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Petition to Sergio Mattarella, Giuseppe Conte, Luigi Di Maio, Movimento 5 Stelle, Partito Democratico, European Parliament, European Commission, Emmanuel Macron, Mariano Rajoy, Theresa May MP, Boris Johnson MP, Angela Merkel (CDU)


Hi, we are Isabella and Simone, we are two Italian and EU citizens, brother and sister who are very worried about what's concerning our planet in these months. It's something already happened in the past and it's spreading and getting worse every year. This summer many forests were destroyed by fire. In these days Amazon rainforest is burning hardly than before. The Amazon is one of the most important producers of oxygen and destroy it means destroy ourself. As an ordinary citizen I'm not able to start a fundraiser myself but with this petition we can ask together to the Europe's Prime Ministers for a fundraising to start. WE NEED TO SAVE THE AMAZON RAINFOREST TO SAVE OUR ECOSYSTEM AND OURSELVES. With this petition I want to ask to the Prime Ministers to act! We can - we MUST - act together! Fundraising were already done before for many reason, but now we can't delay our joint actions anymore. With international efforts humanity were able to collect over a billion euros in a few hours to rebuild Notre Dame. The rainforests, our planet, our climate deserve our best. Please act and ask who can really take actions and decisions to start a fundraising to save the Amazon, put out the fire and then replanting trees. If you start help us in this war against pollution and climate changes you will help to save the world's ecosystem: which means save us, and save yourself. We aren't invincible, the planet will be here for much so long after we'll be gone, so if we don't act NOW we will be soon defeated. Our forests, our glaciers , our ecosystem are the most important things in this world. We ask to the politicians and the leaders all over the world to take action, start a fundraising, invest in renewable energies and fight against climate changes like never before. We ask it to the most influential personalities too (VIP, actors, musicians etc...). Success doesn't means owning a lot of things or money but treat well what we have and what gives us oxygen to breathe and water to drink.  Thank you for your attention, I hope we can act together  

Isabella Via
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