian. She continued her studies in Al- Zahra University and became attracted to research and translation of philosophic and ontological texts of East and West. Her contributions working as a researcher at the Institute for Metaphysical Studies and Research of Rah-e Ma’refat (Road of Wisdom) are original and of international significance. Her collected works and writings were kept in an archive and available for her students and other researchers but were confiscated by the security forces. Marjan is currently in the women’s prison located in Rey (Qarchak). She is suffering from severe joint pain in her legs and has not received sufficient medical treatment. She has devoted her life to the pursuit of truth, knowledge and ancient wisdom in the hope of spreading love and goodwill to all those around her. The Charges: • Conspiracy against the Islamic Regime This charge is false. Marjan’s work was not politically influenced or affiliated with government or Islamic beliefs. • Being a member of Eckenkar This charge is false. Marjan has translated some of their publications roughly 20 years ago. These includes  “Talons of Time”, “The Seeker”, and “The Spiritual Exercises of ECK”. Marjan has never been a member of the Eckenkar community. • Spreading corruption on earth This charge is false. The meaning of this charge is so broad, it could encompass anything. Marjan has dedicated her life and research to spread love amongst people, not corruption. • Having a love affair This charge is false. There has been no evidence presented for this charge and thus Marjan cannot be found guilty. Timeline: September 2015: Arrested at her father’s home in Mehr Shahr in Karaj, west of Tehran.  Held in solitary confinement in Evin Prison’s Ward 209 for three months which is controlled by the Intelligence Ministry. No access to a lawyer or any kind of legal consultancy. Eventually transferred to the Women’s Ward. March & October 2016: Interrogation and hearings session held in Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court. Presided over by Judge Salvati. February 2017: Transferred to the women’s prison in Rey.(Qarchak) 12th March 2017: Sentenced to death by the 15th branch of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran. Presided over by Judge Salvati. References: Link1  What needs to be done: We call upon Amnesty International to do all it can to refute this false verdict and stop the execution of Marjan Davari who is innocent of all charges. Marjan is an intelligent, valuable and significant part of our community. The charges are false. The verdict is unfounded and wrong. This is not how our country should meet its obligations to its citizens. These false accusations go against our obligations as citizens of the world. This is the 21st Century, innocent people should not be executed. Now her life is in grave peril and she needs our help. We demand freedom for Marjan! Please help us stop her execution and bring Marjan home by signing the petition. This kind of atrocity is far too common in Iran. By signing the petition we will give hope to Marjan and all innocent people who are suffering the same injustice.

Free Marjan Davari Campaign
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