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#AllinForClimateAction: Replant 1 Billion+ Trees in the Amazon

We are #AllinforClimateAction - if you are too, help us protect, restore and sustain the Amazon Rainforest!  Sign the petition and highlight in the comments the brands you would like to see with a #ProjectGreen product that gives back to #Amazon conservation. After the fires end, the next step is to protect, restore and sustain. We have created #ProjectGreenIsLife to ask businesses worldwide to take action. Through this petition, tell your favorite brands to create products and services that support #ProjectGreenIsLife, and join efforts with organizations like @TeadoraBeauty, @RainforestUS, the Wapichan People and many others in working with local communities and indigenous groups to rapidly expand drone monitoring programs and solar-powered native seedling nurseries.  Climate Change is a real problem, and there is no path to mitigate climate change that does not include conservation of the Amazon. We all depend on it for medicines, product ingredients, water, oxygen, and inspiration. And it is burning. This is not a problem just for Brazil, nor a reason to demonize Brazil - but it is a global crisis in the making that we all must take part in.   There are many causes to these fires, but it is all worsened by extensive and ongoing deforestation. Regardless of cause, when the fires are stopped, the damage will take years, and even generations, to restore. Please share this link and message on social media and tag your favorite companies with #ProjectGreenIsLife to get them to reach out and ACT!  Ask your favorite brands for a special launch of a service or product supporting #ProjectGreenIsLife.  #ProjectGreen Together, we can protect 1M+ acres of Amazon rainforest and replant 1B+ trees. And with your support, help build sustainable practices so that the forest is worth more standing than cut.

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Petition to Evo Morales, Carlos Ortuño René Yáñez, Marko Machicao Bankovic

Save Río Grande and the Grand Canyon of Bolivia! Say NO to the Rositas Dam project

PARA ESPAÑOL, VEA ABAJO Rio SanPedro-Grande is a spectacular little-known free-flowing river flowing through the heartland of Bolivia and offers a world-class 3-week 594km class III-IV Grand Canyon-style rafting expedition, passing through high Andean scrublands and forests, arid desert canyons, and then Amazon jungle as it flows to Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Officials and foreign investors are considering construction of the 156-m high Rositas Dam project near its exit from the Andes that would flood ~100 km of the lowermost river with its jungle canyons and big-water rapids, displace indigenous communities, stop nutritious sediment from passing downstream to the Amazon, and destroy the habitat of a variety of fauna dependent on the river.  The river carries one of the highest sediment loads in the world and would fill in a reservoir with dirt within 30 years, meaning the life of the dam and project is so short as to make it a terrible investment. Government officials in Bolivia should know that this project and all other dam projects proposed on Río Grande are ill-conceived due to the short useful lifespans and the resulting destruction to the environment.  On the contrary, due to the river's navigability by raft, fun rapids, diverse ecosystems, fine beach camps, unique side excursions, interesting flora/fauna and friendly residents, it is sure to become one of the premier tourist destinations in the world should it remain a free-flowing river without dams.  Río Grande Sin Represas! See more info at: Slideshow: Chayanta-SanPedro-Grande Raft trip: SanPedro-Grande Video: Río SanPedro-Grande: a Grand Canyon of Bolivia   ESPAÑOL: Rio SanPedro-Grande es un río majestuoso en Bolivia que ofrece una expedición de 3 semanas de clase mundial al estilo del Gran Cañón, pasando por bosques andinos altos, luego por cañones áridos y finalmente por la selva amazónica cerca de Santa Cruz. Los funcionarios y los inversores extranjeros están considerando la construcción del proyecto Rositas, una represa de 156 metros de altura, cerca del termino de su cañón. Pero el embalse de este proyecto inundará ~100 km del río, desplazará a las comunidades indígenas, y destruir el hábitat de una variedad de fauna que depende del río. Además, el río lleva una de las más altas cantidades de liso/tierra en el mundo (un promedio de 4% en sus aguas) - tan alta, de hecho, que llenará el embalse de tierra adentro de 30 años, haciendo el proyecto obsoleto. Queremos declarar a los oficiales gubernatales en Bolivia que este proyecto y todos los proyectos de represas propuestas en el río Grande son mal concebidos y no deben avanzar debido a la corta expectativa de vida prevista, la destrucción al medio ambiente, y el desplazamiento de gente. Al contrario, debido a la navegabilidad del río por la balsa, los rápidos divertidos, los ecosistemas diversos, los playas finas para acampar, las excursiones únicas, la flora y fauna interesante y los residentes amistosos, el río se convertirán en uno de los principales destinos turísticos del mundo. Rio Grande debe seguir fluyendo libre.  Río Grande Sin Represas! Ver más información en: Diapositivas: Chayanta-SanPedro-Grande Viaje en balsa: SanPedro-Grande Video: Río SanPedro-Grande: un Gran Cañón de Bolivia  

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