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Captioning on screen in movie theaters

Under the ADA accessibility law, accommodation must be provided to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing with captioning. However, this is being done in the poorest fashion possible and should be immediately reviewed. The devices that are being offered are cumbersome, outdated, and an embarrassment to the technology of 2019. One such "accommodation" is an awkward, tiny screen that attaches to the patrons cup holder to be positioned in front of the screen. This results in blocking part of the movie for the viewer and the they have to glance up and down to read the captions. If the paying customer using the captioning box decides to adjust their body to get more comfortable, they must also adjust the box to be able to see it. Not to mention the fact that the device prevents people from comfortably passing the Deaf/Hard of Hearing person, if another moviegoer needs to get by to use the bathroom or get a snack from the lobby. This is resulting as exclusion to those people that need captioning to follow the dialogue in a movie theater.  Many Deaf/Hard of Hearing patrons would rather not visit the theater because they are not truly getting a captioned experience with these complicated, inefficient, and often non-working devices.  The state of Hawaii has become the first state to require open captions in movie theaters. As of 3 years ago, Hawaii law states that at least 2 films per week are required to have captions on the screen. Displaying captions at the bottom of the screen eliminates the need for unwieldy captioning devices and creates an immensely better experience. On screen, open captions not only benefits Deaf/Hard of Hearing people, it greatly benefits English language learners, people with attention deficit disorders and also people with auditory neuropathy issues. Requiring open captions during selected times/movies is a reasonable solution to this issue and I see no reason why this should not be implemented as soon as possible. 

Delbert Shiver
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