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Petition to HMRC

HMRC - 10% settlement for owed VAT for Non-Eu online FBA Sellers this past decade allowed sellers to send FBA inventory into the UK without registering with the HMRC to collect VAT on sales. Many sellers did not charge the 20% fee for various reasons. They were very wrong and I am not trying to whitewash that. HMRC currently is sending invoices to these foreign sellers for 20% of all past sales collected since their first shipment to FBA. Amazon is suspending these sellers until HMRC verifies all VAT owed was paid up. Sellers did not factor this in the selling price and cannot afford to stay in business if they need to pay the full bill. This is not smart because these sellers are simply going to close up shop as Amazon won't allow them to sell without paying what HMRC says they owe. HMRC will now spend millions chasing these sellers across the world with very little leverage. My suggestion is. 1) HMRC allow sellers to settle past VAT tax owed for .10C on the dollar 2) All sellers must register with VAT and moving forward be in full compliance.  Everyone will win because HMRC will spend more than they will collect chasing small businesses across the world for owed tax$. All these small businesses will be able to continue to sell in the UK and collect millions of pounds in future businesses for HMRC. Many states in the US currently have a Sales tax amnesty for past sales tax owed. That's a complete amnesty for owed sales tax.    

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Petition to Amazon, Jeff Bezos

Bring Amazon to Douglas, Arizona

The City of Douglas is a small community in Southeastern Arizona that is continually looking for progress, economic growth, and new opportunities for revitalization. In the past year, city officials have made great strides in communicating with corporations and businesses in order to improve revenue coming into the city and increase local prosperity. Douglas is situated on the border with Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico and has plenty of land available for commercial development. A feasibility study for a new commercial port of entry is in the works, making it a prime choice as a location for big business. Douglas, Arizona has been interested in bringing in Amazon to establish a distribution center. The factors above make it the perfect community to host such a facility. It is a gateway to Mexico and is filled with many hard working citizens who are ready to get to work. The amount of jobs created by the construction of such a facility will be mutually beneficial. Amazon will get the workforce and support of the greatest border community in the United States of America and the people of Douglas will benefit from the job positions and community growth that the facility will provide. Douglas’ mayor, The Honorable Robert Uribe has shared the following quote from local citizen Brian A. Treviño: "We must be confident and believe in the community we live in."  Now is the time for us to band together and put this quote into action. Citizens of Douglas, Cochise County, and the state of Arizona will benefit from the introduction of Amazon’s business here in Douglas. We are calling on Amazon and Jeff Bezos to hear our proposal and consider this premier southeastern Arizona community for a new distribution facility. Douglas is open for business. Mayor Robert Uribe's announcement of a local petition for this cause: Mayor calls on Amazon to set up shop in Douglas, Tucson News Now (KOLD 13) Article and Video: Univision AZ report featuring Mayor Robert Uribe regarding Douglas' Economy and the City's plan for economic growth:

City of Douglas, Arizona
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